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Suika Yuki
Suika Yuki
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Christmas Event 2021 Empty Christmas Event 2021

Wed Dec 01, 2021 3:32 pm

(Rebirth Festival)
Hello Everyone and welcome to NRPG’s Christmas Holiday Event -- this year we are expecting a lot of good laughs and fun times between the villages as we are encouraging for the teams to consist of at least one person of each village, you are encouraged to have teams of 4; of course you can choose who you are teaming up with. There are two sides of this event, your villages have already been randomly chosen as to which side you represent. We are hoping for a great turnout this year, just like last year! Of course you don’t have to participate in the holiday missions, and can collect your word count via other threads. This event, similar to the Halloween Event 2021 is also a dream world, however, unlike the Halloween event, this event can be remembered.

  • 1. The entirety of the event will be NO KILL. This is a fun Christmas event.
    • 1.1There is no Combat or Ambushing, transplants/seals/selling of any kind.
  • 2. When you accept the letters from which ever side you've landed on, you will be instantly transported to the Peppermint Gates of Moon Country
    Christmas Event 2021 K5GfTnZ
  • 3. You will retain all memories of this event when you are returned to your home village.
  • 4. When you are transported, you will be able to remain in all active threads.
  • 5. The Missions will not start until December 10th
    • 5.1 To qualify for the extra raffle ticket, your mission arc must be completed by the 25th. However, you have the ability to finish the missions up til December 31st
  • 6. Social type topics are allowed. As long as you have accepted the scroll and have been transported to Moon Country. However if you haven't accepted the scroll, and happen to already been in Moon Country; you cannot simply participate in any topics involving the event/dream world.

The Sides;

As stated before, you have been randomly selected and placed within a group of people; they are as followed;

良い Yoi

Christmas Event 2021 RGDBgwDHoshigakureKonohagakureKumogakureTanbogakure

いたずら Itazura

Christmas Event 2021 I9j4FztKirigakureSunagakureMissing-Nin

Yoi's Letter:
Dear Guest,

It is my pleasure to be writing to you on this fine eve of the biggest holiday in our fair calendar year; I would like to extend an invite to come to Moon Country for our end of year celebration, but also because we have heard rumors that Itazura has been planning attacks on our festival in order to stop it. We are requesting that you will come and help us bring joy to the villages the world over. If you agree to come and help; as well as celebrate with us, please use the summoning scroll attached and be instantly transported to Moon Country. We look forward to seeing you on arrival.

Itazura's Letter:

In an urgent matter, I have it on good authority that the evil Yoi has decided to hold a ‘festival’ and trick his followers into a grave mistake. I need you to come and sabotage these events as quickly as possible. Trust me, it’s easy money. You will be greatly compensated upon completion, let alone the satisfaction of a job well done. And that’s really why we’re here right? If you agree, use the summoning scroll attached to travel to The Moon Country, and come to aid in the endeavors.
With haste,

The Missions

Note If you complete your side of the arc mission; you will gain an extra entry into the Christmas Lottery draw.

Itazura's Arc Missions

Stop the Poison!:
Mission Name: Stop the Poison!
Rank: C
Mission Location: Moon Country

Challenges: Arc,
Task: It’s the day before the lighting of the tree; your team has been directed by the Itazura to go out and take all of the cookies, or the materials to make more cookies from Yoi's bakery but beware, there has been a rumor sparked that the Itazura is trying to stop Yoi, and there is a possibility for his followers to be waiting for you. These cookies are poisonous, and Itazura needs you to get rid of them before Yoi kills all of his followers!

Word Count Requirement: 2000
Reward: 4000 Ryo / 20 AP / 1 Onmistone
Stop The Presents!:
Mission Name: Stop The Presents!
Rank: B
Mission Location: Moon Country

Challenges: Arc
Task: Itazura has heard tell that Yoi is planning on making deliveries all over the world, to 'gift' the young boys and girls of the world... She has demanded that you and your team infuriate the workshop and destroy, or take any of the presents - leaving not a single one behind. She heard that these 'presents' are actually bombs set to blow up as the children of the world open them. The workshop is usually heavily guarded, but tonight there shouldn't be a single soul in sight. Get in, and get out...Quietly.

Word Count Requirement: 3000
Reward: 7500 Ryo / 40 AP / 1 Tinkerer's Toolkit
Take the Star!:
Mission Name: Take the Star!
Rank: A
Mission Location: Moon Country

Challenges: Arc
Task: It's the last night and the final chance to stop Yoi in his tracks, his followers are hypnotized by the "Star of the Moon", Itazura is joining you on this task, but will however stay in the background as you attempt to sneak past hundreds of shinobi, scale the 200 foot tall tree, get the star without anyone taking note of you or the disappearance of the star, and get out safely. However if you are caught, Itazura will flee, and it is up to you to get out, with the star.

Word Count Requirement: 4000
Reward: 10000 Ryo / 50 AP / 1 Material Demagnetizer

Yoi's Arc Missions

Protect the Cookies!:
Mission Name: Protect the Cookies!
Rank: C
Mission Location: Moon Country

Challenges: Arc
Task: It's the day before the annual lighting of the tree; Yoi has asked you and your team to watch the bakery and if necessary; protect the cookies and ingredients. Yoi heard that Itazura has returned to the Moon Country and plans on sabotaging Yoi's festival! Disheartened by this, Yoi has gone into his chambers and refuses to come out, perhaps if he hears that the bakery was well protected he'll come back out?  

Word Count Requirement: 2000
Reward: 4000 Ryo / 20 AP / 1 Onmistone
Protect the Workshop!:
Mission Name: Protect the Workshop!
Rank: B
Mission Location: Moon Country

Challenges: Arc
Task: Yoi, delighted by the fact that his bakery is safe has decided to hold a small celebration for his workers, the past 11 months have been rough, making toys and treats and everything in between - he wants to celebrate them, and thank them all for their amazing work. Unfortunately you will be sitting this celebration out, Yoi has asked you and your team to stand guard and protect the work shop. He has heard there is a possibility for Itazura to send another attack, in an attempt to foil the celebrations to come. Your job is to make sure the workshop, and the presents inside remain safe until morning.

Word Count Requirement: 3000
Reward: 7500 Ryo / 40 AP / 1 Tinkerer's Toolkit
Protect the Star!:
Mission Name: Protect the Star!
Rank: A
Mission Location: Moon Country

Challenges: Arc
Task: Tonight is the night! The toys, the cookies, everything has led up to this point! You stand in the center of Moon, all gathered around the tree celebrating a year of good deeds and rewards; Yoi has called everyone together for drinks and to watch the lighting of the "Star of the Moon"; the prize possession of Yoi, being a star that fell from the heavens hundreds of years ago! But wait! What's that? A person on the top of the tree? Quickly! Stop them before they make it out with the star of the moon!

Word Count Requirement: 4000
Reward: 10000 Ryo / 50 AP / 1 Material Demagnetizer

The Rewards

Tinkerer’s Toolkit:
Instantly Augment an item to it's next rank. A material must still be provided but this item eliminates the ryo cost attached to augmentation.
Material Demagnetizer:
Instantly remove all materials from an ANT without destroying them.  
Can turn into any material used in augmentation.
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