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Morning Run [solo] Empty Morning Run [solo]

Mon Nov 29, 2021 6:23 pm
The wind howled across the bay, blowing directly into his ear, Seiichi could hardly hear anything around him as he ran through the docks. Pounding of his feet, the deep inhalations and exhalations of his lungs, the rhythm of his heart, and pulsing of his legs, it was all very hypnotizing for him. He couldn’t help but have a clear and steady mind as he moved. Feeling the blood pump through him, the sweat that lingered on his face and over his shoulders, the heat of his body under his sweat shirt, his eyes gazing in front of him as he passed the first dock.

The area wasn’t crowded. Very little people were up around 4am, he thought it was the best time to run. For one thing, you didn’t have to worry about tripping or having to slow down drastically, things like that tend to throw the rhythm off course, and even mess with his body’s ability to re-adjust to the running speed. A gentle 9 minute mile was good enough to maintain his shape. He knew he would probably be doing other exercise later.  Having not met his team leader as of yet, he was sure they were going to beat them in some way.

Running across the docks, passing the ships docked there, passing the empty spaces. Times have been lucrative around the village, at least that is what his father has been telling him. Spice traders from the north, limber from the south, not to mention the loads of rice going out. It seemed like those shipments went everywhere, and by the stories that his father has told him, they pretty much do. Being the main supplier for Rice would do that to a small village.

Leaving the docks, passing by the last of the stacked cargo, ready to be hauled once the sun rose, Seiichi moved up the steps towards the fields. Running down those roads were always part of his morning routine; he couldn’t help but wave at the early birds. But nothing could beat the sun rising over the rice.  The cliffs seem to sing as the morning dew settles in, the birds chirp, and the warm rays of daylight take center stage.

He was close to home now. Slowing down he started to roll his shoulders. Then, stretching them across his body he came to a walk. It was like a little city in a city, small houses tucked way in the back by the rice fields. A place he has known to be home. He reached down to touch his toes, stretching the hamstrings. He wondered if his father was awake yet, but the chances seem to be slimier nowadays. Before his dad used to wake him up for these runs, but now it seems age has caught up, the older man prefers Shoji now; longer nights, later mornings.

He couldn’t judge. Seiichi started to think, if this habit wasn’t ingrained him at a young age, he would probably be a late riser too.

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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Morning Run [solo] Empty Re: Morning Run [solo]

Tue Nov 30, 2021 4:23 pm
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