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Jiro Kabi
Jiro Kabi
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Jiro Kabi Empty Jiro Kabi

Sat Nov 27, 2021 12:08 pm
Jiro Kabi

Basic Information

Age: 18
Birthday:  04/28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150lb
Health: 100
Appearance: Jiro is a tall young man with pale white skin and medium/long black hair. He often wears a white button up shirt and black pants with long brown boots for traveling. He also has on one long red glove on his right arm and a small pouch. He doesnt have any impurities on his body other then a scar on his back from a fight with some wolves.

Personality: Jiro is a happy go lucky sort of person that is more then ready to do anything he can to help people when needed. He normal wears a smile on his face and is very caring to those around him. He doesnt often get mad at all but he does get attached to his friends. In combat he is clam and relaxed and will try to talk things out first before fighting. Jiro is the kind of person who's willing to help others in need but isn't really into violence and wants to live a peaceful life, although Jiro does lack confidence in himself and always feels like he was a burden to his team. Hes willing to swallow his pride for the greater good.

History: Jiro was born in the demon country far to the east. There life was more or less easy, he would work at his parents farm and grow crops and take care of the livestock. It was a hard yet relaxing life. Not much trouble happened around his early life, that is until some bandits attack his home. He was out to the nearby village getting some things and getting a drink, a normal practice he and his parents where use to. He would walk back home to see the smoke rising up to the sky, just where his home should be. He ran as fast as he could to see the charred remains of his home and his parents cut down. His parents always told him about the special gifts his family had and how they left the main family of this clan for simpler lives. All he could think about now is getting back at those bandits that wronged him. And in time he did, he found out where they lived and how others where wronged by them, so him and a small group went to the hideout these bandits called home. And through Jiros leadership they caught those who wrong him and others. They turned them over to the guards that wandered the villages and they gave Jiro and others a small reward of the capture. Now that Jiro had nothing left he decided to try and help people as he could and go back to the clan his family left in hopes of becoming someone that could protect those he cared about.

When Jiro was starting out as a more or less mercenary or a thug as many in the ninja world would call him, he started out with simple jobs. His targets where always merchants that would be trying to scam people or that had illegal hobbies. Only one person ever saw his face during these jobs and that was a traveling merchant going back home to kiri. He was over charging people an arm and a leg for his wares and also more or less stole the goods he brought from people. This in Jiros eyes was not acceptable so he moved to steal some of the gold back when he heard about it. Although the kiri merchant put up more of a fight then the other merchants in the land of demons he still got away from him. But with his face known he was reported to the kiri ninjas and is now known as a missing ninja

Likes: Hard work, Tea, Coffee, Fresh food, cooking, honesty
Dislikes: dirty tricks, the colour orange, Liars, lazy people, getting wet
Ninja Traits

Rank: D
Village: M/N
Element(s): Wind
Specialties: Nin
Clan: Kabi
Bloodline Bonuses: Chakra Stomach +25 vigor

Vigor: 25
Chakra: 25
Speed: 25
Strength: 25

The Player

Other Characters: Regis
Faceclaim Name and Series: Red/Gideon from Banished from the heros party. [Any character can share the same faceclaim on this forum.]
Roleplay Sample:RP Sample Here

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Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Deputy Kage
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Jiro Kabi Empty Re: Jiro Kabi

Mon Nov 29, 2021 11:14 am
trial approved
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Survived 2021
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Jiro Kabi Empty Re: Jiro Kabi

Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:07 pm
Short Appearance, but approved.
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Jiro Kabi Empty Re: Jiro Kabi

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