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Ryō Senju
Ryō Senju
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[CoF] Hands Off The Goods Empty [CoF] Hands Off The Goods

Sat Nov 27, 2021 2:43 am
Mission Name: Children of Fianna: Hands Off The Goods
Rank: C
Mission Location: Land of Fire

Challenges: Arc
Task: Banditry is a tale as old as time and as the times change and shinobi evolve, so too do bandits and criminals change their tactics. Recently, a group of bandits known as the Children of Fianna has taken to raiding the trade caravans into the village, making off with valuable goods and much-needed resources. Although they rarely kill the traders, when violence does occur it is a savage affair that leaves no survivors. Those caravans that avoid the violence report only that the raiders appeared without warning and vanished just as quickly, often with one or more members of the group wearing a mask with the antlers of a stag attached.

For the good of the village, these criminals must be taken care of. A caravan has been prepared for you, as well as any other shinobi you may or may not take with you. Defend the caravan and take care of the raiders. Although the mission may be completed by simply killing the bandits, perhaps capturing one for interrogation may yield clues as to where the bandit camp is.

Word Count Requirement: 2,000 WC
Reward: 5,000 Ryo / 25 AP. If one or more bandits are captured for interrogation, roll a d100. On a result of 70 or more, one piece of intel on the location of a Children of Fianna base is acquired.

Character Requirements: Hidden Leaf Shinobi
Character Exclusive: -

Link to Legacy Mission: -

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Survived 2021
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[CoF] Hands Off The Goods Empty Re: [CoF] Hands Off The Goods

Sat Dec 11, 2021 7:58 pm
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