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Kana Mi
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It's Nothing Personal {Solo - E rank}  Empty It's Nothing Personal {Solo - E rank}

Fri Nov 26, 2021 2:20 pm
Mission Details:
Mission Name: A dollar short
Rank: E
Mission Location: Neutral Village

Challenges: -
Task: A local gang is asking for your help. A villager had the group do some work for them and now they aren't paying up. Every time they try to confront the villager, he always seems to escape, and now its time for you to finish the job. Find the villager and get him to pay up but whatever means necessary.

Word Count Requirement:500
Reward:1000 Ryo / 5 AP

Character Requirements: Missing Ninja
Character Exclusive:

Link to Legacy Mission:

   The blade pressed further against the villager’s unprotected neck. His face filled with distress as he struggled some more against her hold, but there wasn’t any getting out of this. Unless he handed over the coin that he owed.

   “I offered to make this easier on you, but you chose to do it the hard way.” The crimson - haired fugitive taunted the man. The knife in her hand started to cause a bead of blood to trickle its way down his collarbone.

   The kunoichi had succeeded in tracking down the target for her mission. He was no problem to find, and even had a knife on him to make it easier for her to ‘negotiate’ with him. If he had just coughed up the money he owed the gang from the start, this wouldn’t have escalated so drastically.

   “I do like this knife. The handle is a nice touch.” Kana admired the handcraft as she slowly pulled it down. The shiny blade cut easily against the skin, but only a small incision. The handle of the blade was made from a deer’s antler, and it fits nicely within her hand.

   The man fumbled with his words as he struggled to speak against the blade. “I - I don’t have the money, Miss. Please let me go. I’ll pay soon. I promise!” He pleaded for his life with his empty words. Eyes wide and red with bloodshot as he gasped against each word.

   Kana tilted her head with a look of unamusement. The man’s heart rhythm matched the speed of a frightened rabbit, but she knew that he had the money. She had made sure to gather some intel before her hunt. It wasn’t difficult to learn about the payment he had received a few days ago. It would have been foolish to spend it all already without paying his debt first.

   “If you don’t have the money, then I’ll at least have to bring back your hand.” Her words trickled with venom, “I would say not to take this personally, since I’m merely just doing my job, but I don’t agree with people who can’t keep their word. So this will be your last chance.” Kana was about to stop talking and start acting. If he didn’t spit it up soon, he wasn’t walking away without losing a hand first. It wouldn’t hurt to take the knife too.

   The man gave one last grunt before finally giving in. “Okay, okay. . . I have a bag of ryo inside my left boot. It’s enough to cover what I owe and a little extra. Just please let me go.”
Kana glanced down towards his boots, and back up at him. Giving him a serious look to let him know that if he was lying, it would be the end for him. “Take your boot off then, and kick it over on the ground. You can manage that without your hands.”

   He did as he was told. Shaking his left leg until his boot fell to the ground, then kicked it over on its side. A small leather bag toppled out of the boot and rolled across the dirt.

   Kana shoved him to the side, “Take off running and I’ll make you regret it.” She warned him. The man didn’t dare move, instead he watched as she bent down to retrieve the pouch. The bag was a little heavy, and she could feel the coin it contained. Just to be safe, she untied the bag and confirmed the amount. It was all there just like he said.

   “You’re good to go. Hopefully we never meet again.” Kana licks the blood off the knife, before tossing it at his feet. {Mission Completion | Exit}
{WC: 615} Claims: 6 Chakra | 1,000 ryo | 5 ap

Gejutsu Release and Mastery (500/500)
Thousand Water Needles of Death (115/2,000)
Ryo : 4700

It's Nothing Personal {Solo - E rank}  Empty Re: It's Nothing Personal {Solo - E rank}

Fri Nov 26, 2021 9:52 pm
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