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Tima's Testing Table Empty Tima's Testing Table

Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:19 pm
Name: Kyobo Kyuketsuki
   Rank: B Rank
   Host Village: Sunagakure
   Appearance:  Kyobo Kyuketsuki is a man that dresses rather simply, at least at first glance but the material he chooses to wear is an elegant high quality Cotton that seems as if it has never seen a drop of sweat nor blood, The Clothes he wears is Typical for someone who frequents the deserts sands, light and flowing clothing to keep his pale flesh safe from the sun and carrying a single sword on his hip hidden behind some of the folds of his overcoat. When he looks at you his eyes are jubilant almost without fail, even when they get serious they always seem to know the punchline to  joke that hasnt been said yet.
Tima's Testing Table BrpArvO

   Personality: This is a man who flows between social circles like water flows from a river into the sea. He is an eccentric but it always seems to endear him to people rather than turn them off. All of this hides a deep desire to inflict pain that churns just beneath the surface. This man requires structure to keep him in check or he will run wild, boredom being his downfall. He is a master strategist, where some would see ferocity and a swatch of unhinged messy streaks of blood in his wake he has laid the ground work for those streaks long ago.. it is only when one steps back to see the grand picture that they see each streak forms an intricate design for only the gods to see and Kyobo to know the meaning of.

   Clan: Kyuketsuki
   KKG: Noblesse

   Current Stat Points: 250 +50

   Vigor: 150 - 100 + 25 +25
   Chakra: 20
   Speed: 100
   Strength: 30

   Specialties: Fuinjutsu, Bukijutsu, Ninjutsu
   Elements: Water, Earth, Wind [Blood release]

   Jutsu Unlocked:
   S-rank: (3/3)
Kyukestuki Jiyu Juinjutsu - Slotless Bloodline
Zenmetsu Seal - Slotless Bloodline
Assimilating Aura - VE Slotless
Fuinjutsu Breaking
Fuinjutsu Amplifier
Dark River Breaking Seal

Five Elements Seal
Telepathy Seal
Ravenous Blood coating
Chakra Barrier Seal
Glass Shard Swing
Lion Hawk
Spooling Wire seal
Psychic Weapon Manipulation
Rain Tiger at Will
Fuinjutsu Breaking - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Amplifier - Slotless

   B-rank:(4/10) Breath Seal
Chakra Storage seal
Fuinjutsu Lock
Water Wall
Chakra Barrier Seal - Slotless
Psychic Weapon Manipulation - Slotless
Spooling Wire seal - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Breaking - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Amplifier - Slotless

Spooling Wire seal - Slotless
Psychic Weapon Manipulation - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Breaking - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Amplifier - Slotless
Flying Swallow
Sakura First step
Chakra Absorption

Basic Sealing technique
Fuinjutsu Breaking - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Lock - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Amplifier - Slotless
Body Flicker
Psychic Weapon Manipulation - Slotless

Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Surface Walking
Wind Release: Quiet Footsteps
Genjutsu Release - Handsealless
Fuinjutsu Lock - Slotless
Fuinjutsu Breaking - Slotless
Fish Spit
Mark Seal

   Skills Unlocked:
Clan Pureblood - Slotless
Chakra Sensory - C rank Slotless
Chakra Supression - C rank Slotless
Chakra Infusion - B rank slotless
Display of Power - B rank Slotless
Nature corruption

   Items on your person:

   Role: Sealer

   NPC's Story: Kyobo Kyuketsuki is one of the original Seven members of the Kyuketsuki Clan, Lieutenant of Hiromasa and General of war. He was known for his artful strategy, painting victory across a battlefield like an artist stroked a brush. He was one of the only Survivors of the Incident that decimated the clan and that was only becuase he himself was at his usual spot on the farthest edge of the conclave and when he saw that all was to be lost he beat a hasty and tactful retreat. He had been dormant and kept himself busy with his vices for years until it burgeoned to the surface and he attacked a woman who was a member of a trading caravan heading into the village of Sunagakure, while she was healing in the village it was found that she was pregnant.  Kyobo never entered the village of Sunagakure, but he would meet with this woman when she ventured outside of it.

As soon as his son was born he placed a Seal on the child's shoulder to hide its bloodline from those who might be searching for it, but with a small side affect.. the rage and bloodlust would be ever present even if the child would not need to drink to sate it.. He wanted to see if that Rage of the kyuketsuki could be honed and what better way than by testing it in the field in a place no one would know what a Kyuketsuki was. He Bade the woman Put the child into an orphanage in the village and ensured her that he would take care of the child from afar.

Kyobo went back to his life of taking on jobs that only the unsavory types would offer, just to ensure that his skills were well honed and stayed that way, he kept tabs on this strange child that, due to having his bloodline suppressed had a struggling time of fitting in but was progressing nicely. He made sure to never take a job or perform so well at one that he would get a name for himself. That is until recently, He has become quite agitated, one of his informants has stopped sending missives..He was supposed to test the boy and after beating him thoroughly report on his progress.. Now he was getting a bit sloppy. His true skills were breaking through his veneer of Mediocrity.  This drew the Attention of the Kazekage as someone who was causing a bit too much trouble in her lands.
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