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Sugimoto Inuzuka
Sugimoto Inuzuka
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Sugimoto Inuzuka Empty Sugimoto Inuzuka

Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:53 pm
Sugimoto Inuzuka

Basic Information

Age: 21
Birthday:  Jan 4th
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 150
Health: 100
Appearance: Sugimoto has long blonde hair that he keeps swept back under the the wolf skull he wears as a headdress. His eyes are a light blue that almost seem to glow and under each eye he has the red Inuzuka clan tattoo. His skin is tan and his body toned. He wears a short hide vest that shows most of his torse and the war paint that adorn his lower stomach. The vest has tuffs of fur on both shoulders that offer some defense. He also wears hide shorts and fabric held together by a belt that cover his upper thighs. His shins and ankles are covered by thick fur boots that expose only his toes and heels for easier mobility. 
 Saito, Sugimoto's canine companion, is a wolf like dog with thick redish hair that stands at four feet tall on all fours. He has a scar over his left eye and is also missing the tip of his left ear. 

Personality: Sugimoto's personality is more along the lines of a wild animal than that of a man's. He grunts and growls more than he actually speaks so he's rather quiet. He prefers to keep to himself and most interactions he has with others are aggressive. He's very territorial over his part of the forest and doesn't take kindly to people trespassing, whether they realize they're doing it or not. Sugimoto lives off the thrill of the hunt and sees everything as prey. If he deems the prey worthy after a successful hunt he often takes a trophy. He keeps a collection of his greatest trophies stowed away in the forest. These tropies would consist of antlers, claws, and headbands alike. 

History: Sugimoto was born into the Inuzuka clan just like any other Inuzuka child. There was nothing special about him that set him apart from anyone else. He had loving parents and played with the other children of the clan often. He trained and wanted to be a strong ninja to make his family and clan proud. His father took him into the forest frequently, teaching him how to live off the land at a very young age. Then one day something changed inside of Sugimoto.
 On this day Sugimoto's father took him on a hunt as usual. The only difference was that Sugimoto's father decided it was was time for Sugimoto to be the one to kill the deer. Sugimoto was excited and almost shaking with excitement as they perched in a tree waiting. He had gone on many hunts with his father but had never been the one to down the deer himself. He had only helped clean the deer and transport what they collected back to the village up to this point. After waiting only a little while a doe came strolling along the path under the tree. Sugimoto squeezed his kunai tightly and waited for the deer to get closer. He prepared to do what he had watched his father do so many times before. With a gentle nod from his father they both dropped from the branch they were resting upon landing on the deer. The sudden unexpected weight caused the deer to buckle and Sugimoto's father pinned it to the ground. Before it was even able to realize what was going on Sugimoto sunk the kunai into its side behind its shoulder blade just as he had seen his father do in the past to quickly dispatch the deer. As the kunai slid into the deer, Sugimoto locked eyes with it and watched its emotions play in its eyes. He could see the fear and the moment it felt the kunai puncture its lungs. Then as it settled he watched the life leave it's eyes. Sugimoto enjoyed every moment of it. His father noticed a small smile play across his young child's face and realized right then that he might have made a mistake. 
 After that day Sugimoto's personality slowly began to change. He began to keep to himself more and grew quiet. Though people noticed the changes they thought nothing of it for he had done nothing wrong. Sugimoto's father was more concerned than anyone else but he hoped it was just a phase that would come to pass.
 The day finally came when the children came of age to receive their very own canine companions. Each child was handed a puppy that they bonded with instantaneously. Each puppy had its own personality and was unique in its own way. Sugimoto received a red male wolf like puppy that seemed to be more aggressive than the others. It wriggled around in the adult's hands growling quietly and trying to bite their fingers. The adult quickly handed the puppy to young Sugimoto in order to spare their own hands from the aggravated little beast. The puppy continued to wiggle for a second until its eyes met Sugimoto's. It calmed and stared into his eyes. They almost seemed to enter a kind of trance as they imprinted on one another. Sugimoto's father watched happy but also concerned. To this day no one in the clan knows whether it was the aggressive puppy that changed the boy or the strange boy that changed the puppy. Maybe neither of them changed for the other and it was just a perfect match. Sugimoto decided to name the rowdy pup Saito. 
 As Sugimoto grew with his companion they became more distant from the other members of the clan. They would train and go on hunts alone rather than interact with others. Sugimoto developed an obsession with collecting tropies from his successful hunts. His room was full of antlers and claws hanging from his walls. It seemed like each day he was bringing something else in to proudly hang on his walls. His father noticed but assumed it was just Sugimoto's way of paying respect to the game he had caught and killed or at least he hoped that was what it was. 
 Sugimoto was now in his late teen years and the kids he had grown up with began to treat him differently. The occasional scuffle would break out between him and another male of his age. It was never too serious and would always be broken up by one of the adults before anyone got hurt. The fights made Sugimoto feel pressured and threatened causing him to become more aggressive towards others. Finally the day came when tragedy struck. Sugimoto was out on a hunt with Saito when they ran into the same teen that was always picking on him. Like Sugimoto the other teen also had his canine with him. By this time the dogs had almost reached the full size they would grow to. After a brief argument a fight broke out between the two boys and the canines joined in. The forest echoed with a series of aggressive barks, growls, and the occasional yelp. Then all fell silent. Sugimoto bested his rival and left him lying bloody and beaten on the ground but not dead. The same can not be said about the teens canine companion. Saito had crushed its windpipe and it laid on the ground lifeless as he licked his own wounds. Sugimoto decided it was time to separate from his clan. He feared what might happen to him or his companion if he returned and they found out what happened. He then claimed the head of the fallen canine as a trophy and wears it as a headdress to this day. After doing so him and his companion disappeared into the forest never to be seen by the clan again. 

Likes: Star gazing, trophy hunting, expensive saki, fighting, and napping in the forest. 
Dislikes: Overbearing smells, loud noises, fish, and cheap saki. 

Ninja Traits

Rank: Rank D
Village: Missing Nin
Element(s): Earth
Specialties: Taijutsu
Clan: Inuzuka
Bloodline Bonuses: Inuzuka Scent Tracking


Vigor: 30
Chakra: 20
Speed: 25
Strength: 25

The Player
            Sugimoto Inuzuka Nkodga10

Other Characters: N/a
Faceclaim Name and Series: Link wearing barbarian armor from Botw.
Roleplay Sample: Sugimoto's bright blue eyes peered through the undergrowth of the forest as he crept along the tree line silently. Out on the road ahead a wagon was stopped for what seemed to be repairs. It appeared to be a supply wagon of some kind that must've been transporting something of importance. Sugimoto could tell that it was carrying something of value due to the numerous armed guards that stood watch while it was being repaired. By his count there were three armed guards and one civilian. The civilian was bent over trying to repair the wheel that had been damaged while the guards kept a look out for any undesirables that may be lurking around. 
 Sugimoto decided that he would seize the opportunity and continued to creep along the tree line slowly closing the distance between him and the wagon. It was late in the evening so Sugimoto used the shadows cast by the sun to effortlessly move closer while remaining undetected. Finally he had gotten as close as the forest could permit him and was just off the road next to where the wagon was broken down. The remainder of the distance was just open road with no cover. He thought for a moment as to how he should approach them and decided straight forward was the way to go. 
 "You need to get that wheel fixed so we can continue moving." Sugumoto heard one of the guards tell the civilian who was still crouched down trying to repair the damage. "This isn't the best place to be broken down and on top of that we have a deadline for the delivery. Since we started late we're cutting it close already." The guard continued with frustration in his tone.
 "The wheels busted, completely ruined." The civilian sighed. "I'll have to put the spare on." He lifted the old one off and set it aside then stood up. The civilian began to dig around in the back of the wagon looking for the spare. "Let's hope we don't bust another wheel because this is our only spa-" The civilian started but was cut off by one of the guards.
 "Hey!" One of the guards shouted. The other two guards rushed over to the side of the one that sounded off. Their eyes all locked onto Sugimoto, who had just stepped out from the tree line and onto the road. "What are you doing all the way out here?" One of the other guards questioned. Sugimoto answered the question with silence as he looked the three up and down, sizing them up. The guards glanced at each other uncomfortably and one stepped forward. "Listen you need to leave. You're not welcome here." The guard called out as he stepped forward. As he stepped forward Sugimoto pulled one of the kunai from its sheath strapped to the outside of his upper thigh. The guard stopped as he saw Sugimoto draw his kunai. In response the three of them all drew their kunai as well. "You should've just minded your business stranger." One of the guards called out before nodding to one of the other guards. The two then rushed towards Sugimoto with their kunai in hand. The other guard stayed back most likely to protect the civilian who was now hiding on the opposite side of the wagon. 
 Sugimoto stood and watched as the two quickly approached him. He clutched his kunai in his right hand and charged towards them expressionless. The two guards began to serpentine as they ran towards Sugimoto. They took turns passing each other and altering their approaching speeds in order to cause confusion. Sugimoto paced himself wanting to reach them at the perfect moment. He reached them right as one guard passed the other causing the one behind to have his sight blocked by his ally for a moment. At this moment the guard in the front took a wide swing with his kunai going from left to right aimed at Sugimotos throat. Sugimoto fell to his knees and leaned his head back to dodge the swing and used the momentum that he gained while running to slide passed the first guard. Due to his sight being blocked for a brief moment the second guard was not ready for Sugimoto to slide passed the first and was caught off guard. As Sugimoto slide passed the first guard he leaned forward and slamming his right shoulder into the torso of the second guard while grabbing the back of his legs to trip him and slam him onto the ground ultimately knocking the breathe out of him. Sugimoto landed on top of him but quickly rolled away in order to avoid a stab from behind by the first guard. As Sugimoto rolled to his feet the first guard rushed towards him planning to sink his kunai into Sugimoto's chest. Sugimoto threw his kunai into the foot of the first guard as he stepped forward throwing him off balance and causing him to fall forward with a small cry of pain. As he fell forward towards Sugimoto, Sugimoto grabs him by his hair with both hands and brings his face down against his knee hard breaking his nose and knocking some of his teeth out while causing him to lose consciousness. The second guard that had previously had the air knocked out of him would be back on his feet and rushing Sugimoto. With a quick glance towards the third guard that had hung back, Sugimoto seen that he was preparing to throw a kunai. He had been made uneasy by watching one of his comrades be knocked unconscious and was about to make a mistake. As the second guard stepped forward to slash at Sugimoto, Sugimoto stepped in and caught the guards arm under his own arm. Sugimoto then reached up with his other hand grabbing the man by his throat and rotating his back towards the third guard causing the kunai the third guard threw to sink into the back of his own ally. Sugimoto looked into his eyes watching the expression of shock he had as he felt the kunai sink in next to his spine. With a weak cough some blood would drip down the man's chin. Sugimoto took a second to take it all in as he began to squeeze the man's throat. His grip would tighten on the man's throat and then with a quick yank the insides of his neck became outsides before Sugimoto dropped his lifeless body onto the ground. Sugimoto then turned his attention back towards the first guard who was still unconscious on the ground where he left him completely ignoring that the third guard was still alive and well next to the wagon. 
 The third guard stood there for a moment as guilt washed over him. He was the one to blame for the death of his ally. If he hadn't thrown that kunai maybe his friend could've fought off the enemy but due to his rushed actions that is not the case. He watched as Sugimoto walked back over to this other unconscious ally in a state of shock. He seen Sugimoto roll the unconscious body over onto it's back before kneeling down over it and clasping his hands together. The guard realized he has about to watch his partner get his face smashed in and snapped out of his state of shock hoping he could stop that from happening. The guard quickly pulled another kunai from its sheath and was about to rush towards Sugimoto before he was interrupted by a sound he heard behind him. He turned to see Saito, a four foot tall redish wolf like dog looking down at him from atop the wagon. Saito's ears were pinned back and his lips curled showing his teeth as he began to emit a low growl. The guards and Saito's nose were almost touching when it clicked in the guards head. He had noticed the tattoos on Sugimoto's face but didn't pay any attention to them. Now he realized it was the marks of an Inuzuka and this was his canine companion. It was no wonder Sugimoto ignored him because he was basically already dead. The guard dropped his kunai having lost all hope and released a sad chuckle before Saito fell upon him. Sugimoto could hear the screams slowly being dragged off into the forest before they fell silent. By this time Sugimoto was done with the guard that was unconscious. His hands and face were covered in blood from the splatter. Sugimoto now had a small grin on his face as he reached down and recovered the headband from the mess that was once a head. He then stood up and retrieved the headband from the second guard that laid lifeless in the road before walking over to the wagon. 
 Once Sugimoto reached the wagon, Saito came bounding out of the forest to meet him with the third headband in his mouth which was now caked with blood. Sugimoto took the headband from Saito after giving him a gentle pat on the head before tying all three to his thigh. After which he untied the canvas that laid upon the wagon and threw it to the side to discover the civilian curled in a ball crying. Sugimoto took whatever he deemed valuable and tied it to Saito's back completely disregarding the civilian. To him the civilian wasn't worthy of being killed, he had nothing to offer. He was not a challenge. After Sugimoto gathered what he wanted he turned and walked off with Saito in tail. They both disappeared back into the forest from which they came.
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Sugimoto Inuzuka Empty Re: Sugimoto Inuzuka

Thu Nov 25, 2021 1:52 am
Fantastic! Approved
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