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Ryo : 26700

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty The Vulture vs the Vampire

Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:15 pm
Arantima had askled Mizu to train him before she had to leave for her Summit meeting.. But merely a few days after she had departed he received a message that he was to go to the Vr arena and Ensure that he was as prepared as he could be for a training session with someone special..  Someone that would not be an opponent he was expected to beat, but someone he was expected to impress. Arantima went to the Vr arena nervously that morning but he was not showing an ounce of those nerves when he arrived at the VR arena and waited for his opponent.. teacher? He wasnt sure which they would be nor who exactly it could be.

He waited inside of the VR arena itself, Already dived into the VR space for The arrival of who Mizu might have sent to train with him today.. He was silently prayng to himself that it would not be someone who was going to destroy him just to make a point, but also that it wasnt someone who would coddle him out of an over abundance of kindness.. He was uncertain who would arrive in the arena with him.. but he was excited to find out who it was as he stood in the Center of the VR arena, ensuring that his demons claws were affixed properly to his arms.

He settled the rest of his gear and made sure that the VR arena had puled all of it with him and he nodded as he found everything in its correct place. He looked around the arena from the center of the Bronze symbol and made sure to clock the positions of the trees and shrubs and pillars and archways. He looked around the edge and made sure to recall the edge was surrounded by water. He looked up to where he knew any spectators would be and wondered if anyone would be watching them this early in the morning.

330/330 Words

Current Health Bar: 300/300  | AP: 1346/1346

Vigor: 80 |  Chakra: 40 | Speed: 150 | Strength: 25 | Throwing Speed: 115 | Throwing Distance: 57 Meters

Stat page:

The Vulture vs the Vampire TojZPMb

Demon preceeded by Visicious winds

The Vulture vs the Vampire Linebreak

The Vulture vs the Vampire Linebreak
Clan: Kyuketsuki
Bloodline: Noblesse V7

Current Stat Points: 250

Current Health Bar: 300/300

Vigor: 80
Chakra: 40
Speed: 150 (100,+25,+25)
Strength: 30

Throwing Speed: 115

Throwing Distance: 56 Meters

AP: 1346 - 800 from vigor, 546 from Mission rewards/training.

Base of post Template:


Current Health Bar: 300/300 | AP: 1346/1346

Vigor: 80 | Chakra: 40 | Speed: 150 | Strength: 25 | Throwing Speed: 115 | Throwing Distance: 57 Meters

Specialties: Bukijitsu | Element(s): Wind, Water, Blood | Skills: Blacksmithing (Slotless), Blood Bound Soul, Chakra Infusion, Clan Pureblood (slotless), Chakra Supression, Chakra Sensory, One-handed Seals

Equipment On body: Demons Shroud Armor, Twin Demon Lance (In two pieces sheathed on thighs), Demon claws (Worn over Arms), 5 Kunai (50 HP In weapon pouch), 5 Shuriken (50HP In weapon pouch), 1 Weapon pouch.

Specialties: Bukijitsu
Element(s): Wind, Water, Blood

The Vulture vs the Vampire Linebreak
Jutsu Symbol Legend

¥ - Hand Seal Mastery 1 Slot, ¥ for Two slots | Ω - Slotless Jutsu / Skill | ß - Bloodline Slotless |

▲ - Power Mastery 1 slot, for two Slots | ► - Speed Mastery 1 Slot, for two Slots
S-rank (0/0)

A-Rank (4/5)

Glass Shard Swing
Sword Storm
Lion Hawk
Demon Wind Launch -¥

B-Rank (4/15)

Breaking throw
Furious Design
Demon Wind Launch - Ω, ¥
Lion Hawk - Ω
Binding Meteor
Bull Rush

C-Rank (7/15)

Armory Seal -
Spooling Wire Seal
Psychic Weapon Manipulation
Flying Swallow
Sakura First step
Prepared Needle Shot

Fuinjutsu Lock
Demon Wind Launch - Ω, ¥
Samurai Sabre Technique
Bull Rush - Ω

D-Rank (Unlimited)

Body Flicker
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Basic Sealing Technique
Fuinjutsu Breaking
Fuinjutsu Lock - Ω
Bull Rush - Ω

E-Rank (Unlimited)

Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Surface Walking
Wind Release: Quiet Footsteps - ¥
Genjutsu Release - ¥
Fuinjutsu Lock - Ω
Fuinjutsu Breaking - Ω
Fish Spit

The Vulture vs the Vampire Linebreak

Skills Unlocked: (5/5)
Blacksmithing - Ω
Blood Bound soul
Chakra Infusion
Clan Pureblood - Ω
Chakra Supression
One Handed Seals
Chakra Sensory

Items You own:
50 Health Kunai - 5 - Sheathed in Demons shroud
30 Health Shuriken - 5
50 Health Explosive Tag - 2 - Contained within Demons shroud
20 Health Smoke Bomb - 2 - Marked with Armory Seal
Weapon Pouch - 2
100 Health Fuma Shuriken - 1
Twin Demon Lance - 1 - Marked with Armory Seal
Basic Scroll - 2 - Contained in demons shroud
Demon Claws - 1 - Marked with Armory Seal
100 Health Makibishi - 5 - Contained within Demons Shroud
High grade Steel - 1
Leather - 1
Demons shroud - 1 - Marked with Armory Seal
50 Health Makibishi - 60 - Contained in thee bags of 20 marked with Armory Seal
Jutsu encyclopedia (Allows user to know about Most justu up to C rank) - 1

Wordcount: 49046

Word bank: 6250

The Vulture vs the Vampire Linebreak

Your Story:
New Steel
A Simple day helping out around Sunagakure
Poster Patrol Position
A Few Patrols Around the Village
Patrolling the Dome
Disturbed Graves and Dynamite
Finding One's Clan
We're Off to Eat Sand
Sand Gremlins
Taming the beast within
Bow and Spear! Sharpening the Distant Blades!
A Beast at Training
Bleed the truth from them

Voided/Ended before finished:
Lost lunch - was awarded WC for this still.
Clumsy training - Never finished

Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Ryo : 137950

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty Re: The Vulture vs the Vampire

Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:33 pm
"Ah, just like Mizu. Departing on urgent business and leaving me to handle paperwork" Guren thought to himself as he sat within the Kazekage's office. As he read through several mission completion reports, a resounding knock upon the double doored room would meet his ears. "Come in" Guren would instruct before the receptionist Mia would enter the room. 

"Hi Guren, hope I'm not disrupting your focus! Just wanted to make sure you were still on for your 3 o' clock appointment today?"

Guren's face would begin to shift into a look of confusion. What did he have planned for 3PM? To his recollection, he was stuck on paperwork for the remainder of the day and following that he would direct his attention back to the construction of the Sunagakure Recreational and Academic Campus. "Uhh Mia, what exactly is my 3 o'clock?" Guren would inquire with a slight degree of concern.

"Well, it says here that Lord Mizuki was scheduled for a simulated spar with a genin by the name of Arantima. No last name, although I suppose the Kazekage indoctrinated him into her clan." Mia would respond with a slight laugh, implying that Arantima was bitten by the Kazekage.

"Arantima huh? I can't say I know too much of him but if Mizuki deemed him worthy of becoming like her, I suppose she would hold him in high favor. I guess I'll head over there then." Guren would resolve, as it gave him an excuse of doing Mizu's paperwork. He'd dismiss Mia from the room, stand from the desk, and set out towards the simulation arena. It was not too far off from the Spire, so he likely wouldn't be keeping the genin waiting. Upon entering the building, he would report to the designated virtual reality room, sit in the chair, and equip the headset. As soon as it was secure upon his head, his subconscious would be transported to the battle arena. 

Spawning into the arena, Guren's eyes would immediately take the form of his activated Ketsuryugan and Seigan. He was equipped with his set of relic anbu armor, save for the mask. They would fixate upon the genin standing in front of him 25 meters away, within the Bronze Center of the arena. Guren would spawn in 25 meters from the center of the arena. In an instant, Guren would discern the equipment visibly attached to the genin. The only things noticeable were two heavily weighted equipment pouches and sharpened claws extending out from the sleeves of his shirt. Besides that, he wore a standard set of clothing. Nothing too heavily armored. "Most likely a bukijutsu style opponent. And if he was bestowed a kiss by Mizu, he's likely adept at fuinjutsu. I'll need to be careful, those vampires are quite exceptional at natural sensory too" Guren thought to himself as he reflected on his extensive knowledge of the Kyuketsuki Clan. Guren would then direct his gaze to area surrounding them. They stood within a 200m diameter environment equipped with natural vegetation, surrounded by realistic water. Guren was impressed with the natural appearance of the virtual arena. It all seemed and felt very real. With a slight spin on the spiked rings upon his fingers, a tiny prick of blood would seep out from his fingers. Yet at the distance the two were apart, this was hardly discernible. 

"Arantima is it? My apologies for keeping you waiting, I only just found out about this minutes ago." Guren would call out with a light laugh. "My name is Guren, interesting circumstances we're meeting under, huh? Nevertheless we both know why we're here, so we can begin whenever you're ready." Even before Guren would speak, he would ensure he would carefully watch the genin's blood flow and movement in case he attempted any type of pre-emptive attack. Guren would be ready for whatever, but still it was always better to be cautious than cornered into a trap. 

*Guren has any/all items on his body listed in his stat page. An accurate up to date account of his jutsu/skills/abilities can be found there as well.*

WC: 657


*All actions taken at max speed unless specified otherwise*
Seigan - 10 AP
Ketsuryugan - 10 AP
Total AP: 1980
Ryo : 26700

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty Re: The Vulture vs the Vampire

Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:56 pm
Arantima Looked over at Guren as he materialized and looked the man up and down, staying silent before Smiling broadly at the man, meeting his gaze with his own serial killer intensity even though his facial expression was so stark in contrast to it that it might seem comical, if it weren't so unsettling. He clocked the distance between them with a soft click of his tongue but when Guren began to speak he listened intently before nodding with a soft chuckle. He held up a hand in a pausing gesture "Actually.. I just know im supposed to be trained..  But I feel like we are getting ready for a fight. And I'm sorry.. I myself only found out last night. But, if I should be combat ready.. I will need my armor."

Arantima Made handseals in.. only his right hand Dog ,Then monkey at only 100 speed and forming in a Dust devil around him at 70 speed he is no longer simply clad in street clothing.. He now wears a Rather formidable set of armor that comes with twin swords linked behind his back by a taught wire and the only things not covered by this armor are the tips of his fingers and his head from the jawline up. "Apologies for not coming prepared fully. I do not usually wear my armor when training with Mizu-Ane." He gave guren another smile and rubbed the back of his head, showing that the palms of his bladed gauntlets were safe to touch.

While his hand was back there, on the back of his neck there was placed a Sigil, a preparation that would be completely unseen if it were not for Gurens chakra vision the Sigil was not quite a fuinjutsu seal but it was filled with very dense chakra. His eyes flashed with a sigil behind the red for a moment and he made a note of never looking guren directly in the face this entire time, only looking at his neck and below. Arantima spread his fingers out as he held his arms stretched out like a scarecrow before slowly letting them drop to his sides and letting out a soft breath and his voice changed, from calm and collected, measured almost but most certainly a controlled voice to one that was much darker and almost dripping in danger.

His whole being settled and his eyes even shifted, From serial killer intensity to bemusement. He had begun to move just as he placed the sigil, and the relative speed of his hand signs from moments before were dwarfed by the intensity of what he was doing now at 150 speed. He Dashed 1 meter to the left of his current position and then began to rush straight forward towards Guren, "If I allowed the first motion to be anyone else but mine Mizu will never forgive me." There was something about the way that he was running, his clawed gloves having at the start of the dash drawn and were now holding the halves of his Twin demon lance.. There were small dust devils peeling off the tips of the blades of the staff as he blazed forward towards Guren at full speed.

He was ready to react to anything that guren might throw at him, however he was watching Gurens arms, not his hands nor his face he didnt have to see the hand signs to know when a thing was coming only his arms move.. He didnt have to see his enemies eyes to know where something would be, he was faster than their actions so he could react in time. However Arantima's plans didnt stop at a simple rush,  As soon as Arantima was within 15 meters of Guren He threw one of the halves towards guren at a BLAZING 150 speed, now normally this would be a simply avoided thing but as it traveled this Sword attached via metal wire to the other sword would flow through the air as if it were magnetically attracted to gurens throat.

Actions -

Armory Seal (Double speed mastered) to summon Demons shroud armor and all it contains - 10 AP | 20 base speed scaled to 50 with 80 vigor, Double speed mastered (+20) to 70 speed

Sealing Glass Shard Swing Rank A into a Sigil - 45 AP |

Bull Rush at B rank - 30 AP |30 Base power Scaled to 90 from 150 speed. Travels at user speed

Binding Meteor - 35 AP |  40 Base power Scaled to 95 from 150 speed. Travels at user speed

675/1005 Words

Current Health Bar: 300/300  | AP: 1226/1346

Vigor: 80 |  Chakra: 40 | Speed: 150 | Strength: 25 | Throwing Speed: 115 | Throwing Distance: 57 Meters

Equipment On body: Demons Shroud Armor, Twin Demon Lance , Demon claws , 5 Kunai , 5 Shuriken , 1 Weapon pouch, 2 Explosive Tags, 2 Smoke Bombs, 5 Makibishi.

Last edited by Arantima on Sun Nov 14, 2021 10:02 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : wrong rank of Bull rush calculated)
Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Ryo : 137950

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty Re: The Vulture vs the Vampire

Mon Nov 15, 2021 2:59 pm
The deceptive nature of Arantima was clearly apparent to Guren from the moment he branded himself with the smug expression upon his face. He issued a request to Guren, one that was delaying the fight's start until he equipped his armor. It was strange. Why would a shinobi allow another to freely bolster his defenses? Guren certainly would not. Refraining from responding, instead Guren would take Arantima's words as a mark of the battle's beginning. As Arantima started his first hand seal to summon his armor, Guren would begin his first as well with his right hand. At max speed, he would rifle through the hare, monkey, dragon, and tiger hand seals with his right hand. There would be no free actions here. Admittedly Arantima's speed was fast, evident by his rapid run through of seals. But Guren's was not too far behind. In the time it took for Arantima to complete his two hand seals, Guren would be halfway through his second. Nevertheless, by the time Guren was completed with his four handseals, the armor upon Arantima would be finished forming. Yet nearly simultaneously, Guren's chakra would begin to expand outward just four inches off his body (Soul Expulsion, +50 Vigor/+50 Chakra).

Guren's blood chakra vision via Ketsuryugan would clearly reveal that Arantima would be reaching his hands towards a dense chakra source on the back of his neck. Based on the display Arantima previously showcase via summoning his armor and weapons, Guren inferred that this would be something similar. Still though, this was no matter. While Arantima spent time doing this, Guren would ruffle the sleeves of his shirt to descend down and hide his hands. From there, each hand would operate independently of one another. The left would create five hand seals (Boar -> Snake -> Horse -> Tiger -> Ram), and the right would produce its own five hand seals (Horse > Bird  > Ox > Horse > Bird). This would be completely hidden from Arantima's sight, as he had no access to chakra vision. Guren would allow his lightning chakra to build up within himself in preparation of these two techniques, and refrain from releasing the jutsu until Arantima was in forward motion and also launching his projectile attacks towards Guren. Meaning, that once Arantima was within 15 meters of Guren and in the process of launching his projectile, two simultaneous bursts of raiton chakra would emit outward from Guren's body as the origin and surge omnidirectionally. They would continue until they reached their max range (20 meters from Guren). These surges of raiton chakra would individually appear as a massive flash of blinding bright light and a crackling wave of electricity. Together, they would synergize and appear as a combination of both jutsu. Appearance aside, each would travel at a speed of 105 after scaling, with jutsu powers each at 105 as well. 

As Arantima had been looking at Guren while he raced towards the jounin, he would be subject to seeing the bright Lightning Illusion Flash. Upon Arantima seeing said flash of light radiating from Guren, he would be under the effects of Guren's genjutsu. In Arantima's illusory induced perspective, it would appear as if no action was taken by Guren and Arantima's own projectile had hit Guren and dealt significant damage to the Chinoike. Yet in reality, as the execution of Guren's technique would align with the timing of Arantima's own, a clash between the projectiles and the raiton blast wave would occur. This would happen 9 meters in front of Arantima, and 6 meters in front of Guren based on the travel speed of each shinobi's techniques. The raiton blast wave would win said clash, as its jutsu power would exceed that of the impact force of the incoming projectiles. Resultantly, the projectiles would fall uselessly to the ground and the raiton blast wave would surge onwards to the still moving Arantima. Upon his own visual confirmation of winning the clash against Arantima's weapons, Guren would be out of harm's way yet continue to monitor the situation. 

But after the raiton techniques would travel outward 1 meter from Guren's position, Guren would force his left hand through six more seals (Boar -> Tiger -> Ox -> Dragon ->Monkey -> Bird) at 70 speed. Subsequently, he would spawn the beginning of a mud swamp at a point (of natural earth) just three meters behind the location in which Arantima threw his projectiles (18 meters from Guren). Said swamp would increase in size until it was 15 meters in radius, expanding at a speed of 105 with a jutsu power of 105 as well. 

Arantima was now in a position of three techniques attacking him: two from the front with area of effects of 40 meters, 20 meters in all directions of Guren; and one from the back with an area of effect of 30 meters, 15 meters in all directions at the point where Arantima launched his projectile. Should he be caught within the the range of the Lightning Illusion Flash Pillar, he would be susceptible to a chakra check (105 power vs Arantima's 40 chakra). Upon success, a debuff of 50 to each Arantima's speed and chakra would be applied. Additionally he would be disoriented: blinded and deafened. Thus, in his genjutsu induced disoriented state, he would be unable to see or hear the impeding raiton wave approaching him and the mud swamp from behind him. If the raiton wave would make contact with Arantima, his armor and wielded weapons would be subject to damage at jutsu power. If their health did not exceed the jutsu power, they would be destroyed and then the damage would make its way to Arantima. He would receive 105 damage straight to his health bar. Finally, should Arantima also be caught by the mud swamp, he would be subject to a stat check against his strength. As Arantima's strength (25) is lower than jutsu power (105), he would find himself ensnared by the pulling force of the mud swamp. Again he would be subject to damage to his health bar at jutsu power, and would need to overcome the tumultuous and pulling force of the swamp. Note this pulling force is at a speed of 52 while the swamp's expansion is at a speed of 105.

If Guren's actions were somehow interrupted, he would respond accordingly and at the appropriate times. In the meanwhile he studied Arantima's movements and reactions intensively. But for now, this fight would seem over before it started unless Arantima could find himself a way out. 

(WC = 1095, Total = 1752)


All actions taken at max speed unless specified otherwise above.
Seigan - 5 AP
Ketsuryugan - 5 AP

Soul Expulsion - 40 AP; +50 to Vigor, + 50 to Chakra
Lightning Illusion Flash Pillar - 40 AP; 105 Power & Speed after scaling
Gigavolt - 40 AP; 105 Power & Speed after scaling
Swamp of the Underworld - 40 AP; 105 Power & Speed after scaling; Max potential swamp range after scaling = 21m radius

Total AP: 1810
Ryo : 26700

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty Re: The Vulture vs the Vampire

Tue Nov 16, 2021 10:21 pm
Great, He hid his hands with his sleeves.. No matter, he wasn't looking at his hands anyway, it didnt help that he then didnt see his arms coming together to form handseals.. That set Tima on edge but he couldn't let that slow him down at all, he had to keep going he had to get that wire around that mans throat so he could take his head.. Then right as he was in the motion of throwing his Twin demon scythe there was a flash, But then he watched as his technique went on to hit its mark, He blinked a few times as he watched gurens throat pierced.  But then there was the sensation of his weapon shattering in his hand and the smell of ozone. He Coudln't see or hear anything but he could smell and that was something the Kyuketsuki were great at, scent.  The illusion had lasted long enough that the smell of ozone was within 7 meters of him and he could feel the chakra from not one, not two but three sources in that bubble.. Two in front of him and one forming from behind him.. The one behind him was the closest at 3 meters..

Arantima was fast, and he remembered that there was a Tree Eight meters to his right, One more meter than he needed but it would be a good landmark to move from. He Bolted directly to his right at his full speed, and through some form of supernatural gift for speed Arantima moved out of the way of the expanding domes of light and electricity, abandoning his Twin demon lance to its fate as vaporized slag, but he would be safe. Once he stepped on his sixth meter he felt the rush of chakra behind him as he narrowly escaped the blast of Chakra from the Techs he could not see. He smelled again and smelled the Ozone created behind him as the Gigavolt burned away the swamp that was being formed.

He continued moving and as he was running around his third meter from the start of the dash he had reached into the hidden pouch in his armor and pulled out two Makibishi He Threw the both of them as soon as he reached the tree at where gurens neck and chest should be if he had not yet moved, both of them traveling at 115 speed. His Back was now facing Guren and Arantima was now 23 meters away from Guren, blind and deaf and down one of his weapons. He Resolves to Create as much distance between himself and Guren. There is around 90 meters between himself and the edge of the arena.. And he can make that..Well before his opponent can catch up, hopefully..

He formed Tiger - Boar - Rat on his left hand and his Demons claws begin to glow softly golden as he continued to run forward in a strange manner. He Was on all fours, flinging himself forward and slashing outward with his clawed weapons and inward as he landed moving at his full speed and Shredding through any trees that were in his path. Any wooden structure would be broken in his path and any pillar that would have been ran into would instead be grabbed onto and used to fling himself forward instead of hindering his movement towards the edge of the Arena. He would Stop once he smelled the water at the edge of the arena and take a moment to focus on his sense of smell and chakra sense.

Actions -

Bull rush and Binding meteor put on cooldown.

Flying Swallow - 20 AP Activation Turning Demon Claws basic slashes from 75 to 95 to ensure tree destruction is garunteed.

593/11598 Words

Current Health Bar: 300/300  | AP: 1206/1346

Vigor: 80 |  Chakra: 40 | Speed: 150 | Strength: 25 | Throwing Speed: 115 | Throwing Distance: 57 Meters

Equipment On body: Demons Shroud Armor, Demon claws , 5 Kunai , 5 Shuriken , 1 Weapon pouch, 2 Explosive Tags, 2 Smoke Bombs, 3 Makibishi.
Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Ryo : 137950

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty Re: The Vulture vs the Vampire

Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:47 pm
Arantima was keen enough to deduce he was inflicted with a Genjutsu, yet took no actions to rectify the issue. He did not perform the Genjutsu Release technique, and so he would continue to be caught within the grasps of the Genjutsu. Yet to him, it should seem as if Guren was defeated via the piercing of the jounin's throat. And so within the illusion, Guren's false body would drop to the floor and bleed to death. 

In reality, Guren would be continuing his assault via the electric blast wave and the earthly mud swamp. Arantima's chakra sensory was impressive however, as he seemed to have noticed the presence of the area of effect techniques once the scent of gigavolt had been within 7 meters of him. And at this point, he would attempt his escape to his right. Yet by this time Swamp of the Underworld would have expanded to a radius of 7 meters from its initial spawn point of 3 meters behind Arantima, and Gigavolt would be expanded to a radius of 8 meters from its initial spawn point at Guren's location. The two jutsus distance from each other would be 3 meters at this point. Resultantly, the Swamp of the Underworld would successfully capture Arantima within its clinches. Even if Arantima had detected the scent of the Gigavolt when it was 10 meters away, at the Kyuketsuki's maximum smell radius, Swamp of the Underworld still would have captured Arantima since it would have expanded 4 meters by that point whereas Gigavolt would have only expanded 5 meters. The nature of the swamp would inflict constricting damage at jutsu power to Arantima's feet upon contact, and would begin submerging him downward. This was occurring 15 meters away from Guren, successfully interrupting Arantima's escape plan. The genin would now be disillusioned, deafened, blinded, and bound by the swamp at this point.

Yet to his benefit the conflicting trajectories of Guren's area of effect techniques were destined to clash. And given the advantage that raiton naturally possesses over doton, the earth swamp would be destroyed at the point of contention (9.5m from Guren). And so, the Gigavolt would decimate the Swamp upon clash. Arantima would no longer be within the clutches of the swamp, but due to the downward pull of the swamp he would be at least partially submerged (arguably knee deep) into the ground at this point. Arantima's position would have been 5.5 meters from the Gigavolt and Lightning Illusion Flash Pillar's incoming wave. The genin would need to be quick to figure a way out of this one. Otherwise, he would be caught by guren's raiton techniques.

Guren would watch attentively to see how Arantima would respond, but due to the interruption of Arantima's escape his attack would have also been interrupted. But once Arantima was captured by the swamp, Guren would move at a speed of 70 in a direction that would place him 5 meters to the right, and 5 meters forward from his former position. He would conduct this movement and stop once he arrived at the aforementioned point so long as Arantima did not move from his position. This would place Guren 11 meters from Arantima. As he moved, at max speed Guren would form the Tiger → Ox → Monkey → Rabbit → Ram → Dragon hand seals in that order. Once at that 11 meter distance from Arantima, Guren would expel the beginning of a great water vortex from his mouth. It would begin small, but travel and expand at a speed and power of 110, fired directly in the direction of Arantima. "This should mark the end..." Guren thought to himself.

WC = 612. TWC = 2364

Claiming hit via Lightning Illusion Flash Pillar and subsequently AP Drain from Arantima equal to 25
Claiming debuff to Arantima's speed and chakra equal to 50 and 50 respectively
Claiming hit and damage at jutsu power (105) via Swamp of the Underworld

All actions taken at max speed unless specified otherwise above.
Seigan - 5 AP
Ketsuryugan - 5 AP
Soul Expulsion - 20 AP Upkeep; Maintaining +50 to Vigor, + 50 to Chakra
Swamp of the Underworld - 20 AP Upkeep for final post as Gigavolt destroys it via elemental advantage; 105 Power & Speed after scaling
Great Vortex Technique - 45 AP, traveling at 110 power/speed to its maximum size

AP = 1760
Ryo : 26700

The Vulture vs the Vampire Empty Re: The Vulture vs the Vampire

Sat Nov 20, 2021 1:30 am

The Vulture vs the Vampire A9ZAf7m

Arantima didnt have the means to do.. much of anything.. why hadn't he release the genjutsu? He could feel the Chakra behind him, he could smell the ozone when it got close.. He.. froze. He had forgot that he just had to think about it.. He had practiced and mastered the genjutsu release at the same time as he mastered the quiet steps jutsu, and yet he froze thinking about the myriad things he had to do to get out of the situation he had been in.. So many things to react to at once had frozen him in place and wiped his mind completely blank..

His vision was blank, and his ears were stilling ringing out in the aftermath of the Genjutsu as he felt the Rush of water overtake him and fill his nostrils and lungs.. And then his mind was back in the VR chair and he gasped for air loudly as he clutched his chest.. He breathed a few moments, just to make sure that he could. He had now experienced death for the first time and it was.. A mind awakening experience.. It was not as painful as he thought drowning would be.. The Electric jolt within him had hurt much much worse than that..  He couldnt help but think about how easily that genjutsu had struck him..

He knew about genjutsu he had discovered a rather simple and dangerous one during his days at the academy and he knew it well enough that he knew to avoid eye contact with any ninja he did know know in a dangerous situation that much he knew.. but the fact that a simple light flash could do so much.. Was something he was now going to have to compensate for as well, but how he did not yet know. He sat there in the Vr chair for a few minutes to collect himself and allow his mind to process the feelings of helplessness and death that still sat with him. There were some things that were made clear with this VR training session..

He needed a way to boost his body further.. He could no longer improve himself through training alone.  Next he would need some way to further protect himself from incoming attacks, but that he could do via Fuinjutsu and some Armor infusions he thought immediately. The next thing he would need.. Was a way of identifying Genjutsu faster, or purging them without his input.. But that would be tricky if not impossible. He looked over to Guren in the other VR seat and sighed softly to himself.. He must seem like quite the disappointment to someone as strong as That.

His mind wandered to the reaming he would probably receive from Mizu when she heard of this.. And his heart sank even further into despair as he laid back into the chair and prayed for his body to just melt away into ash or merge with the chair so he could disappear forever. Now he had to wonder if he should wait outside the Vr environment or go back in.. How long had he been out of it now? He looked around but there was no clock inside this room, just like in the wind demons guild fight club.

The Vulture vs the Vampire RlNMUAA

Arantima Re spawned in the VR Space around one or two minutes after he had been Obliterated by the Giant Vortex of water. He likewise was not in his armor this time and was seated, legs splayed out before him and leaning on his hands reclined and looking up at the sky in the VR arena, sitting in the center of the bronze circle again. He let out a soft sigh before looking over towards Guren with a sad smile "Welp.. I expected to get trounced but maybe not quite that fast. I cant for the life of my figure out why I didnt release that genjutsu..  I guess.. at the end of it.. I froze.. "

There was no cocky explanation.. Not even a self denigrating sigh paired with it, just acceptance.

The Vulture vs the Vampire RlNMUAA

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Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
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Sat Nov 20, 2021 8:43 am
The techniques of raiton and suiton jutsu would collide into the genin and within seconds the simulation would fade. Simultaneously, Guren and Arantima would awaken within the VR room sitting across from each other. Arantima, seemingly numb to the events that unfolded, let out words that would indicate otherwise. Guren's eyebrows would narrow and he'd angle his head slightly at Arantima. "Don't dwell on a mistake, let's just learn from it. Now you will certainly make sure you dispel any genjutsu effects as you learn of them. And most importantly, you learned this early. So when you're in a real life or death situation, you'll be ready." Guren began. He would stand from his chair and calmly traverse the room until he was no more than a few feet away from Arantima. He would extend a closed fist, in expectation of Arantima returning the notion. 

"Listen, Arantima. Be proud of yourself. Not many genin are confident enough in their abilities to want to spar with others, let alone with those of higher ranks. And if you're not proud of yourself, take comfort in the fact that I am proud of you. Your speed and perception are things that cannot be taught. They are God given talents. And as you refine them, your jutsu and arsenal will compliment both of those attributes. I can see why Lord Mizuki has taken a liking to you. She, and I too, see tremendous potential in you." Guren would frankly say. He was not one to sugar coat things, but instead promoted a policy of utmost honesty. 

"Is there anything else I can do for you today? If so, I will clear my schedule for the remainder of the afternoon. Even if it's as simple as a meal," he laughed almost simultaneously as to when his stomach let out a light growl. "I've worked up an appetite myself...However if you want to train or if there's anything I can teach you, please, now is the time."

He waited for a response from Arantima, and would certainly understand if Arantima just wanted to relax for the rest of the day. Still though, Guren was impressed. He felt confident in this class of genin, and with diligence their ceilings would be limitless. Yet just as Guren offered that invitation, a thought occurred to him. He needed to return to the Spire urgently to review some information he had received earlier in the day. Guren couldn't believe that he allowed the thought to escape him. But he would need to report back to his office immediately. "Arantima...I apologise. I just remembered I actually need to head back to the office. However in the coming days, let's meet up again and get to know each other more. I recognize your potential and would like to monitor your development. "

With that, Guren would depart from the VR arena and head off back to the Spire. Once there, he would make his way into his office and shuffle through the reports on his desk. Finally, he would come across the information he had requested. During his months of missions, he had found himself surveying a land near Kumogakure. Hot Springs Country. It is here where he learned of some trace remnants from his Clan, as well as some ties to the Jashinist society. Reflecting on this, Guren had sent for research to be conducted at the Sunagakure Library for any information on the Hot Springs Country. Sitting at his desk, he would read the information and think deeply on it before making up his mind. He would need to investigate this place a bit further if he wanted to confirm the history of his clan's relationship with this place.


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Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:17 am
[EXIT and claim]

2275 WC

Moving Stats Around instead of gaining AP - Total Stat points to play with 22. Using 10 points to remove 10 points from Chakra and using 10 points to place those points back into Vigor bringing vigor to 90.

Spending 500 WC to learn the B rank of Spooling Wire seal Already knowing the C rank.

Spending 1750 WC to learn The B rank of Touch Explosive

Discarding 25 Words
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