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Hinoishi Uchiha
Hinoishi Uchiha
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Hinoishi-Character Empty Hinoishi-Character

Fri Oct 22, 2021 6:47 pm
Hinoishi Uchiha

Age: 15
Birthday:  9/3
Gender: Male 
Height: 5'7Weight: 157
Health: 100
Hinoishi has hit hair with string red streaks but as he get's older his hair begins turning red with strong white streaks. Hinoishi has short hair (for now) and nice yellow/hazel eyes. hinoishi is pretty built for his age and wears a mask and hood like Kakashi sometimes. Hinoishi also has two back mounted swords with Uchiha engravings on the handle and space for engravings on the blade.

Personality: Hinoishi is someone who was hardened by his semi abusive father and the love of his mother, Hinoishi has shown love to all who has shown him respect, but if someone goes against Hinoishi or disrespects his morals, they're in for a beating. Hinoishi is also really in his head but doesn't show it unless he's comfortable in his situation. He will always try to scare the person he is fighting with emended power but sometimes blows out all of his chakra doing so, he gets smarter only when he know he has pieces that need to be played strategically. He believes in small moves that have complex effects, and making many small basic Jutsu's come together to create a great combo. He like sashimi, and Poke Bowls. He enjoy's cooking to the point where he has made himself a gourmet dish with food from the wild. Hinoishi is always a kid at heart but has an emotional mask that he understands is there but doesn't mind being there. it doesn't impede him in any way and makes him stronger. sometimes this mask comes off when he's with people he is comfortable with, this is the only time he is overly silly and lets his true thought run rampant. he enjoys cool looking and flashy just even if they don't do mush, he can find the usefulness of any jutsu.

History: From a young age Hinoishi was supported by his family except his father. Hinoishi turned out to be a prodigy in the ninja arts  but could never make his father proud. Hinoishi found out the truth one day, this day would change him,(will be role-played for sharing 1 tomoe) His father abused his family and mother,Hinoishi had noticed that his mom was missing every now and then a couple days at a time.this was due to her being at the hospital or being driven to the point of depression where she went into a depression induced coma. Hinoishi was told train with his father but now hinoishi trains by himself and will never let his father see his true potential until hind is strong enough to surpass him and save his brother s and sisters and mother from there father. The reason Hinoishi was the only child to not be shown this side of the family was because Hino's dad saw that Hinoishi has a very promising sharing  and chakra.His dad believes that Hinoishi will be great one day, therefore he should not be training with commoners such as the rest of his family and clan. His dad is right about how he will be great but, Hinoishi will train with commoners. In secret, Hinoishi found a hidden room in his house. He then set up trying times for him and his siblings, with this train he got them to have great power on par with him and they helped him grow as well. One day they found a form to sign up for the sun ninja academy and jumped at the opportunity, He was very thankful and vowed to never let his father hurt his siblings the way he did ever again, from that day fourth, he would be strong!

Likes: Hinoishi likes fire, and the magic and beauty of chakra and jutsu's physics, cooking, running fast, climbing, and feats of power, strength, and smarts 
Dislikes: people who don't believe in what they are doing, if someone has no honor then they are not a shinobi, enemies that use physically large Jutsu's such as susano'o, uchiha that fluent their sharing all the time, and uchiha that barely ever use their sharingan.

Ninja Traits

Village: Sunagakure
Element(s): Wind
Specialties: Ninjutsu
Clan Specialties: Genjutsu
Clan: Uchiha
Bloodline Uchiha
Bonuses: SharinganUchiha Genetics


Vigor: 15+(25)=35
Chakra: 45 
Speed: 40 
Strength: 30

The Player

Other Characters: First Character
Faceclaim Name and Series: Idk the name of the series, just this but an out fit like edge shots from my hero academia but keeping this jacket in the style just the legs and some aesthetics are like edgshot.

Hinoishi-Character Suoh.Mikoto.600.1398401

Roleplay Sample:

Hinoishi was in the woods when the caravan he was guarding broke down. He was taking this job because he wanted to see something new, with his sharingan he had thought of the new shinobi world as redundant,anything new excited Hino and he was ready for it. Hino saw the caravan slow down and was confused,he then heard a pop and immediately activated his sharingan. When he looked around he only saw the family inside looking annoyed that they had stopped, this was supposed to be a luxury convoy, the people inside were rich.

 It was a family of four, a father who was the bread maker, a mother who was along for the ride, and two unlucky daughters. Hinoishi took out one of his special kunai, it was a sleaker kunai with red pinstriping along the edge rim before the blade and O ring. Hinoishi took out a piece of paper, wrote on the paper with his chakra concentrated finger. Hino attached it to the blade and threw it on the caravan and moved places . the note would read, “I’m here, i am here to protect the caravan, but fix this quickly so rogue ninja don't get the wrong idea, Keep this kunai for protection”, it was a long piece of paper. Hinoishi felt the weight of his misty jacket that looked grainy , but currently it would just look cool. 

It seemed to always look cool no matter what position Hinoishi was in, physically. Hinoishi saw the driver grab the knife and read the note, the driver pocketed the kunai and tried his best to fix the broken wheel. Hinoishi noticed that it was taking a bit long so Hino made a shadow clone and transformed it into the driver. The clone would go down and see that the driver wasn’t there, the kunai as on the ground. Hino, being concerned, had the clone look in the cabin where the family was supposed to be and only saw the gagged mother and father. 

They were tied up! Hino’s clone(now named Hino 2), transformed back into hino and activated the sharingan, putting the parents under a genjutsu so they wouldn’t complain. Hino thought about what happened, he weaved four hand signs, bit his thumb, and slapped his open palm on the ground. Suddenly a seal appeared on the ground and white smoke poofed into existence. When the smoke settled it was clear that an entire pack of wolves were surrounding Hino, around 15 wolves were around him. They were white with a thick red stripe from their snout to their tail, they also had red around their bodies slightly like shukaku (no relation, just esthetically cool). 

Hinoishi looked at the biggest wolf and addressed him, “Tenshi, i need you to find the two girls that were in this caravan, i also need you to find the bastards who took them, and the driver,...Please, i  need your help, or else i wouldn’t call upon the entire pack”. Tenshi was bigger and looked stronger and older than the rest of the wolves, “Hino, even though you are a strong uchiha you still make mistakes, pack and I will help you,.. Please get some sleep”.

 Tenshi was like a guardian angel to Hino when he was young. When his father put him through tuff training hino would go out to the back yard and see Tenshi hiding behind bushes in the village. Hino relied on Tenshi back then, Tenshi is now a ninken for Hino and helps Hino on important missions. Hino patted all of the wolves and black seals could be seen on them. With this Tenshi knew Hinoishi was serious, and was out for blood. Hinoishi decided to meditate while he waited for something to happen, recovering chakra is never a bad thing to do.

 Hino meditated for about 15 minutes and felt that something was off. Hino activated his sharingan. His coat looked darker and more grainy. Hino looked around and saw the dogs chakra natures faintly . They were far away, but they had found something. Hino went to take a step forward and before his next foot left the ground he vanished out of thin air. Hinoishi appeared on top of one of the wolves and when coming down onto one of them dodged it’s back so he didn’t hurt it. Hino asked the wolves, “What did you find?” The leading wolf in charge of the small group spoke, “look at this wall with your sharingan”. The wolf seemed serious.

 Hinoishi already had his sharingan but it was really just for show, he was not focussed on anything serious. He woke himself up with a tiny splash of water in his face and slicked his hair back. He looked at the stone wall and noticed a paper seal with a chakra signature. This seal was a doorway to something. Hinoishi waved the same four summoning hand signs and slapped his hand on the ground like before. All of the wolves appeared before him. Hinoishi spoke to them all. “Have any of you found any information?” Tenshi looked up at Hino and spoke, “we found the body of the driver, he was dismembered, i put an extra seal next to it for you”. Hinoishi made an anger ridden face and made a clone and disappeared.

 Hino reappeared next to the dismembered body of the driver. Hinoishi weaved hand signs and the earth came up around the driver's body and buried him, then a stone came up from the head of the burial , and it etched into itself, here lies Unten Sha(KIA). Hinoishi turned around with his head slightly down. He was comrades with Unten and Hino let him die. Hino was going to avenge his comrade! Hino vanished from the burial site and reappeared next to Hino 2. 

Hino 2 looked at Hinoishi and poofed into white smoke. Hino looked at the wolves with his eyes wide the entire time and said, “the rest of you can leave, i only need Tenshi here”. The entire pck, all but tenshi poofed into white smoke, tenshi walked up to Hino and said, “Hino, i’m sorry for your loss but , know these things happen in the shinobi world, you should have been prepared. “I was prepared!” Hinoishi retorted, “I was there so this wouldn’t happen!!” Hinoishi was angry. 

Hino calmed down, “But it’s going to be okay,... because these rogues will know what true pain is”. Tenshi was sad for Hino and understood why Hino was upset, he should be upset,...he let his friend die. Tenshi looked up at hino as Hino turned around and ripped off the paper seal. Suddenly the wall rumbled and a straight crack formed on the wall and two stone doors formed, they didn't open.

 His jacket was now thicker than ever and instead of looking grainy it looked straight, geometric, his jacket was made up of shapes and angles. Hino saw through the doors and noticed it was a large cave that was made with a jutsu. Hinoishi looked for the two girls and found them unconscious and tied up on steaks. Their clothes were cut up. Hinoishi also found five rogue ninja, three of them were just cronies, but two of them actually looked like they knew what they were doing. Hinoishi now looked insane with his eyes wide and a bright smile. 

Hinoishi kicked the earth doors and they bested as if he was kicking through jenga blocks three large pieces of rock went flying at the group around the girls and they began to veer off course into one crony and into the ceiling and back wall. This was an abrupt entrance even for Hino, but it looked sick. Hino spoke out with vigor. “ Who the hell killed the driver?” The most powerful chakra natured rogue ninja looked Hinoishi right in the eye and said, “oh that sack of crap,yeahhhh,...he was someone who just looked like they needed a good torturing before death, Y’know?” This was the final straw for Hinoishi, Hino’s face was serious and he said, “Then you’ll be the last”.

 Hinoishi then activated his sharingan and his black jacket began to grow in size . It became more solid looking and was now a trench coat.One of the cronies knew of the sharingan, as did most people and explained it’s abilities. The cronies were instructed to fight Hino by their boss, they were scared shitless. The first crony ran at Hino and made an earthen sword from the ground, Hino’’s iron cloak was enough to snap it in two. Hino wasted no time and snapped the sword in two.

 The crony then caught the broken side and formed two escrima staffs to fight with, this was a futile attempt as Hino’s jacket jutted out from the left side directly into the cronies cet, the sand made sure to not kill the crony instantly so it would feel immense pain in it;s last 15 seconds on earth. The two cronies watching their comrade scream in agony and terror, decided that long ranged attacks would do,...they were wrong. Plack darts separated from the trench cloak and levitated in the air around hinoishi. Hinoishi weaved hand signs and grabbed onto the darts, they then began to radiate electricity and create lighting arcs all around them. 

The two cronies knew what was about to happen and put up earth walls, but it was too late, the darts were already hurkling at them with such velocity, even with that velocity the two cronies would not die instantly, instead they would get electrocuted as they suffered an even worse fate then there late comrade.Hinoishi then looked at the second best guy and realized that they weren't scared. The chubbier looking rogue said, “Hey,'re an uchiha right?, so after i kill you and take your eyes, i’ll have the sharingan? That sounds like a great deal, why don't you come get a taste of papa!” Hinoishi knows that this chubby guy will be a problem so he decides to say,” sure, but don't complain when you lose your life!

Hinoishi then puts the rogue who killed Unten under a genjutsu with the sharingans first glance genjutsu ability, then looks back at the chubby rogue and says, let's do this!”. Hinoishi’s cloak disperses and only his normal jacket is lafet, the sand goes through random parts of the room in cylinders, one never overlapping another, Hinoishi then yells out,”Tenshi, Now!” Tenshi then comes from outside and jumps up and begins to lick every iron cylinder there is, as this is happening Hinoishi weaves hand sign sna d flames begin to engulf his body, the chubby rogue thinks Hino did this by accident, but Hino is fully aware of the situation.

 The flames turn a crimson red, and chara begins to bleed through the flames, the flames are now chakra enhanced flames and they go around hinoishi like the hokage cloak, literally. Hioishi sprints at the chubby rogue as two short swords "materialize from his jacket and he uses them in combat. The chubby rogue has two escrima staffs that he uses for bludgeoning damage but Hino is faster and more agile.

Tenshi finishes licking the cylinders and yells out to Hinoishi, `Now Hino!” Hinoishi then puts the shorts sword to his back as the dematerialize into his jacket Hinoishi dodges the chubby rogues attacks and then does a back handspring out of the iron cylinders room, Hinoishi then says, “Ya see, when your, as powerful as me, you do things like this, just to feel like a badass, just to feel cool, when you, are just a pawn, i am Hinoishi Uchiha, i have the sharingan eyes, i am the copier of over one thousand jutsu, you will remember this name for the short time you have left on this earth, because this iron entrapment , not ment for you!”.

 Hinoishi then runs at the chubby rogue who is steaming with anger. Iron sand creates hidden blades exactly like the assassins creed blades, Hinoishi dodges the chubby rogue's attack with ease and with a lightning flash yells out, “Black Blade!” and stabs the chubby rogue, making the sand go all throughout the rogue's body and going out and in, speeding up the decomposing process.

 Tenshi went up to the body and dragged it out of the cave without Hinoishi asking him to do so. Hinoishi throws a kunia next to the entranced rogue's body and teleports next to it, then teleports back to the center of the cage, Hinoishi then pulls the rogue out of the genjutsu. From the rogue's perspective he sees blood all over the floor, blood on Hino’s iron sand and a blood trail leading to outside,...and no sign of the chubby rogue. “So, are going to die in the next minute, but you're not as lucky as the others, yousee,...when you piss off someone as powerful as me, you pay the price. 

You will die in the next two minutes, and it will be the most painful 2 minutes of your life, you might die before then,... good luck!” Hinoishi turn around and walks out of the iron enclosure of the iron sand room and the rogue begins to weave hand signs and says, “You think that just because you defeated my crew that you can defeat me!! You're not the only one with a sharingan!!” The rogue then blinks and activates his sharingan in his left eye. “This is for Potchari!!”(the chubby rouge). Suddenly lightning begins to surround the rogues arms as he stands up straight and say speaks some more, “This jutsu is only possible with the use of the sharingan eye, and you will die by it,...AAAAHHHHHHH!!” The rogue sprints at hinoishi and the iron room shifts closer and stays around the rogue. 

Hinoishi then says in a normal volume with a normal voice, “you've extended your time long enough, here's your final message from the grim reaper. Hinoishi vanishes from in front of the rogue as the rogue swings at where hinoishi just was.then realizing hinoishi vanished the rogue ninja’s last words are, “shit!” Hinoishi was at the top of the iron sand room when he hops down from the top cylinder. 

As he falls he feels free, the red flames that went out before re ignite as the iron sand forms gauntlets around his legs and arms, his head is right above the ground when he vanishes and teleports to a random cylinder and pushes off of it, while bending his knees to push off he yells out, “ BLACK IRON CHIDORI STREAM!!!” chidori’s activate from Hino’s legs and hands as blades carry out the chidori throughout his body, he is now teleporting around at breakneck speeds and his slowly cutting away and break every point in the rogue ninja’s body, Hinoishi is releasing all of his anger and chakra through this action, he has no remorse left. For the final blow Hinoishi teleports directly to the cycling above the rogue nin and comes down with his black iron chidori streams final move, “  BLACK IRON CHIDORI CAGE BREAKER!!!” As Hinoishi cutts the rogue nin in half , he lands on his feet crouched with his knees fully bent. All of the iron falls down, his sharingan deactivates, as Hino falls back as Tenshi comes in and catches him and pushes him back up. Hino stands up with pride of his slight murderous rampage and walks over to the two girls, and activates his sharingan to put them under a genjutsu. 

Quickly deactivating it to save his ocular powers, the girls wake up from releasing the genjutsu. Hinoishi weaves the tiger hand sign and the daughters’s clothes poof back together. Tenshi summons wolves to escort the girls back as tenshi carries Hino back to the convoy van. Hino wakes himself up, releases the genjutsu on the parents and asks tenshi to guard them as he is going to use the last of his chakra to make a place for them to sleep.

 Hinoishi weaves handsigns and an earthen home erects from the ground, the group walks in and is ordered to go to sleep for the night. Hinoishi sleeps . tenshi lays on Hinoishi like they used to do when he was younger. Hinoishi wakes up before everyone and feels the Immense withdrawal from overusing his sharingan, he can barely walk, so he wakes up tenshi slowly, who is still on his legs and asks, “tenshi could you wake everyone up, i’ll use flying thunder god on them, but i’m going to be out of commission for a while.” Tenshi nods in agreement and everyone wakes up and stands before Hino. 

Hino weaves hand signs and a lean wolf with long limbs  poofs into the air. Hino gives the wolf a kunai and ask it to run to the convoy’s original destination.Later that day, hino receives word that the wolf has stuck the kunai in the ground at their destination.Hino teleports the family to their destination, makes an iron sand clone to protect the family and sleeps for the next 5 days in recovery, Tenshi stays with Hinoishi all five days.

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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Hinoishi-Character Empty Re: Hinoishi-Character

Fri Nov 05, 2021 2:03 pm
Is this still being worked on?
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Hinoishi-Character Empty Re: Hinoishi-Character

Tue Nov 30, 2021 2:22 pm
Will need a longer personality and appearance - will dm as well
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Survived 2021
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Hinoishi-Character Empty Re: Hinoishi-Character

Tue Nov 30, 2021 4:40 pm
Full Approved!
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Hinoishi-Character Empty Re: Hinoishi-Character

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