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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo) Empty Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo)

Fri Oct 22, 2021 2:28 am

Mission Name: The Truth Behind the Nightmares Part Two: Evasion
Rank: A
Mission Location: Yugakure no Sato

Challenges: Arc
Task: Now that you and your comrades have successfully infiltrated the cultist building you need to find out where all of these people are going to. But be careful, the building also has security inside, specifically vampires. You must scour the many halls to find the stairwell that is marked by the symbol of Jashin, all the while staying unnoticed by the vampires and the cultists. The discovery of your true identity will result in mission failure. If you manage ascend the stairs successfully without being devoured by the vampires, you may start the third and final mission in the chain.  

Word Count Requirement: 4000
Reward:10,000 Ryo / 50 AP / 10 Tickets

Character Requirements: All participants must have completed part one of Arc
Character Exclusive: --

Link to Legacy Mission: --

Return to the Mission Directory

Sharingan Genjutsu. Thud. Thud. The sounds of two guard’s bodies hitting the floor seemed to echo throughout the desolate forest much louder than the Uchiha had hoped. With his right foot, Ita pushed back the jet-black hood of one of the guards he had subdued with his genjutsu. At first glance, the skin of the human before him seemed snow white underneath the moons light. Ita’s eyes narrowed, studying the figure. Something about them seemed, off. Not wanting to prolong his mission any longer, Ita shifted his attention from the sparkling bodies before him to the solid oak door which provided a singular entrance to and from the tower which loomed overhead. Ita studied the door for a moment- the wood old and beginning to buckle. If it weren’t for the iron casting which heald the separate boards of wood together, the door’s integrity would have been compromised long ago. Ita’s eyes began to ascend from the doorway to the base of the tower, and then to the sky. The tower scraped the night sky, reaching far past what the normal eye could see. The tower was made from crude cobble stone, long warn by the weather, and covered with moss near the base.
Something about the tower seemed sinister and a knot would begin to form in Ita’s stomach. “I have a bad feeling about this…” The Uchiha thought to himself. He stepped over the two bodies and pushed the oaken door inward. The door creaked, but then opened without much resistance. Upon entry, Ita would take in his surroundings. The room was circular and dark. The air within the tower cooler than outside. There was a primitive stone table based in the center of the room. There was a cylindrical, burgundy colored candle placed atop the table, in the center, whose flame flickered an unnatural blue. At the back of the room was the start of a stone staircase which wrapped around the permiter of the room, ascending to the top of tower. Ita looked up, but the candles light did not shine bright enough to illuminate the entirety of the tower, so there was no telling what was above. Every synapse that fired in Ita’s brain was telling him that he should not ascend, but he knew the key to escaping this nightmare was at the top.
Not wanting to be discovered, Ita exited the tower and relocated the bodies of the fallen guards to the tree line he had originally emerged from and hid their bodies behind a bush. The sound of a nearby branch snaping caught Ita’s attention and he shrunk, his crimson eyes cutting through the night. Two more cloaked figures entered the tower, but before doing so paused awkwardly at the doorway. The two cloaked heads turned to each other, muttered a few inaudible words, (“…I wonder where Lucien is tonight…”, “…Probably in trouble again for letting one of the meals escape…” and then pushed the oaken door open just as Ita had done a few minutes prior, the duo continuing to casually converse as they entered. (…”They should really fix that door…”, “…It’s the least they could do with how much taxes we pay the covenant each new moon…”)
The cloaks of the visitors and the guards were jet black and shimmered in the moons light. Upon first look, they appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary, but as the light caught the cloak of one of the muted guards, it drew the Uchiha’s attention, whilst he continued to observe the tower from the tree line. The fabric was shiny and made out of a material that Ita was not familiar. A few moments later, Ita had removed the cloak from one of the guards and was now sporting it. Ita pulled the hood over his head, and now in a proper disguise, would emerge from the woods once more and neared the tower with intentions of ascending and achieving uninterrupted sleep.
With the hood of the shimmering cloak pulled over his head, he entered the tower once more, this time startled by the presence of a shorter individual. “…Welcome, Pleassse enjoy your feassst…” The figure greeted Ita in a slithering voice. Ita avoided eye contact and kept his head down and made his way towards the back of the room where the cobble staircase began. Ita began his ascent up the tower. “How far does this thing go…” He thought to himself. He had ascended for several minutes, but there did not appear to be an end in sight. He could hear the sounds of others below him also ascending the staircase and could hear snippets of their conversations. “…It would be much easier to just fly up there…”, “…Quiet Gulflax, it is tradition…”, “…I heard this will be the biggest blood moon in centuries tonight…”, “…I haven’t fed in days in anticipation…” It was clear that Ita had stumbled upon some kind of cult and based upon the information he had gathered thus far, there was a good chance that the beings beneath the shimmering cloaks were not human beings at all.
Ita was honestly surprised by the enormity of the tower now that he had been ascending stairs for what felt like an eternity. There was an end in sight. Overhead was now a ceiling which meant that Ita was nearing the climax of his journey thus far. The staircase ascended into an opening in the ceiling and several feet past the floor, was a doorway without a door. Traffic had begun to catch up as Ita had now caught up to the group that was ascending before him and a small line had formed. “…Welcome…, Welcome…, Please enjoy yourself…” There was a ghostly white figure in a burgundy cloak at the doorway greeting those that ascended the tower this night. Finally, it was Ita’s turn to enter and the pale figure greeted Ita just as he had those before him. “They are unaware that I am not one of them.” Ita thought to himself, relieved. But what’s going on here.”

WC: 1013
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 48450

Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo) Empty Re: Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo)

Mon Nov 08, 2021 1:21 am
[Exit/Out of Time, Mission Failed]

WC: 1013
Bonus AP: 20

1013 Sharingan Copy Cat. 1013 + 1132 = 2145/2500. Prev WC Here
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 96000

Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo) Empty Re: Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo)

Mon Nov 08, 2021 2:57 am
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Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo) Empty Re: Truth Behind the Nightmares PT2 (Ita/Solo)

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