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Enishi Kurosawa
Enishi Kurosawa
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Foul Legacy Empty Foul Legacy

Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:02 pm
Skill Name: Foul Legacy

Appearance: The user's chakra is replaced with a unique aura, resembling the ebb and flow of water yet retaining the intangibility of nature energy. For those who are within range of wielder of Foul Legacy, the user feels alien and distant - as if the distance between them cannot be measured by human estimates. 
Foul Legacy 2b8

Example of the "Swords":
Foul Legacy __xingqiu_genshin_impact_drawn_by_apollo_hotori__8add9305fb5898342a108b13f8d9be82

Backstory: After being purified by the sword of Vanear, Enishi noticed that there was something far different with his chakra. Instead of being this husk of energy that would only be visible once he commanded, the Sage's body was filled and empowered with this unknown energy. It flowed akin to water, but it also functioned similarly to Nature Energy. It seemed as those blessed with the power to manipulate natural energy and walked the path of a true Sage would eventually be able to fuse with natural energy permanently with the elemental affinity they were born with. Of course, it all came naturally to Enishi, but he decided that this was the most critical juncture of his life. There was no turning back...he accepted that fate the moment he became a Knight of Haven. This ability was simply the embodiment of his Kakugo.

Effect: Foul Legacy is a unique deviation from Nature Chakra Proficiency; in summary, this skill allows the user to fuse their affinity - being Water in tandem with natural energy to gain a new source of power that the user can tap into at any moment. This power, similar to Nature Chakra Proficiency is utilized in stacks - these stacks are called "Pleiades Stacks" in which the user passively gains one stack once per post for a maximum of six per Natural Berserker rules; if the user possesses Sage of the Purest Path, then Foul Legacy will also mirror that skill by allowing the user to gain two stacks per post for a maximum of ten stacks, no more than that. All Pleiades Stacks are at 0 upon starting a regular thread. Interestingly enough, for every stack that the user accumulates, an ethereal water sword of intangible energy will apparate and surround the user in a circular fashion up to a foot of distance away from them. For every stack that the user consumes, the swords will dissipate into thin mist. These swords are purely aesthetical and cannot interact with anything, and if the user chooses to, can elect to not show the swords at all.

As alluded to before, Foul Legacy is merely a deviation from Nature Chakra Proficiency as it is still Nature Energy at its purest form, therefore allowing the user to use Pleiades Stacks interchangeably with Nature Stacks when a Nature Stack is needed to activate or upkeep a technique or Sage Art, merely substituting the number of Nature Stacks needed to activate said technique with an equal amount of Pleiades Stacks. Foul Legacy can also be utilized to create Ninjutsu that shares properties with this skill by using Pleiades Stacks.

The true power of Foul Legacy is its tendency to be insidious to others. This energy source can only be utilized by Enishi Kurosawa, and thus when interacting when other people - tends to sap away at them instead of turning them to stone like regular natural energy. The user's chakra is completely volatile to normal people, and as a result, anyone that receives AP from the user (possibly by absorbing it directly from the user, absorbing one of their ninjutsu techniques, or by receiving AP from the user) will instead be subtracted from the total AP of the receiver. This effect only functions when the user possesses Pleiades Stacks.

Wordcount Training: 2000
Character Exclusive: Enishi Kurosawa
Bonus Requirements: Water Release Affinity | Sage of the Purest Path | Pureblood Jugo Exclusive | Natural Berserker | (Replaces Nature Chakra Proficiency as a Skill Once Learned)

Last edited by Enishi Kurosawa on Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:17 am; edited 1 time in total
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Foul Legacy Empty Re: Foul Legacy

Sat Oct 23, 2021 5:09 pm
Trial approved
Ryo : 182535

Foul Legacy Empty Re: Foul Legacy

Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:21 am
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Foul Legacy Empty Re: Foul Legacy

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