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Kurayami Shinkou
Kurayami Shinkou
Ryo : 20100

Cults and swords Empty Cults and swords

Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:55 pm
Slow to stir, but quick wake once he began to stir. He felt a cold breeze brush against his face, causing him to snap his body to move. He leaped up to his feet and he began to frantically look around to see just where he was located. When he lifted his body, he saw no one by him. He was wearing his gear already, which he found odd because he never went to sleep with his armor on or his sword on his waist, but he was wearing them tonight. 

He drew his sword, wanting to be ready for whatever fight there was to be had. He knew that if he was moved and dumped in this wasteland, then there was a high chance that he was thought dead and left here for the scavengers. After a few minutes of being on high alert, looking for any threat, but in his searching he found someone from his very own village. He was happy to have seen a familiar face, even if they hadn’t actually interacted before within the village, except for maybe in passing. When he saw the boy’s body in a similar position that he was in himself, he approached the body with absolute caution and care, knowing that if he was startled, then he would be likely to strike. 

Upon reaching the body, he would reach out with the sword, gently tapping the boy’s arm, ensuring not to cut him in the process. He would speak in a semi quiet tone, loud enough to wake him, but not loud enough to make his presence known. “Hey, wake up. I have no need to harm you and only wish for you to wake so we can speak on how it was that you came to be here.” If there was no response, then he would move to more drastic measures to wake the child up, like kneeling down and shaking the child awake until he would get a response from him. When he would finally wake from his slumber, he would begin to speak to him, hoping that this individual had a better idea as to where they were than he did. 

WC: 364
Ryo : 9000

Cults and swords Empty Re: Cults and swords

Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:29 am
It was such a beautiful day in the village , the sun wasent to hot and the kids were running around playing games. The air carried the smell of some of the different kind of food stands that weren’t to far from where he was sitting at and with an almost empty stomach getting some food didn’t seem like a bad idea. He couldn’t recall the last time he had tried something from one of the stands and now it seemed like a better time than any to do something new. Before he could get up and go purchase a food one of the little kids walked up to him.

Normally Zeref wouldn’t waste time with kids and there games but today he didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t atleast here what the kid had to say. When the kid opened his mouth though it waswnt the voice of a kid nor did he say anything a kid would instead he said “Hey, wake up. I have no need to harm you and only wish for you to wake so we can speak on how it was that you came to be here”. Zeref couldn’t help but to be utterly confused as to what the hell the kid was talking about , a couple seconds later he woke up to a man poking him with a sword. It was Another shinobi from Hoshi , “Be careful with that, Someone could end up hurt “ , Zeref would say in a low tone all while using his hand to push the back of the sword away from him as he stood up. 

“Unfortunately for both of us I have no idea why either of us are here but I’m sure it won’t take long for either of us to see what kind of weird stuff we have gotten ourselves into”, Zeref would say matching the tone he had used earlier. As he looked around he could see a building that had two guards infront of it. “Maybe that might be where we could get some answer from , but from the looks of it they don’t look to friendly to outsiders”. He would say pointing over to the building.

Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 48450

Cults and swords Empty Re: Cults and swords

Thu Oct 21, 2021 2:24 am
In a patch of wet, mossy grass, deep within a forest of barren trees, was Ita. He was laying down on his back when his eyes opened abruptly to the sight of a large white moon hanging high in the sky. The chilly, crisp night air and stagnant smell of the woods was very familiar to him. “Not again…” He thought to himself, becoming vaguely aware of his current situation. Once again, Ita had found himself within the dream realm of Yugakure, a realization that he was not thrilled about. Ita laid there for a minute, not wanting to move, but he knew that he would become frigid if he stayed motionless for too long. Ita sat up, taking a deep breath- his breath visible in the night air.

Ita scanned his vicinity with his sharingan and utilized his senses to pick up on any chakra signatures that could be nearby. In the distance, he could sense the presence of two others- he hoped they would be different people this time as he wanted to avoid any further awkward meetings with Konoha shinobi. On his feet now, the Uchiha would begin traversing towards the two signatures and upon arrival would find himself in the presence of two males.

Once within a few meters of them, Ita would observe their appearances. “Shinobi.” He would conclude, and by the looks on their faces, they were also victims of the same fate- trapped in this dream land with a task to complete in order to be freed. Looking past them and beyond the tree line, there was a tall, black building that appeared to scrap the sky. In front of the building were two guards that would let a shady visitor in after exchanging a few words. “First time?” Ita would inquire to the two, seeing if they two had visited this realm before. “If so, there is a certain task we must complete before we are allowed to leave this place.” Ita would inform them, hopefully answering some of their questions, without fully knowing the answer to why they were gathered here together, himself.

“We will need to enter that building for whatever reason, but just to be safe, we should scout it out for a few moments longer. After that, I will lead the infiltration.” Although Ita could not utilize his long range teleportation jutsu to escape this place, other jutsu did work here, that he knew for a fact based on the actions of the Konoha shinobi from the previous dream. “I will subdue the guards with my Genjutsu, and then we will enter.” Ita waited to see if either of the shinobi before him had a better idea. At the moment, Ita had no intentions of asking both shinobi their name, all that mattered to him was escaping this world and getting back to the real world so he could rest.

If the two shinobi before Ita were to observe him, they would see a male who was 5’8” tall with shoulder length black hair that was tied into a small ponytail behind his head. His skin complexion was pale and the lines on his face under his eyes would be hints that this person did not get much sleep, ever. His eyes were crimson red due to his Clan’s dojutsu, and his face appeared to be that of someone in their mid-20s. He wore a dark charcoal cloak which covered his other shinobi gear and black shinobi sandals that were standard for someone who was an ANBU operative of Konoha. Upon his forehead, a Konoha headband with a line through the center of the Leaf insignia, suggesting that Ita was indeed a certified Missing-Ninja.  
A few moments passed and another shady, hooded figure, approached the two guards, had a quick conversation, and then entered the building. What was going on in there? Ita wondered. Whatever it was, it wasn’t anything good, he concluded. If neither shinobi objected Ita’s plan, then he would proceed. “Follow my lead.” The former Hokage instructed, pulling his hood forward so that it would mask his identity. Ita exited the woods and made his way towards the two guards in a calm manner, just as the shady figures had done that entered the building prior. Once he got close enough to the guards that he could whisper to them and they could hear him, his pulled his hood back to reveal himself, his deep crimson sharingan looking them in the eyes and commanding their attention. "Hey! Who are yo-" The first guard would mutter, his sentence being stopped short. Sharingan Genjutsu. Ita’s sharingan placed the two guards in a dream world of Ita’s own choosing, and within moments, they would both fall to the ground asleep. Looking back towards the tree line, Ita would motion for the other two shinobi to join him.

Once gathered at the doorway of the building, Ita would give the two shinobi one last look before entering, not knowing what to except on the otherside.

WC: 836
Kurayami Shinkou
Kurayami Shinkou
Ryo : 20100

Cults and swords Empty Re: Cults and swords

Thu Oct 21, 2021 8:56 am
As he was attempting to wake up the child lying on the ground, he noticed the shifting of grass and the footprints only a little ways off. He looked up to see an individual walking towards us. He didn’t look familia to himself, but the eyes that he possessed were all too familiar. “Sharingan, hmmm.” He said in his head as the man walked towards them both. He explained that they were trapped there until they completed a task of some sort, and he believed that that task was to enter the building that was being guarded behind them. 

He said that he would hold the guards with his genjutsu, something that he would have offered as the plan also knowing the power of the Sharingan far surpassed anything he could hope to achieve in the realm of genjutsu, so he nodded his head in agreement as he stood from the side of the other child that was once lying on the ground. 

When he stood, he simply followed the older Uchiha towards the building. As expected the guards were none too pleased with the intrusion of random strangers, so they accosted them. As they began to question who it was that they were, their words slowed and began to slur. They were already under the influence of the older Uchiha’s genjutsu. When this happened, he felt his eyes narrow and the chanting began to crescendo in his mind. He lost control of his body and mind, seeming to fall into a daze of sorts. His body seemed to take control of itself as he quickly drew his sword in the same motion as swinging his blade for the guard’s necks. 

With both guards headless, he simply shook off the excess blood and placed the blade back into his sheathe. His eyes widened again and he stopped for a moment and looked around, he had forgotten where he was for just a moment, but when he remembered the task, he kept moving forward into the building. He saw the dead guards, but he had assumed that the older Uchiha had done it while the guard’s were under his genjutsu, and didn’t think much of it.

As they entered the mansion, he looked over to the older Uchiha, who seemed to have more knowledge on the situation then either of the other shinobi, and he would wait to see just what he would want to do from this point on.
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 48450

Cults and swords Empty Re: Cults and swords

Mon Oct 25, 2021 1:47 am
(OOC: Mission Link)

Mission Name: The Truth Behind the Nightmares Part One: Infiltration
Rank: B
Mission Location: Yugakure no Sato

Challenges: --
Task: You and your comrades have arrived outside of a mysterious building. There is one door that is watched by two guards, both wearing the symbol of Jashin. Every now and then, you see people who appear to be cultists walking up to the door. After some form of identification check, the guards let them in. Your task is to gain entry to this building through any means necessary. However, you can under no circumstances be noticed. If you manage to make it into the building, you may move on to the second mission in the chain.

Word Count Requirement: 3000
Reward:6000 Ryo / 30 AP / 8 Tickets

Character Requirements: --
Character Exclusive: --

Link to Legacy Mission: --

One of the shinobi that Ita stumbled upon, the one with dark red hair and eyes that also found himself trapped in the dreamland of Yugakure alongside Ita, had finished off a few of the guards by means of decapitation. Ita thought his actions were a bit overdone but did not intend on commenting on his actions. Shinobi came in all different shapes and sizes, but one thing was for sure, most were not sympathetic. A shinobi’s purpose was to carry out their respective villages objectives and that meant taking the lives of others, even if they were innocent and the mode by which they did so varied from non-violent tactics which Ita preferred to utilize, all the way to the gruesome acts of removing one’s head. As long as they could escape this nightmare, then he did not care for what the other shinobi trapped here did- for all Ita knew, this really was just a dream.
With the remaining guards subdued, it was time for the trio to ascend the tower together in hopes of escaping. Ita had a funny feeling in his stomach that whatever, or whomever, was awaiting inside would put up more of a challenge than the guards they had just defeated that were guarding the tower. The door which was the sole entrance to the tower was large and made of oak planks. The planks were waterlogged and buckling. The doors integrity being held together by the iron castings, keeping them from falling apart. The Uchiha pushed the door open with his right hand and the door opened with little resistance. The inside of the room was dark, but dimly lit by a singular candle that sat atop a crude desk made of cobblestone. At the back of the room, Ita could make out a spiral staircase that would wrap around the perimeter of the circular room, which would ascend. Looking up towards the ceiling, Ita could not see an end in sight, the candles dim light not reaching far enough to see the ceiling above.
“Hey! What are you doing here?” The voice of a male echoed from behind him as more cultists neared the entrance to the tower. “You’re not supposed to be here!” Another man yelled. Two cultist turned into five, and the next thing the group knew, they were surrounded by men. Ita remained still, his back to the amassing group. Luckily for Ita, there was no one inside the first floor of the tower, so he wasn’t completely surrounded.
The Uchiha sighed. He really didn’t want to use this technique now, but it didn’t look like he had another choice. The Uchiha turned to face the group of cultists who were on the brink of rushing him. The Uchiha blinked it was seemed like slow motion and upon his eye lids reopening, his sharingan can shifted into another state, a more advanced state- the Mangekyou sharingan.
The design of Ita’s Mangekyou Sharingan was sleek and it granted the boy powers beyond his wildest imagination. He had yet to utilize this technique before and although he was disappointed it needed to come out now, but he couldn’t help but feel excited to try it out and the amount of enemies which surrounded them were perfect targets for him to practice on.
“You will not see my Ultimate Jutsu….” The Uchiha spoke out to the cultist. Ita’s chakra began to manifest around him. It was red, unlike the normal hue of blue that most chakra’s gave off. The red chakra aura that surrounded him grew in size, and out from his body appeared to grow a large skeleton.
“W-what the fuck is that?!” One of the cultist yelled out. “Y-you’re a monster!” “Attack before it’s too late! We cannot let them inside they will disrupt the sacrifice!” “There is not much time left! The full moon is the only chance we have!”
There were many voices shouting over each other and Ita cared not to listen to the words they spoke for they would be punished for their actions.
The skeleton which engulphed the Uchiha had now begin to grow a fleshy like armor which resembled a human’s without the protection of skin. Finally, the structure fleshy appearance was covered by an absolute armor. This was Ita’s Susano’o and the first time he had shown it to another living human. The large structure grew arms and at the end of the arms, hands. In the Susano’o hands formed two large blades of chakra and once fully formed, the structure would swing it’s weapon at the first wave of cultist. The blade moves through them like butter and due to the large size of the weapon, disintegrated the cultist upon impact, removing their existence from this realm entirely.
More shouting ensued as other cultist rushed to their demise, another swing of the Susano’o blade put a quick end to them.
“R-Run!” “There’s no way we can possible defeat him! Retreat!” The cultists yelled as they changed their gameplan from jumping Ita to fleeing for their lives. Another large chakra blade came crashing down, crushing some of the cultist that attempted to flee. Several sword swings later and every cultist that had gathered at the base of the tower had been defeated leaving nothing but a trail of bodies around them. In the wake of the aftermath, Ita regretted thinking anything of the red haired shinobi decapitating the other guards.
The power the Susano’o granted Ita was great and it felt good to release it, however the tole that it took on his body was grave. The Uchiha panted, the red shimmering, armored structure that was summoned around him began to dematerialize. The armor fading first, then the muscles receding until only the skeleton remained and then the skeleton faded away leaving only the aura behind which faded away soon afterwards as well. Now that the cultist had been dealt with and there were no survivors or witnesses, it was time for the group to enter the tower and ascend to their next challenge with hopes of escaping the dreamland and achieving a good nights rest.
Wc: 1023
Twc: 1859
Total Mission WC: 3003
[Exit/Mission Complete]
Untrain 5 Speed, New Speed 50
Train 5 Chakra. New Chakra 95

Ryo: 12,000 (6,000 x2 Beloved Presence) 
Mission AP: 60 (30 x2 Beloved Presence)
Bonus AP: 36
8 Tickets

 1859  Sharingan Perfectedd.Previous WC Trained Here 352 + 1859 = 2211/2500
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 96000

Cults and swords Empty Re: Cults and swords

Mon Nov 08, 2021 1:52 am
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Cults and swords Empty Re: Cults and swords

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