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Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Fame : 13
Ryo : 25150

Relic Retrieval Empty Relic Retrieval

Wed Oct 13, 2021 9:20 am
Mission Name: The Relic
Rank: D
Mission Location: Hoshigakure - City Square

Challenges: Hunter
Task: An important religious relic or piece of art has been stolen from one of Hoshigakure's religious buildings. By the sloppiness of the crime, it seems likely that it's a common thief trying to make a quick buck. Witnesses say the suspect was last seen near the City Square - go take care of it.

Word Count Requirement: --
Reward: 4,000 Ryo / 20 AP / D-Rank Bounty

Character Requirements: Hoshigakure shinobi
Character Exclusive: --

Link to Legacy Mission:

Return to the Mission Directory

Yuuma Stats:
Name:  Yuuma Fujiwara
Rank: Genin (C-rank)
Bijuu: None
V1 -
V2 -
Full Beast -

Clan: Nara [Hidden, Clanless]
KKG: None

Current Health Bar: 300 HP
Current Stat Points: 300/300
Chakra: 100
Vigor: 150
Speed: 20
Strength: 30

Vigor AP: 1000
Mission AP: 143
Trained AP: 548
Total: 1,691

Specialties: Medical, Ninjutsu
Element(s): Earth, Water

Familiar: Archimedes

Jutsu Unlocked

S-Rank: [1/1]
Shadow Degradation Field

A-Rank: [6/10]

Damage Reduction Shield
Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Flow River
Mystical Palm [V7.2]
Shadow Imitation [Mastered: No seals]
Shadow Stitching Technique
Swamp of the Underworld

B-Rank: [15/15]

Body Part Replication Jutsu
Poison Mist v7,2 [Memorized poison: Angel's Kiss]
Earth Flow Spears
Earth Shaker
Earth Style Wall
Hiding Like a Mole [Mastered: No seals]
Mud Spore
Multiple Earth Style Wall
Rock Pillar Spears
Rock Shelter
Shadow Clone
Steaming Multistoried Building
Summoning: Iron Maiden
Tearing Earth Palm
Water Prison

C-Rank: [Unlimited]
Block v7
Breath Seal
Bull Rush
Chakra Absorption v7
Earth Release: Earth Section Cane
False Surroundings Technique
Hidden Arms v7
Jab V7.2
Moving Earth Core [Mastered: No seals]
Snake’s Mouth
Spirit Gun
Vacuum Sword v7
Water Clone
Water Whip
Yin-Yang Release: Recurve Bow

D-Rank: [Unlimited]
Body Flicker
Elemental Arrow [Mastered: Unique]
Mist Servant Technique [Mastered: Half seals]
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Storage Displacement v7
Temporary Paralysis v7
Throat Chop
Water Replacement

E-Rank: [Unlimited]
Clone v7
Emotions on your sleeve
Fish Spit
Generic Sealing technique 
Genjutsu Release v7 [Mastered: no seal]
Hangover Cure v7
Transformation v7
Tree Climbing/Surface Walking v7
Substitution v7.2
Medical Ninjutsu: Level 1 [Void]

Skills Unlocked: [4/6]
Chakra Sensory (Free)
Chakra Suppression (Free)

Investiture of Elements (Earth)
One Handed Seals v7
Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

Items on your person:
[size=13]Ninja Tool Sealing bands[/size] [Positioned on left and right triceps]
Right side: [12/20]
- 4 Kunai

- 5 Shuriken
- 2 Smoke Bomb
- 1 Box of Makibishi Spikes(5)

Left Side: [16/20]
- 5 Kunai

- 5 Senbon
- 3 Shuriken
- 1 Smoke Bomb
- 1 Exploding Tag
- 1 Box of Makibishi Spikes(5)

Weapon pouch x2
Jutsu Encyclopedia
Military Rations x2
Summoning Ring
Flash Paper x2
3 spools of Wire (4 meter each, 12 meters total)
Starshine x2
2 x Kunai with Proximity Exploding Tag attached.
1x Kunai with 25m of Wire attached.

Misc Info:

Seals Placed and Locations:

[size=14]Breath Seal
 On neck. Placed here.


Archimedes Stats:

[size=18]Name: Archimedes
Power Rank: C
Element: Wind
Owner: Yuuma Fujiwara


Current Stat Points: 118

Vigor: 54

Chakra: 33

Speed: 18

Strength: 13

Jutsu Unlocked:

A-Rank: [3/10]
Mentor's Style: Guiding Wing
Mentor Style: Invigorating Spirit
Wind Funnel Spears

Mentor's Mimicry

Cushioned Armor


Genjutsu Release
Surface Walking

Passive Abilities:
Silent flight - Archimedes draws his flight speed from his speed stat. In addition, the sounds of flight are muffled thanks to the bone structure and feathers of the owl, making his flight completely silent.

Natural Weapons - Talons that are two inches long and a beak that is one inch long. The hardness of these assets is equal to strength. 

 Extraordinary Senses - Thanks to the natural sense of the owl, Archimedes has a particularly keen sense of sight and hearing. His sense of sight is three times as good as a human in low-light conditions and twice as good in the dark. Additionally, Archimedes can distinguish unique sounds within 50m of his being, giving him reasonably good detection skills of even slight sounds. This bypasses visual obscurity, including invisibility, unless the sounds of a target are quieted or muffled. This ability is much less effective in areas of constant noise, such as the middle of a big city during business hours. Under these conditions, the effective range at which the noises are identifiable is reduced to 20m. 

Symbol of Wisdom - Similar to the ability present in the Owls of the Oasis, Archimedes shows a level of sophisticated intelligence not only above other birds but comparable to most humans as well. This allows for dedicating places and people to memory, learning tricks and manipulations, and a sense of logic. This does NOT allow Archimedes to learn jutsu above and beyond those typically allowed to a familiar. 

Land speed = speed stat.



There had been an emergency summons. A need for a village ninja to chase down a thief that had just been spotted stealing a relic from the church; some manner of tome that detailed the very founding of the church in Hoshigakure. A leather-bound tome of parchment with old, religious text. It was mundane, all things considered, but it was important to the church. Important enough to reach out to the shinobi for help. Yuuma had been given few details of the person, simply saying that they were headed towards the city center. Trusting the information, Yuuma was already making a dash down the street. Despite all his training, he was still fairly slow on foot. If there was to be any backup, they would likely catch up to him before he arrived on the scene.

"Let's not allow ourselves to get distracted in the exam. This is no contest of skill against a peer- this will be a direct application of what you have learned." Archimedes pep talked Yuuma as they hurried down the street. With no need of hand seals, Archimedes would transform with a puff of smoke into a long, white and tan scarf that bore a feathered pattern on one side. With care, the scarf was wrapped around Yuuma's neck and secured tightly to his person, allowing him to keep his companion and his mentor safe.

"Right. Not an exam. Time to make sure no one gets hurt." Yuuma spoke to the both of them, his hands moving into a set of seals. Tiger. Horse. Ram. Clone. In another puff of smoke, a duplicate of Yuuma would apparate in stride next to them, also making a run towards the city center. The clone would likewise appear wearing a similar colored though not-so-sentient scarf in order to complete the illusion. Nearing city center, Yuuma would keep his eyes out for any allies, as well as any sign that the thief had passed this way. Knocked over signs, people standing up from being knocked over, each of these was a sign that pointed vaguely down the busy street.

WC - 349

Combat stats:


Starting AP: 1,691
-30 AP for Shadow Clone.

Remaining AP:
Yuuma: 831
Clone: 830


Starting AP: 540
- 30 AP for Mentor's Mimicry

Remaining AP: 510
Emi Ren
Emi Ren
Fame : 1
Ryo : 6750

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:50 pm
Emi's Stats:
Name: Emi Ren
Rank: Genin
Power Rank: D
Full Beast 

Clan Specialty:

Mission Log: Emi's Missions

Current Stat Points: 289
Current Health Bar: 300

Vigor: 139
Chakra: 30
Speed: 100
Strength: 20

Vigor AP: 1000
Mission AP: 40
Trained AP:
Total AP: 1040

Specialties: Ninjutsu
Element(s): Lightning Release | Water Release | Storm Release

Jutsu Unlocked







Water Element:







Skills Unlocked:

Ninja Bundle:
5 Kunai, 5 Shuriken, 2 Smoke Bombs, 2 Exploding Tags, 2 Weapon Pouches



Ninja tool Sealing Bands

Misc Info:
Ryo - 14,775

Halloween Event Tickets - 10

Your Story:

Emi’s eyes widened and then quickly narrowed, and she had noticed the emergency summons come across. Apparently, there had been a theft regarding a relic from an old church and they were looking for shinobi in Hoshigakure to help take care of the matter swiftly. The genin allowed her movements to flow freely throughout the village – as she needed to make her way towards the City Center.  ”There will likely be another ninja answering this summons too..” Emi made sure to stay focused and notice her surroundings. It wasn’t long before she spotted the other ninja along the way and she would close the distance between them to catch up before hand.
The kunoichi wasn’t aware of the previous conversation this boy had but she did catch his thoughts. ”Time to make sure no one gets hurt.” She agreed and she sent a nod towards him to let him know that she was in complete agreement and understanding with what he said. Not a moment later she noticed the boy making a few hand signs and beginning to prepare for the potential battle ahead. It was a smart play and she’d begin to do the same as her hands moved together with an effortless flow. Tiger – Ram – Dog – Tiger. The two shinobi seemed to be on a similar wavelength as a replica of Emi appeared close in proximity to them as they pushed toward the City Center.
Both Emi’s wore a similar outfit with a katana strapped onto their backs and a cloak that would cover them. The clone would hop onto a building not far from where the others stood, maybe 5 meters away – trying to get a different vantage point as them. Emi was keeping a lookout for any unruly crowd noise happening or someone who may look like they are in a hurry to get somewhere to try and make a quick buck. She also wanted to make sure they were looking for the right person, so her eyes were wandering intently, trying to identify the thief who had taken the relic. With her guard always at the ready, Emi would begin to prepare herself for when they were able to locate the thief.

WC - 368

Starting AP - 1040
 - 30 AP Lightning Clone

Remaining AP -
Emi - 505
Clone - 505
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Fame : 9
Ryo : 52500

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Fri Oct 15, 2021 2:41 pm
What you're up against:

Relic Retrieval DFCollJ

Name: Rich Skortcha
Rank: D
Power Rank: D

Clan: Goka
KKG: Heat Resistance
Clan Specialty: Ninjutsu

Current Stat Points: 200 [+50 Pureblood]
Current Health Bar: 200

Vigor: 100 [+50]
Chakra: 30
Speed: 65
Strength: 5

Specialties: Sensory
Element(s): Fire, Wind, Scorch

Jutsu Unlocked
Super Steam Kill [M2 - No Handseals]
Wind Rejuvenation
Majestic Fire Destruction

Hiding with Camouflage
Zephyr Blades
Blast Wave [M2 - No Handseals]
Ninshū - Songbird
Wind Pressure Damage

Transparent Escape Technique
Phoenix Flower [M2 - No Handseals]
Air Bullets
Great Breakthrough
Ninjutsu Amplifier

Scattershot [M2 - No Handseals]
Fire Piercing Darts
Spine Chill
Body Flicker
Temporary Paralysis

Surface Walking Technique
Genjutsu Release [M - Half Handseals]
Chakra Mask
Quiet Footsteps [M - Half Handseals]
Transformation Technique

Skills Unlocked:
Clan Pureblood [Slotless]
Chakra Sensory
One-Handed Seals


[TY Josie for re-vamping Dick Burns]

"...WHADDYA MEAN YOU DON'T TAKE THESE KINDS OF GOODS?" Shouts were coming from the central marketplace, where a certain thief had come to peddle his... Wares. Usually, he could get away with selling all kinds of necklaces, brooches, and other sundry items for a decent enough profit. Sadly though, a few months back his reliable fence had ended up skipping town, due to some sort of destruction that had happened prior. This wasn't of Rich's concern, until it came down to his latest score. A holy relic. A better man would've left it sitting on the alter church that it had come from, though Rich couldn't resist. It was just... Sitting there. Nobody was guarding it, and he didn't think anyone would bother to come to get it after the fact. That was how things worked in smaller villages, though Mr. Skortcha here was about to learn just how wrong he was

The market wasn't too crazy or complex of a shape, mainly being a large square, with a large, decorative entrance that led to where the sprawl of people was. Maybe Rich should've picked a different day. There was only a small handful of people that were in the market, and most of them had been around the corner, keeping to themselves or taking stock of the different stalls. The market had walls that were 15 meters high, surrounding all but the entrance. The entrance was on the south side of the market, going out 10 meters from the center of where the southern wall would be, leaving it to be a 20-meter wide opening. On each side, there was a single-meter-thick pillar that was 11 meters from the center, on each side, touching formed into the walls where the entrance ended. The dimensions of the market otherwise were as follows. Each wall was 50 meters in length and was decorated the point of going over the top. It was meant for two reasons. To keep customers looking around and searching for a new stall as they made it to one end, as well as perhaps in some sort of preparation. There weren't any glass panes in the walls, and it seemed sturdy enough. The walls were 1 meter thick, a testament to the great infrastructure of Hoshigakure. 

"You friggen kiddin' me you old biddie? You really think I would'a came all this way just to be shown how little you really know the value of things?

The person that Rich was yelling at was not in fact an old biddie, but actually, just some dude trying to do his job. It was known pretty well that this particular pawn stall didn't deal in stolen goods... For them, it was family first, and money second. Depending on who you ask. Rich was in front of this stall, which was located in the north-east quadrant of the shop. While most of the stalls found their way to be on the outskirts, this one was 10 meters from both the northern wall, and 10 meters from the eastern wall, putting it not too far from the walls, but not so close that the stall owner would feel... Uncomfortable. This likely wasn't the first time that the shop-keep had dealt with trouble, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Turning around, facing the southern entrance from his position, Rich yells out to the shop-keep behind him. "Yeah, yeah. As if it's worth the trouble... I know a rat when I see one." Walking five meters towards the center of the market, Rich would stop when he had made it to that destination. With his speed, it was but a few paces, and He would've cleared the five meters with ease. 


[200/200 HP]
[1500/1500 AP]
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Fame : 13
Ryo : 25150

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Fri Oct 15, 2021 5:38 pm
His ally had caught up with him, and likewise, seemed content to prepare herself. She seemed familiar somehow, as though they had met before. Yuuma wasn't quite sure where and wasn't even positive he knew her name. But something about her face, her energy, tugged at his memory like it has been the last thing he was just thinking about. Shaking away the sensation, he would offer the woman a nod in acknowledgment as the four of them moved in through the southern gate of the central park. Thankfully quite empty. The day had presented them with a rarity; clear skies and sunny weather. Being only a few hours past the middle of the day, the field was well illuminated and offered the duo a clear view of the entire park as they entered.

The target wasn't hard to spot. Moving towards the center of the park, Yuuma and his clone began to fan out from the images of their companion, keeping a fifteen-meter spacing between themselves, and another fifteen feet between the first Yuuma and Emi or her clone, whichever had been placed nearest to him. The Yuuma on the end wove a quick series of hand seals; Snake. Rat. Ox. From his hands would appear a short bow made completely of chakra, glowing with a soft green aura. The Yuuma in the middle would begin a pair of seals himself, one on each hand. The right would sign Monkey. Ox. Snake. Ram. Tiger. Dog. The left would form their own set of seals. Boar. Tiger. Snake. Ox. Rat. Despite these seals, no effects appeared to manifest. Lifting his bow, the Yuuma on the end would place his other hand across the string as though he was preparing to knock an arrow, though no arrow yet manifested.

By the time the jutsu signs had been complete and the group stopped walking, both Yuumas and Emi had given a thirty-meter distance between them and the man they spotted with the book in his arm. They had conformed ever so slightly to the beginnings of a semi-circle with the middle Yuuma being the furthest away, and the Yuuma on the end matching the slightly forward gate of Emi and her clone. If by some chance the thief hadn't taken notice of them yet, he would soon have the opportunity as the middle Yuuma lifted his voice to call across the city center. "You there, thief. By the order of the Hoshigakure Ninja, you are ordered to surrender yourself and the relic you have stolen. If you do not comply, you will give us no choice but to force your compliance. No one needs to get hurt here today. Whoever you are, give yourself to the mercy of the law and repent for your crimes. It is the only way forward." Stern as the warning was, Yuuma did his best to appear amicable. He truly didn't want to hurt anyone, but he also would not allow this thief to make off with a relic of the church.

Hostile actions would provoke an immediate response from Yuuma.

WC - 510
TWC - 859

Combat Stats:


Starting AP: 831 (Yuuma), 830 (Clone) [2/4]

-20 AP for Yin-Yang Release: Recurve Bow [1/4]

Remaining AP: 831 (Y), 810 (C)


Starting AP: 510

-15 AP for Mentor's Mimicry Upkeep. [2/3]

Remaining AP: 495
Emi Ren
Emi Ren
Fame : 1
Ryo : 6750

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Fri Oct 15, 2021 7:14 pm
As the sun beamed down on the marketplace, Emi noticed a loud noise coming from a ways back, most likely close to the northern wall. The clone, Emi had stationed on top of the building to try and get a better vantage point had hopped down beside her. The four of them began to enter from the south end, with both Yuumas fanning out, keeping a distance between themselves and Emi. It was a smart tactic to take up space, but also remain at a safe distance from the enemy, especially since they weren’t aware of any abilities that the man may or may not have. They also ran into a bit of luck, with the marketplace being rather empty of people, they wouldn’t have to be so concerned with having anyone harmed while on this mission.
The thief had been pretty loud during his conversation – seemingly yelling multiple times, which made it pretty easy for the four of them to spot. Emi would send her clone out about 15 meters. Similar in distance to how Yuuma fanned out. She noticed Yuuma making signs to prepare himself and she would do the same. As the man moved near the center, Emi’s clone would move closer as well(at 100 speed) making sure to still move a little left of the group, still about 14 meters in total from the man. Emi stayed near the center Yuuma and began to weave signs Tiger – Boar – Dog – Rat.
The clone would also begin a set of seals, before Yuuma had a chance to go through his spill. Since the man had walked toward the center, Emi thought it was best to keep her clone in his line of sight. Monkey – Ox – Snake – Rat. As the rat sign was completed, an intense wave of chakra had emitted from the clone who stood 21 meters from the closest ally. It was a chakra that was so intense and massive, it would form a giant dragon looking down upon the thief acting as if it was getting ready to attack him… and only him.
The Emi in the center had also closed a little bit of distance on the thief, now standing 21 or so meters from him. Her hands began to move as fast as they could to complete another set of seals, just after she and the clone had finished their seals. Rat – Tiger – Dog – Snake. Emi knew that Yuuma wanted to give this man a chance to repent his sins.. so to say, but she wasn’t sure she felt that same way. She knew people similar to this man in nature, and from her experience… they never changed. A blue halo emitted outside of her hands as they pointed toward the thief. Five beams appeared out of the halo with two of them launching upwards at a 45 degree angle, then turning down towards the thief at 90 degrees. Two other beams were launched directly towards him, aiming for his chest and mid-section. The last beam had swung out a little ways to the left and angled back towards the thief.
The young kunoichi was finally getting her chance in battle and she didn’t want to disappoint. Her eyes stayed focused and she would ready for her next move depending on would happen with the thief. ”Hopefully my ally doesn’t take it too personally that I decided to act so quickly. It’s just hard to let these people continue to do what they do. If he’s stealing an artifact from a damn church… more than likely he’s done something before and will do something again.”

WC - 580 | TWC - 948

Combat Stats:

Emi - AP - 505(-60) = 435
Ninjutsu Amplifier +30 to speed on Laser Circus
Laser Circus

Clone - AP - 505(-30) = 475
Genjutsu Binding
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Fame : 9
Ryo : 52500

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:41 pm
"I know a rat when I see one." Rich had uttered after he had already turned his back to the market stall that he had been standing at. Within moments, he realized that the cavalry was already here, and they were coming for him. Though it could've just been a pure coincidence that two sets of twins had begun to rush through the entrance of the market, there was no way that Rich was going to take the chance on it. As Yuuma began to push towards the center, spreading out with their clone and as Emi began to do the same, Rich was ready to get going. They had begun to enter the market that was now a battlefield, and Rich was not going to be taken to jail... 

Rich would quickly be covered by wind chakra, which was invisible to the naked eye. Wind Rejuvenation would both invigorate and increase the speed that Rich would be performing his attack, and he would begin to do hand seals at a ripping 115 speed. These mere centimeter movements would leave them no quarter. Tiger.. Boar.. Rat... Rat → Ox → Dog → Horse → Monkey → Boar → Tiger. After the final handseal is complete, a stream of fire would begin to be shot out of Skortcha's mouth, with enhanced power from the ninjutsu amplifier. This Majestic Fire Destruction stream would quickly cross the battlefield at its maximum speed, going to reach the point 21 meters from Rich diagonally. This point would be 14.85m to the south, and 14.85 meters to the west of where Rich Skortcha currently stood. As the fire approached the destination in question, Rich would forcibly activate the stream with the seal of confrontation, causing it to violently expand to a 20-meter radius around the initial point. The flames would explode outward at their maximum speed, enveloping the Shinobi and Kunoichi pairs, unless they somehow managed to outrun the awesome power of Skortcha's breath. As it exploded outward, Rich would form the Tiger hand seal and hold it to continually keep the fire on the battlefield, as well as stay stationary as the fires roared. 

-20 AP Nin Amp
+20 to the power of Majestic Fire Destruction
-40 AP Wind Rejuvination
-45 AP Majestic Fire Destruction
Base 60, Scaled by 200 Vigor stat, 60 + 70 = 130 (speed), 130 + 20(amp) = 150 (Power)
-20 AP Forced Detonation of MFD

[1375/1500 AP]
[200/200 HP]
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Fame : 13
Ryo : 25150

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:41 pm
"I see you have chosen violence."

An unfortunate outcome to what could have been a peaceful solution. No sooner did the thief begin to use hand seals for some manner of jutsu than did Yuuma complete his own. The right hand would offer the final seal of the boar, a faint blue aura appearing around himself. The left hand dropped the seal it was holding and instead brought itself to clap with its twin after the first jutsu had been completed. Immediately, the shadow at the feet of Yuuma would begin to swirl and writhe, expanding outwards in all directions at max speed. Simultaneously, the clone Yuuma had no sign to make and simply strung his hand back across the bow made of chakra, an elemental arrow of water appearing before being aimed directly into the body of the thief and fired. The arrow and shadow had begun their travels while the thief was finishing up his hand seals, both of them making their way towards their opponent at top speed with the shadow drastically outpacing the arrow in terms of progression.

Yuuma's expression turned to one of horror, his left hand already beginning another set of seals as his shadow raced outwards towards his opponent. Whether it was through poor timing or a lack of depth perception, Yuuma watched as the seal of confrontation was added to the Majestic Fire, the jutsu exploding when it had reached only one meter away from the thief. The fire expanded outward in all directions, engulfing Richard as he stood with his hands locked in the seal of the tiger, his feet firmly planted to the ground. The majestic explosion wouldn't reach Yuuma, but it would reach his shadow. Clawed hands reached from the ground, grasping up at the fire and sapping at its strength as it threatened to expand towards his partner. Ox. Tiger. Ram. Snake. The seals would complete moments after the explosion from the Majestic Fire engulfed Rich, the left hand holding onto the seal of the Snake.

Four meters away from Rich to the south, five spear-like protrusions would erupt from the ground in a semi-circle that began to form around the thief with no more than half a meter between each spear, masked in sight and sound by the raging fire above them though easily punching through the weakened jutsu. The spears formed moments after the shadow had collided with the fire. These spears would puncture the earth, tearing towards Rich at maximum speed and range aimed at various parts of him. The spear directly south of Rich aiming for his center mass, the one immediately to the left aimed towards his upper chest while the one immediately right aimed towards his legs. The last two spears, being the furthest left and right, would aim slightly behind Rich in an attempt to puncture his torso should he attempt to back up or manage to break his stance. The arrow, made of water, would quite easily puncture the now weakened fire jutsu and slam into the stationary target's chest. Between the fire, the spears, and the arrow along with whatever else his partner might conjure, there seemed to be very little hope for the would-be thief.

"Your fight is over. May the stars have mercy on your soul," Yuuma would quietly mumble to himself, taking no pleasure in the death of the man.

WC - 560
TWC - 1,419

- Rich never used Seal of Confrontation, thus Wind Rejuvenation was never activated.
- Daiko specified the Majestic Fire exploded on approach to its destination, but not where in its approach. 135 Damage to Rich from an explosion originated from 1m away due to the debuff applying after Rich had already been hit.
- Total Damage Claim: 305
- Victory???

Combat info:

Yuuma: (AP discounts and penalties applied)
AP - 831
-34 AP for Shadow Degradation Field. P/S/H = 70/150/-. Reducing Power of Majestic Fire by 70 points, reducing the total power to 65.
-49 AP for Damage Reduction Shield. P/S/H = 80/80/-
-33 AP for Earth Flow Spears. P/S/H = 90/90/90

Remaining AP: 715
CD: None.

Clone: [3/4]
AP - 830
-7 AP for Elemental Arrow (water). P/S/H = 80/80/80
-5 AP for Yin-Yang Release: Recurve Bow upkeep. [2/4]

Remaining AP: 818.
CD: None. 

AP: 510
-15 AP for Mentor's Mimicry Upkeep. [3/3]

Remaining AP: 495
CD: None.
Emi Ren
Emi Ren
Fame : 1
Ryo : 6750

Relic Retrieval Empty Re: Relic Retrieval

Mon Oct 18, 2021 10:03 pm
Getting emotional during a battle was something that Emi never really wanted to do. It was always her stance that if she was in a fight with someone, they likely deserved whatever they had coming their way. Obviously you could discount training and sparring battles from this, those are meant to help each other grow, not actually harm someone or the village you are residing in. As her golden eyes gazed upon what was in front of her, the young kunoichi felt a surge of confidence run through her body that she had never felt before. It was almost like this was her calling, she was meant to be doing this exact thing today… for the sake of Hoshigakure.

Emi noticed the man making seals and would begin to prepare and combat against whatever he would throw their way, she wasn’t about to lose this battle to a thief who had to spend his days stealing from a church. The real Emi, who was already at a distance of 21 meters from the man, dashed backwards at maximum speed. The fire had taken over the beams that she had shot at the thief, they had arrived just before the shadow jutsu that Yuuma completed. The kunoichi needed to make sure she was careful, though what happened next was truly not expected… by any of them most likely. Her eyes widened as she watched as the fire jutsu that had been shot from the mans mouth had then suddenly exploded one meter from the mans face, engulfing him in the flames that surged from his lips. 
The genin’s clone that had moved out west of the group wouldn’t have just watched idly by and let itself be destroyed by the fire that was forthcoming. While the man had begun to make his handseals, the clone had already dashed diagonally north east another ten meters, now positioning itself just 10 meters from the thief. She knew that it wouldn’t have survived the fire and had planned ahead as the sacrifice would be more than worth it.
During the transition of places, the clone had begun a series of hand seals. Horse – Bird – Ox – Horse – Bird. Her hands flashed swiftly at 100 speed and you could see it, a dome like shape had stretched outward from her body and it was full of powerful electricity that would end roughly ten meters past where the thief was positioned.
”This fella definitely came prepared, he made the right moves in the heat of battle and likely saved us both. Glad to have had him on this mission.”
Emi watched as Yuuma had already performed his jutsu and saw how it handled the flames, it was so unique that the only words Emi would probably find for it would be… ”Simply amazing..” Without hesitation the kunoichi would weave some more handsigns atmaximum speed, ensuring that no time would be wasted. Tiger – Horse – Ram – Clone seal. The new clone that had spawned a couple of meters to the left of Emi would jump up, heading over the fire, not really caring about it’s life. Ram – Ox – Snake – Rat. A glowing bolt of electricity that was blue in color appeared in the right hand of the new clone. She had released it toward the thief’s abdomen as she fell down towards the fire. With how weak the fire had become, the arrow would pierce through it and continue on it's trajectory towards the thief.
The real Emi that had backed up about nine meters or so had watched on as her clones did a lot of the dirty work. She appreciated the jutsu that she worked so hard to learn, it obviously would be coming in handy for her during her battles. She could hear Yuuma next to her say some words about may the stars have mercy on your soul. Emi hoped the man would choose a better path in his next life, something where he truly would help folks and not hurt them.
”Rest easy… thief.”

WC - 640 | TWC - 1588


- No need to harp on the first couple of points made
- Damage now would be at 420 I believe
- Victory ???

Combat Stats:

Emi: AP - 435

30 - Shadow Clone

Remaining AP - 273(after being split again with another clone)
CD - N/A

[1/4]Shadow Clone: AP 303

30 - Thunder Clap Arrow P|S|H = 80|80|-

Remaining AP - 273
CD - N/A

Lightning Clone: AP - 475

40 - Gigavolt P|S|H = 90|90|-

Remaining AP - 263
CD - N/A
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Fame : 9
Ryo : 52500

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Mon Oct 18, 2021 10:49 pm
(OOC, this is for a battlemod call)

Hey, so what's up. I wanted to call a battle-mod in reference to this particular scenario. So, essentially, As the posts go, the timeline would be as follows until my most recent post.

1) Rich would be looking towards the entrance, after yelling at the worker.

2) Yuuma, Emi, and their clones and whatnot would move in, and begin doing things.

3) They were trying to get me with lasers, talk-no-jutsu, and genjutsu.

So, what I did, in my response, is I timelined at part 2). Where they began to move in.

@Daiko wrote:. As Yuuma began to push towards the center, spreading out with their clone and as Emi began to do the same, Rich was ready to get going. They had begun to enter the market that was now a battlefield, and Rich was not going to be taken to jail...

And on. So, in response, they vauged a couple of things that I did, a few of which were valid.

I 100% agree and acknowledge that I forgot that clap for my enhancer. That's my bad, but you know how it goes.

However. Note where the timeline *would have been* where they said my explosion would've "Detonated" (Which was, in Yuuma's post, 1m from me)

Normally, given my wording, this would've been completely valid. That would be my bad. However, notice how the timeline shifted, and the beginning of Yuuma's post. They specifically had stated this in their post after mine:

Yuuma wrote:Simultaneously, the clone Yuuma had no sign to make and simply strung his hand back across the bow made of chakra, an elemental arrow of water appearing before being aimed directly into the body of the thief and fired.

Before noting the explosion.

After my timeline, the sequence of events would've looked like this.

1) Rich would be looking towards the entrance, after yelling at the worker.

2) Yuuma, Emi, and their clones and whatnot would move in, and begin doing things.

2.5) Rich would begin shooting out the flame jutsu, getting ready to activate it at the point that I specified < This is the part I added in.

3) They were trying to get me with lasers, arrows, talk-no-jutsu, and genjutsu.

So, not only did they "ignore" it to a degree, they had progressed the timeline much past that. Note the speed of the technique, compared to Yuuma's speed and actions. (we're going to scale the fire tech off of 150 vigor rather than 200, since my enhancer didn't go through) 60 + 45 == 105 (before the amp goes through). Yuuma has a base movement speed of 20.

Yuuma wrote:Moving towards the center of the park, Yuuma and his clone began to fan out from the images of their companion, keeping a fifteen-meter spacing between themselves,

At the very least, Yuuma would have needed to move 15 meters. If you calculate this in reference to the speed of the tech... The fire jutsu can move 5.25 meters for every 1 meter yuuma moves. This means that it had time to move at *least* 78.75 meters at jutsu speed, just taking into account the movement that Yuuma took *BEFORE* preparing the bow.

Yuuma wrote:...Lifting his bow, the Yuuma on the end would place his other hand across the string as though he was preparing to knock an arrow, though no arrow yet manifested.

So, given this, there was no way that Rich's tech could've exploded a mere 1 meter in front of his face, because of the destination in which they stated it happened in the timeline. It would've exploded as described by my post, and it would've had time to spread to it's max diameter, (a total of 41m of movement done by the tech) all with Yuuma and Emi being inside of the range.

So, by this latest post, I'm not only claiming that the fire did not actually explode in front of my face, but I am also claiming a hit on both Yuuma and Emi, as well as claiming that their current position is *inside* of the ball of fire.
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Tue Oct 19, 2021 5:30 am
Howdy howdy my fellow roleplayers, Kenshin here with the latest episode of "Who Fucked Up", although I will admit, I am thinking of renaming this show "Who Fucked Up Harder", because if we're real with ourselves... we all fuck up in combat, it usually comes down to who fucks up harder. Not even I am immune to this unfortunately, as demonstrated when the A-rank NPC Zack Carrow, the greatest and drunkest pirate that ever lived, walked directly into his own technique... but hey, at least the people I was facing off against followed my lead and did the same thing! 

Anyways, exposition aside, we are here today to explain what has happened in this clusterfuck and explain why that has happened. So, without further ado, let us get right into it!


Timeline Fuckery

Now, I'll just start this off by saying, this is probably the only point I need to make in this BM request, because unfortunately... Daiko is correct. I know, that admission is literally causing me pain, but he is correct in this matter (Pain Intensifies). He did indeed have his actions take place as Yuuma and Emi approached and timelined them... but both of them ignored his timeline and tried to simply continue with the original, which basically means they both just walk right into the approaching firestorm and would be standing right in the middle of it to perform all of their actions. Given this, the firestorm would explode long before Yuuma tried to vague, which is unfortunate, because that was honestly a solid vague and if the timeline matched I def would have made some jokes at Daiko's expense. 

Anyways, this basically means that both Emi and Yuuma have been hit by the Majestic Fire Destruction (105 speed | 125 power), then all the actions the two described in their posts happen (although both of their Shadow Clones will have been dispelled as Shadow Clones have 0 HP). But... you see, therein lies another issue. Both Emi and Yuuma based their posts, and their actions, upon seeing the handseals being formed and doing their stuff as that was happening... and as such, due to the timeline fuckery, basically the entirety of both of their posts are void, as the opening actions for both of you were seeing those handseals 

"Emi noticed the man making seals and would begin to prepare and combat against whatever he would throw their way"

"No sooner did the thief begin to use hand seals for some manner of jutsu than did Yuuma complete his own"


And that is the end of the Battle Moderation from yours truly. But do not despair readers or even those that fucked up a bit within this topic, you're simply down some HP and had your moves cancelled. This isn't necessarily a bad thing (the move cancellation anyways) as it means that you've still got them to use as this topic progresses further. 

And so, this episode of "Who Fucked Up Harder" has come to an end, I hope you'll all join me for the next one. Peace out y'all.

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