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Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Ryo : 0

Shock Horror Empty Shock Horror

Sun Oct 10, 2021 6:41 pm
Stat Sheet:

Name: Satoru Jugo
Rank: Missing Ninja
Power Rank: B-Rank
Bijuu: N/A
V1 -
V2 -
Full Beast -

OOC Word Bank: 24100 (54, 750 OOC)

Clan: Jugo’s Clan
KKG: Natural Beserker

Current Stat Points: 250 (+25 Clan Bonus)

Vigor: 125 (Inc. +25 Jugo Clan Bonus)
Chakra: 95
Speed: 50
Strength: 5

AP: 1000 + 1000 = 2000
RYO: 25500

Specialties: Ninjutsu, Space / Time, Fuuinjutsu
Element(s): Raiton, Doton, Wind [Infinity]

Jutsu Unlocked

S-Rank: (4/4) + (1/4 (1 VE, 2BL, 1 Ninjutsu)
True Sage Transformation [SLOTLESS] [VIGOR/CHAKRA]
True Sage Transformation Cloak [SLOTLESS]
Limitless Infinity
Infinity: Novachrono
Infinity: Purple Hollow
Multiple Lotus Nonself Connected Canons [BL]

A-Rank: (25/25) + 1 SLOTLESS
Berserk Sage Transformation [SLOTLESS]
Ninjutsu Amplifier
Domain Expansion: Defensive Style 1
Domain Expansion: Defensive Style 2
Sage Transformation
Ninjutsu Enhancement
Swamp of the Underworld
Soul Expulsion
Tearing Earth Palm

Seal of Absorption
Fuuinjutsu Amplifier
Seal of Protection
Space Time Amplification Seal

Space Time:
Infinity: Chrono-Reversal
Infinity: Polarity Reversal
Infinity: Corruption Aura
Infinity: Omni Aura
Infinity: Temporal Release
Infinity: Yellow Aura
Imitation Black Hole
Imitation White Hole
Space Time Amplifier
Devouring Sphere
Infinity: Blue
Infinity: Red

Fuuinjutsu Breaking
Shadow Clone
Infinity: Chrono-Acceleration [2x Handseals Mastery]
Touch Explosive [727/1313]
Chakra Barrier Seal
Invisible Seals
Seal of Suppression
Rainbow Fort Seal
Seal of Evolution
Chakra Storage Seal

Summoning Technique

Stick Paper Adhesive
Body Flicker
Throat Chop
Iron Claw
Storage Displacement
Basic Sealing Technique

Tree Climbing Surface Walking
Clone Technique
Genjutsu Release - Mastered 2x Handseals
Transformation Technique
Substitution Technique

Skills Unlocked:
Nature Chakra Proficiency [SLOTLESS]
One Handed Seals
Chakra Sensory [SLOTLESS]
Chakra Suppression [SLOTLESS]
Chakra Infusion [SLOTLESS]
Display of Power [SLOTLESS]
Infinity Control

Items on your person:
25 Legacy Weapons
20 Legacy Kunai - Marked with Novachrono Teleporation Formula.
3x Enhanced Soldier Pill
2 Travel Tickets
Get out of Jail Free
Free Custom Weapon, Puppet, or Armor
B Rank Hunter Skip x 2
Rank Retention Ticket
A Rank Hunter Skip
Deddo Scroll x1
3m Bandage
1 Syringe
5x Senbon
Blind Eye Contacts
Human Body, The Ultimate Machine
5x Shuriken
5x Kunai
2x Smoke Bombs
2x Explosive Tags
2x Weapon Pouches

Seals on your person:
Chakra Storage Seal – Left Pectoral. - 340AP
Seal of Absorption – Left Palm.
Seal of Protection – Right Pectoral.
Space Time Amplification Seal – Left Thigh.
Seal of Redirection – Right Palm.

Horror at the Hot Springs:

Mission Name: Horror at the Hot Springs
Rank: D-S
Mission Location: Yugakure no Sato

Challenges: Hunter
Task: An enemy is hunting you and a team of your closest companions through the twisted, foggy streets and buildings of Yugakure. One by one, you've watched them die, horribly murdered by this figure. Now it's just you and them.

This is treated as a high-stakes Hunter mission and can only be attempted by a team of one. It takes place in a nightmare (so your friends aren't actually dead), but if the figure kills a character during this mission they will be found murdered in their sleep. If the player wins, they will wake up in their home sleepwalking with the corpse of a Jashinist cultist on the floor beneath them, covered in blood.

Word Count Requirement: --
D: 4,000 Ryo / 20 AP / D-Rank Bounty / 8 Tickets
C: 8,000 Ryo / 40 AP / C-Rank Bounty / 12 Tickets
B: 12,000 Ryo / 60 AP / B-Rank Bounty / 16 Tickets
A: 16,000 Ryo / 80 AP / A-Rank Bounty / 20 Tickets
S: 40,000 Ryo / 200 AP / S-Rank Bounty / 24 Tickets

Character Requirements: --
Character Exclusive: --

Link to Legacy Mission: --

Sweat dripping from his forehead, the Jugo observed his surroundings, he was in a part of town that could only be described as the central park of Yugakure. He wore his standard attire, comprised of two weapon pouches, one on each hip filled with an assortment of equipment; black combat pants and a navy blue tee. His closest allies, the likes of Ichigo, Zento and Noboru all slaughtered before his eyes. His Legacy Kunai scattered around the area. The Jugo attempted to save his comrades with an assortment of tactically thrown Kunai but he was unsuccessful. The area was foggy, but not so much that it obscured vision. Analysing his surroundings in a bit more detail the Jugo determined that he was situated in the middle of a park that was 50 meters in radius from his location. The Park was surrounded by an assortment of streets and buildings but as far as the grassland was concerned it was a near perfect oval; not a single tree or obstruction in any of the 50 meter radius.

He was facing north, there were no visual obstructions so he would be able to observe his foe approaching regardless of whether they decided to approach from above or below ground. His Legacy Kunai were scattered in the following fashion. 5 Legacy Kunai, 10 meters apart, the first of the 5 located 10 meters north of the Jugo: the second Legacy Kunai was 10 meters north of the first one: the third, 10 meters north of the second: the forth, 10 meters from the third with the fifth located 10 meters north of the forth.

The Jugo had 3 Legacy Kunai, one, 25 meters to his east, the second by his feet, the third, 50 meters to his east. An additional set of two, one located 25 meters direct west from his location, the second 50 meters west from his location. He had 2 additional Legacy Kunai, one 25 meters to his south, another 50 meters to his south. Finally, he had 4 Kunai each of which were located 100 meters from his location, the first was 100 meters north, the second, 100 meters west, the third 100 meters east, the forth and last 100 meters south of his location. All four of the Kunai that were located 100 meters away were embedded into the walls of buildings; they were intended to strike the mysterious criminal at different points in time but he was successful in evading the Kunai which in turn meant that they continued on their trajectories before stopping at the nearest walls which were now located 100 meters in any direction of the Academy Student.

In total, there were 16 Legacy Kunai that had been scattered around the battlefield during the altercations that led to the death of his fellow comrades. A part of the Jugo was enraged, but he managed to maintain composure. “If I lose control, I’m definitely a dead man.” He thought to himself as he braced himself for any possible attack. The immediate surroundings were perfectly silent, to an extent where you could hear a pin drop. The silence in tandem with the fog created an eery environment but one that gave the Jugo the advantage. With the area so silent, he would be able to pick up on any auditory queues created by his opponent. He had all of his senses engaged and in overdrive as he waited for the individual to strike.

WC - 577

Nature Stacks - 1
Infinity Stack - 1
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Ryo : 87855

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Sun Oct 17, 2021 6:57 am
Your Opponent:

Power Rank: A

Clan: Jugo
KKG: Natural Berserker
Clan Specialty: -

Current Stat Points: 300
Current Health Bar: 300

Vigor: 135 (85 Base Stats, +25 Natural Berserker Bonus, +25 Clan Pureblood Bonus)
Chakra: 100
Speed: 60
Strength: 5

Specialties: Ninjutsu (Main), Medical, Space-Time
Element(s): Fire, Wind, Lightning

Jutsu Unlocked


True Sage Transformation

True Sage Transformation: Cloak (Slotless)


Chidori Nagashi (Mastered X2 No Hand Seals)

Wind Pressure Damage

Majestic Fire Destruction


Berserk Sage Transformation (Slotless)


Chidori Senbon

Great Fire Annihilation

Ninjutsu Amplifier

Ninjutsu Enhancement

Mystical Palm


Imitation White Hole

Imitation Black Hole

Devouring Sphere

Sage Art Amplifier

Great Fireball

Damage Reduction Shield

Fire Release: Searing Migrane

Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder (Mastered X2 No Hand Seals)


Iryojutsu Amplifier

Shadow Clone

Blistering Web

Phoenix Fire

Wind Release: Vacuum Wave

Gigavolt (Mastered X2 No Hand Seals)

False Darkness

Wind Release: Zephyr Blade

Space-Time Art: Mass Pull

Temporary Paralysis

Air Bullets

Fire Piercing Darts

Blast Wave

Pheasant Hunter

Bodily Restoration


Spirit Gun (Mastered X2 No Hand Seals)

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Butterfly Effect

Fuinjutsu Breaking


Body Flicker


Clone Technique

Genjutsu Release (Mastered x2 No Hand Seals)

Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique

Transformation Technique

Skills Unlocked: 5/5

Nature Chakra Proficiency (Slotless)

One-Handed Seals

Chakra Suppression

Chakra Sensory

Beloved Presence

Clan Pureblood

An Image...:
Shock Horror Franke10

The Jugo was unaware as to the true nature of the hellish nightmare it seemed. Good... perfect for what the dark cultist haunting his dreams had planned for the poor fool. Jashin demanded sacrifices, and this shinobi was to be the next in line. This wasn't the religious fanatic's first kill, though it still felt the same trembling anticipation. It would've been so easy to plunge the knife into the unsuspecting shinobi's chest... but no. That simply wouldn't do. The ritual demanded that the mans mind must be broken, before his body. For that, this ritual would need to suffice...

The light sound of whistling wind filled the central park that Satoru Jugo stood in the center of. A bitter chill hung in the air, so deep that it stretched to the bone, and gray and desolate buildings could be seen off in the distance illuminated by the dim light of a full moon high on display in the night sky. A sound of distant church bells cut through the wind, coupled with the sound of deafening footsteps crunching through the grass. A mere illusion in the mans mind, though once the cultist engaged he would lose the ability to twist the environment and psyche in the way he could now.

In a low, raspy tone a voice crept through the light fog that clung to the air, speaking softly to the figure from some indeterminate direction.

"Are... you... ready...?"

The footsteps got louder, as did the voice piercing the night air.

"Are... you... ready...?"

It was getting deafening by this point, almost to the point where it drowned out everything else. The wind, the church bells, all of it faded away in the sound of the voice.

"ARE... YOU... READY...?"

It stopped. Everything, all of the noise, the sound, ceased, returning to silence once again as the creature finally materialized, stepping through the fog and finally appearing in vision 100 meters away to the north of the Jugo. It was a hideous looking thing. Decayed and rotted flesh clung to its body, discolored in strange hues of purple, black, red and yellow. Bandages covered its form lightly, barely concealing what was little more than a mutilated corpse within, its limbs and body containing the telltale marks of stitches holding the wretched thing together. The stench of dirt, embalming fluid and decay hung strong in the air as it appeared, so overpowering that a normal man would grow sick at the scent. Yet most disturbing about it was its face. Greasy thin strands of orange hair were seen poking out of the bandages that adorned its head, and a rotted face with deadened grey eyes and black veins visible through the skin peered at the Jugo before him.

"Are... You... Ready... For me?"

The sound of one final piercing shriek and a clap of thunder deafened the night as the rotting creature sprung to action. With such distance between them, the creature had little choice but to approach the Jugo. After all, it didn't have jutsu that could reach that far out. At a speed of 60 it dashed forward, keeping itself loose and limber in case it needed to react to an encroaching threat, planning on stopping at 50 meters from its opponent to re-evaluate should it not need to react to any incoming threats from his opponent...

Word Count - 559
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Ryo : 0

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:56 am
Satoru assumed a seated position as a grotesque scent began filling the air. In tandem with the scent came a rather frighteningly ugly individual. From 100 meter distance and that being north of the Jugo, Satoru only managed to observe certain characteristics of his foe, one of them being the strands of greasy orange hair that pushed past the assortment of bandages keeping the foe together.  The Jugo felt uneasy but considering the distance between himself and the foe he decided to take the opportunity to consciously meditate to gather more Nature Energy ahead of the battle that was to come.

Despite having his eyes open, Satoru remained completely motionless as his enemy began approaching at a speed of 60. From the perspective of optical analysis, the Jugo gathered that even at this state his foe was faster than he was which in turn ruled out a close quarters fight. The creature’s demeanour reminded the Jugo of his own inner demons, the scent brought back haunting memories of his closest friends from Yew. The friends that he slaughtered thanks to his inner berserker.

He failed to react to his opponents advance as again, his opponent was moving quite slowly from 100 meters. The risk for the Jugo would arise when or if the opponent entered a 20–50-meter radius. However, as that thought crossed his mind it appeared as if the creature came to a stop exactly 50 meters north of the Kumogakure Academy Student. Satorus eyes were fixed on the creature, but his body didn’t move, instead continually taking the opportunity to harvest the Nature energy from the surroundings.

With that, the ball was back in his opponents side of the court, whether or not the opponent decided to attack the Jugo from the get-go would soon be apparent, nevertheless, Satoru was ready to act at a moments notice. Despite absorbing Nature energy, he was still conscious of his surroundings, after all - the requirement for harvesting Nature Energy was only that the individual be seated and completely still. If by some fate of god the abomination decided to attack, the Jugo would be ready to defend. If the creature hid it’s true speed in an attempt to fool the Jugo then Satoru still had a distance of 50 meters to work with in the event of a sudden onslaught.

He was confident in his capability, albeit startled at the sight of the death of his comrades at the first instance. But as this un-describable creature appeared before him a part of him had realised that there was more to this encounter than one would assume. He was sure that his closest allies wouldn’t fall to the likes of this creature, but he hadn’t really witnessed it’s strength first hand and so Satoru remained in his position, ready.

WC – 461
AP - 2000
Nature Stacks – 4/6 (1 from 1st, 1 Stack base from this post, 2 from meditation.)
Infinity Stacks – 4/6 (Calculated wrong in the opening post, 2 base + 1 in opener, +1 this post.)
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Ryo : 87855

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Wed Oct 20, 2021 2:02 am
The creature came to a halt at the 50 meter mark and paused for a mere moment, evaluating the situation at hand. Their quarry hadn't moved, a surprising thing considering that most would run at the sight of the beast that the cultist had conjured up. Something was off about this man,  though the cultist couldn't place a finger on it. Maybe if they hadn't summoned an avatar to combat them they could figure it out, but unfortunately the cultist's realm of perception was limited to the wretched creature they had conjured.

Unfortunate, though the approach was still something the creature needed to do. Long range options were particularly... limited for the dull thing. Though as it prepared to run forward again, it noticed the kunai at its feet, particularly noting the seal that adorned it (The 5th legacy Kunai located 50 meters away from Satoru). So these were important for something then? Couldn't hurt to shake them up a little bit, especially considering the creature could see 4 more in a straight line leading towards the opponent. It looped a big toe through the kunai ring and kicked upwards to send the kunai careening into the air, which the creature deftly caught with one hand, just before it began its race forward again at full speed while its opponent was still standing in place. It was at the 41 meter mark from the opponent that it began weaving its first set of hand seals with the hand without the kunai, intent to test this Senju's capability to evade or defend against its attacks. It quickly weaved the Dragon, Boar, Bird, Ram, and Monkey one-handed seals to unleash a stream of Chidori Senbon. Just before the 40 meter mark from its opponent, the creature lightly flung the kunai forward before it gave a swing of its arm to unleash the technique. Fifty thin senbon of lightning energy would crackle forth, one of them tearing through the kunai that he had flung forward, destroying both it and the seal adorning it.

The other 49 Senbon would be spaced out as three thin sections of projectiles, the top and bottom possessing 16 senbon and the middle possessing 17. All three rows were centered with the opponent at the centerpoint, the bottom-most row angled a few millimeters above the flat ground so that they would destroy all kunai in their path, including the kunai located at the 40 meter mark from the opponent, as well as crippling the opponent's feet upon contact. The middle section of projectiles would be aimed in a line towards the opponent's midsection, and the top section would be aimed at the opponent's head frying their brain and killing them upon a hit. Additionally, each row would have senbon spaced approximately .25 meters apart from one another.

Word Count - 468

Total Word Count - 1027

Jutsu Used:

(Hello! As a side note, I realized I forgot to add the Hunter AP and counter system last time! My bad!)

Creature AP: 1470/1500

Chidori Senbon - [90 Power - 90 Speed - 50 Meter Range - 40 AP Cost]

-10 AP due to 100 chakra 25% discount

+10 AP Cost due to one-handed seals

+10 AP due to Jugo Bloodline

Nature Chakra Stacks: 2/6 (Forgot to account for last post! My B!)
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Ryo : 0

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Wed Oct 20, 2021 1:15 pm
“Well.” He thought to himself as he observed the grotesque creature sliding his jammy toe through the hole of his Legacy Kunai. He felt disgusted for but a moment, but his facial expression neglected to show any signs of disgust. Instead, the orange haired Jugo remained motionless, registering his opponents abrupt charge south.

This creature was around 6ft 7, the same height as the Kumogakure Jugo. It was quite fascinating; the way this creature heaved through the air: absence of any form or elegance. It wasn’t long before the creature lowered its centre of mass, releasing the Legacy Kunai in tandem with a barrage of Chidori Senbon in Satorus direction. The way that the Senbon were layered was most peculiar, despite the creatures appearance it appeared to have a form of intelligence, the layering indicated that the creature was aiming for the Jugos feet, torso and head. The way the senbon were orientated suggested that the foe had the ability to strategically calculate suitable modes of attack.

The creatures appared to aim to destroy the series of Kunai while heading towards the Jugo, the one element not factored in was the diameter of the blades handle as well as the surface area of the blade. While the Kunai acted as the physical means required to deliver teleportation markers to their destinations, they were only 0.3 meters in overall length, with the blade being 0.08 meters in width, the handle: 0.03 meters in width. This meant that by the orientation of the assortment of senbon, only one senbon would be able to strike the initially thrown Kunai which in turn knock the Kunai in question off it’s directional trajectory and into the ground around five meters east of the creatures location.

Additionally, the teleportation formula was located by the side of the tip of the Kunai. Every Kunai in the ground was embedded tip first which in turn meant that the Senbon striking the Kunai on the path to the Jugo would effectively split the Kunai in half, leaving the marked tip embed in the ground.  Naturally, as aforementioned, the Kunai acted as a median for the marker delivery, shredded or not, the power of the formula corresponded to 215 and so it wouldn’t be destroyed even after the destruction of the Kunai.

This next part was the most interesting. From a distance of 41 meters, the creature had released an array of senbon but it didn’t stop there. The creature moved at maximum speed, while the Senbon travelled at around 1.5 times the speed of the creature. With Satoru Jugo being located 41 meters away it meant that the Senbon would have to cover the entire distance of 41 meters in hopes of striking the orange haired shinobi. During that period, the creature would in turn travel 27.3 meters should the Senbon be allowed to travel the maximum distance of course. Both the Senbon and the creature were travelling in the direction of the Jugo, almost like homing missiles on a war path to their target.

The series of Senbon travelled at just less than twice the speed of the protagonist so for every meter that the Senbon travelled, Satoru would be able to move a mere 0.55 meters. But that mattered not as the intent was to get the creature in an appropriate range. So as the creature continued on its way, travelling a distance of 23.33 meters in the direction of the Jugo; the senbon now having travelled a distance of 35 meters, the Jugo decided that it was finally time to act.

The instant the senbon covered 35 meters in total and in turn the creature covered 23.33 meters now within 18 meters of Satoru; the Jugos hands came together, flying into a series of four hand seals; with the hand seals completed, the Jugo expelled the chakra manifestation of his soul that assumed the appearance of a jet-black demon, the very same demon that forced him to slaughter his comrades what felt like an eternity ago. His body, now invigorated by the expulsion of his soul; but naturally – Satoru couldn’t stop to think.

The instant the four handseals were completed and his body invigorated, his hands parted, each hand forming individual handseals while an invisible chakra field began expanding outwards at the power and speed of 117. The left hand formed five hand seals ahead of the right hand which formed a total of six hand seals. The chakra moulded via the hand seals on the left hand worked to the effect of enhancing the functionality of the technique being conjured by the right set of hand seals and so as both sets were complete, it was now time for the next step.

Three meters directly north of the creature, a swamp formed with a 1-meter area that began to quickly expand into a 10-meter radius. The swamp carried a power of 162, while expanding at a speed of 112. This in turn meant that despite being formed effectively 3 meters from the creature, in the time that it would take for the swamp to expand to it’s maximum radius of 10 meters, the creature would only be able to travel 5.35 meters so despite the gap, it would eventually come to be caught inside the swamp unless it performed some miraculous evasive manoeuvre.

At the time that the Jugo took to action, the Senbon were located approximately 6 meters away from his seated position. The invisible chakra field that began expanding outwards at 117 power and speed would come to travel 3.4 meters in the time it would take for the Senbon to travel a distance of 2.6 meters. And so as the expanding invisible chakra field interacted with the entirety of the technique, the once dangerous series of senbon would find themselves instantly rendered harmless via a conversion into raw chakra. The raw chakra would then begin to make its way towards the Jugos left hand still travelling at 117 speed. As it returned to the Jugo, Satoru would swing his back gently forward, using the forward momentum to stand stand back up to his feet. As he stood, he raised his right hand, aiming his palm at the creatures solar plexus. The instant the entirety of the harmless chakra was now absorbed, the seal of redirection would trigger sending a single powerful blast of chakra in his foes direction. The blast was a sphere of crimson chakra akin to the swirling chakra of a Rasengan. It was 1.5 meters in diameter and would travel in a linear fashion up to 50 meters from Satorus location. Naturally, due to the strength of the absorbed technique, it would only travel with 90 power and 90 speed.

During the period of absorption and redirection, the Swamp of the Underworld would have expanded to a radius of 7.01; expanding 6.45 meters from the base 0.56 meter area at the point of origin.

WC: 1149
AP – 2000
- 32 – Soul Expulsion [HP – 87.5]
- 40 – Ninjutsu Amplifier + 10 (1 Handed Seals)
- 32 – Swamp of Underworld + 10 (1 Handed Seals) [Base Stat: (175-50)/2 = 62.5 + 50 (Base) = 112 : Power +50 = 162, Speed = 112.
- 20 – Seal of Absorption [Power/Speed: (175-60)/2 + 60 = 117]
- 0?? – Seal of Redirection (Doesn’t look like there’s a cost to activation?) – 36 (Just in-case).

Remaining AP: 1820

Vigor: 175
Chakra: 145
Speed: 50
Strength: 5
Nature Stacks – 5/6
Infinity Stacks – 5/6
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Ryo : 87855

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Fri Oct 22, 2021 4:37 am

For simplicity's sake, from this point on Satoru will be referred to either by his name or as "The Jugo," and the NPC will be referred to as "The Creature"

The creature's disappointment was immeasurable once it realized that its Chidori Senbon wouldn't destroy the seals on the kunai as easily as it thought, watching as the one it sliced originally split in two down the middle, though leaving the seals intact. No matter... As the two foes grew ever closer from the creature's lumbering gait, it became evidently clear just how similar these two figures were. If it weren't for the fact that this was such a high stakes situation, the cultist would be pleased. He had hoped for a figure that was both intimidating, foreign, and unnerving, yet frighteningly similar to the figure he was attempting to sacrifice. Seems as though they'd at least gotten the height down pat.

The creature had continued running behind the wall of senbon, traveling a mere .55 meters per each meter the wall travelled. An effective defense in the cultist's mind, though they learned quickly that wouldn't suffice. The creature had travelled 23.33 meters away from its position 41 meters away by the time the Jugo responded, meaning that it would now be a distance of 17.67 meters between the Jugo and the creature. The Jugo sprang into a set of hand seals, which the creature matched with a set of four seals, Tiger, Horse, Ram, and Clone in kind. The Jugo began weaving a couple of moments before the creature, and due to their similar speed, the Jugo's seals would finish just before the creature's. As the Jugo's physical manifestation of the soul began to manifest, the creature's jutsu began to manifest a mere moment after Satoru's did.

Two Shadow Clones popped into existence 2 meters to both the west and east of the creature. At the moment the seals for the Shadow Clones finished, the creature ceased its movement forward. One clone began weaving its own set of seals. The clone to the west weaved a set of six hand seals, Tiger, Bird, Ox, Monkey, Rat, and Bird to create a Devouring Sphere 3 meters west and parallel of the Jugo, completed just after its master and its opponent launched their respective techniques. The clone to the east would begin running in a diagonal line traveling south and east in equal measure, intent on traveling 10 meters in that direction. The original however weaved a set of five hand seals as well, completing a Tiger, Boar, Dog, Dragon, and Rat seal to weave a Ninjutsu Amplifier of their own a couple of mere moments after their opponent finished their jutsu, letting loose an enhanced power Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder without hand seals towards the Jugo. It was angled slightly towards the ground as it fired, yet still angled upwards enough so that it would still grow up to 15 meters above ground and reach its full range forward.

Word Count - 468

Total Word Count - 1495

Jutsu Used:

Creature AP: 1450/1500

+10 Chakra due to Jugo Bloodline

+1 Nature Chakra Stack: 3/6

Shadow Clone Jutsu - [2 Clones Created - 30 AP]

-User splits AP into 3 pools-

OG Creature AP: 400/500

Ninjutsu Amplifier - [+50 Power to Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder - 50 AP]

Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder - [A-Rank - 95 Power (+50 From Ninjutsu Amp. New Power = 145) - 95 Speed - Duration 1/3 - 45 AP] AP with factored in Chakra Deduction bonus is 34 (Rounded up)

Eastern Creature AP: 483/500


Western Creature AP: 453/500

Space-Time Art: Devouring Sphere - [A-Rank - 75 Power - 75 Speed - 75 Health - 40 AP - Duration 1/3?] AP with factored in Chakra Deduction bonus is 30

Jutsu in Cooldown:

Chidori Senbon 1/3 Posts till next use
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Ryo : 0

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Fri Oct 22, 2021 1:01 pm
What a turn of events.” He thought once more as he observed the situation from a distance. His Swamp of the Underworld still expanding from the distance of 3 meters north of the original creature; his left hand still consuming the Chidori senbon before releasing it via the right hand and the seal of redirection. The difference in this instance was that the creature had created two clones prior to those actions taking place. One clone was stationary 2 meters west of the creature while the other was 2 meters east on creation.

Naturally, relative to the location of the swamp of the underworld, it meant that both clones were around 3.6 meters away at the time of creation. Furthermore, despite the eastern clones best efforts to run from the ever expanding swamp, it would come to be eventually caught; but more on that later.

From a bird’s eye perspective, the clones were formed around the same time as the time the Jugo had activated his enhancer. As the clones formed, the western one began forming hand seals as did the original while the eastern one began moving in the south-eastern direction. As the middle creature completed its set of hand seals, a wave of electricity was discharged from the creatures’ fingertips which in turn shot forth a massive and rapidly expanding cone of electric chakra. The electric chakra travelled at a speed of 95, heading directly for the Jugo; it was angled in such fashion that it periodically ripped at the ground on it’s trajectory towards the Jugo. Nevertheless, this technique did nothing to stop the rapidly expanding Swamp that was closing in on the motionless creature and it’s western clone.

While the Jugo initially gave the creature some credit, it appeared that the western creature hadn’t achieved anything. This was because it was a Shadow Clone and it attempted to perform an A rank version of the devouring sphere technique thus limited by it’s own creation and unable to conjure the devouring sphere despite its best efforts. This was perfect as it meant that Satoru didn’t have to take any additional action other than what he had already done which in turn meant that as the electromagnetic murder travelled 2.55 meters, the original creature came to be caught by the Swamp of the Underworld. As the electromagnetic murder travelled a further – 0.52 meters to a total of 3.07; the western clone was also caught and now sinking into the ground at the speed of 112. During this period, the eastern clone had managed to move 1.64 meters southeast; placing it 5.24 meters from the swamps centre point but it was closing in. Upon the swamp reaching the radius of 7.8 meters, the clone had only managed to travel a total distance of 7.78 meters with the initial 3.6 meter gap factored in so it would also be caught inside of the Swamp, now sinking to it’s demise.

By the creatures own account, the distance between the Jugo at itself would be 17.67 meters so by the time electromagnetic murder reached striking distance the original creature would find itself submerged; 17.82 meters inside the ground: the western clone, 17.21 meters deep: the eastern clone: 11.65 meters into the earth. The distance that the trio had submerged factored in the distance between the creation of the Swamp relative to the distance at which each of the creatures were caught and was calculated under the assumption that the electromagnetic murder would be allowed to reach it’s maximum distance but naturally – that wasn’t going to be the case.

The Jugo stood motionless, observing the three creatures sinking into the depths of the underworld as the electromagnetic murder neared him bit by bit. Naturally, at some point during the observation the chakra from the seal of redirection clashed with the electromagnetic murder, now destroyed by the overwhelming power of the electricity. But before long, the creature was out of sight and completely submerged. “Wonder what’s next…” he thought to himself as his hands finally moved. There was 3.67 meters between the Jugo and the electromagnetic murder as he began to move; his hands came together almost rhythmically to perform a series of handseals at top speed – the first set of seals had the quantity of 5, while the second set were comprised of three followed by the seal of confrontation. Naturally, as with his previous techniques, the first set of seals acted in the capacity of enhancing the functionality of the second set of seals and so the Jugo extended his palm and a rainbow-colored barrier formed before him at a speed of 102 covering the necessary 2.1 meter width and height intended to block entirety of Satorus large figure, formed one meter in front of the Jugo with a power of 152.

The instant the electromagnetic murder connected, its power less than that of the barrier and so it would come to be repelled starting from the 2.1 meter width and height that guarded the Jugo, extending to the entirety of the large technique at the speed of 102. And so with Satoru only having waited 14 meters before eventually reacting to the electromagnetic attack, the trio would be submerged the following distances: the main creature was 13.49 meters deep: the western clone, 12.88 meters and the eastern clone was 7.32 meters deep. It is to be noted that the Rainbow Fort Seal would persist in it’s location even after the destruction of the electromagnetic murder.

With all of that out of the way, Satoru remained motionless once again; the absorption and redirection seals fading from his palms as he stood still; simply observing the swamp that had now long reached maximum range.

WC - 936
AP – 1820
- +20 (10 from last round, 10 from now.)
- -16 Soul Expulsion upkeep (2/3)
- -16 + 10 Swamp of Underworld upkeep (1/4)
- -40 Fuuinjutsu Amplifier
- -32 Rainbow Fort Seal (Power: 152 – Speed: 102) ((175-30)/2)+30+50 (Fuuin Amp) for Power | ((175-30)/2)+30 for Speed

Vigor: 175
Chakra: 145
Speed: 50
Strength: 5
Nature Stacks – 6/6
Infinity Stacks – 6/6

Seal of Absorption – 1/2
Ninjutsu Amplifier – 1/3
Seal of Redirection – 1/2
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Ryo : 87855

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Sun Oct 24, 2021 7:00 pm
God damn it! The cultist cursed their luck as they began to sink deeper into the earth, their lightning still firing off at their opponent. And that useless clone was no help either! Plus the Electromagnetic Murder was destroyed by the opponent. All of this culminated in a VERY unhappy cultist as their avatar sunk beneath the bubbling earth. Still, not all was lost for the poor creature. There were still a few tricks up their sleeve.

The clones both fell into the earth as well and were dismissed almost immediately upon being caught. No point in keeping them around if they couldn't do anything to free themselves. Though thankfully the user benefitted from the extra chakra they'd generated before succumbing to the earth. Events occurred exactly as the opponent intended up, with the creature sinking the full 16 meters below ground when it acted again. The creature's body crackled with lightning energy 1 inch of its skin, which slowly began to erupt outwards from its body, burning away and destroying the earth surrounding itself, though still far enough below ground that it wouldn't be immediately visible to the opponent.

As the lightning aura roared to life, it would free the creature from its trappings, though it left it caked in mud which the creature shook off in an annoyed manner. The aura peeled away the mud of the swamp and placed the creature along the solid ground below the surface 16 meters down below ground. It weaved additional hand seals below ground as the jutsu expanded, rat, tiger, dog, ox firing a phoenix fire attack by the time the lightning jutsu had travelled 3 meters. It would expand until colliding with the Rainbow Fort Seal, upon where it would shatter, revealing a crater 16 meters down and 16 meters wide with the creature at the center, and eight fireballs approaching the Jugo. One angled 3 meters above his head and a meter to the of him west, another 3 meters above his head and a meter to the east of him, one 3 meters to the west of him and one meter above his head, another 3 meters to the east of him and one meter above his head, one 3 meters to the west and positioned a meter below the one located a meter above his head on the west side, one 3 meters to the east and positioned a meter below the one located a meter above his head on the east side, one located 5 meters west of the Jugo parallel to his torse, and one 5 meters to the east of the Jugo parallel to his torso.

Word Count - 442

Total Word Count - 1937

Jutsu Used:

Refunding Devouring Sphere AP of 30

All clones of the creature gain +1 Nature Chakra Stack and +10 AP

All clones dismissed, returning all AP and Nature Chakra Stacks to main creature (493+493+400)

Creature AP: 1288/1500

Using Chidori Nagashi [Power 135 - Speed 135 - AP 75 With Chakra Discount]

Using Phoenix Fire [Power 80 - Speed 80 - AP 23 with chakra discount]

Nature Chakra Stacks: 6/6
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Ryo : 0

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Tue Oct 26, 2021 3:51 am
Suddenly, it appeared as if the once ever flowing Swamp had solidified once again. “So it’s still alive…” he muttered as he looked on the previous location of the Swamp. Judging by the rate of descent, relative to the period leading up to the swamp solidification, the Jugo was able to gauge that his opponent was roughly 16 meters below ground. Before long, small tremors began shaking the ground.

Unbeknownst to the Jugo, his opponent had expelled the Phoenix Fire technique from his mouth in a very confined environment. Unfortunately, the fire in this case wasn’t strong enough to destroy the surrounding natural earth and so as the Phoenix fire technique detonated, it consumed the creatures’ entire face due to the 3-meter diameter of the of the fireballs. Unfortunately for the creature, the fire would take an emphasis on its undead orbs. The unsuspecting creature would find its eyes consumed by the 80 power flames as quick as he had cast them which would in turn render the being blind. This was primarily because the distance between the expulsion, detonation and the creatues eyes was very small and as the creature had expected teh technique to destroy the surrounding area it had no reason to doubt its own capability and as such would have no reason to close its eyes in light of its own technique.

It was an unfortunate turn of events but Satoru was unaware of them transpiring. Instead, he responded to the tremors with a technique of his own. With his Rainbow Fort Seal now cancelled, Satoru advanced by 5 meters, closing the gap to the Swamp to 12.67 meters before stopping. Satoru then performed 6 hand seals before slamming his left palm onto the ground. This in turn created a destructive localised earthquake that commenced 1 meter north of the Jugo, breaking and destroying the ground along its path spreading to the maximum 30 meter area cube. The Jugo didn’t have to maintain contact with the ground as the earthquake had begun and so he returned to his standing position after having completed the technique with the duration of the palm slam being equivalent to the duration of a single hand seal in relation to the technique in question.

With his foe being underground, it would find itself taking damage all over it’s body before being immobilized due to the strength to power difference of the technique. With that, Satoru performed an additional 7 hand seals before immediately placing a precautionary Seal of Absorption onto his left cheek. Ready, he would remain motionless, in wait of whatever was next, 12.67 meters from the Swamp but further away from his submerged foe. His Soul Expulsion came to fade at this point.

AP: 1726
+ 10
-32 Tearing Earth
-20 Soul Expulsion
-40 Seal of Absorption – 110 Power 110 Speed – 60p and speed, only scales on activation.

Vigor: 125
Chakra: 145
Speed: 50
Strength: 5
Nature Stacks – 6/6
Infinity Stacks – 6/6

Seal of Absorption – 2/2
Ninjutsu Amplifier – 2/3
Seal of Redirection – 2/2
Fuuinjutsu Amplifier – 1/3
Rainbow Fort Seal – 0/2
Soul Expulsion – 0/5
Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Ryo : 87855

Shock Horror Empty Re: Shock Horror

Fri Oct 29, 2021 3:06 am
If the avatar could feel pain properly it would be crippling. Thankfully the cultist didn't experience it nearly as strongly as they would normally, though the wound was still concerning. The cultist was beginning to get nervous. They were messing up, and they were messing up hard. If they didn't get their head in the game, not only would it be the end of their life, but eternal torture awaited those who failed to complete the sacrifice. They couldn't let that happen.

Immediately after the fireball faded away the creature it weaved a set of seals, Snake, Ox, Tiger, Ram, and Rat, to conjure up a Mystical Palm with its left hand. It lifted the soft green light to its eyes, immediately fixing its blindness and soothing its "pain," as 50 healing would immediately fix the wounds. It was never defined how large the space below ground that the creature was, though it was both wide enough to leave some breathing room and small enough to hurt the creature with its own phoenix fire, meaning that the space would be roughly cubical, 4 meters tall and 4 meters in all other directions from the creature.

The creatures eyes healed, it quickly ran to the very edge of the side of the cube to the south and hoped its plan would work. With little other option it began to weave two sets of seals. With the creatures increased speed it would reach the corner of its little cube before Satoru reached his 5 meters. It dropped its Mystical Palm and weaved two sets of seals, one in each hand. In its left it weaved Ram, Tiger, Dog, Snake, Bird, Dragon, Ram, the seals for Vanish. In its right it weaved the seals Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Tiger, for a Great Fireball though it held on releasing that jutsu until the left was finished. It had to time this right or it wouldn't escape.

The creature would be 16 meters below and 8.67 meters north from the Jugo when its vanish finished. Using its vanish it would teleport above ground at the area it had seen previously unknowingly ending up 3 meters away just as the Jugo's enhancer gave out. The creature's other jutsu activated just at the time as it whirled around to face the Jugo after sighting him in its chakra sensory, aiming its technique directly north.

Word Count - 397

Total Word Count - 2334

Jutsu Used:

Creature AP: 1162/1500

Mystical Palm - [75 Power - 75 Speed? - 38 AP With Discount]

Vanish - [100 Power - 100 Speed - 38 AP with discount + 15 AP due to one-handed seals, 53 AP]

Great Fireball - [90 Power - 90 Speed - 30 AP with discount + 15 AP due to one-handed seals, 45 AP]

+10 AP due to Jugo Bloodline

6/6 Nature Chakra Stacks
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