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Shigeru Kamigawa
Shigeru Kamigawa
Ryo : 500

Shigeru Kamigawa Empty Shigeru Kamigawa

Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:07 pm
Shigeru Kamigawa

Shigeru Kamigawa F55bc9d8aab24204f5636be733c578e1

Basic Information

Age: 18
Birthday:  August 31st
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Shige, Shi, Ru
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 117 lbs
Health: 100
Appearance: Standing at 5’5” and weighing in at a measly 117 pounds, Shigeru is someone who seems to exude bitterness. With a near constant resting bitch face, Shigeru isn’t someone who comes off as nice or friendly in the slightest. It’s rare to see him with anything less than a nasty smirk or expression of disgust on his face. His clothing is far from welcoming as well, dark with what seems like a lot of unnecessary ornamentation and sharp edges. The design seems to be semi traditional with some modern aspects to it, creating a unique look that’s sure to stand out in a crowd. The clothing itself is purple, red, and white, with golden accents.
Personality: Shigeru is a grump through and through, with sass in spades and enough saltiness in his small body to kill a man. Though he tries to appear neutral towards people who are higher in rank than him, towards most other people he ends up acting utterly savage. Even the most minor annoyances are met with scathing remarks, and the jury is still out on whether he likes anybody or not. Most people seem to think he doesn’t like anyone, and he’s inclined to agree. He really doesn’t like just about anybody, and it shows in his treatment of normal people. Anybody he comes into regular contact with will doubtless be subjected to infinite salt.

He’s not a big fan of beating around the bush, and is straightforward and blunt to the point of brutality. Fragile egos beware around this boy, as he’s not afraid to find out what you hate to lose at the most and beating you at it just for sport. Figuring out people’s weaknesses is a pastime of his, and he often will make a game out of it. He’ll drag teammates or even strangers into his odd and savage habits, and is completely unapologetic for being an asshole, of which he is fully aware he is.

Shigeru never knew his parents, but still had a good influence growing up nonetheless. Raised by his grandmother, Shige was a relatively kind boy as a child. He was polite to a fault, and loved the old woman a great deal, clinging to her in a way that most didn’t bother to try and understand. She taught him for the first several years of his education, and he learned of topics such as his clan and the history of the village. This worked well enough until he was 12, but eventually he wanted to learn more. His grandmother, being a retired shinobi herself, sent him to the academy. She knew she couldn’t teach him everything, but she could set him up to learn how to control his clan’s powers one day, and be someone strong.

Little did they both know, while Shigeru was still a student, that Konoha would be attacked and subjugated by Kirigakure. Only 14 at the time, just shy of his 15th birthday, Shige wasn’t able to do much. Not even a genin yet, he watched as his village was taken over by another, and his entire worldview of how great his village was was shattered in an instant. From that point onwards, he became standoffish and rude, hiding his hurt for his village with sharp words and harsh actions. He took his time in the academy, even taking a year off when his grandmother passed while he was 16. Now at 18, and a fresh genin, he aims to be a shinobi the village can be proud of, and waits for the day when his village gains enough strength to free themselves from the grasp of their oppressors.

Likes: Storms, the sound of rain, nighttime, sharp weapons (especially war fans), flirting with boys in an asshole-ish way, cats.
Dislikes: Loud people, interruptions, being underestimated, his height, weak people.

Ninja Traits

Rank: Genin (D)
Village: Konohagakure
Element(s): Suiton
Specialties: Space-Time
Clan: Kamigawa
Bloodline Bonuses: +25 Chakra


Vigor: 25
Chakra: 25 (+25)
Speed: 25
Strength: 25

The Player

Other Characters: Asuka Shimizu, Kaede Iburi
Faceclaim Name and Series: Scaramouche, Genshin Impact
Roleplay Sample: N/A
Nova Tsuba
Nova Tsuba
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Shigeru Kamigawa Empty Re: Shigeru Kamigawa

Wed Nov 03, 2021 3:47 pm
Trial Approved
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Ryo : 67650

Shigeru Kamigawa Empty Re: Shigeru Kamigawa

Thu Nov 04, 2021 7:03 pm
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Shigeru Kamigawa Empty Re: Shigeru Kamigawa

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