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Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp] Empty Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp]

Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:18 pm
Bloodline Name: Yuki Physiology
Originating Clan: Yuki
Appearance: Indiscernible.
History: A powerful clan of old Kirigakure, the Yuki have honed their Ice Release for generations upon generations, giving their descendants powerful abilities that they are naturally born with. The physiology of a Yuki is an enigma to all, as there was no defining moment where the clan members began to possess enhanced abilities to keep up with their advanced nature transformation. All people know is that they are to be on guard when a Yuki strikes.

What it does: The physiology of the Yuki have mutated from generation to generation in order to keep up with the vigorous training needed to produce Ice Release. As is such, this bloodline confers ONE of the following main stat buffs upon character creation which cannot be changed later on.

+25 Vigor
+25 Chakra
+25 Speed

The Yuki are a truly unique clan of shinobi that has embodied the attribute of ice ever since their birth. They are born with a great attunement to the cold, being able to withstand the coldest of temperatures ever seen by man with complete ease; they can spend days upon days in the cold with little to no pain or freezing as their bodies are simply attuned to horrific weather. Physically, the skin of a Yuki is always cold because their body is constantly adjusted to freezing temperatures and are shown to not possess a heat signature that can be picked up on. This proves to be a great advantage in combat; due to their attunement to the cold, the Yuki are extremely sensitive to heat signatures. This manifests in a passive air sonar that detects things that emit heat. This allows a Yuki to effectively sense living things and jutsu that release heat or energy within 5m of them. This can be seen as an extra pair of eyes behind their back, or an additional layer of sensory beyond that of the five senses - effective in battle. Examples of things that a Yuki can sense within this range are humans, summons, any living organism, and chakra-based jutsu that expel energy such as Fire or Lightning Release. Of course, any jutsu that emits heat or energy will be sensed as well. If a Yuki possesses the Sensory Specialty, the passive range of this "Heat Sensory" is extended to 20m.

Action Cost: N/A
Wordcount Cost: N/A

Requirements: Natural born Yuki or receive DNA Transplant.

Original app is here, made with the permission of Lachesis.
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Dana Senju
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Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp] Empty Re: Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp]

Sun Oct 17, 2021 4:34 pm
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Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp] Empty Re: Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp]

Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:37 am
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Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp] Empty Re: Yuki Physiology [V7] [Revamp]

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