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Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Ryo : 109650

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Thu Oct 07, 2021 6:33 pm
mission details:
Mission Name: Horror at the Hot Springs
Rank:  D-S
Mission Location: Yugakure no Sato

Challenges: Hunter
Task: An enemy is hunting you and a team of your closest companions through the twisted, foggy streets and buildings of Yugakure. One by one, you've watched them die, horribly murdered by this figure. Now it's just you and them.

This is treated as a high-stakes Hunter mission and can only be attempted by a team of one. It takes place in a nightmare (so your friends aren't actually dead), but if the figure kills a character during this mission they will be found murdered in their sleep. If the player wins, they will wake up in their home sleepwalking with the corpse of a Jashinist cultist on the floor beneath them, covered in blood.

Word Count Requirement: --
D: 4,000 Ryo / 20 AP / D-Rank Bounty / 8 Tickets

ai stats:
Name:Ai Senju
Power Rank:D
V1 -
V2 -
Full Beast -

KKG:sage's body
Clan Specialty:Ninjutsu

Current Stat Points: 300
Current Health Bar:300

Vigor:85(+25)(1298 ap)
Speed: 75(15 refles)
Strength:5 (5 DR)


Active fuinjutsu seals
chakra storage(60ap),
seal of absorbtionX4

Jutsu Unlocked


A-Rank:(5+2 slotless puppets)

Tobirama's rage
skillful achievement with a human body
syrup capture field
water dragon whip
whirling waters of wowness(double mastered no hand seals)

Puppets: Saya Ai (slotless)
coach snaptrap(slotless)

B-Rank:(15+2 slotless puppets)
hidden mist
temporary paralysis
practiced performance with a human body
water trumpet 
wild water wave
water shark bullet(double mastered no seals)
five feeding sharks
ninjutsu amplifier

summoning technique


genjutsu release(mastered no seals)

substitution technique
clone tech,
transformation tech,
  tree climbing/surface walking,

Skills Unlocked:
chakra threads(free slotless)
one handed seals
chakra infusion
clan pureblood

Summons Otters of stormrun lake
Ragnar otterbrook

ryo: 17300ryo
high octane teaX2
military soldier pillX4
8 haloween tickets
Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Ryo : 109650

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Thu Oct 07, 2021 6:46 pm
This day was DECIDEDLY not lovely. For the first time since her creation, Ai found nothing positive in the situation she found herself in. She rushed through the streets, glancing back every few moments to see if the enemy who'd killed her team was still on her heels. Coach kept pace one meter ahead, about half a meter to her left so she had vision, Behind her, one meter back and half a meter to the right the saya puppet followed, keeping the flank protected. As long as she could run, she had a chance.

Unfortunately just as she thought about the safety of fleeing, she glanced ahead. It seemed like the five meter wide fifteen meter tall alley made from stone buildings placed directly beside one another was finally opening up into free space. As she left the twenty meter long alleyway, She glanced about and terror gripped her. She'd entered a courtyard surrounded completely by tall stone walls. The space was a fourty meter square blocked off in every direction asside from the alley she'd entered by twenty meter high walls with barbed wire across the top. Why. Just like. Why. who even thought this was a good idea?! There were four benches, one in each corner about a meter from the wall with a three meter tall sapling beside each whose trunk couldn't have been thicker than her wrist. Other than that, there was nothing. Nothing to hide behind, nowhere to run.

She would move into the center of the square that clearly would be either her arena or obnoxiously large open casket. Ensuring that she at no point got within ten meters of anyone other than her puppets. The blue chakra threads glowed from Ai to her puppets as they stopped as near to the center as they could get without coming within ten meters of someone. shifting so that the two were in front of her, she took inventory. Coach on the left controled by her right hand. Saya on the right controled by her left. Was she still being followed? Was her enemy already here? The suspense gripped her.

(TWC 355 will calc ap once i use something more than puppets)
Ryo : 70400

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Thu Oct 14, 2021 11:06 pm

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Suguru13


Name: Kanaye Kaguya
Power Rank: D
Bijuu: -
V1 -
V2 -
Full Beast -

Clan: Kaguya
KKG: Shikotsumyaku
Clan Specialty: Taijutsu

Current Stat Points:200 (+50)
Current Health Bar: 200

Vigor: 50
Chakra: 25
Speed: 25 (+50)
Strength: 100 

Specialties: Ninjutsu
Element(s): Earth, Fire

Jutsu Unlocked


Earth Spear
360 Degree Shield Hand (Mastered +40 Power)
Hundred Fists of Fury

Taijutsu Amplifier
Whirlwind Pirouette Kick
Armor of Bone (+30 Power)
Dance of the Larch

Rending Drill Fang
Hiding Like a Mole Technique
Great Fireball
Digital Shrapnel
Tearing Earth Turning Palm (Mastered +20 Power) 

Earth Style Wall
Temporary Paralysis (Mastered no handseals)
Body Flicker
Fire Lash
Fire Piercing Darts

Clone Technique 
Transformation Technique 
Surface Walking Technique
Substitution Technique
Genjutsu Release (Mastered Reduced Handseals)

Skills Unlocked:
Pureblood (Slotless)
Kaguya Savagery (Slotless)
Chakra Infusion
Chakra Sensory
Chakra Suppression

Inventory: kunai, 2 Explosive Tags, 2 Smoke Bombs, 2 weapon pouches

Kanaye stalked his prey through the town. She was about the same speed as him, but he had one advantage, he knew this town like the back of his hand. The wind ruffled Kanaye’s dark crimson robe as he ran along the rooftops. He watched as the puppet girl ran through the alley, and ran alongside her from around 20 meters above. However, she would not be able to sense his presence, as Kanaye was actively suppressing his chakra.

As he saw her enter the square and head towards the center of their soon to be arena, Kanaye decided it was time to attack. There was a trap door on the roof, with a ladder that led down to the bottom of the building he was on, so Kanaye descended the rungs and walked out into the alley, one meter away from where it opened up into the square. The puppeteer had already made it to the center of the arena by this point, so Kanaye first walked one meter forwards so he too was inside the arena. Then he dropped his robe off his shoulders and allowed it to fall down around his waist, revealing his bare chest. Although the puppeteer wouldn’t be able to see it, as his back wasn’t facing her, Kanaye had a symbol of Jashin tattooed on his back.

After watching her for another moment, Kanaye started running towards Ai at full speed, although he remained very cautious and aware of his surroundings. Regardless of what happened while he attempted to bridge the 20 meter gap, Kanaye made sure he was prepared to react appropriately to any scenario. Be it an attack from the girl, from one of the puppets, or no attack at all. Kanaye wasn’t an idiot who would just keep running straight towards an attack or into an enemy without doing anything himself. The girl was to be sacrificed to lord Jashin and there was nothing she could do to stop him from doing so. 

“Maybe if I do good, lord Jashin will grant me immortality like the stories say!” Kanaye thought as he ran. This caused an evil and bloodthirsty grin to creep across his face. Whatever the circumstances, this fight was sure to be a blast.
Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Ryo : 109650

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:12 am
A robed figure appeared almost exactly where she would have expected him to. I mean. That's convenient, but the ideal situation would have been no figure, she thought. Looks like the murderer wasn't satsified with just killing her friends. She would have to fight. The moment he pushed towards her she moved back, forming the hand seals for the summoning jutsu. This absolute meanie face had killed three people so far! There was uh. Random ninja with the spikey hair, That one really big ninja with like. The sword that did something or the other, and the really short old ninja who walked with a cane. Why had they even been on a mission with an elderly man who literally couldn't move more than like ten speed? Right now it didn't matter.

Keeping her eyes on her opponent she would drop down to cast the summoning jutsu, a split in her palm providing the sacrifice as she ducked low, her palm gliding across the stone below as her feet slid a full meter at her max speed, leaving a trail of blood as the fuinjutsu mark formed three meters behind her puppets, which had sat at rest one meter in front of ai before her movement. An otter decked out in totally bad ass leather armor puffed into view at the mark of the seal, glancing back for a moment to see ai still rushing away from the man coming towards her. he understood his job.

Continuing her movement until she placed ten meters between herself and her puppets Ai followed the summoning technique up with two more sets of hand seals formed in unison.

Tiger. Boar. Dog. Rat.
Ram. Tiger. Ox. Boar. Bird. Dog.

She would wait until their opponent was two meters from the two puppets, each puppet shifting to put a distance of five meters between them in a triangular formation with ai ten meters to the back. Then a stream of high viscocity sweet fluid would pour from the Saya puppet. The stream flowed across the ground quickly, targeting the space directly in front of her feet, less than a meter from the puppet. THe field spread quickly, opening up to create a patch of dangerous control that would be twenty meters in every direction from the puppet at a speed of 85. While the higher speed would be enough to threaten the cultist whose speed wasn't sufficient to remove himself effectively from the quickly stretching zone, the true strength of the technique would be in its control. WIth an amplified power of 125 any without a strength to suprass would find their movements halted. With the way this guy was trying to close distance she expected that would be a problem.

The field would overtake the two puppets quickly. As it neared the range to threaten holding them in place their feet lifted from the ground, hovering just high enough to not touch the sticky ninjutsu. The moment ragnar realized the situation, having glanced at ai and back as the smoke first cleared, He moved forward himself, Setting two feet into the coach puppet's slatted back to climb up and hold on, forming seals of his own.

Juggle right. Juggle figure eight. Juggle left. Balance on nose. His hands would be a blur of incredibly rediculous movements as the otter juggled a rock around, chest resting against the stationary puppet for balance. At his higher speed he would have made it onto the coach puppet by the time their enemy made it to the six meter mark, and would be sitting in wait with the puppets as ai prepared to spring her trap. Now they just needed to see if the syrup did it's job, or if he would need to use THAT jutsu.

(TWC 983

Ai: 1289-10(threads)-40(summon) -23(nin amp b rank)- 34(syrup)-20(cast through saya)-20(both jutsu ohs)=1142

for clarity i've posted ai's timeline and then ragnars so the ragnar paragraph doesn't happen after all the ai stuff i just split them into two different sections so its clear what each are doing in the time frame ^^))
Ryo : 70400

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:39 pm
As Kanaye ran forwards, he saw the puppetry girl run backwards. 
“What a little pest,” he thought with disgust. 

However, it would seem that Ai left her puppets back, as well as summoned what appeared to be an otter, which climbed up onto the male puppet’s back. But this didn’t faze Kanaye, who kept running head on. At least, until he saw the Saya puppet spew out what appeared to be some sort of thick fluid at an extremely high power causing Kanaye to halt.  As soon as it hit the ground right at the puppets feet, it started rapidly expanding, so Kanaye decided he would have to avoid it. Instead of running around it or jumping, Kanaye immediately started sinking into the ground at 75 speed. At this point in time, he was around 2.8 meters away from the origin point of the syrup, which was moving towards him at 85 speed. The enemy jutsu stayed on the surface of the earth, so Kanaye only had to get his entire body underground to be safe. Kanaye was 190 centimeters tall, or 1.9 meters, meaning that he had to travel 1.9 meters before the fluid traveled 2.8. As the liquid raced towards him, Kanaye started to get nervous, trying to burrow underground faster. But luckily for him, the syrup wasn’t fast enough to catch him, only making it 2.2 meters before Kanaye was completely underground. 

Now that he was safe again, Kanaye started running towards Ai once more, sensing everything within a 10 meter radius of himself that was touching or within the ground. Meaning it was actually relatively useless at the moment, as the puppets were floating a few inches above the ground, and Ai was two meters out of Kanaye’s sensory range. However, once he traveled two meters forwards, he would be able to sense Ai, assuming she didn’t move. Additionally, if any attacks were sent at him, for instance the jutsu the otter happened to be preparing, Kanaye would be able to sense them and react accordingly. Kanaye ran the 12 meters forwards so he was in theory directly underneath Ai, unless of course she had moved. As he ran, Kanaye would pay attention to everything going on, including the positions of any people above ground, the expanding syrup field, and probably most importantly, any attacks that might be shot at him. How he reacted once there all depended on what Ai and her summon decided to do in response to Kanaye’s underground retreat.
jutsu/ap used:

Starting AP: 750
-20 AP for C rank Rending Drill Fang (60 power, user speed)
AP remaining: 730
Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Ryo : 109650

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Sun Oct 17, 2021 10:26 pm
Her opponent shifted gears, deciding instead of attacking them head on to....go underground? Well that didn't seem fair. Thankfully it was an effort in futility. At Kanaye's max speed he moved ten speed slower than Ai's starch syrup capture field. The very syrup capture field that was readily expanding in all directions to a 20 meter radius. Fun fact: twenty meter raidus is exactly fourty meters in diameter, which happens to be the entire length of the open arena they were fighting in.Unfortunately, His rending drill fang had one major down side.As he burrowed under the ground and began heading towards her, the powers of vague manipulation keeping him just inches from the surface, the syrup that overtook the point that he was at continued to flow over the hole, and into it. What happens next would be quite comical. The expanding syrup would leave a bit of an open spot where specifically the hole is, the portion of the jutsu that would have covered that circular area constantly falling into the hole and coating the walls of the hole faster than he could dig it at a speed of 85. It would only be a matter of time before the area she'd targetted, which includes this new addition, was fully coated in her jutsu which would hold her opponent in place, gluing his arms to walls and his body with its power of 125.

As her opponent crossed the 2 meter mark that would be needed to sense Ai, He would find nothing. The thick layer of syrup crossed the threshold well before he could, shielding Ai from sensory even if she didn't move, and locking him underground with a power that his c rank jutsu could never hope to match.

in the time it would take Kanaye to burrow under the ground, Her syrup would coat an area four meters ahead of him, continuing at 85 speed to move towards her as he tried desperately to race it towards her. This would effectively block the are of her vision, leaving a blind spot that would include where she was standing when he finally got within range.

Now onto what she did as her jutsu did it's work.

Ai needed to make sure she had a catalyst for her water style ninjutsu. She knew the syrup would be a barrier against underground attacks, so it should stay in place, but there was one problem. Using any of her jutsu that required a suiton source would mean drawing form the syrup field and opening up the barrier that was currently setting a power check to anything that wanted to cross it. There was a quick answer to that.

Dragon. Tiger. Hare. Ram.

The moment her opponent was out of sight she would leap upwards, soaring ten meters up in an arc that would carry her ten meters behind her puppets, touching down with Coach to the left and Saya on the right. She just hoped that her jump was high enough to give herself time to react should he manage to break the syrup that saught to coat the battlefield in a tough layer of defense.

As she left the ground both Ai and Ragnar formed hand seals, but held the final seal, chakra ready but not released so they could throw their attacks at the perfect moment

Balance on nose. Juggle figure eight. Juggle left. Juggle left. Roll left and right between collar bones. Juggle right.

Bird. Dog. Tiger. Bird. Dragon.

"whirling waters....Of...."

And so they waited and watched, prepared to release their strength the moment something happened.

(TWC 1578


AI: 1142-5(threads)-40(ragnar)-23(syrup)
Ragnar: 400

For clarity i pointed out how my active jutsu worked in response to the opponents actions, and then began Ai and ragnar's timeline so now what she did is the begining of Ai's timeline with everything before just being how Syrup interacts with the underground effect)
Ryo : 70400

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:43 pm
Kanaye made it half a meter forwards in the time the syrup made it the 0.6 meters remaining to enter the hole. Due to the sensory that Rending Drill Fang provided, Kanaye could instantly detect the fluid that began to seep into the hole he had dug. Kanaye had been standing at his full height up to this point, his head only a few inches from the surface, however he realized he would have to alter his path if he wanted to evade this jutsu. Kanaye dropped down on all fours, and after forming three hand seals, started rapidly digging like that instead. This made the hole he was traveling through smaller and farther from the surface, which hopefully would allow him to escape. The hole he now dug was half a meter high and one meter wide, his body scraping against the earthen walls.

Two of the hand seals he had formed caused the earth right at the entrance of this new hole to slowly start closing in from the top towards the ground, forming a very tiny wall. This wall was half a meter tall, one meter wide, and one centimeter thick. In theory, this would be able to keep the water out and away from the kaguya. Kanaye decided not to put his full power towards increasing the speed of the wall, and instead only increased it to a speed of 20, for fear of having his legs trapped. While he knew he was taking a risk, as the syrup was quickly approaching, Kanaye figured it was the safest option. The third hand seal he had formed caused him to very slowly start shrinking to a version of himself with 3 inches in each dimension at a speed of 20. Since he was shrinking at the same rate as the wall was descending, he should be able to make it through the wall without his legs being crushed.

 Since Kanaye was pretty much military crawling, his body was outstretched to almost it’s full 1.9 meters, however, the transformation jutsu caused it to progressively become shorter. With his 75 speed Kanaye could make it through with a quarter meter still between the ground and the wall. Whie this wasn’t a lot, keep in mind the larger parts of his body had already made it through with more space, and he had already shrunk a fair amount. In this time, the water had traveled 2.1 meters, putting it 0.3 meters away from the wall, just as it created a seal between Kanaye and the syrup. The movable fluid wouldn’t be able to find any gaps in this wall to slip through, meaning Kanaye was completely safe.

By now Kanaye had traveled 1.8 meters, so he undid the transformation and kept crawling, heading towards the direction Ai had been running.

“That girl will pay,” He thought as he burrowed through the ground. He unfortunately realized that he couldn’t sense the girl due to the layer of chakra infused water that coated the ground, however he would be sure to find her. As he continued to burrow, Kanaye made sure to keep sensing his surroundings for any attacks that might be coming his way.
jutsu/ap used:

AP: 730
-10 for Rending Drill Fang (60 power, user speed)
-10 for Earth Style Wall (30 health, 20 speed)
-5 for Transformation (20 p/s)
AP remaining: 705
Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Ryo : 109650

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:40 pm
There was a clear difference between what happened above the ground and below. While Kanaye's earth wall was able to close off the flow of syrup after only a bit dripped out, a bit was all that was needed. Given that the hole he made was enough to fully submerge himself(1.9m), and with starch syrup capture fields ability to both spread across an entire area and be able to spread on verticle surfaces, It was this singular jutsu that would begin the end for our enemy. He detected some of the fluid seeping into the hole he'd dug. It would be silly that Kanaye formed seals, and then dug several meters forwards before activating his earthen wall jutsu due to not stating  how far he'd dug after forming the seals, and then describing the earth wall forming AFTER stating that he'd dug forward, but unfortunately silly seems to be the world we are living in. It didn't matter, given that he'd stated the syrup was already seeping into the hole. Even if he'd activated it earlier, at its speed it the syrup cleared the less than one meter distance far faster than the 20 speed earth wall could hope to close it off. This is where things get fun. 

Due to Kanaye having not reacted in a way to stop the syrup from getting into the hole, when Ai landed on the other side, behind her puppets....Nothing would happen. How could it? The syrup captured Kanaye as described, holding his body in place in what would seem to be an effective stone coffin. Syrup would hold his feet to the ground, Lock his arms firmly against the earth he'd been digging through, and fully incapacitate him due to this one singular mistake. 

After a minute of nothing happening, Ai would have to assume that her jutsu had worked. Now it was time to do something. Power flowed through her body as Ai forwent her Whirling waters jutsu, allowing the chakra flow to cease as she formed a new set of seals, the blue aura of Tobirama's rage granting her additional strength. The Saya puppet moved fowards, Stopping just within five meters of the point where Ai had lept from, chaneling the jutsu for her pupeteer.

Tiger. Ram. Hare. Monkey. Tiger. 

The syrup at her previous stopping point, which would coincidentally be directly above where Kanaye was trapped by syrup would raise up, a shift that was imperceptible by kanae as the volume of syrup needed to form the ball was fed by the starting point's movement. And so the wall that stopped his vision simply rose up to create an orb of sticky syrup that blocked his sensory....Until. 

Four tendrils of sharp water cut through the earth. Her Water dragon whip didn't need to see the target to cut into it's body with deadly accuracy due to it's autonimous nature. Anything within ten meters got the axe, While he'd dug lower, Again he didn't state how much lower, so as the Water dragon whip tendils cut through the earth with a speed and power of 110, They would only find they needed to travel a one meter distance before the earth opened up to a trapped and stuck Kanaye. If not stopped, The tendrils would stab through his neck and skull, with the last two ripping through his chest to remove the still beating heart from his body. Otherwise the jutsu would act according to the danger presented to it with automatic vigor. 

(TWC 1707

OOC: since you stated it had already entered the hole("Kanaye could instantly detect the fluid that began to seep into the hole he had dug"), and given my jutsu moving at over four times the speed that your wall does it makes it overtakes the movement of the wall and goes under it handily. Since you didn't answer the attack it goes through, locking your body up including your arms as described so calling a hit with syrup capture. With you not saying when you were stopping movement this post, but with your last post saying you stopped under where saya was standing, the hit is claimed at that point. 

To note, Rending drill fang stops all sensory if a ground effect is active, so with the water dragon whip forming as more syrup pours into the space its taking up, the ground effect never leaves and your vision is blocked so your sensory doesn't activate until the attack begins

AP:AI:1074-5(threads)-40(ragnar)-23(syrup)-40(whip)-20(cast through saya)=946
ragnar: 400)
Ryo : 70400

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Sat Oct 23, 2021 7:10 pm
When Kanaye was considering the timing of his actions, he had forgotten one important thing. The amount of time it would take for him to drop down to the ground. Considering that the wall couldn’t begin it’s descent until a centimeter of earth was cleared away, Ai’s syrup did in fact ensnare Kanaye as he tried to escape. So even though the earth wall began to form as soon as Kanaye started to dig the smaller tunnel, and not later like Saya seemed to believe, the outcome was still the same.  But luckily for him, Kanaye still had a chance. The moment he felt the thick fluid ensnare him, Kanaye realized it’s purpose: to keep him from moving. Well he wouldn’t be a very good killer if something as insignificant as that could stop him, now would he? Kanaye channeled his earth chakra through his entire body, and after a few moments, his entire body was coursing with even more power. While the chakra was spreading, Kanaye undid the transformation, and soon he was back at full height.

As soon as his enhancer had finished activating, Kanaye started digging through the ground, back towards the direction that he came from, due to the fact that using his passive chakra sensory skill, he didn’t sense Ai, only a large sphere of chakra. A sphere of chakra that shot four spears towards Kanaye. Four spears that were abruptly destroyed upon hitting the syrup. You see, the field of syrup that stretched across the arena didn’t have the ability to attack, but it could defend fairly well. The spears Ai conjured had a scaled power of 110, while the syrup field had a power of 125 due to the amplifier. Unfortunately for Ai, being made from the same liquid didn’t make the spears exempt from the power check it needed to pass through the syrup directly below. And so, all four of the spears smashed against the syrup field and lost their structure, rejoining the mass from which the sphere came. Kanaye burrowed through the syrup that had clogged his previous tunnel, then continued on through the ground, traveling for 15 meters before finally sensing Ai. He was able to do this because basic chakra sensory wasn’t blocked by the syrup chakra that coated the ground. He continued to travel the remaining five meters until he was directly underneath.

Once in position, Kanaye would burst out from underground at 125 speed, his fist traveling towards Ai in an uppercut. Since the power of his fist didn’t surpass the syrup's power, he wasn’t able to destroy any of it. However, he wasn’t stopped either, as he still passed the strength check. Simultaneously, he activated temporary paralysis, hoping to land a free hit on the puppeteer. As he came above ground, Kanaye would look directly at Ai, causing the cone of chakra to be focused on her, while also paying attention to his sensory to watch for any other attacks. As always, Kanaye would remain alert and ready to react to anything that might happen.
jutsu/ap used:

AP: 705
-10 for Rending Drill Fang (60 power, user speed)
-40 for Earth Spear
-10 for Temporary Paralysis (30 p/s)
AP Remaining: 645
Earth Style Wall 1/3
Transformation 1/3
Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
Ryo : 109650

Horror at the hot springs[hunter] Empty Re: Horror at the hot springs[hunter]

Sat Oct 23, 2021 10:23 pm
It was finally crunch time. The earth broke beneath Ai as her opponent sent a devastating uppercut aimed at her chin with such force that he would fly upwards until his feet reached the five meter mark in the air. Reacting With a speed of ninety the moment she felt the ground shift beneath her,  her body would move backward far more quickly than his body could travel the nearly two meters, given she only actually had to move inches to watch the fist sail past her face. As she shifted, her puppets following her movement away from the enemy who quickly rose up from the ground to now be standing between the quartet, several things happened at once, each the moment she felt the earth shift beneath her. 

First, Ai pressed one hand held already within an inch of her chest from her handseals into her own body. At the same time her other hand thrust forward as she moved back, in a motion that would make it look like she clutched her chest with one hand while throwing a punch with the other. The force of Kanaye's bursting out of the ground would propel him upwards to just miss ai, and he would have a heck of an unfortunate wake up when he came down. The hand touching her chest would immediately place strings on her, the Saya puppet falling to the ground as her practiced performance with a human body took over. This would leave Ai retreating backwards to a ten meter point of safety unless something happened with the puppets moving forward to stop at the five meter mark between themselves and Kanaye. 

second. The arm thrust forward was intentional. While it only needed to move a few inches to activate the technique, being completely out of Kanaye's path as it moved no more than two inches, the effect was dynamic. Three meters from Kanaye a large shark lifted up from the syrup as her fist thrust, roaring towards him. With a speed and power of one hundred the shark would seek to devour it's prey, catching him far before he could land on the ground and find movement to dodge it. The three meter wide shark's body centered on the point it would meet it's prey in the air, heading strait onto AI's opponent's falling position to strike before he hit the one meter mark.

Third. With a taijutsu fighter breaking through the ground towards Ai, Ragnar allowed his jutsu to finally activate. His body would seem to be dripping water as his enhancer activated, boosting his chakra and speed by 50 points, and then Five orbs of powerful medical suiton formed up from the ground in front of where he was being carried at a speed of 123(pup speed not technique speed), the same speed Ai would be moving the moment her strings grabbed herself. All five ripped through the air, rushing in a line towards Kanae that would make it nearly impossible to dodge them. With a speed of 150 and power of 200 three orbs would be aimed close enough to ensure he couldn't turn and be missed, with each angled to catch him as he reached the one meter mark of his fall back to the earth. Unless stopped he would shift them in air in such a way that if he moved they would follow path, with the two orbs on the outside set to just barelly miss his body, falling with him in preparation for the second round of attacks. 

Kanaye would look Ai in the eyes, trying to activate a technique he didn't perform hand seals for, only to find out that Temporary paralysis technique cannot be mastered. Because of this, though her speed would have been sufficient to get out of it, in regards to that particular technique, Nothing would happen. 

Fourth. With the syrup no longer important, The sticky fluid would shift to regular water, splashing against Kanaye's body as he flowed through it up into the air. The puppets still glided just barelly off the ground, but a mere second after they reacted to the splitting earth, there would be no stickly liquid threatening her summons movement. Thankfully the Saya puppet on the ground had a silicone coating to protect it from all the water. 

(TWC 2382

Note: Ai reacts at 90 because of reaction time(75+15) and the vagued attack sent to her chin which passes in front of her body is easily avoided

Temp paralysis cannot be mastered so it doesn't go off

AP: 946-5(threads)-40(ragnar)-23(last post syrup active)-30(water dragon whip. ap cost for last post was wrong because of 25% but doing 25 on this post makes ap correct, will  pay 40 next post for upkeep if its still up) 30(tobi's rage from last post)-40(tobi this post)-23(practiced)-23(water shark bullet)=732

Ragnar:400-30(river's flowing tide)-50(river's judgement ap cost reduced by river's flowing tide)=320

jutsu active because theres alot:

river's judgement 200 power(amped) 150 speed
river's flowing tide +50 spe and chakra

tobirama's rage +60 chak and vig(2/3 posts active)
water dragon whip  110 all stats 2/4 posts
practiced performance with a human body linked to AI making movement speed 123(same for coach puppet) 1/4 posts
water shark bullet 100 all stats activated seallessly 1/2 posts
this is the last post for nin amp cd)
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