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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
Ryo : 72650

Four days(training/solo) Empty Four days(training/solo)

Thu Oct 07, 2021 5:36 pm
Day One of training...

It was the crack of dawn, and surprisingly enough, Ise was already out there, beginning to train once more. His mother was still sleeping and as he was getting ready, he decided to try and not make too much noise. As a Medical Kunoichi, she had recently been working late nights and after weeks of late nights, she had finally gotten a break and decided that it was for the best if she continued sleeping rather than worrying about him. She deserved to have as much rest as possible, so he quietly got dressed, grabbed a pastry for a bite on the go, and left, locking the front door behind him. He quickly scarfed down his pastry as he jogged down the street, wearing a satisfied expression after he finished his small breakfast. That was when he passed one of the clients he had for a mission. She smiled at him gently, giving him a wave. He grinned while waving back as he swiftly jogged past her wooden fence. He held his grin, his eyes focused on ahead once again so that he wouldn’t run into anyone, or bump into something. He was normally clumsy as is, but ever since he got into his training regime more often, he started to become more aware of his surroundings, albeit a little. 

After a good half-hour of jogging, he had finally made it to the Water Garden. He looked around, and from the looks of it, he had the training grounds all to himself, which made his grin grow even more. He brought his hands together, weaving one hand sign, creating a shadow clone. “Alright, I’m guessing you wanted to train, right?” The shadow clone asked the real Ise. “That’s right! Today’s the day we start learning some more fire-style jutsu, as well as maybe a few other things. If we have more time before I have to meet up with my team,” The real Ise said, smirking while cracking his knuckles. “Today’s the day I can prove to myself that I can do some dangerous missions, so give me everything you got! Don’t hold back!” Isemori grinned at his shadow clone, while taking a defensive stance. “Tch, well alright then. It’s your funeral though,” The shadow clone of Ise said with the exact same smirk that the real one was wearing. 

They jumped back a few good yards from one another, and then after a few minutes of waiting, they ran towards each other and clashed. As both of their arms touched one another, the real Ise’s Sharingan activated along with his shadow clone’s.  They went at it, blocking, countering, and parrying one another with relative ease. Some got in a few good hits between the others, however, when one of them got it, got back up immediately after, hit just as hard. Then, the battle got a little more intense, beginning to use ninjutsu. The shadow clone after being sent back a little from the real Ise’s hit to the clone’s face had weaved hand signs as he was shuffling back through the grass. “Fire Style - Phoenix Flower Jutsu!” Ise clone said, spitting out a barrage of small fireballs  after regaining his balance .  Ise had begun to avoid a few of them,  however, the remaining fireballs changed their trajectory just enough and one of them hit Ise, exploding on impact. 

The clone grinned, however, his grin changed when the smoke cleared, revealing a charred piece of lumber from a substitution jutsu from real Ise as he was attempting to avoid the clone’s ninjutsu. The real Ise smirked when the clone had caught on, realizing that he was now on the hill right above the training ground’s pond. He began to weave the hand signs Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, and Tiger in that order; finishing just in time for the clone to see the real Ise finish weaving the hand signs for his own jutsu. “Fire Style - Great Fireball Jutsu!” right before inhaling, only exhale a massive fireball gunning towards his clone from above forming a twenty-meter diameter. The clone had managed to get out of the way in time, having been engulfed by water as well as steam created from the real Ise’s fireball. “Gotcha,” The real Ise had said just as soon as the clone dusted himself off from behind him. The clone had not realized just as he was dodging the massive fireball, that the real Isemori had moved once again; forming another set of hand signs, then firing off his Cero jutsu in the form of a beam. 

Ise’s shadow clone instantly dissipated into a cloud of smoke upon impact from the Cero beam; a chunk of the ground torn into from the beam’s impact as it pierced right through the shadow clone, leaving a hole in the ground where the pond had opened outward into a little more.  “Welp, that was round one. Now on to round two,” Isemori had said, forming the hand sign; performing another Shadow Clone jutsu. With a puff of smoke, another clone quickly appeared, replacing the old shadow clone. “I take it, the first one lost?” The newly-created shadow clone had asked in an annoyed tone of voice. “Yup, and now it’s your turn,” the real Ise replied with an enthusiastic grin. The clone groaned, showing just how annoyed it was while muttering as it got into position, “I wish the first shadow clone would have lasted longer.” The real Ise frowned and said to his own shadow clone, “Ah, c’mon. Don’t be like that! What if this was a real life-and-death situation!? Besides, training is supposed to be fun!” He said, letting his enthusiastic grin grow wider, despite the fact the shadow clone didn’t seem to change his attitude. How this second match started was similar, with the only difference being that they were using kunai to counter and parry one another. Another thing that was different was how fast this shadow clone had went down, losing his balance altogether after being knocked back by the real Ise, only for it dissipate in a cloud of smoke when the real Uchiha lunged forward; shoving the kunai in the shadow clone’s chest. “I swear that second one was lost on purpose. It didn’t even try compared to the first one,” Ise thought to himself, letting out a sigh. 

“Okay! Third time’s the charm!” Ise said, creating another shadow clone replica of himself. “Are you ready to do this thing, or what?” the third shadow clone had asked the real Ise, which made him say in yet another enthusiastic tone of voice, “You bet!” The two of them gave each other a fist bump; then getting into positions. This one was by far the longest of Ise’s sparring matches. In fact, he had no choice but to deactivate his sharingan mid battle in order to preserve his own chakra. Despite the third shadow clone being the one to last the longest, the real Ise had been the one to stay standing. 

A pool of sweat dripped from the young Uchiha’s forehead, his silver hair soaking up the sweat that was coming from his pores; his eyes no longer having that enthusiastic glint within them. Instead, it was replaced with exhaustion. He practically crawled over to the pond, wanting to see something. As soon as his face appeared in the reflection off the pond water, he activated his Sharingan to see if it had changed. Unfortunately, it was still the same. One tomoe. “Still nothing? Ah man,” Ise groaned, frustrated that his Sharingan eyes hadn’t changed at all. However, his frustration didn’t last long, and replaced with a gentle smile, still not able to hide how tired he was from his training. He sighed while sitting up, getting back on his own two feet and had then decided to go home. “It was probably a bad idea to train so early. Now, if I have a mission, I’ll be so damn tired, I won’t even be able to see straight, let alone think straight,” He thought to himself as he walked back home.

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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
Ryo : 72650

Four days(training/solo) Empty Re: Four days(training/solo)

Thu Oct 07, 2021 5:39 pm
Day Two of training …

Ise had woken up, preparing for his second day of training, however, when he got downstairs, his mother was awake. “Well, I’m glad I was able to catch you before you went out to go train,” Ise’s mom chuckled. “Hey mom, and why? Is something up?” He had asked her, tilting his head slightly. She shook her head and said, “No, nothing is wrong I assure you. But, I figured this would probably help you with your training,” She said, grabbing an old journal that she had sitting in front of her on the kitchen table. “This is your father’s,” She explained, while Ise looked at her, not really knowing what to say. Well, there was one thing. “What’s in it?” He had asked. Ise’s mother knew that he would be fascinated by it just for the simple fact that it was his father’s. Ise, his mother, and his older brother, Itsuki had missed their father very much. “It has all of the jutsu that your father had learned during his time as a Shinobi,” She smiled, which made Ise’s jaw drop a little. He wasn’t showing his typical kind of excitement than he normally would. Perhaps it was because of the journal that his mother had handed to him and not being sure if he should look inside it just yet. Since it belonged to his father, it meant something far more than just some training material. “Thank you, mom,” Ise had smiled, grabbing a pastry before heading out the door. “If you see Itsuki by the way, tell him I’m looking for him?” His mother had asked her youngest child with a smile. “Sure mom, I’ll let him know,” He smiled back before heading out. He couldn’t help but stare at the journal as he walked towards the training grounds. 

“Well, I guess this beats fighting against my shadow clones,” He thought to himself, having made it to the water gardens without realizing it until he happened to look up and notice his surroundings. His eyes had been transfixed on the journal in his hands the whole time. He jogged up the hill, wanting to sit near the cliff right below the pond. He had his hands ready to open the journal, however, he was still hesitant about opening it. He took a deep breath and then after another second of hesitating, opened the journal to the very first page. He put his hand on the center of the page, seeing his father’s handwriting for the very first time. He couldn’t help but smile faintly, feeling a sense of warmth. It was clear that this journal clearly meant something to him. Although, he wasn’t planning on keeping it forever. Once he was finished learning what he could learn out of it, he would give it back to his mother. Ise had begun to read the journal, seeing that his father had started writing down some of some fire style jutsu. Even though the first few jutsu that were on the first page was something that he already knew, Ise couldn’t help but feel compelled to read it still. It was as if his father was sitting there with him, telling him a story. His own experiences. It wasn’t until he had gotten to the fourth page that he was unfamiliar with the jutsu that was scrawled on the page. It read as follows:

“Hiding in the Ash and Dust jutsu

Hand signs are Ox, Rat, Dog, Horse, Monkey, Boar and Tiger
Can add the Dragon Hand sign to make the jutsu more potent, however, this requires extensive training

The caster of the jutsu can expel ash infused with their own chakra of fire nature from their mouths, which blankets twenty meters of their surroundings. Enemies coming into contact with the expelled ash will get burned. It can even be lethal if vital organs are struck as well as their body being covered by the burn marks from this jutsu.”

“Jeez, dad. You really didn’t mess around did you?” Isemori couldn't help but think that to himself. He admitted though that this was a very handy fire style ninjutsu. Even though he was excited to learn of his own father’s jutsu, he felt different than how he’d usually express his excitement. It was still there, sure, but he also had a sense of seriousness attached to his smirk as well. He got up, jumping down onto the pond, sending chakra to the heels of his feet before landing on the water’s surface. He then stepped off the pond's surface and into the grass, beginning to practice his hand signs for his father’s jutsu. This was his chance - his chance to make his father, who had passed on, proud even from the afterlife. A part of Ise wished that his father could still be around to watch him grow, but Ise knew that there was no way that could happen - not even with his Sharingan eyes. The only thing that he could do is keep pushing forward and make his father proud of him, even after death. “Father, I promise you,” Ise thought to himself while preparing to do jutsu for real this time while weaving the hand signs. “I’ll make you proud!”

“Fire Style - Hiding in Ash and Dust jutsu!” With that, Ise exhaled a cloud of hot ash that had surrounded him and most of the training grounds. It was fortunate for him that there wasn’t anyone else around, or they’d probably be getting burned by now. Ise was also worried that the hot ash might hurt him, however, a few minutes after releasing the jutsu, he had come to the realization that the jutsu itself wasn’t affecting him at all. “Well, this is something that my dad forgot to write down, it seems.” Ise said, then giving off a slight chuckle. A few minutes after casting the jutsu, Ise released it; the cloud of chakra-infused ash dissipated. 

Now that he had learned a new jutsu, Ise had decided to go ahead and create a shadow clone in order to practice it. “You already know how this goes,” The real Isemori smirked at his clone. The shadow clone of his smirked back and said, “I’d say something along the lines of ‘I couldn’t have said better, myself’ but then again, I’m technically you so.” This made the real Ise as well as the shadow clone of his laugh together as they were beginning to spread themselves apart from one another so that they could spar. Once they had gotten into positions, the real Ise grinned and said, “Alright, let’s go,” signaling the start of the spar with his shadow clone. 

Both the real Ise and his shadow clone, instead of sprinting towards one another, quickly began weaving hand signs together, colliding their fireball jutsus with one another which caused an explosion the moment of collision. The real Ise had immediately then activated his sharingan as the Shadow clone made a bee line for him, going through the smoke. “Now’s the time to use the new jutsu I learn from dad’s journal before my shadow clone gets any ideas,” Ise had said, blocking the clone’s punch, then swiftly countering by forcing him past him as the real Ise slightly veered to the right while pushing himself away in the direction the shadow clone had come from. This allowed Ise to weave the hand signs, once again exhaling out the deadly chakra-infused ash from his mouth. 

It took a bit however, the shadow clone couldn’t get out of the vicinity of the hot ash that surrounded it and a few minutes later, the shadow clone of Ise’s dissipated in a small puff of smoke. “Hehe! Real Isemori - one; Shadow Clone - zero once again,” The young Uchiha said, flashing a grin across his face, talking to himself. Ise had decided that he would call it a day and decided to head back home. As soon as he entered the front door, he said, “I’m home! I’m not late for dinner, am I?” Ise had said. He took a minute smelling food cooking, which meant that for once in life, he wasn’t late. 

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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
Ryo : 72650

Four days(training/solo) Empty Re: Four days(training/solo)

Thu Oct 07, 2021 5:58 pm
Day three of training…

Ise had already made his way to the training grounds, with his father’s journal in hand. The other night before he had fallen asleep, he couldn’t help but want to read his father’s journal some more. There is more to his father’s journal than just Ninjutsu. There were a bunch of other things as well, such as Genjutsu. Ise admitted that he wasn’t particularly fond of Genjutsu, however, Ise knew that the Uchiha were known for their expertise in Genjutsu. What’s more is that the Sharingan was capable of casting Genjutsu onto others, but in order for an Uchiha to do so, their Sharingan had to be far more developed than what his eyes were currently capable of doing. In other words, his Sharingan eyes weren’t capable of pulling off such a feat, or at least not yet. His own eyes were only able to see other’s movements more clearly, and even them that too had its own limits. That was why for now, he would be solely focused on learning more ninjutsu. 

Ise hummed a little tune to himself as he flipped through the pages of his father’s journal, sitting on the very top of the hill of the training grounds. That was when he noticed a change, going from fire style to Lightning Style. “So, dad also knew Lightning style on top of Fire Style,” Ise thought to himself, which looking at it now made perfect sense, given the fact that he had both chakra natures as well. After thinking to himself, he went back to reading and when he flipped the page, he noticed the name of the very first jutsu that was lightning style. Chidori. “After forming the hand signs Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, and Snake in that order, creates a high concentration of lightning in one of the jutsu caster’s hands. This ninjutsu is short-ranged, but has incredible power, and is classified as an A-Rank ninjutsu. The high concentration of lightning in the caster’s hand also gives off a very distinctive sound, almost like a thousand birds chirping all at once, hence the jutsu’s name.” Ise read, which made his face light up. 

“This jutsu sounds pretty awesome!” The young Uchiha said, deciding to read more of his father’s notes about the jutsu. “However, despite this, this particular jutsu has one incredible flaw that most ninja cannot overcome. The speed this jutsu has may be incredible, but with it comes one huge drawback. Those who use this jutsu, especially while from a distance, charge at their enemies straight ahead, causing the person who uses this jutsu to gain a tunnel-vision effect, making them lose sight of long-ranged attacks from their flanks let alone coming from in front of them.” Ise had read, while letting that sink in. “Ah man, really!?” Ise had said, beginning to pout. Because of this little piece of information, the young Uchiha wasn’t sure if he should continue to read more of his father’s notes about the Chidori. He contemplated it for a good five, maybe ten minutes before deciding to pick the journal back up and read it once more from where he left off. 

“The Uchiha in particular, however, are some of the few shinobi to actually not gain the tunnel-vision effect because of their Sharingan eyes. When an Uchiha uses both the Sharingan and Chidori simultaneously, not only will they be able to see an enemies oncoming attacks, but also can be able to avoid counter attacks; allowing to still land a fatal blow with this jutsu,” Ise had finished reading, made him excited once more. “So that’s why dad continued to learn the jutsu, because of the Sharingan,” Ise said aloud to himself. Ise also had a feeling that learning this jutsu would more than likely help develop his Sharingan as well. Ise managed to look down, seeing that there were more notes that his father had written about the particular jutsu. “Those who master this jutsu can also create the high concentration of lightning in their hands without weaving hand signs, however, this requires more extensive training with the Chidori in order for one to do so.” The young Uchiha read. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to master it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try,” Ise thought to himself while closing the journal. 

“But first, I have to see if I can actually perform the jutsu right,” Ise thought to himself, while beginning to stand on his own two feet. He had begun to weave the hand signs for the Chidori. “Concentrate. Focus on creating the lightning in your right hand,” The young Uchiha thought to himself. Lightning had begun to fluctuate in his hand while also giving off that sound that was mentioned in his father’s notes, however, when Ise grinned, he lost focus and the lightning in his hand instantly dissipated. He made an irritated facial expression and said, “Crap. I always end up doing that when I get excited,” he grumbled in annoyance. He weaved the hand signs for the jutsu, attempting it a second time. The high concentration of chakra had started again, once more making that very distinctive sound. However, it dissipated once again, and just as it started to disappear, the young Uchiha groaned in annoyance once again. “Damn, I didn’t realize this one jutsu was gonna be so hard to learn. Did dad have this much trouble when he learned it?” He asked himself, before trying once again. 

Isemori had tried time after time, to keep the high concentration of chakra in the palm of his hands, but whenever he did try, he would always get the same result, with it dissipating a few minutes after he finished weaving the hand signs for the jutsu. He eventually was running low on chakra from trying to make the chidori work. He flopped down onto the grass, staring up at the starry night sky, the journal that was his fathers right next to him. He took his left arm and picked the journal up, just blankly staring at it. He sighed to himself, sitting up while his eyes continued to focus on his father’s journal in his hand. “It’s getting late, which means I have to call it for the day. I would have practiced the jutsu by now, but I can’t even keep the lightning in my hand in order for me to use it. That, and I’m almost out of chakra,” He thought to himself, while also being disappointed. He got up from the grass and decided to walk home, sulking every step of the way. 

Whenever he’d pass someone that knew him, he’d faintly smile, while raising a hand as a sort of waving gesture. They more than likely noticed that he wasn’t as cheerful as he used to be, and some of them would ask him what was bothering him. He simply shrugged it off, and said that he accidentally used too much chakra from training, which technically wasn’t a lie, however, that wasn’t what was bothering him. What truly was bothering me was that he couldn’t perform the jutsu that was onced used by his dad. It made him question himself. Was he not able to do it? Was he not strong enough? Regardless of what the actual answer to those questions that raced in his head were, he still couldn’t help not accepting it. “How can I make my father proud of me, what I’m doing isn’t good enough?” He thought to himself as he had finally made it inside his house. He yawned as he shut the front door behind him. His older brother Itsuki and his mother were sitting at the table finishing their dinner, which Ise had completely missed out on. 

“Hello Ise, dear. Are you hungry?” His mother had asked in a cheerful tone, only to turn and see that Ise was upset about something. “Nah, I’m not hungry. I’m tired actually. I think I used too much Chakra while training. I’m going to go to bed. Thank you though, mom,” Ise said, not meaning to be dismissive towards his own mother. He knew that she raised him to be better than that, and even though he didn’t really bother to look at his own mother, he had a feeling that she more than likely knew that he was upset about something. As soon as Ise took his clothes and shoes off, he flopped on the bed; closing his eyes as he quickly drifted off to sleep.

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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
Ryo : 72650

Four days(training/solo) Empty Re: Four days(training/solo)

Thu Oct 07, 2021 6:21 pm
Day four of training…

Ise had woken up from his bed, thinking that hopefully sleeping well would get his mind out of his funk. Unfortunately, that was not the case. He sighed as he sat at the edge of his bed, throwing the cover’s off of him, still in his night clothes. After sitting there for a few more minutes, he finally got up from his bed and got dressed. When he walked down the steps, he saw his older brother sitting at the kitchen table, while his mother was standing in front of the stove; making breakfast. When she heard Ise coming down the steps, she said to him, “Good morning, sleepy-head,” she chuckled, turning off the stove’s eye, signaling that breakfast was done. “Come sit with me and your brother; have breakfast with us,” She said, beginning to put the cooked eggs and other assortments of breakfast foods on each of their plates. “I was gonna head out and start training. To be honest, I wasn’t really all that hungry,” Ise lied. In fact, he actually was hungry. However, he really wanted to try and do that jutsu that he couldn’t do yesterday. “But I promise to be back before dark. Bye!” Ise had said, running out the front door. His mom had tried to stop him, wanting him to at least join them for breakfast, but then, she also couldn’t help but smile, and as soon as she did, went back to what she was doing. 

“I’m going to make today the day I learn Chidori. I know I can do it! I just gotta keep trying,” The young Uchiha thought to himself while he made his way to the training grounds. He was in such a hurry that he had forgotten to bring his father’s journal with him this time. Fortunately for him though, he no longer needed the journal, since he remembered what the hand signs were. When he finally reached the training grounds in the water gardens, he made his way to the center of the training field, immediately beginning to practice. He weaved the hand signs, once again starting from where he left off yesterday. The high concentration of chakra had started to form, making its familiar sound. “Stay focused! Concentrate,” Isemori thought to himself, as the lightning had begun to form, getting brighter. When it stayed in his hand, he grinned. “About time! Now, is there anything I could test it on?” he thought to himself, as the highly concentrated lightning in his right hand continued chirping. That was when his eyes focused on the cliff wall in front of the pond. His eyes turned into a crimson hue, activating his sharingan, remembering what his father’s journal said in his notes. He then charged forward, keeping his body and right hand low as he charged towards his target. The highly concentrated lightning was ripping through the earth while Ise continued running forward. 

Before he reached the pond, Ise had simultaneously concentrated his chakra to the heels of his feet so that he could walk on the surface. Despite being excited, he wasn’t gonna make a dumb mistake our of simply being excited. The water beneath him was sloshing around due to his right hand and the Chidori, and then within three inches between his right arm extending upward in a swift jab upward, the high concentrated lightning connected with the wall of earth, breaking it apart. Ise had a feeling that the cliff wall would still hold, despite attacking it. The lightning from his hand had faded, and Ise stood up right, forming his signature goofy grin. “Alright!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, jumping up and down on the water’s surface. “I promised I’d make you proud, dad.” He thought, his grin turning into a smile, as he looked up at the sky. Ise held his smirk, realizing that he had enough gas in the tank to keep training. He brought his hands together, weaving hand signs for a shadow clone. With a cloud of smoke, the shadow of Ise’s appeared in front of him, wearing the same expression the real one had. “It’s about that time, huh?” The shadow clone had asked the real Ise, which made him scoff playfully. 

“Yeah, you bet it is.” With that being said, the real Ise and his shadow clone got in positions, ready to spar. “Don’t hold back,” The real Ise had said in a more serious tone than how he’d normally sound. “Alright,” the shadow clone nodded, giving back the exact same tone in voice. The real Ise activated his sharingan, the one tomoe in the eye forming quickly the moment he opened his eyes; signaling the start of the spar. The shadow clone had begun to weave hand signs, firing a fireball twenty meters in diameter. The real Ise, using his feet to push off from the ground, veered to the right in a wide enough leap, dodging the fireball by a hair. Once the real Ise landed back on his feet, began forming hand signs of his own. Once he made the final hand sign; standing up-right, he spewed out eight small fireballs from his mouth, all being one meter diameter, much smaller than one gigantic fireball the clone fired at him. However, despite them not being nowhere near in size, Ise had hoped that with their being more than one, it would be harder for the shadow clone to dodge. 

The shadow clone smirked, now rushing towards the real Ise, while dodging the small orbs of flames coming towards him. The shadow clone had attempted to punch him, however, the real Ise had blocked it, then taking both of his arms to throw the clone away from him. The shadow clone however was able to regain its footing, and lept back towards the real Ise. They clashed once more, countering one another, back and forth. “For a shadow clone you’re not doing so bad. Most of the other shadow clones I made didn’t last as long as you have,” the real Ise said, which was true. However, the shadow clones were pretty much a hard copy of him and whoever was able to make them, right? With him being able to adapt over time, and due to the fact that he had trained with his own shadow clones multiple times before this, perhaps his own shadow clones, whenever they were made, probably had the same experience as him. Honestly, he didn’t know if that truly was the case or not, but either way, it didn’t really matter to him how he trained, or who he was training with. In his own opinion, training was not only a good experience, but it was also a lot of fun. 

To Ise, it was definitely better than lying on his bed back at home; doing nothing. Ise was the kind of guy who was always going places - always on the move. “Well, you did say to give it my all. Speaking of which,” the shadow clone said, beginning to weave another set of hand signs. “Here’s a present for ya!”the shadow clone said before breathing out hot ash from his mouth, which spread around the training grounds in twenty meters. Ise could feel his skin burning, wincing at the pain. “Clever. Since the shadow clone was the one who cast it, he can’t go up in a puff cloud because it was the one who casted the jutsu,” Ise thought to himself. Ise weaved his own set of hand signs, creating the chidori in his right hand; charging forward. While he was charging though, something was happening to his Sharingan. A second tomoe had begun to form as he rushed forward. He didn’t catch on to it, because he was eager to land the finishing blow on his shadow clone. Ise rushed forward, jabbing the chidori through his shadow clone’s abdomen. Once the clone vanished in a cloud of smoke, the cloud of hot ash surrounding him faded. 

Despite that though, he had some burns on him and decided to go use the cold water from the pond to help soothe his burns. He quickly cupped his hands, pulling the water to his face. It was then when he had seen the change in his sharingan. “Wait hold on, when did you get there?” he said to himself, talking about the second tomoe on the side of his eyes, opposite to the first one. “Honestly, nothing looks all too different aside from that.” Ise thought to himself, placing a hand on his cheek as continued to examine his reflection from the water.

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Claims w/ max-stat discount:

Hiding in the Ash and Dust - A-Rank - 2750 - 25% = 2063 words
Chidori - 2500 - 25% = 1875 words 
Sharingan - Two Tomoe - 4000 - 25% = 3000 (using 1629 words from this thread. additional words can be found w/ links on Ise's Stat page )

using the leftover 19 words to start learning Sharingan - Full Utilization
Ryo : 4700

Four days(training/solo) Empty Re: Four days(training/solo)

Thu Oct 07, 2021 7:01 pm
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Four days(training/solo) Empty Re: Four days(training/solo)

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