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Kota Apollon
Kota Apollon
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Weapon Spirit Manifestation Empty Weapon Spirit Manifestation

Wed Oct 06, 2021 12:45 am
Skill Name: Weapon Spirit Manifestation

Appearance: Varies
Backstory: It has been said throughout time that people can develop an innate bond with their favorite weapon. This weapon grows over time and develops sentience that grows as well, as long as you take care and strengthen it. Becoming almost like a living person. Allowing you to call forth greater power from your weapon.

You choose a weapon the weapon granted a bonus trait Spiritual Weapon. This trait allows for a weapon spirit to appear. A weapon spirit is an entity born from a weapon of choice. It will look, talk, and act like the weapon it was born from. A spear weapon spirit may be a lot more straightforward than a whip weapon spirit. The materials and type may also change the appearance of the weapon. The weapon spirit can look as any person, animal, or combination. All of this is pure aesthetic. What can be seen or heard will depend on the number of augments of the weapon.

Weapons with only 1-2 augments will be a low spirit manifestation. The skill holder can only hear the voice of the weapon. A great way to have a conversation partner. 2-4 augments will have the weapon become a lower medium spirit manifestation. A vague outline and color of the spirit can pop up. The skill holder is the only one that can see and hear it. 5 augments you have a fully formed higher medium spirit manifestation. Only you can see and hear it but it is fully pronounced. 6 augments you have a high spirit manifestation. It cannot touch anything. It can allow other people to see and talk to it.

All this allows for the creation and usage of techniques that require Weapon Spirit Manifestation. Some techniques may require a higher spirit than others. Spirits can only manifest change through techniques. As chakra is needed from the wielder.

Only one weapon can be chosen to house one weapon spirit (an exception for twin weapons that count as one. Two spirits are possible but they will still count as one),once per thread a weapon spirit can be moved to a weapon of a similar type (i.e hammer can transfer to another hammer but nothing else). If you want to switch weapon spirit types it has to be retrained over at 1,000, you will loose the previous spirit as well gaining you a new one. Weapons that break must be repaired for the spirit to reappear. If the weapon is stolen or eradicated, the spirit will disappear as well. Till the weapon is repaired or another suitable weapon is made to house the spirit. If the skill is lost the spirit will move on and disappear.

The manifested spirit cannot move more than 3 meters from the weapon. It cannot see or sense anything more than the user of this skill can. Unless certain skills or techniques are being used. The spiritual weapon must be approved in the app section, and listed on the stat page as S.W. Legendary weapons count as fully ranked augmented weapons.

Wordcount Training: 2,000
Character Exclusive: -
Bonus Requirements: Weaponry as main spec. A weapon that has a rank (Any from D-S).

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Weapon Spirit Manifestation Empty Re: Weapon Spirit Manifestation

Thu Oct 07, 2021 10:45 am
Trial Approved
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Weapon Spirit Manifestation Empty Re: Weapon Spirit Manifestation

Sat Oct 09, 2021 11:36 pm
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Weapon Spirit Manifestation Empty Re: Weapon Spirit Manifestation

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