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Goro Tanaka
Goro Tanaka
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minds young (Halloween Mission, p) - Page 2 Empty Re: minds young (Halloween Mission, p)

Mon Oct 11, 2021 3:34 pm
Goro was immediately bummed to find out that none of his typical lab equipment was included in his funeral cosplay. He has coins, no jutsu to his name, and unless someone wanted him to put something in a scroll, he doubted he was of immediate use. The ninja blinked at the second signal, momentarily stupefied, before spurring into the action and finding the (maybe?) dead guys.

Oh, fuck. They're actually heavy. He looked over to Mitsu, and should the other accomplice go with him, he'd... End up finding no trash can, and end up shoving his body into a ditch. He couldn't find any duct tape, so he ripped off a few pieces of fabric and wrapped it tightly around the mouth. Yeah. 105 IQ genius mode.

"So like," he spoke up, affecting a whisper loud enough that it probably wasn't stealthy anymore, "do we just go in?" he rubbed his bare arm, having utterly destroyed most of the sleeve. It wasn't particularly impressive. It occurred to him that he could probably transform as well, but- hm. "What if you just said I was your prisoner? I imagine following, uh. Any other screams wouldn't be that hard. And. If they try to attack us, you can just totally kick their ass with your awesome ninja skills." Notice how he said 'you' and not 'we'. The genin title really do be just for show.

"Unless, uhh... You have a better idea, or something." Should the group elect to go with the 'prisoner Goro' plan, he'd comply as much as he was able.

WC: 261
Total WC: 1,168
Mitsu Hyuuga
Mitsu Hyuuga
Fame : 1
Ryo : 450

minds young (Halloween Mission, p) - Page 2 Empty Re: minds young (Halloween Mission, p)

Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:20 pm
Fair enough then if he didn't want the sword. Mitsu hooked both on his hips as he waited for the signal. Watching the whole affair with his dojutsu still active. Atleast it seemed Murata was capable here. Even if he fully expected Pinocchio to end up dying somehow once again. The flashes of his deaths in his mind honestly becoming less and less worrying. Though that was worrying in its own way to the young shinobi. With the signal given by Murata Mitsu moved out, taking the bodies and for a moment the thought flashes in his mind. "Why not just kill them? Theyre attacking the village." But the thought leaves as soon as it comes. Mitsu reasoning that it would be senseless and pointless.. and because If Murata wanted them dead she would have likely done so already.

Mitsu settles to tying up the figure with cut scraps of their own cloaks. Cutting off the sleeves with kunai and hog tying their hands and legs to one another. Dumping them into the ditch with goro afterwards. However as he does so he peers into the Pagoda with his dojutsu. The size is honestly staggering. Gilded and adorned in macabre artwork depicting their horrid god, the interior adorned with bodies upon bodies worth of bones. From the walls, to the light fixtures they hold the bones and skulls of possibly even hundreds of corpses. The pillars painted with black and white ash to represent Jashin and his sacrifices. The sight of it makes Mitsu gag beneath his veil in disgust. Along with the other creatures roaming the decorated halls of the pagoda, worry sinks like a pit into his stomach. Worry if any of them will even get out of there. But he had to steel his nerves. He had to calm down and relax. If they couldn't get to the bottom of this they'd not be getting out of here at all.

"Honestly having you pretend to be a prisoner would probably get us to where they're holding any other captives. Though they might also try and take you away themselves." Either way Mitsu would defer to Murata on their next plan of attack. "Whatever we do need to be careful. Theres alot of those cloaked people inside. Might have some way to tell each other apart too if we're unlucky."

Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
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Ryo : 30000

minds young (Halloween Mission, p) - Page 2 Empty Re: minds young (Halloween Mission, p)

Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:16 pm
Eager to continue to prove himself to these new ninja, one of which seemed super powerful, Pinochio peeked his head into the pagoda in hopes of finding some super neat secret awesome ninja plan that would impress his new friends. He had so much to prove and so little height. I have no clue what his height had to do with this honestly. He was just really excited for me to make the joke and assured me over and over that you, the listeners would get it.

"Prisoner plan could go well. Anyone actually know what we're supposed to be looking for? I feel like there should have been a jutsu scroll or something, but I don't think this is a Mizukage sanctioned mission so like maybe not? I do have an alternative idea though. Mitsy you said there were a ton of people right?" For several moments he stood out of sight of the people inside, counting something or the other on his fingers. THen, all at once brilliance struck.

He took a step forward, stance widened in the well known "ahah!" pose, with one finger pointed to the sky in emphasis, when uh. Well some of the blood from the guards they'd beaten to unconsciousness was on the floor and he wasn't paying attention sooo.....

Long story short he slipped, feet flying in the air, and fell pretty hard onto his back. After this though.... Well he got back up BUT after that, he explained his brilliant plan.

"What if, we just like. Sneak around as best we can, and then if we get caught we can try the prisoner plan to get some extra information but instead of giving our teammate over or hoping they just let us go by right... What if we use the prisoner plan to get real close to them so we can figure out what to do. We can pretend to be really clueless cultists who barely passed their cult exams--are there exams to get into cults? That would probably be a really bad way to recruit. ANYWAY So we get real close to them so they can explains stuff, and then We beat them up real bad. Like really beat the hell outta them. " He would give it a moment to let the brilliance of his plan sink in. His chest puffed out in pride as he watched their faces for the signature sign that they were impressed, and then he continued.

"The way I see it, they got alot of cultists and I got alot of hands. Where alot is two for me but more than two for them I assume, BUT I can recycle these hands and once we knock a cultist out they can't really be recycled. Geneva convention and such. What do ya think?! Good idea? If it will persuade, I can totally open another gate. I've got like five or six of these things!" The jutsu that had turned the ball on the end of his weapon into a net shifted again, simply extending the range of his chain by whatever the jutsu actually says he can do it by.

(TWC 1297 750 towards first mission 547/1k for second mission)
Fame : 14
Ryo : 146285

minds young (Halloween Mission, p) - Page 2 Empty Re: minds young (Halloween Mission, p)

Sun Oct 17, 2021 11:38 pm
"I don't have a better idea, no," Murata whispers (whispering for real), putting a hand on Goro's shoulder. Forming the Seal of Confrontation with her other hand, she summons her kusarigama to match the aesthetic, wrapping the chain around Goro's arms in such a way that looks decently convincing at a distance but that he can easily shimmy out of. As she does this, Mitsu's quiet gag draws her eye, Murata's mouth turning to a line of worry at the implication.

Meanwhile, Pinoch is poking his head into the pagoda, where he finds oh so many bones. Where do you even find that many bones?

Murata steps carefully forward into the pagoda with Goro as her 'prisoner', looking carefully around the macabre set dressing and mulling over the suggestions from her teammates. Getting Goro to the top of this tower will involve an uncomfortable amount of bluffing...

"Stay here for a moment. I'm going to show you all a trick."

Leaving Goro in the care of the other two, Murata slips forward in silence, tracking the signature of one of the cultists elsewhere on the same floor. Moments later, the group hears a quiet 'thump'... and then Murata returns with a cultist over her shoulder bleeding from their ears, beckoning the group into a secluded corner. With all of the bones and skeletal pointy bits and overall overdecoration, there are plenty of places to hide.

Murata peels the cultists' unfocused eyes open, forming several handseals and going quite quiet. After a minute, her head snaps up, and she shoves the cultist aside into their dark corner of choice.

"We're going straight up to the top floor. If anybody asks any questions, here's what you say..."

...and she launches into a whispered in-depth elaboration on the structure and security of this particular Jashinite sect, it quite clearly becoming apparent that she'd cracked that cultist's brain open like an egg and possibly fried it.

TWC 1073, 323/1,000 second mission
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minds young (Halloween Mission, p) - Page 2 Empty Re: minds young (Halloween Mission, p)

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