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Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:56 pm
Safety Mode:
Safety mode is a feature that can be toggled on or off at the start of the fight, presented by the stadium when participants enter the arena in order to prevent most casualties. When participants enter the arena, they are covered by an artificial layer of chakra that helps fend off lethal attacks or preserve a participant's body for resuscitation or quite possibly, resurrection. What this means is the invisible, chakra cloak will dampen the lethality of damage dealing techniques 100 power or sharpness and below from causing fatal injury from an opponent's techniques knocking them into a near death, unconscious state, if the user chooses. If the user chooses to survive the fatal injury this way, they are subjected to losing half of their stats, and must gain them through training/rehabilitation once more.

This method does not prevent death in all cases, as stated above, it prevents damage dealing techniques of a certain threshold to prevent participants from fatally injuring each other. The system can still be overpowered and it doesn't prevent deaths such as being sealed, teleported into a different space and then taking fatal damage, dismemberment or stat check death techniques Etc. Etc. Safety mode is always off in Hunter missions.

Venue Information:

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Latest?cb=20151116093704

Dawn and Dusk Woods

The Dawn and Dusk Woods is a simple venue that features fairly thick woods around the initial 50 diameter ring. Like most venues, the ring in the center has a durability of 75 and isn't affected by the artificial terrain surrounding it. Despite the venue being mostly made up of forest, both sides have trees that are different in nature. The neutral ring sits in the center, spreading up to a fifty meter diameter unaffected by the elements that make up the rest of the arena with a durability of 75. From the 50 diameter ring of the arena, one side consists of a mixture of Oak and Pine trees overflowing with vitality with grass is of a bright green shade, spanning up to 250 meters in diameter.

The trees and ground have a durability of 50, taking +25 additional from fire techniques. All creatures who stand on this side of the field grants them +20 AP regeneration per post. From the opposite side of the ring, is where darkwood trees and a small, mountainous hill of stone. Unlike the trees of the opposite side, these trees are of a dark shade of green, as if they are devoid of life and are harder to destroy, with a durability of 125. While standing on this side of the arena, all creatures have their AP drained by 20 AP per post while inhabiting this side of the arena. The last fifty meters of the arena consist of normal dirt that follows standard environment rules.

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Unknown

Adjustments made to the arena from the base stadium setting have been made in bold, and are represented in the diagram above.


1. No killing your opponent. Proctors can end the matches at any time if it appears that a participant is in undue danger or if a fight is clearly over.

2. A fight ends when one competitor is indefinitely incapacitated, knocked unconscious, surrenders, is forced out of the ring, or the proctor ends the match.

3. The participants will start fifty meters apart at the north and south ends of the central octagon of each arena, at the points where the two sides of the arena meet (in this venues' case, on the borders between the Dusk and Dawn sides of the woods).

4. After the first participant posts, normal houring rules will commence as if they were normal combat topics. Each participant should attach copies of their stat pages in their first posts.

5. The dirt surrounding the center two rings of the stage is considered a 'ring out', and stepping in this area will result in match loss.

6. The participants cannot see the jumbotron screens from within the stadium.

Murata blinks blearily out into the sunlight of the arena, rubbing a head in irritation at even the mild noise of the crowd. She's nursing a migraine at the moment from some last-minute complications, but she's happy to see the modest collection of viewers. Usually, this little genin event doesn't get much attention, but the sponsorship from the Mizukage and associated move to the larger venue has gathered some interest. There appears to be two small factions in the crowd, both with red foam fingers, so it's kind of difficult to tell them apart.

"Good afternoon," Murata says. Her face appears on the various big screens around the arena, inter-cut with shots of the two competitors. She stands well off to the side, ready to intervene if things get hairy, but able to do her initial announcements away from the center so as to keep the pace punchy. "Today we have two Uchiha - Shoko against Gael. On three..."

"Three... two... one. Go!" A resounding bell sounds from the speakers - the match is on!
Gael Uchiha
Gael Uchiha
Fame : 1
Ryo : 9250

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Tue Sep 21, 2021 3:36 pm
@Gael Uchiha wrote:
Gael Uchiha


NAME: - Gaël
Clan: - Uchiha
Rank: - Genin{D}
Village: - Kirigakure No Sato
Combat Abilities -

  • Can lift 190 Pounds
  • 25|15 meters Throwing Speed/Distance
  • 16 Meter jumps
  • 55 Reflex speed
  • Familar: Render


 |*Sharingan*|+25 to Chakra|
Tomoe 2 Mastery


Ninjutsu, and{Sub}Genjutsu.




Current Stat Points: 227
AP: 947
Current Health Bar: 200
Vigor: 100
Chakra: 75+ 25 KKG= |100
Speed: 50
Strength: 25
AP: 847 +70 ap mission bonus


S-Rank 0/0

A-Rank 5/5
|*Soul Explusion*
*Ninjutsu Amplifier*
*Great Fire Ball*
*Great Fire Annihilation*

B-Rank 11|15
|*Shadow Clone*
*Water Prison*
*Hidden Mist*
*Steaming Multistoried Building*
*Demonic illusion: False Surrounding*
*Hidng in the Water*
*Water Release: Water Shuriken*
*Water Release: Water Whip*
*Water Release: Snake Mouth*
*Tree Binding Death*
*Demonic illusion: Mirage Crow{441 wc out of 1,500*|

C-Rank 03/15

D-Rank ]∞/∞

E-Rank ]∞/∞
|*Substitution Technique*|
|*Clone Technique*|
|*Transformation Technique*|
|*Surface Walk Technique*|


One Hand Seal
Chakra Infusion
Slots 5/5


|*Kirigakure Headband*|
|*Explosive Tag*|(2)

|*Smoke Bomb*|(2) _

|*Weapon Pouch*|(2)One on left hip , and the other on the right hip.
|*Fuma Shuriken*|(1)
|*Paralyzing Seal Tag(2)


Mission & Social Link:

E- Rank Missions Complete
E- Rank Sand {Solo|5AP,1,000 Ryo,+5 chakra, and 500 words towards Tomoe 1 Learned}

E Rank Bank{Solo|5AP,1,000 Ryo,+5 chakra, and 500 words towards Tomoe 1}

E- Rank Food{Duo|5AP,1,000 Ryo,+5 chakra, and 500 words towards Tomoe 1}

E- Rank Statue{Duo|5AP,1,000 Ryo,+5 chakra, and 500 words towards Tomoe 1}

D- Rank Mission Complete
N/A(0 out of 1Hunter Mission)

C- Rank Mission Complete

Family Visit {Duo|Claiming WC Towards Tomoe 2 | 2,000 out of 4,000 Wc required
+20 Ap, 2,000 Ryo, +20 to Chakra Stats.}

Disinformation Campaign Mission{Incomplete}

B- Rank Mission Complete

The Interrogation{Duo|Claming Tomoe 2 Learned|4,000 out of 4,000 Wc required
30Ap,9000 Ryo, +25 to Speed, and +3 to Vigor }

Chunin Rank Achieve on

A-Rank Mission
Sensitive Information {Duo |Complete| Claiming Temporary Paralysis  C - Rank, Steaming Multistoreid Building B rank, 30 AP, + 23 vigor, 14,000 Ryo ,and 441 words towards Demonic illusion Mirage l}

Training Threads
Let me get that{Duo\ Training 15+ Chakra +10 Speed, and, + 29 Vigor }
Here we go again {Duo\ Summoning Contract Sign Free
Binding Snake Glare
Demonic Illusion: False Surrounding
Tree Binding Death
Water Release: Shuriken
Hiding in the Water
Water Release: Water Whip
Water Release: Snake Mouth
Summoning Technique
Chakra Infusion 4,313

Gael Uchiha stood firmly in place today weather was clear, and not a single cloud in the sky. The sun was up at its highest point, and the roaring of the crowds was like music to Gael's ears. Today was the day. Gael had prepared all that he could to be here at this very moment. Not a single ounce of remorse could be felt within the bottomless heart of this Uchiha.

Right here, and now Gael would have to fight Shoko Uchiha for the right to advance within this tournament. Gael Uchiha to be frank never heard of Shoko before, and it is a possibility that they could be kin due to being a part of the same clan. Gael Uchiha was at the north portion of the stone slab arena. All around them were either dense forests or decaying trees. However, Gael didn't care about that right now the only thing that matter was the words of the Proctor.

Gael's attire was his standard tan ponoch that hangs down to his knees.
Underneath it, he sports his flat jacket recently purchase from the Ninja Shop for this battle. Along each of Gael's hips was two weapons pouches fully stock with his equipment needed for this battle. Before this event, Gael had taken the time to separate each of his weapons and successfully divide them amongst each pouch. Everything had a home, and was safely secure along his right, and left hip in their respective pouch. But that wasn't all strap to Gael's back was his Tanto, and Fuma Shuriken both in their respective shealthe.

That tan ponoch conceals Gael's upper body movement because at less you have X-Ray-Vision or some special ability you can't see through clothing. So Gael's hands' movements wouldn't be seen due to clothing concealing it as his ponoch was indeed worn like a cape over his upper body. Gael's facial expression was simple nonchalant he was sure that his plans for today's match could make things more simple for him. He knew that Uchiha is known for their genjutsu and likely fire element user. So in this battle, it would be best to limit his foe sight above all.

Gael Uchiha maintain his position at the 50-meter mark just across from Shoko who was at the other end of the arena. Nothing but the open field as no object would be in their way that could hinder their movements. But that is only if they choose to stay within the arena, and flee to the forest arena.

Gael listens to the proctor's initial start of his countdown starting at 3 and ending at Go. When Gael hear the number one Gael had begun to perform a string of hand seals with his left hand. Only four of them. The hand seals he selected were Tiger - Horse - Ram - Clone seal upon finishing them just as soon as the proctor yell Go. The Uchiha Gael quickly summoned two personal copies of himself these were not your average copies but Shadow Clones. These clones respawn 3 meters directly in front of  Gael one on his right side, and the other on his left side.

Now Gael wasn't your average shinobi at the same time as he had performed Shadow Clone jutsu.  In battle, a shinobi should be able to multitask Gael had invested a great deal of time into multi-tasking. So at the same time, he had started a shadow clone. Upon the completion of that jutsu immediately after a single hand seal was performed Dog.

The Transformation Techniques that Gael use was insane speed. When Gael's body used the technique it morphs into an animal known as the Black Crow. Which was the size 17 inches in height and weighing 19 oz.

Not to waste any time as it quickly begin to climb{flying} into the sky. Gael had positioned himself at the 29-meter mark directly above his Shadow Clones. As he continues to fly forward being sure to maintain his distance directly above the clones.  Both the left Shadow clone and the right shadow clone follow quickly. While doing so the Left Shadow clone hands begin to string together 2 different sets of hand seals. The first jutsu the Left Shadow clone would attempt was Ox, Snake, Ram, Tiger after completing these hand seals. His free hand also follows suit at the same time it starts the first one, and it would attempt these Dog > Bird > Horse > Boar > Snake > Ox > Rat.

if both of these jutsu attempts were successful it would be conjured up at the same time all while the left shadow clone advances forward heading for their target. Just as the Left Shadow Clone the mist begins to take shape as it attempts to cover the entirety of the field at a maximum of 60 meters thanks to collaboration efforts used with Steaming Multistoried Building {+30 & +20 for scaling). Both the clones attempt to move to half-point halting their movements at that point which was the 25-meter mark.

Now all while that happen the right shadow clone had attempted to perform his jutsu it was just one hand seal, and it was a Seal of Confrontation.  If required he would bite into his finger to produce a red milky substance while slamming his hands on the ground one creature appeared in a puff of smoke Render slid along the ground at the maximum speed allowed. It had respawned within the 10-meter mark directly in front of the Right Shadow Clone. The Right Shadow clone said," Render! .. Help us find our foe location this mist will begin to  is hinder both our sights and theirs." The snake glance forward with his thermal sight it allows him to see heat signatures for up to 80 meters in distance.

So if they were still within 80 meters of Render he would see them not to mention if they were within 40 meters of this same snake his enhanced scent of smell would alert him of their direction. He would relay communication through Telepathy through both each of the clones and the original one. Make no mistake these actions happen as soon as Gael completed his transformation and the creation of the clones.

So Gael could see what Render could see through its eyes because of the Telepathy images given to them via mind link with the snake. The left shadow clone, the right shadow was attempting to run towards their target but halting at the 25-meter mark. However, like stated before as Render lead the group he would go beyond 25 meters halfway point halting his movements at the 20-meter mark. As both, the shadow clones remained at the 25-meter mark if their advancement forward was the successfully same thing with Gael who flew directly above them they waited for young Uchiha's response to their attempts.

Summary & Data:

Applying 20% reduction to the entirely the jutsu used.
-5 Ap for the strain of one hand seal
In simple terms, Gael started at the 50-meter mark.  He then performs Shadow Clone Jutsu, and then Transformation.
He flew into the sky 29-meter mark. While doing so his left clone attempt to use hidden mist, and steaming building. His right clone performs summoning jutsu as both of them move forward. Gael flew above his clones as they move toward the 25-meter mark at the center of the arena.

Left Shadow Clone
Ap 315 -56 -10 = 244 New Ap Pool
Hidden Mist - 30AP B Rank
Steaming Multistoried Building - 40AP B Rank
Orginal Ap cost for this action is 70 but with the reduction 20% it is 56

Right Shadow Clone
AP 315 -16 = 299 New Ap Pool
Summoning Technique-20 AP/C Rank
Orginal Ap cost for this action is 20 but with the reduction 20% it is 16

AP 317-35-5 = 284  New Ap Pool
Transformation Technique -5 AP/E Rank
Shadow Clone-30 Ap/B Rank
Orginal total Ap cost for this action is 35 but with the reduction 20% it is 28

1,150 WC

Last edited by Gael Uchiha on Tue Sep 21, 2021 3:42 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Edit in the WC Marker)
Fame : 1
Ryo : 1000

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Tue Sep 21, 2021 5:24 pm
Gael's shadow clones appear at the same instant as the word 'Go!'. A ripple of discontent runs through the crowd, and Murata narrows her eyes and crosses her arms from the sidelines. These clones appear two meters from him, not three as he'd intended, due to the inherent range limits of the technique.

Shoko gulps in trepidation. This guy must be a real big shot if he can cast the Shadow Clone without handseals. She can't see his hands, but the alternative would be that he'd started casting early, and that'd be cheating. A cool older Uchiha like Gael wouldn't do that, right...?

Following an instant after the creation of those clones, the original Gael himself vanishes, the cool older Uchiha replaced with a cool bird which promptly takes off into the air. From the word 'go', Shoko takes her trusty spear from her back, watching her opponent's actions closely and waiting for her good old brain to work up a plan. Her belief is that Gael is her superior in pretty much every way - age, experience, techniques. That mastery of the shadow clone and creative use of transformation only cements this in her mind. She'll have to be crafty if she wants any chance of advancing and getting a chance to impress her friends and family. Shoko's own emotions are masked to Gael, as the girl wears a suit of full-body modular armor.

Let's see... he's another Uchiha, so she might have trouble using visual Genjutsu against him, and he'll be able to cast it on her no problem. He's clearly an expert on Ninjutsu, so she might see some fire from him too.

Shoko watches Gael climb, getting a good grasp on his speed - this is confirmed when they all start to advance, Shoko studying each set of handseals beginning the moment they start moving forward. A technique from each, huh?

The left shadow clone casts both Hidden Mist and Steaming Multistoried Building... but misses out on the collaboration benefits, as it's one clone casting both techniques. Mist spews from his mouth as Gael does not have the mastery required to make it manifest evenly, leading to the mist spreading outwards from them. Shoko reaches into her weapons pouch as the mist engulfs the two clones, loosing two shuriken with a speed of 135 and full range of 67m towards where each clones' throat would be upon contact based upon Shoko's own speed and the speed of the clones' advance. The mist will make them a fun little surprise. The two do not appear to stop for to attempt the Summoning Technique, so there is no pause that would mess up her timing.

As for that summoning technique before, it does... not much of anything. Gael has never met Render, let alone formed the kind of connection or loyalty with him that would allow him to summon the big ol' snake. Shoko is ignorant to this, of course, as mist has likely already engulfed the second clone by the time the summon would be visible. Shoko must hold the assumption that there is a mysterious summon somewhere in the fog. Jeez, four enemies...? She'd better even the score...

The mist outspeeds the pair, meaning that it travels its full range of 30m from their starting point (as the collaboration does not increase the range, even if the collaboration had been performed properly) before they can reach the 25m mark from Shoko. She can't see where they are in the fog, but is glad at least she has some space. In addition, as Gael has the understanding that his mist is sixty meters in range, he does not know that Shoko is outside of it, since he can't see what's going on outside.

Shoko forms the handseals for her own Summoning around her spear once the mist engulfs crow-Gael, so he can't see what she's up to and stop his advance, biting on the edge of her tongue - ow! - and dabbing her armored finger on it, ducking down quick to put her hand on the ground. In a puff of smoke, Ohi appears draped around her shoulders, the snake giving her an inquisitive flick of the tongue. Shoko shushes him and points to the mist. Ohi tilts his head, and Shoko gives him raised eyebrows and shrugs - an expression that tells him just go do... snake things!

Ohi gives her a silence that speaks volumes, much more accustomed to summoners who can give him clear instructions. Well... snake things, he can do snake things. Ohi slithers forward until he reaches the fifteen-meter mark from where the two clones are engulfed in mist, and he turns his head back to Shoko gesturing side to side with his tail to indicate the clones' positions. Shoko nods, biting her lip, and begins to retreat at her full speed sideways into the verdant side of the arena, stopping twenty meters into the scattered, beautiful trees unless the various Gaels' actions inspire her to do otherwise. Ohi moves into the mist himself, to the left of the clones, staying clear of their presumed three-meter range of vision but within his own sensory range - about five meters away from the one on Shoko's left.

All the while, of course, she's keeping an eye out for anything new from her opponents, and thus ready to react accordingly.


AP Stuff
Shoko Starting AP: 390
Summoning Ohi: - 20AP
New Shoko AP: 370

Shoko Stats:

Name: Shoko
Rank: Genin
Power Rank: D
V1 -
V2 -
Full Beast -

Clan: Uchiha
KKG: Uchiha Genetics
Clan Specialty: Genjutsu

Current Stat Points: 197 + 25
Current Health Bar: 200
Base AP: 350
Bonus AP: 40

Vigor: 35
Chakra: 72 (47 + 25)
Speed: 95
Strength: 20

Specialties: Weaponry
Element(s): Fire

Jutsu Unlocked







Skills Unlocked:


Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Tue Sep 28, 2021 4:33 am
Heyo, your friendly neighbourhood BM here to solve the issues that have popped up.

Welp, this is a relatively easy one, given that this is legit just me clarifying a misunderstanding. Steaming Multistory Building does not increase the range of Hidden Mist. Next time, please just listen to the creator of the technique instead of forcing me to BM for this 
Gael Uchiha
Gael Uchiha
Fame : 1
Ryo : 9250

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Wed Sep 29, 2021 5:38 pm
Gael was sure to maintain his transformation jutsu as he paid the upkeep.
Like the young Uchiha said due to Right clone aka Gael's effective mastery of hidden mist jutsu. As both the Left and Right Clone advance forward. They were able to make out Shoko movements which led them to react accordantly. At any point, one wasn't able to see something the other would say what is coming so the other could react to the action.

They did continue to move forward with a slight adjustment to respond to the incoming projectile. This action was the left clone rocking/swaying his entire upper body including his neck to the right as he move forward up to the point of the shuriken passing by. The right shadow clone did the same as the left shadow clone accept he had rocked/swayed his entire upper body to his right instead. He would also hold it until the shuriken pass by him as he continue forward. This should allow both attempts to miss their mark. All this was an attempt, and if successfully executed it would allow the clones to dodge the shuriken that attempt to hit them.

If Gael's Shadow Clone attempts were unsuccessful to dodge. Then it would result in the explosion of both of them because both of them did the same thing. Now as for Gael if both his clones were successful in their attempt. That means that the Hidden Mist Jutsu, Steaming Multistoried Building was still in play, and they were still on their way to the 25-meter mark as Left Shadow Clone paid its upkeep. However, Gael for some reason wasn't receiving any images from summoning. "Crap " was the word that shuffles in Gael's mind as he activates the infamous bloodline trait known as Sharingan.

Gael's eyes flicker red revealing the two black, comma-like patterns, called tomoe center around the pupil. Due to mistakes that occur up to this point Gael had no choice but to fly a little higher than the original plan due to the mist hindering his sight.

Even if there was no mist hindering his sight he still would want to fly higher to get a bird's eye view of the field. Gael was no fool as he fly up into the air. Gael made sure to keep a close eye out for anything outside of the mist as well as anything coming near him.

Since Gael's target otherwise known as Shoko never travels into the mist. Due to Gael properly keep up with his surrounding as he ascends into the sky. He should be able to spot Shoko's snake which was approaching the mist and Gael took note of that. As Gael remains flying directly above both his Shadow Clones. Gael ascends an additional 20 meters into the air. Now Gael flew at 49 meters mark directly within the air flying directly above both his shadow clone at the 25-meter mark.

Since the Uchiha didn't do any other action that would hinder the Left, and Right Shadow Clone from arriving at the 25-meter mark they did arrive safely. Once there Gael had already had a birds-eye field of the field, and made out the new position of Shoko, and noted the snake.

So once Gael was there he verbally yell, and we all know how fast sound move his instruction to the blinded Shadow Clones below. At this point like Shoko said she was 20 meters away from the arena. Her snake was 5 meters away from Gael Left Shadow Clone.

As of right now Gael's Left Shadow Clone and his Right Shadow Clone had a small gap of 2 meters from each other. Which should be more than enough room for both Shadow Clones to freely move. Form his command position directly above the clones at the 49-meter mark. They had only traveled to the 25-meter mark now Gael bark his orders.

Depending on what he has seen, and what his Sharingan is allowed him to see. If he didn't have any shadow clones to order then this next action doesn't matter however if he did then this is what he had said and what happens.

"SHE IS 20 METERS TO THE LEFT OF YOU LEFT SHADOW CLONE. SHE RUNS INTO THE LIVING FOREST! IT LOOKS LIKE SHE ALSO SUMMONS A SNAKE TOO SO BE ON YOUR GUARD!" At the moment of Gael speaking "to the left of you left shadow." The Left Shadow Clone already turns his body facing the direction of Shoko supposed direction. As it did so with its left hand it begin to perform several hands signs these were Tiger - Boar - Dog - Dragon - Rat. While at the same time Horse → Dog → Ram → Dragon → Tiger → Snake. The first jutsu perform was Ninjutsu Amplifier and it went off first. Because it was the one with the least amount of hand seal, and it was the first one Gael had performed first.

Immediately after while his left hand completed his jutsu its right hand was also performing its hand seal required for it successfully attempt to release its jutsu. At the same speed, the left hand had performed his jutsu. The right hand also did so the conclusion was Left Shadow Clone exhales a thin stream of fire that is 6 inches wide. This small stream of fire is produced from the left shadow clone mouth, and it extends to the 1-meter mark at jutsu speed. Once fire jutsu had reached the one-meter mark, the thin stream of fire rapidly expand into a giant wall of flames.

The giant wall of flames expand, and anything that was 20 meters tall, and 20-meter wide, and up to 40 meters in distance would be burned. Also due to Ninjutsu Amplifier, the giant firewall receives a slight boost in the speed department (+50). The Great Fire Annihilation Jutsu moves at 110 speeds. It would burn anything that is less than 80 in power due to jutsu scaling. Anything that is within range would be burned to a crisp, and the Left Shadow clone handheld the Tiger Seal, and his body positioning so the flames could continue to burn with the same hand, used to perform this jutsu.

Now Gael was able to see Shoko because she wasn't in the mist. She wore kinda bulky armor, and she was within a spacious area within the forest. She had positioned herself in such a way that she could see her snake body gesture. Not to mention Gael was using his Sharingan so he could see any large massive pool of chakra not to mention the standard human eyesight otherwise called 20/20.

If Gael's shadow clones didn't successfully dodge the shurikens it didn't stop the fact that Gael would still increase his altitude to the 49-meter mark. Due to the shadow clones being destroyed Gael should be able to see his opponent's movements. These movements were her successfully summoning attempt of the snake, and running sideways into the forest. Now the Right Shadow clone reposition himself directly 1 meter behind the left shadow clone off its left. He wasn't in no danger of friendly fire, and he waited for further instruction from Gael who flew above the duo. Gael carefully continues to fly forward in the direction of Shoko moving at 40 speed. He would do this even if the Shadow Clone were destroyed.

If everything was successful, and Gael Shadow clones were able to get off their jutsu before Shoko could react. The result would be a possible forest fire that would move through with the thriving live ecosystem. If Shoko doesn't do move she would remain at the 20-meter mark. Which was the epic center of this hurling flaming attempt which hope to engulf her up entirely.

Summary & Data:

Applying 20% reduction to the entirely the jutsu used.
-10 Ap per one hand seal up to A-Rank.

A brief breakdown of the thread
Both the Left and Right Shadow clones attempt to dodge the incoming shuriken.
If successfully Gael would fly additional 20 meters into the air. Since he had already successfully made it to the 29-meter mark directly above his shadow clones at the 25-meter mark of the arena.
As he climb he kept a birds-eye view of the field and cut on his Sharingan so he could see the field. Upon finding out the location of Shoko he would alert his clone down below as well as fly toward her maintaining his height 49 meters above her. Even if his clones were destroyed he still move to her position using 20/20 vision, and Sharingan.
His right clone move into position directly behind the left clone 1 meter.

Left Shadow Clone
Ap 244 - 112 = 132 New Ap Pool
-20 AP One hand seal used 2 A ranks
Hidden Mist|B Rank/ - 15AP UpKeep
Steaming Multistoried Building| B Rank/ -10 AP Upkeep
Ninjutsu Amplifier|A Rank| - 50 Ap Upkeep & +50 Speed Boost
Great-Fire-Annihilation -45 AP/ A Rank/ 80 Pwr &110 Speed

Orginal Ap cost for this action is 140 but with the reduction 20% it is 112

Right Shadow Clone
299 New Ap Pool

10 + 15= 25| 20% reduction of 25 is 20. 284 - 20 264  New Ap Pool
Transformation Technique -10 AP for Upkeep| E Rank
Shadow Clone -0 Ap/B Rank No Upkeeplisted
Sharingan Tomoe 2 -15 Ap
Orginal total Ap cost for this action is 25 but with the reduction 20% it is - 5

1,202 WC
Any questions let me know

Fame : 1
Ryo : 1000

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:29 pm
Unfortunately for Gael, poor communication kills.

When his crow-form croaks that Shoko is twenty meters to the Gael clone's left, he immediately begins turning... to his own left. Crow-Gael had said 'twenty meters to your left'. Unfortunately for him, the left side of the arena is Shoko's left, and therefor Shoko is in reality to the clone's right. As he turns to Shoko's 'supposed direction', this miscommunication has him pointing the entirely wrong way. If he hadn't already started his action, it might be that he would interpret the conflicting orders correctly (as Gael had also said that she runs into the verdant side of the forest), but the clone launches into his next moves straightaway.

Shoko watches as the wall of fire erupts out of the mist in the distance, calling "Ohi!" in alarm. She still feels the tug of his chakra cost, indicating that he hasn't desummoned, which he of course will immediately do in the case that he somehow is in imminent danger of getting caught up in the flames. Fortunately for him, due to the clone pointing the opposite direction from him, he is fairly safe from this possibility. If it turns out that the author's previous argument is incorrect, Ohi will desummon if the wall of flames is bearing down his way.

The right clone, being directly in the line of fire, is swiftly barbecued by the Great Fire Annihilation. The dead side of the arena is set alight and begins to burn, flooding the arena with smoke.

Sensing his opportunity, Ohi strikes as soon as the wall of flame forms, still being held by the clone. Stealthily slithering up behind, he lashes towards the clone in a Tackle at 50 Speed, body wrapping around the clone's to subdue his arms and squeeze the daylights out of him at 30 Power. The roar of flames and the thick fog will mask his approach.

Unsure of what's going on in the fog, Shoko looks up to see Gael flying her way. Dumb bird. She attaches an explosive note to a kunai and twirls it in her free hand, for the moment waiting to see what he'll do next. If it turns out that the wall of flame is indeed heading her way, she'll move 30m directly backwards from the angle of its approach further into the verdant side of the woods to evade it. Though it's faster than her, it isn't by much, and she has at least a 20m head start. If the flames indeed scorch the dead side of the arena, she holds her ground, shallowly coughing once at the ash and smoke beginning to fill the air.

Shoko AP: 370, -20 Ohi upkeep, +20 from arena for this and previous post, new total 390.
Ohi AP: 250, -10 Tackle [Power 30], new total 240

TWC 1346

Last edited by Shoko on Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:35 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : adding with permission AP regen from arena, forgot to put in notes)
Fame : 1
Ryo : 1000

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Wed Oct 06, 2021 4:29 am
Ohi successfully wraps himself around the remaining clone of Gael, the other consumed by the flames and destroyed. The snake pins the clone's arms down palms-down and presses his fangs threateningly against the clone's neck. He does not know for certain that this is not the original, as Shoko had been quite vague, so he merely aims to restrain and squeeze rather than going for the fatal bite that would destroy this clone in turn.

Shoko prepares for Gael's arrival, watching the shape of the crow through the smoke. Then there is a puff of smoke as his Transformation technique reaches the end of its duration, sending Gael falling from his 49-meter height straight down towards a point five meters in front of Shoko. She knows that this is her chance. The girl shifts her spear to free her hands (holding it with her arm, she is in no danger of accidentally poking herself) and tucks that kunai she was twirling away. She weaves seals as he falls, ready to take evasive or pursuing action and continue her following dastardly scheme if he launches an attack from the air or finds a way to evade, respectively. 

Tiger > Snake > Rat > Ram > Tiger, timed to be cast just as he hits the 15m mark from her (still falling), brings him under the influence of her first Genjutsu, which will make him begin to violently choke the moment he smells smoke. Then, following immediately in an unbroken chain of seals - Ox > Boar > Horse > Clap. 

If Gael is caught within the second illusion, both him and Shoko will be paralyzed before he even hits the ground. Gael will violently impact the earth unless he has some way to stop his fall, taking 49 damage on impact - and finding himself transported to the illusion of a strange house, surrounded by mysterious cats who immediately begin to maul the shit out of him. If he is caught in this second Genjutsu and is unable to escape, he will soon fall under the active effect of the first due to the smoke filling the air if he hasn't been already.

TWC 1699

Shoko AP: 390
-20 Ohi upkeep
-30 Genjutsu Choking
-30 Cat Genjutsu
+20 Arena
new total 330

Ohi AP: 245
-5 Tackle Upkeep
new total 240
Gael Uchiha
Gael Uchiha
Fame : 1
Ryo : 9250

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:24 am

Gael did find himself falling from the sky at the position of Shoko. However, it should be noted that Gael fall at a much faster speed. The laws of gravity say he moves at the speed of 150. Which should be way faster than Shoko could see or even react to. If Shoko wasn't fast enough to get off her attempt. That reason is due to her not being fast enough. But if Gael and Shoko were able to react in a timely this these things would happen. But if Gael wasn't able to react, and neither was Shoko then upon his landing on the ground and receiving his damage. The landing was simply him landing on the balls of his feet. He had insured point his toes toward the ground hoping for the best. Gael also hold down his head down, with the fingers of each hand locked together behind it. He also points his elbows in front of his face, to protect his head and neck from impact. The pain was terrible enough for his grunt in pain but he had to cease this moment upon his current resting position.

In the spacious arena describe in this thread below. If he was able to physical after taking his 49 damage he would continue on. He did have something to prove no matter the cost. Seeing that Shoko would be able to do any of her attempts being too slow or unable to react to his fall.

He would sprint into action starting with Hare, Monkey, Dragon, Tiger. follow by Dog, Snake, Monkey, Ox, Tiger. Gael was exactly 5 meters away from Shoko upon the first Tiger Seal completion Soul Expulsion activate. Along with the seal of the Chakra Barrier. Which activate upon his grand landing. Which he would later explain how he came out on top of that. As soon as Gael started Soul Expulsion it was not until he got to Snake seal that he start his next jutsu with his freehand Dog, Snake, Monkey, Ox, Tiger.

Using the boost from the Soul Expulsion Gael's body was fade away from her view. In that time Shoko herself would experience a tree attempting to wrap her up which would restrict her movement if she doesn't do something to stop it. Gael attempt to slap a paralysis seal directly on Shoko's right shoulder. Upon his completion this act activating it immediately as he places it for its full power effects.

Shoko movements would be further restricted due to the grand power of the seal would implant black juinjutsu markings resembling chains along her entire body. Not to mention the power of the seal is 150. Which this further affects Gael could do whatever he wants with Shoko. If she was caught within his genjutsu attempt, and seal attempts. Gael wasn't any fool either at any time he genjutsu failed, and he was within the position and had enough time he would perform the next step of hand seals.

There was a brief comment as Gael perform this attempt though," Geez I should have been more fucking careful."

Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Tiger and whether he was at the 5-meter mark from Shoko or directly above her or she was fleeing due to superior speed from the genjutsu. Shoko would be met by a stream of fire expanding walls of flames similar to the one she had seen before. But this time this was no confusion in aim. However, just a slightly weaker version and anything in her path would be met with the power of 100, and speed of 100 that should give her a run for her money.

Should the things above not make, and they could react than behold. I am many of many talents.

"Crap." That was the word that erupted out of Gael Uchiha's mouth he hasn't been focusing and has been making several mistakes. This was a good learning experience being able to test out his experience with his abilities. As his body fall maybe not at the speed that Shoko would have liked. Upon the release of the jutsu Gael's body was placed into X - Shape. His spreading his arms and legs, point his chest toward the ground, and arch his back and head upward. It still allows him to see, and perform his next action. The position of his body would hopefully slow he descend towards the ground. But he never tried this so could be wishful thinking. So there isn't any confusion in the area that he was descending upon was a very spacious area about 30 meters or so. There was some vegetation in the area but nothing that would cause Gael to take further damage upon his landing.

However, due to gravity laws, Gael was indeed falling at the speed of 150. So without wasting any time upon the release of his transformation 4 things happen neither would conflict with each other.

This all happen before he had reached the 15-meter mark that Shoko had planned for. These things happen as soon as Gael begins his descent on his left hand he performs Hare, Monkey, Dragon, Tiger. These hand seals had nothing to do with the current aura that flickers alive Gael as seal activating them upon his fall.

The first jutsu had 4 seals, and it was to trigger Soul Expulsion which greatly boosts the user base chakra and vigor stat by 50. Just a little prior (30-meter mark) to him reaching the range of the jutsu. His right hand also begin to perform several hands seals.

Dog, Snake, Monkey, Ox, Tiger. As soon as he enters the range of releasing his genjutsu known as Tree Binding. But only when Gael was in the range of her with this jutsu that mark being 25 meters in the air in mid-air.

Now for the Right Shadow Clone had been destroyed by friendly fire thus it chakra returns to the user at the start of transformation being forcefully halted. Along with all the knowledge he had to attain while it was alive about its death. Now the Left Clone could indeed react to the Snake currently restricting his movement. However, it too decides to dispel itself as it didn't want to bother with the effects of using Genjutsu not to mention time was limited for Shadow Clone Jutsu. So upon the snake successfully attack it proof in a cloud of smoke. Which would place Hidden Mist Jutsu on cooldown. As well as return all its chakra to the user along with any information the Left Shadow Clone had to attain.

Hopefully, if all goes well in Gael's attempt he would be able to boost the power of his genjutsu, and the speed at which it takes place. So as soon as Gael reach 25-meter marks, and completed the function of his jutsu. His body would fade from view, and at the same time that happens if it was successfully cast. Down below Shoko would find the tree attempting to coiling around her entire body which would prevent any further movement on her end.

If it had successfully hit if that is the case Gael would immediately reappear behind about 1 meter above her head his body sprout from the tree. Also within one of his hands was a single seal while his other held a single kunai attempt to place it at the neck of Shoko. All while that happens Gael's right-hand attempts to slap a seal directly at the right shoulder of Shoko. Yes of course this only happens if his genjutsu successfully places him directly behind his target. As that happens he quickly begins to pour his chakra into it. This would as a result further hinder Shoko's movement and seal to activate as soon as Gael had placed it and pour his chakra into it.

If all goes well Gael would trigger the effect of the seal which would be Juinjutsu markings resembling chains that appeared over the entire Uchiha body. Which holds the power of 150 in strength it should be able to keep him in place for a short while.

Anytime Gael had successfully Capture Shoko in his Genjutsu he would offer her a conversation," So...... you wanna call it quits?"


|Ap 628
20% AP Reduction
Former Ap 695|
Soul Explusion40
Tree Bing Death|-30
Great Fire Ball|-30
One Hand Seal|-1

Fame : 1
Ryo : 1000

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Fri Oct 08, 2021 5:36 am
Whoa, he's falling fast! Shoko stumbles over her actions and misses her timing, accepting the dubious supposition in her opponent's post that he's falling too fast for her to react to (in this specific case, the ghost of reaction speed mysteriously haunts her, next time something happens at 150 Speed she'll be just fine). It's been a stressful fight, she's choking a little. In the colloquial sense. Not literally. In any case, we move forward with the first scenario proposed, where neither begin to weave handseals until Gael hits the ground, though Shoko still has it together enough to get her weapons out of the way as previously described.

At the very same time Gael moves to weave his handseals or otherwise act after hitting the ground, Shoko weaves her own. Shoko is faster, nearly twice as fast, and she completes her three handseals and clap for Cat Genjutsu before Gael could complete his four for Soul Expulsion - and even if he changes course, somehow reading her mind and realizing what the clap will mean to cover his ears, he'll be too slow to do so. Gael is frozen in place before he can complete his enhancer, so neither Soul Expulsion nor anything after that can take place. He's stuck... and the illusory cats look hungry. Of course, if he somehow has an out for this and eludes her genjutsu, Shoko is on the lookout for such events and will react accordingly.

With the remaining shadow clone dispelled (its action being contingent on the snake wrapping around it, which happens in any scenario), Ohi turns to move towards where combat is occurring, likely finding Shoko and Gael both frozen by Shoko's genjutsu... and seeing the chakra barrier active around Gael, which has placed them at something of a stalemate.

If they are both frozen and simply waiting out the post timers, Gael's chakra barrier will fade before Shoko's genjutsu ends, allowing Ohi to wrap around him and secure Shoko's victory.

Shoko AP: 360 (Gen choking and Cat Genjutsu timelined out in prev. post)
-20 Ohi upkeep
-30 Cat Genjutsu
+20 Arena
New AP: 330

Ohi AP: 250 (Replenished by arena)
Gael Uchiha
Gael Uchiha
Fame : 1
Ryo : 9250

Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko Empty Re: Hunter Games Round I - Gael vs. Shoko

Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:36 am

Gael had found himself in a similar position of once again defending himself. Though he had some experience with some Genjutsu he has not to practice on how to release it yet. He would come to learn that was a mistake. He had practically given up his chances of winning the only thing he could do is prolong the fight all for the sake of his pride.

Currently, like Gael, and Shoko previously stated they were 5 meters apart, and 20 meters from the arena, and the Snake was currently 45 some meters away from them. He didn't know how to set Shoko was to cast him in Genjutsu when she was a weapon user. He had prepared to deal with physical attacks, not them that target his mind. However,  he had some type of protection when he can't defend himself.

That was the barrier, and since it, up the moment he begin his descend, and since the timing of his descent was too fast for Shoko to react, and Gael. It had left them in both in a similar position of not being able to respond fast enough due to the speed at which he fall.

That was the good news however the bad was when Gael started his chain of actions attempting to get off his Soul Expulsion which in return cause Shoko to reacted. A speed battle that was what it became who, and what would be able to cast their jutsu first, and make it hit.

It was true that Shoko was faster than Gael in a battle of hand seals however what she didn't account for was Gael. Being that he was recently at the 49-meter mark within the air the shift of air pressure from where he was at, and where he at now is different.

Due to that, it creates a difference in pressure on the two sides of the eardrum. It causes Gael who just recently crash-landed to feel pressure and blockage in the ears as a result. So when Shoko was busy clapping releasing her jutsu the result would be Gael not being able to properly hear her as his hearing was blocked due to shifting of air pressure. As there is no specific altitude in which one ear pops it was thankfully Gael's sole defense against his peer. Due to the amount of air pressure within his ears, it would take him some time to return it to normal. So his ears were already clogged prior to his descending.

So it was indeed true that Gael was indeed slower than Shoko. But she didn't account for his change of attitude which affect his hearing of her attempt.  Yes of course Gael was slower but it was due to the effects of his flying that he was able to get off his complete action of Soul Expulsion. Now that Gael had completed his first jutsu he continue on to his next attempt mention before.  

Using the boost in his vigor stat given to him by Soul Expulsion the 5 simple hand seals that he continues to get off. Since Shoko didn't account for Gael not being able to hear due to air pressure clogging up his hearing.
It was that, and the fact she didn't have a contingency plan for the fail result of getting off her Cat Genjutsu.

Gael had a clean opening to release Tree Binding Death on Shoko.
At the max speed, this genjutsu offer with scaling of just poor ole 90, and a power of 90 in strength. Like earlier in the battle, Gael had used his ponoch to conceal his hands' seal from Shoko.

Gael was no fool he had set up his own contingency plan should he fail to get off his genjutsu or Shoko responded in a correct fashion that allow her to escape successfully. Gael wasn't any fool either at any time he genjutsu failed, and he was within the position and had enough time he would perform the next step of hand seals.

Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Tiger and whether he was at the 5-meter mark from Shoko or directly above her or she was fleeing due to superior speed from the genjutsu. Shoko would be met by a stream of fire expanding walls of flames similar to the one she had seen before. But this time this was no confusion in aim. However, just a slightly weaker version and anything in the path would be met with the power of 100, and speed of 100 that should give her a run for her money.

That act was an attempt, and it was base on Shoko somehow avoiding the genjutsu, refusing to give up, countering Gael's actions somehow. Make no mistake if Gael was able successfully to get off Tree Binding Death he would follow his prevent actions.

Which was attempting to slap a paralysis seal directly on Shoko's right shoulder. He himself respawn directly behind, and 1 meter above her if he was able to successfully do so then boost it effects of the paralysis seal.

It would scale off his vigor making it 150 in power upon this complete action. If it was somehow able to work black juinjutsu markings resembling chains appeared along Shoko's entire body.

Which would further prevent her movements if that happen Gael would be directly above her his right hand had attempted that action. Also, the Shoko snake was still in an arena which was again  20 meters away on top of Shoko was 20 meters who was outside of that arena in the living forest with Gael who was formerly at the 5-meter mark from her. Meaning he was 15 meters outside of the arena as well.

But if his genjutsu was successful his body would vanish upon its last hand seal, and the tree would sprout out the ground attempting to restrict the young Uchiha. In which case, Gael would sprout from it attempt to use his right hand revealing one paralysis seal from his weapon pouch.

Attempting to slap it directly upon Shoko's right shoulder in which case her bulky armor all while his left hand produces a single kunai attempt to put it by her neck. If the Paralysis Seal was successfully activated then Gael didn't want to take any further mistake with just lowly power basic sealing power of 30.

Dealing with this ninja he would need it to be able to full power of 150 in order for it to hold her in place. But if that wasn't enough, and his genjutsu wasn't able to hold her in place or counter somehow. Then Gael would leave it to Great Fire Ball jutsu for as long as he was in the range of her, and he had managed to get off his Soul Expulsion then.

Like he stated before she would be facing 100 in power, and 100 in speed heading directly her way. The flames took shapes of a stream of flames that expand outwards similar to the jutsu Gael used on the dead side of the forest. For 20 meters in width, height, and up to a maximum distance of 50 meters in length all would receive 1st- 3 rd degree level of burns upon the living forest.

Now at anytime his action didn't make sense, and Cat Genjutsu somehow did go off. Then Gael would find himself trapped within the illusionary world of Genjutsu, and even though he remembers using his barrier in the outside world.

He felt this place was dangerous, and upon cats respawn he carefully use his Sharingan to carefully watch the origin of their respawn point, and toss shuriken at them. Gael's Sharingan powers, allow him to perceive the basic movements of the cats giving him a leg up.

So upon seeing them come in his direction he would either dodge what he could or toss shuriken at them. This battle would be a battle of the minds while his body was trap inside the world of genjutsu his outside body was protected by the barrier that shield him from harm as of now.

Another thing of importance is there is no smoke in the air within 20 meters. As it is important to note that Gael and Shoko were on the other side of the arena. Due to the other side just been momentarily burn by the Left Shadow Clone successfully hit. Even if it blazing flames on the other side it was the opposite side of the arena, and too far out of reach for Shoko to use its effects.

This battle was reaching its climax depending on Shoko's actions it would either prolong the battle or slowly reach its conclusion. No matter Gael was enjoying himself even though he felt like he was losing at this time.
He had had hope he was giving this young lady a run for her money.


If I mess up the numbers let me know.
|Ap 628
20% AP Reduction
Former Ap 695|
WC 1,486
Soul Explusion40
Tree Bing Death|-30
Great Fire Ball|-30
One Hand Seal|-1
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