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Halloween Event Reward Booth 2021 + Claiming Empty Halloween Event Reward Booth 2021 + Claiming

Mon Sep 06, 2021 10:33 pm
Halloween Prize Booth

Halloween Event Reward Booth 2021 + Claiming Thumb_a-an-free-candy-trick-or-treat-drabble-meme-naruto-meme-52281178

Welcome to the prize booth, this is where you can spend all of your hard earned Halloween Tickets on special prizes. But beware, once spent, you can never earn back these tickets. Each item can be bought more than once provided you have enough tickets. Purchases must be made in this thread, then once approved, posted on the character's stat page along with a link to the topic. The purchases must be made by the character who earned the tickets, so no sharing between alts.

Ticket Earning Rules:

Halloween Tickets are earned by completing the Halloween Event missions that can be found here.
For your convenience, here is a list of the amount of tickets each rank will give you. The amount will also be listed on each individual mission. Missions with the hunter challenge will give double the amount of tickets per rank.

E Rank: 2 Tickets
D Rank: 4 Tickets
C Rank: 6 Tickets
B Rank: 8 Tickets
A Rank: 10 Tickets
S Rank: 12 Tickets

The Goodies:

1-10 Ticket Prizes:

250 WC - 1 Ticket

500 Ryo - 1 Ticket

1 Kunai/Shuriken/Senbon - 1 Ticket

E Rank Jutsu Scroll - 1 Ticket

D Rank Jutsu Scroll - 2 Tickets

C Rank Jutsu Scroll - 4 Tickets

1 Bat Bomb - 5 Tickets

B Rank Jutsu Scroll - 6 Tickets

1 Chainsaw - 6 Tickets

1 Slasher Mask - 6 Tickets

1 Jack-O-Lantern - 7 Tickets

50% Discount Ticket - 8 Tickets

A Rank Jutsu Scroll - 10 Tickets

1 Witch's Broomstick  - 10 Tickets

1 Mysterious Candy - 10 Tickets

Random Organ Goody Bag (20%) - 10 Tickets

11-20 Ticket Prizes:

1 Pumpkin Bomb - 12 Tickets

4000 WC - 15 Tickets

8000 Ryo - 15 Tickets

20 Kunai/Shuriken/Senbon - 15 Tickets

S Rank Jutsu Scroll - 16 Tickets

Random Organ Goody Bag (50%) - 20 Tickets

21-30 Ticket Prizes:

7000 WC - 25 Tickets

14000 Ryo - 25 Tickets

35 Kunai/Shuriken/Senbon - 25 Tickets

Blessed Reincarnation - 25 Tickets

Random Organ Goody Bag - 30 Tickets (80%)

31+ Ticket Prizes:

10000 WC - 35 Tickets

20000 Ryo - 35 Tickets

Cursed Restoration - 40 Tickets

Random Organ Goody Bag - 40 Tickets (100%)

Golden Ticket Raffle:

In addition to the Halloween Tickets, there is one more type of ticket: The Golden Tickets. If you earn a Golden Ticket, you can enter it here in the Golden Ticket Raffle for the possibility to earn one of three prizes. 
1. Bijuu Ticket
2. Legedary Weapon Ticket
To obtain one of these Golden Tickets, you must complete the final Halloween Event arc mission. Once you have obtained one of these tickets, you must reply to this thread, stating that you are entering the Golden Ticket Raffle, with a link to the topic where you earned the ticket. If you do not do this you won't be entered into the raffle.

What The Rewards Do:

Jutsu Scrolls:
Allows you to learn a single jutsu of that rank for free.
50% Discount Ticket:
Provides a 50% discount towards learning a single thing that requires WC. This cannot be stacked with any other discounts
Blessed Reincarnation:
A one time use ticket that allows the playet to create a new character at the same rank of the lost character instead of being knocked down one rank as per the regular rules. This can only be used on characters that die after this event and cannot be used on characters lost previous to this event.
Cursed Restoration:
Random Organ Goody Bag:
This item gives the owner a single random organ based off of a dice roll done by staff. But here's the catch, there's a chance that you could receive a clanless organ. The 20% bags only have a 20% chance of getting a clan organ, while the 50% bags have a 50% chance, the 80% bags have an 80% chance, and finally the 100% bags have a 100% chance of getting a clanned organ. The chart to see which organ you receive upon the dice roll can be found in the spoiler bellow.
Halloween Event Reward Booth 2021 + Claiming Screen12

(Credits to  @Murata for creating the item apps)
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Halloween Event Reward Booth 2021 + Claiming Empty Re: Halloween Event Reward Booth 2021 + Claiming

Thu Sep 23, 2021 3:58 pm
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