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New Day of Training (open) Empty New Day of Training (open)

Sat Aug 21, 2021 7:31 am
It was a bright early morning as Aki set off for the training grounds, the sunlight glistening off the wet cobblestone streets that criss-crossed the length of Hoshi.
“Morning Aki” looking up Aki saw the familiar face and large shadow of Harold Greymane, Aki so far had managed to do his job without ever talking to his senior, but knew him by reputation. Opting to go for the formal route Aki saluted “Sir- reporting as ordered”. Harold simply nodded in vague approval as Aki handed over a case contain his village watch equipment. “So Aki, you ready to be a real ninja eh? I figured you to be a watchman for life” Harold laughed “Also what are you wearing?”. Aki grimaced “It’s uh, the only change of outfit I had other than my watch uniform - Sir”
Active Shinobi were expected to source and maintain their own equipment, however Aki's gear had all been loaners issued to him by the watch. He was wearing a lightweight red shirt and cargo shorts and looked more at home on a beach than a battlefield, Harold’s disapproving glare was evident. “Well, I can’t give you all of it back but I can at least let you have this” reaching into a pouch he presented a Hoshi headband and placed it over Aki's head “There, now you look a little more the part” , Gathering the equipment up, he turned to leave “best of luck to you Aki, you will need it” and with that Harold left leaving Aki alone outside the Training grounds
“This is bullshit” Aki cursed, thinking over the events of the last few days. News of the Spy he killed had travelled up the chain of command and as a result he had been pulled from village guard to active Shinobi. Most people would consider this a bonus, a real promotion, and a chance to work alongside legendary Shinobi like the Hogokage. Aki however knew it meant dangerous assignments and an end to the easy quiet life he had come to enjoy.
Aki began to wander through the mostly empty training halls, looking around at the facilities. There were rooms dedicated to perfecting all sorts of shinobi arts from Taijutsu to Genjutsu. Aki hadn’t done any real training since he left the academy years ago and the equipment here looked a lot better than the stuff at the academy. “Umm, where should I start?” Aki pondered aloud, he needed to get stronger if he was going to succeed, but he had no idea how to go about doing that.

WC 429 free genin rank headband acquired
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