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Village and Missing-Nin Exclusives Empty Village and Missing-Nin Exclusives

Sun Aug 01, 2021 4:28 am

Village Exclusives

Village Exclusives are a special category of creations that, as the name implies, are exclusive to specific villages. These creations can be canon or custom and symbolize the secret creations unique to their village, be these creations unique skills, elements or even techniques. 

There are two tiers of Village Exclusives, Restricted and Unrestricted. Restricted techniques are considered to be something that only the most trusted in the village are allowed to learn. Creations such as Kiri’s Silent Killing or Konoha’s Flying Thunder God are examples of this category. The Unrestricted tier, on the other hand, is free for anyone in that village to learn without exception, and is typically made up of techniques that are created by Village Exclusive Advanced Elements, although that isn’t always the case. When Exclusives are created they must have the tag [Restricted] or [Unrestricted] in their titles. 

Restricted Village Exclusives are considered to be mechanically stronger than regular creations and are given greater leniency on creation, such as Flying Thunder God’s ability to be one handseal despite being an S rank technique. Due to this, any one character may only learn a maximum of 3 Restricted Techniques of each rank, and the Restricted techniques themselves may only be B-rank and higher. Restricted tier Skills and Elements are also considered to be mechanically superior, and as such any one character may only have access to 1 Restricted tier element, and 2 Restricted tier Skills. Unrestricted Village Exclusives, on the other hand, have no such limit as they are in no way mechanically superior to any other techniques, skills or elements. 

Restricted tier Village Exclusives are all stored within special scrolls, which are in turn stored within a sealed room that may only be accessed by the acting Kage, Deputy Kage, and Masters of a village. Reading its contents allows one to learn said arts, meaning it is only possible to learn this exclusives by either being taught by someone who already knows them, or by having direct permission from one of the leaders of the village and having them retrieve the scroll. These scrolls are indestructible and are able to be transported outside the room by those that can access it. Only characters who started within the village or have been a member of said village actively for 6 months OOC may teach others the village exclusives that they know. If a Restricted tier Village Exclusive is known by anyone outside of the village it initially came from it is able to be taught to anyone without consequence, although the limit of 3 Restricted tier techniques per rank will remain in play. 

Every character gains access to three additional slots that can only be used for Village Exclusives specifically from their own village. They have one slot for a Restricted tier Village Exclusive Jutsu, one slot for a Village Exclusive Skill, and one slot for a Village Exclusive Advanced Element. The character must be capable of learning the creation in question, meeting its requirements (such as elements, spec, power rank). 

Attempts to blatantly copy the unique concept of an Exclusive won’t be tolerated and will be denied outright. A village exclusive should feature effects that aren't simplistic in nature unless it's bundled in with the integrity/history of the village itself or there's justifiable cause. Additionally, Village Exclusives aren't a tool to break the systems and ignore certain hard rules that have been set in the stone being outlined its limitations and such.

It is possible for Village Exclusives to be taken by other villages, with the most common way being the subjugation or destruction of the village in question by another, however, that is not the only way. Village Exclusives are considered to be a village's pride, and as such they can be offered in exchange for favours and as a way of forming diplomatic ties with another village. Village Exclusives may also be stolen, although in order to do so the person stealing them must post within the Kage Office of the village they're trying to steal from, and successfully take the scrolls that they wish to steal. 

Missing-Nin Exclusives

Missing-Nin Exclusives follow most of the same rules as Village Exclusives, but they are obtained in a different way than their village counterparts. Missing-Nin Exclusive techniques are considered to be extremely powerful and often forbidden techniques that are held by various crime lords around the nations within the various Black Markets, and as such, all Missing-Nin exclusives are considered to be Restricted Tier. These crime lords are more than willing to teach these Exclusives to any Missing-Nin that wish to learn them... for the right price, of course. To learn a Missing-Nin Exclusive the Missing-Nin in question must pay 25,000 ryo, and this price is static regardless of whether it is a skill, element or jutsu. The only drop in price comes when an exclusive jutsu is lower than S-rank in power, in which case it drops to a set 20,000 ryo. 

Missing-Nin exclusives are only able to be purchased by Missing-Nin, however, it is possible for Village-Nin to get their hands on these techniques. To do so they have two options, either find someone who already knows the technique and learn it from them, or launch an invasion on the Black Markets to try to take it by force. An Invasion of the Black Markets may be undertaken as an S-rank Hunter Mission, and along with the regular rewards, the Village-Nin are able to take any 1 technique, skill or element that they wish. Doing this will not remove the jutsu in question from the Black Markets as a Missing-Nin Exclusive, however, the person who successfully took the technique will be able to make the technique/skill/element that was taken as an Exclusive for their village, although they are in no way forced to do so.

Note: Any Missing-Nin that attempts to abuse this system by purchasing these techniques and teaching them to village shinobi will be completely blacklisted by their fellow Missing-Nin and will be unable to purchase any more Exclusives from the Black Markets. This will happen if they teach more than 1 person who isn't a Missing-Nin an exclusive or a derivative of an Exclusive

Note x2: Anyone that tries to abuse this by creating new characters for the sole purpose of purchasing and teaching these Exclusives will be punished by staff. 

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