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A Cat Sneaks, and a Ninja Seeks Empty A Cat Sneaks, and a Ninja Seeks

Sat Jul 24, 2021 7:45 pm
Mission Details:The Sneaky Cat
Shinobi Involved:Uchiha, Shiroyasha

Shiroyasha was recently tasked with the most important of missions. As any feline pet owner was aware of, the cat was often permitted to lose itself for several hours at a time. This unfortunate moment meant Shi, Shiros cat, would be inaccessible when he might need to cuddle. However he had no choice as Shi did as she pleased regardless of Shiroyasha's begging.

In this mission another cat had cold shouldered their owner the same way. Another female named Piyo, the calico kitten had escaped. It's small size meant it might have escaped into the courtyard. Or maybe it was hiding in his house. This was still to be determined once Shiro arrived. The Uchiha ran off from the Hogokages mission office swiftly.

The professional ninja arrived and recieved the latest details. Piyo had been spotted din the courtyard. After a tangle with the nets, the kitten escaped somewhere else in the courtyard. He was believed to be inside of th garden, but Shiro would have to check..the noble man who owned Piyo wqs far too afraid of spiders to check on his cat. Despite rebuking the royals cowardice, Shiro owed it to Hoshigakure to secure Piyo.

Shiroyasha activated his Sharingan, and to his surprise Piyo was nowhere on the ground of the courtyard. His three tomoe would km d have sensed the chakra of a living cat, but there was nothing. Shiro scanned the entire ground, desperate to secure the sweet kittens life.

Suddenly Shiro heard a meow behind him, and the ninja swiftly swiveled a one hundred eighty degree. The faint blue light of the kitten was above, the cat hiding inside of the vents. Shiroyasha sighed, though thankful to have found the kitten he was unsure how he would retrieve it. He didnt want to undo the vents and scare it, but there was little choice.

Using a Shuriken Shiro unscrewed the vent from the wall. Poor Piyo cried out to him, certainly scared of the vent. The kitten ran to him, but instead of jumping happily in his arms; Piyo gripped his claws to Shiro. Thankfully he was pulled out, and Shiroyasha gave the little guy to his owner.

Shuroyasha returned the mission as complete and headed home. His queen was waiting for her nightly goat milk, and reciting of Shiroyasha's most recent mission details. The young man wondered what his white feline would think of the poor kittens adventure into a vent system.

When the priest was finished his prayers toAiya, the guardian of his Uchiha family, he headed to his room with a glass full of chilled goats milk. There was a metal can of salmon in his other hand, a fishy treat he collected from the market on his way home with one thousand freshly minted Ryo. Shi ran up to him, loudly meowing and bumping into his ankles playfully. Suddenly she jumped on his shoulder, and pawed at the milk.

Shiroyasha laughed, happily amused with her. He sat at his desk where he kept a steel bowl for the milk. He poured a healthy amount for her and she started drinking. Shi was silly, dipping her paw in and licking the milk off. While she drank Shiro used the same shuriken from earlier in the day to open the can. He poured the juice and meat into another dish, this one a ceramic plate.

Watching Shi eat and drink he wondered what cats thought of before doing things like running off. Poor Piyo certainly no had idea he was going to be trapped in the vent. Shiroyasha rubbed Shi's flank and told her, "Don't ever run off like that.." The cat meowed and continued eating at the canned salmon. Unbeknownst to Shiro she was actually planning to sneak out that night, and poop in the dirt where she could cover it.

The litter box hadn't been touched in weeks.

Total WordCount: 648 
Technique Trained:
Sharingan: Genjutsu (1,321/2,500)
AP Earned: 17
Ryo Earned: 1,000
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Fame : 9
Ryo : 52500

A Cat Sneaks, and a Ninja Seeks Empty Re: A Cat Sneaks, and a Ninja Seeks

Sat Jul 24, 2021 9:00 pm
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