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Elemental Training: Raiton  Empty Elemental Training: Raiton

Sat Jul 24, 2021 4:46 pm
Shinobi Training: Uchiha, Shiroyasha

Early in the morning Shiroyasha made his way to the village. The young priest had been reading some advanced utilization of Raiton on paper. A prodigy by nature, Shiro decided he would have his hand at lightning release. Literally his hand. Shiroyasha was going to practice a legendary jutsu. The Chidori was next on his list of learning. 

Despite being unfamiliar with the raw use of Raiton, Shiro did have excellent chakra control. The night before his practices he was standing at his bedside. Shiros hands were swinging together hand seals, practicing his art before sleep.

Arriving before anyone else to the training grounds Shiro was ready. Wearing just a white t shirt and black pants, the Uchiha was dangling his head band from his waist. The metal climbed to his buttons while Shiro looked around. The morning air was dry, and birds were singing among the trees. Shiro walked up closer to a wooden log. Before he was ready to practice anything chakra related, he planned on warming his body up. Hanging from his back was the Moerusharin, the Uchuhas lance. Shiro drew it and began twirling it around. 

The spear swung all around the log, Shiro careful not to strike it. The golden crown whistled in the air as Shiro practiced a form meant for parrying. After teb minutes of repeating the form theee times, Shiro leapt into the air. Facing the other side Shiro steuck the wood. First one strike, then two. The birds stopped chirping, his echoing reverberating around the Training area. Shiro continued, tucking his spear into the book of his arm and double jabbing into the wood. The Uchiha left the spear in the wood and jumped into the air again. 

The handle of his spear was still trembling while Shiroyasha put together his hands. First the monkey sign, then dragon and rat. Bird was held before his stomach and electricity began to crackle around Shiroyasha's hands. Next was Ox, then finally snake. The just formed in his hand.

The sound was absurdly loud, Shuroyasha nearly bringing his lightning cloaked hand to his ear in response. Something wasn't right. Shuro thought maybe he focused too much on the hand signs. He shook the lame Chidori from his hand and tried again. This time the Uchiha was extra careful to weave the chakra inside his heart Pool, and the result was a wild electricity. the current was right, the bird chirping was perfect. However when Shiroyasha moved his hand the light shot off.

Still standing on the log, Shiroyashas hope for a cool first use of the technique was long since passed. He jumped down and secured his staff. It seemed the prodigy would need to practice some before the Lightning formed properly. Shiro stood facing the log, and held the Seal of Confrontation. Channeling his chakra, Shiroyasha sensed through his whole body. Searching for minute energies staying from his control.

After hours, Shiro felt ready to try again. The Uchiha performed the handseals, and the Chidori formed. He was happy with himself, but when he smiled the lightning faded away. He needed to focus more. Shiro frowned, and tried again. This time the chidori lasted long enough to move his arm, but refused to stay. With any attention detached from the lightning the jutsu dispersed. Shiro was determined to perfect the skill however, so he didn't gave up. Instead he went back to swinging his lance at the training log.

After a few more hours the training area had filled up. There were all sorts of practice going on. Kisari gama users, Genjutsu trainers, and even some earth shattering doron. Shiro was happy to see everyone doing so well, despite alone he had shown much progress. He could only keep his Chidori active for a few seconds. Besides the massive chakra draining cost if the Technique, moving with the coursing electricity was hard. Shiroyashas arm felt so heavy, and he wasn't a weak young man. He kept at it however, and after another hour he was approached by a young man.

The Hyuuga was alone like Shiro, and introduced himself as Bei-Fong, or just Fong for short. Fong said he was a Gentle Fist user, who was practicing his all around skills with ninjutsu. He recognized Shuro from the academy and wondered if he might spar with him. Shiro agreed. He told Fong that he was practicing Raiton, but with his spear he might be able to challenge the Hyuuga. The two agreed to civil terms and were soon ready for a training match.

Standing a few meters away, the Hyuuga was just out of Shiroyasha's spear length. Fong bad his Byakugan active, and was waiting for him to make a move. Shiro lifted his eyebrow, and Fong averted his eyes. The 3 tomoe Sharingan was spinning now, and had Fong been simple minded he would have been absent minded. However the Sharingan Genjutsu wasn't activated, Shiro instead jabbed forward.

Swiftly the Hyuuga faced the ground and deflected the spear with the knife edge of his hand. Shiros arms were flung upward. He jumped, and rotated in the air. Fong put together some hand seals, still facing the ground. He sunk into the earth. Shiroyasha quickly ok ut together Chidoris handseals, and lightning craclednin his palm.

The bird chirping was perfect, but the lightning faded as Shiro fell to the ground. Suddenly he was defenseless and within Fongs grasp. Shiro went into a head first dive with the deadly pointed crown of Moerusharin heading before him. Fong must have seem him, and emerged from the ground with enough time to commit to a Gentle Fist Rotation. Moerusharin was flung to the side and Shiro hit the dirt. The priest flipped backward, dodging a double palm strike from Fong.

The timing was perfect, and Shiro locked eyes with Fong. Immediately the Genjutsu was sunk in, and Shiro appeared to fade away in flames. His entire being ashed away as fire incinerated him. When his body was gone, Fong began to hear Chidori in the distance. The Hyuuga wondered if Shiro had performed it, and Released himself from the Genjutsu.

Shuroyasha was weaving more handseals together again. This time for a different jutsu. The Hyugga began winning again, and Shiro expelled two fireballs at him. The Hyuuga fell back, subjugated by the fires of the powerful ninjutsu user. As he stood up Chidori was once again ringing. This time not an illusion, lightning chirped wildly as Shiro started running forward. The Hyuuga turned his eyes and began rotating again. Shiroyasha kept forward anyway. He brought the deadling lightning to the Hyuuga, tracing every movement with his Sharingan. As Shiro lunged forward, he made certain that Fongs arm would be there to deflect. To Shiroyasha's success, he grabbed Fong and electrocuted him. Fong began choking, and writhing on the floor.

After Fong woke up he sat on a bench for a good hours. The Hyuuga could barely talk, his throat still dry from being electrocuted and waking up in a pool of vomit. Shiro had certainly defeated him, however his training wasn't complete. The ninjas arm had minor electrical burns covering it. He wasn't harmed aside from surface burns, but he would have to train harder. To his dismay Fong was unable to continue training and he went home. Shiro wished him well and ate a food ration pill. He was feeling exhausted from all the eye strain and chakra use.

After resting for a while Shiroyasha decided he would finish the day with more training. The sun was starting to set, and the cooler night wind was settling. Now standing near a pond, Shiroyasha was performing more handseals. The Chudori was stable, and he could even contain the chirping power for a few minutes. But once in a while, particularly if he had his Sharingan active or was running fast, the lightning would jump off and burn his arm or face. It was quite frustrating, and the danger prevented him from considering the Technique useable. Shiro couldnt figure it out, and went home. He wasn't discouraged however, he had made great progress.

The next day Shiro returned. Fong was even there, and they agreed on a rematch. Shiro promised not to go easy on him and the two were at it again. Fong heavily relying on Rotation, and Shiro stringing together Chidori until he was ready to pass out. Or risk getting burned alive. Shiro was much faster than Fong, in fact over all he was a much more developed warrior.

After two thorough shocks from the palm, the Hyuuga conceded and went home. Shiroyasha felt good, but wanted to check on his progress at the very stump he started at. Early in the afternoon still, he had time before night to master it. Shiro repeated the steing over and over, but after three minute he would get a shock. He kept at it however, and over the days course the duration he could hold Chidori in his finger tips grew. Four minutes, five even.

Shiroyasha didnt give up, and focused. By the night time he was able to hold the technique for an amazing 6 minutes. No shocks, and he could even walk on the pond. Shiroyasha was proud of himself, and finally headed home.

It wasn't long before Shiroyasha noticed he was being followed. A white cat was following him, and the Uchiha had no idea why. He tried to turn around a few times, but the cat scurried off. Its claws scraping on the concrete while it hissed. The cat looked female, and was real pretty. Shiroyasha wondered why it was following him. Taking the long way home, hoping to catch the cat, Shiro kept turning around to pet it. The girl wanted no part in it however, and started hissing everytime he stopped walking. Eventually Shiro made it to the entrance of his home, Temple Ho-Musubi. He looked at the cat and shrugged. For the first time the cat mowed.

Shiroyasha reached down and the cat hissed vehemently again. Shiro didnt approach it however, just knelt down. The cat didnt turn around to run away, instead watching him. Surely with her claws out ready to attack. Shiro flopped onto his butt, and the cat looked curiously. He patted his lap and went. "Meyoww." he was trying to suggest she could go home with him, and the cat must have understood something because it walked up to him.

After sniffing his pant leg, the cat rubbed her forehead on Shiroyasha. Shiro almost reached out to touch her, but remembered those claws and let her do her thing. The cat kept rubbing him, and then suddenly walked into his lap. Shiro reached forward and pet her. He could feel smalls shocks from her fur, coursing back and forth. The Uchiha decided to name this white cat Nagashi, after his favorite Lightning Release technique. The Uchiha would have purred, himself happy and tired.

After the two sat there for a half an hour, Shiro found Nagashi pr Shi for short, was asleep. He gently picked her up, and she began kneading his shoulder. Walking her to his new home Shiro adopted the queen. He gave her his room, which offered a bed pillow, dry food, and water. He also fashioned a few balls with beans inside, and made sure to give Shi a blanket. She slept for a few hours while Shiro wrote in his journal about how he had succeeded with his implementation of Raiton during the day.

Turning the page after completing a rather amateur doodle of the Chidori Technique, Shiro started writing about Shi. He wrote all he had learned about her so far, and made sure to quote what time in the evening he found her. Shiro had never had a pet, so this little white fur ball was quickly growing attached to him. As he wrote Shiro looked back and forth at his new cat, as if he were painting art.  Chi eventually woke up and ate some of the dry food he had for her. She didnt touch the water, so Shiro offered her milk. The queen enjoyed a healthy drink of fresh goat milk before heading right to sleep again.
Total WordCount: 2,042
Advanced Facility Discount: Typical Training -25%
AP Earned: 40 AP
Technique Trained: 
Chidori -625=25% of 2,500 (1,975/1,975)
+67 Sharingan Genjutsu [/url] (673/1,000)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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Elemental Training: Raiton  Empty Re: Elemental Training: Raiton

Sat Jul 24, 2021 6:16 pm

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Elemental Training: Raiton  Empty Re: Elemental Training: Raiton

Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:28 am
As time went on Shiro found himself more enamored with his cat than ever. Shi must have been a stray living by the Water Gardens. This became evident quickly as the white cat followed him to the training area everytime he was headed out. Everytime he was posted up training Shi was lurking around. Attacking snakes and other bugs in the sand.

On this day Shi had led Shiro to a path on the side of the training area. Shiro curiously followed his cat, who trotted proudly to her secret grassy plain. This spot was close to the water garden, and lots of green grass was growing in the damp dirt below. There were even flowers growing wildly near the river that filled the Training Pond.

Shi jumped into the flowers, searching for snakes. Meanwhile Shiro turned his attention to a flimsy clay plate target that had been erected in front of the river. The contraption was held together by thick wooden planks, and had clay plates tied to the. There was a burlap sack covering the frame of the towering target practice dummy, with the Kanji for Raiton spray painted on it. 

A perfect practice target for the Chidori Senbon, Shiroyasha prepared to train his newest technique. He had become adept with Chidori, and was growing as a shinobi by it. He had much more versatile close range combat chances now, but he sought out more. The Uchiha would used this fluttering lightning blade as a projectile next.

To begin with Shiroyasha would have to perfect the shape change. He had brought a senbon from his fathers inventory, and studied it for a long hour. Sitting next to the 3 peter tall dummy, Shiro faced the river. He was holding the senbon, his Sharingan eyes studying its every detail. The needle was smooth, and solid. Its design was simple, a straight shaft with a point end. 

Easy enough Shuro thought, stood up and threw the senbon into the ground. It stood in the dirt, and Shiro walked a few passes back. Turning to face the dummy, the Uchiha had his Sharingan active still. His hands wove together the necessary handseals, and lightning began to flutter around his jacket sleeve. Shiro pushed his arm forward and formed a dozen senbon.

The remaining lightning he had prepared was still clung to his arm. Shito paid no mind, and telekinetically fired the Chudori Senbon forward. Things didnt go right all the senbon flying backward and electrocuting Shiroyasha. 

After recovery and hour later, he tried again. This time all fifty of the senbon formed, and when he swung his arm in a semi circle arc, they fired forward. Unfortunately, the senbon didnt go further than 5 meters before fizzing out. Shiroyasha tried again and again, not able to make any of the lightning needles strike. He stepped closer, and some of them chirped into their target, but of course the rest fell downwards and dissipated.

Shiroyasha was thoroughly frustrated, but kept at it. Performing the long series of handseals over and over again, he would soon be capable of flash speed hand signs. The Uchiha chuckled, still standing four meters from the target. His chidori senbon flung forward, some striking. The percentage of total needles fired was increasing, so Shiroyashas will was still strong. He knew this jutsu would be perfect by the end of the day.

As night time was approaching Shuroyasha was considerably better with the techniques trajectory. The needles flew straight, with no arc at all. His aim was great, but the chakra projection to fire the needles required extreme control. Shiroyasha continued with the one thousand birds derivatives practice, and by moon fall he was firing all of his senbon at once. Some moved slower than others, but he had achieved his first solid performance. Deciding he would stay up late, Shiro took a step backwards and continued with his practice.

Before midnight mastery of the Technique was within the priests perspective. He had discovered the finite details of the Chidori Senbons creation. The lightning needles waved as they flew, and this meant that their projection could be timed. Shiroyasha paid careful attention, watching the pattern of undulation with his Sharingan. As the lightning courses towards him, Shiroyasha forced it forward. With a nano second of time in between, the needles fired perfectly.

The real challenge of Chidori Senbon was to pay such attention to detail with fifty senbon. While maintaining their form and sending them forward as well. Shiroyashas Shiroyashas Tomoe swirled, currently exhausted from all the effort he had been putting into them. Not a quitter by any means, Shiroyasha ate a food pill. He continued, practicing his sight by making each needle fire perfectly before creating more. Within hours he was capable of firing twenty at once all with perfect speed and power.

The final climb was approaching, and morning time was nigh upon the Hishigakure ninja. Today would be the byproduct of an all nighter, and Shiroyasha continued his practice. Finally he was content with perfect control of the Technique, and faced the target for one last go at it before attempting to spar with one of the training grounds Genin. All of his needles fired perfectly, and formed with the appropriate elemental affinity.

This Uchiha was making himself into a real threat for a Genin. Likewise his cat was stalking a snake in the grass. He white tail stuck up from the flowers and then she pounced. The snake squirmed for just a second before it died.

Meanwhile Shiroyasha was facing the dummy. There were several targets, perfecting for practicing direction. He would go for five of them, two at the highest top, one in the middle, and two at the bottom. Shiroyasha weaved his hand signs together. The chirping started immediately, the prodigal youth aligned to Raiton properly. Swiftly Shiroyasha swung his arm forward, and in its wake Chidori Senbon began to form. First ten, thrown into the middle. As those ten moved forward, the next twenty flew above them to the top two plates. Finally he moved the last twenty senbon, firing them into the bottom most clay targets.

Electricity was crackling, the deadly senbon diffusing against the clay plates. One the jutsu was complete, Shiroyasha relented his Doujutsu and walked forward to check the damage. Surprisingly he had left lots of ash and dust on the plates, the lightning proofing away into dust. However the middle plate had a prominent scratch. Shiroyasha grinned wildly, and made his way through the secret path back to where the sparring arena was located.

Shi was nowhere to be seen, however Shiro managed to find his way through the tight path with no problem. He hoped his little cat would find her way back to him before he left, but first he had plans. No matter what time of the day it was, there was always a Genin standing at the arena side waiting to fight. Shiroyasha adjusted his own Hoshi headband, eager to join this genin of unknown power. To the priests dismay there was no one at the training grounds.

Fireflies flew around the sand that composed the actual ground were shinobi had enough space to fight. There was no one to fight so Shiro sat atop a rock. Folding his forehead into his hands, Shiroyasha took a nap. It was four in the morning, so he needed the rest. Dreaming of burning stars, the Uchiha recovered the strength he had expended while training all day long.

A few hours passed by, and Shiroyasha was being shaken by a young lady. He opened his eyes and found a young Inuzuka rattling him awake. Shiro grinned, still sleepy, and stood up. He introduced himself, and apologized for taking her favorite rock. The Inuzuka said she was training her Doton ninjutsu, and needed that rock to move the earth for her new technique.

Shiro asked her if she might oblige him in a spar, and after she warmed up and he woke up; the two were next on the list of shinobi to fight in the sparring sands. They faced each other, Shiroyasha ready to test the mettle of his new jutsu. The Inuzukas dog companion would be watching, herself eager to test the versatility of her new Technique.

Shiroyasha had no plans of giving his adversary time to set up her earth moving power. Instead he flashed his Sharingan, and began weaving the hand seals for Chidori Senbon. The Inuzuka was taken off guard, and transformed into her dog companions likeness. She ran forward, but it was too late. The Chidori needles went flying forward and struck her. Not once or twice, but the whole stream of lightning needles were absorbed by his foe. She spoofed back into her human form, laying on her side. She couldnt speak or move, but the Inuzuka was smiling.

Shiroyasha walked up to her downed body and slipped her a medicinal pill. Something his father had given him in case he damaged his nerves by studying "that wild fire wannabe", as he deemed Raiton. The debilitation was shortened and soon she could speak. She praised Shiroyasha for his elegant chakra control, and rode on her large animals back home.

Shiro stayed at the training area for a bit longer. He snuck back to the training dummy and was firing needles into it. With practice he was able to use the jutsu without his Sharingan, and the priest proudly decided to head home. As he ventured out of the secret space, his kitten meowed behind him. She looked full, her chubby belly hanging low. She slowly followed Shiroyasha home.

The ninja sank right into his bed and passed out. He was entirely exhausted, and fell to sleep before he even had the chance to put his night clothes on. Shi crawled on his head, purring softly while she feigned sleep.

Shiroyasha slept so unbelievably hard his cat had to step on him with her whole weight to rise him. When he woke you he changed into fresh clothes, but not before giving his Queen kitty Shi some goatmilk. While she lapped it up Shiroyasha buttoned his black leather pants and secured his headband to his waist. The ninja was expecting another day of hard work. He had some duties as a ninja to attend, in particular there was a certain mission that caught his eye. Before work however, he planned on eating.

Feeling fresh, despite not bathing after such grueling training, Shiroyasha cooked up his favorite breakfast. There was left over rice from the night before, so he threw it in a wok and started frying. With some shallots and garlic paste, he spiced the dish up. Finally cracking two eggs in it, the dish was done. Shiro called for his brother and sister to eat, and sat the table.

While everyone ate Shiro told them all about his new jutsu, detailing how the Genin he sparred couldnt get past the current of lightning strikes. His brother Bumi made lots of whooshing sounds, proud of his adopted brother. Shiroyasha's father was quiet, Lightning Release an affinity he lacked. Nonetheless when breakfast was done he congratulated his son. Of course after the happy job well done Yusuke Yusuke his son to do his chores before work.

Shiroyasha was quickly atop the roof of his home, clearing sticks and dirt from the gutters. After he finished his chores, in record time, the Uchiha went back inside to grab his lance. He strapped Moerusharin to his back, and made his way into town.

Chatting up the receptionist as he usually did, Shiro flaunted his new skill to her. Describing Chidori Senbon as a "wicked flow of needles" Shiro was incredibly proud of his progress. The receptionist was flirting with him, however Shiro was completely unaware. The teenager more concerned by his own selfish display of power than a girl. After talking himself up more than enough, Shiro decided to peruse the D Rank missions.
Total WordCount: 2,002
Advanced Facility Discount: Typical Training -25%
AP Earned: 40 AP
Technique Trained: 
Chidori Senbon
(1,975/1,975) -625 Discount

+27 to Sharingan Genjutsu C Rank (700/1,000)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 96000

Elemental Training: Raiton  Empty Re: Elemental Training: Raiton

Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:35 pm
You realize, you can train stats as well? Update WC claims and dm me

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 96000

Elemental Training: Raiton  Empty Re: Elemental Training: Raiton

Sun Jul 25, 2021 12:38 pm

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Elemental Training: Raiton  Empty Re: Elemental Training: Raiton

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