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Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
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Sky Sword Shattering Empty Sky Sword Shattering

Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:21 pm
Name: Sky Sword Shattering
Element: Lightning
Rank: C/B/A
Specialty: Weaponry/Ninjutsu
Particular Jutsu Type: -
Backstory: This jutsu was inspired long ago by Korin Ogomi, a prominent swordsman of the cloud before perishing in the eruption. Supposedly it was designed to replicate one of his most prominent jutsu, designed to shake the earth and break the ground beneath his feet.

Appearance: After completing the necessary hand seals, the user lifts their weapon and slams it to the ground with as much force or speed as they can muster. From the ground, streams of purple lightning and bits of earthen rubble can be seen erupting from the earth as this jutsu decimates the underground.
Handseals: The Sky Sword Shattering contains a number of hand seals that have been modified slightly to be more comfortable and easy to access for weapon users.
C-Rank - Dragon -> Horse -> Tiger
B-Rank - Ram -> Dragon -> Horse -> Tiger
A-Rank - Serpent -> Ram -> Dragon -> Horse -> Tiger
Duration: Until Maximum Range is Reached
Cooldown: 3 Posts
C-Rank - 10 Meter Radius
B-Rank - 15 Meter Radius
A-Rank - 20 Meter Radius
Power: (Scales off of Speed or Strength depending on Weapon Type)
C-Rank -  20
B-Rank - 40
A-Rank - 60
Speed: (Scales off of Speed or Strength depending on Weapon Type)
C-Rank -  20
B-Rank - 40
A-Rank - 60
Health: -
Stat Boosts: -
What it does: After performing the hand seals, the user infuses their weapon with an incredible amount of barely contained lightning chakra. The user then takes this weapon and immediately drives it into the earth, forcefully dispersing the lightning through the ground with enough speed and force to shatter the earth above it.

After driving their weapon towards the earth, a shockwave immediately forms underground in a pulse around the user and expands outward at technique speed, sending fragments of lightning and earth shattering upwards. This pulse is 5 meters in length/width, and it continues outward in a ring around the user until it reaches the maximum range of this jutsu. The user can still move around after creating this pulse, though they are not immune to damage or other effects that they would suffer by being caught inside the pulse.

If something is standing on ground affected by the technique, or are within 5 meters above the ground affected by this technique, they will take damage equal to jutsu power, and will be both paralyzed and thrown upwards into the air by the force of the erupting lightning if they possess less strength than the power of this jutsu. This paralysis occurs from the neck down, and the target will be thrown up a number of meters equal to half the radius of this jutsu. Paralysis lasts for two posts if A-Rank, or one post if C or B rank. If the opponent happens to be underground (up to 5 meters underground for all of this jutsu's ranks) within this jutsu's range while this occurs, they will be thrown into the air and receive the paralysis regardless of whether or not they possess a strength higher than this jutsu.

After this jutsu passes over an area of ground, the lightning erupting out of the ground will fade away, and the earth will become safe to walk on once again (although it might appear cracked and broken as an aesthetic effect)

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to learn:
C-Rank - 1000 Words
B-Rank - 2000 Words
A-Rank - 3000 Words
Action Cost:
C-Rank - 20 AP
B-Rank - 35 AP
A-Rank - 45 AP
Mastery: Yes
Bonus Requirements: -
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Site-Canon

Last edited by Kita Hajime on Mon Aug 02, 2021 2:14 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Sky Sword Shattering Empty Re: Sky Sword Shattering

Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:31 pm
trial approved
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

Sky Sword Shattering Empty Re: Sky Sword Shattering

Mon Aug 02, 2021 2:05 pm
Changes being discussed in DMs
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

Sky Sword Shattering Empty Re: Sky Sword Shattering

Mon Aug 02, 2021 2:15 pm
Thanks for the edits!
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Sky Sword Shattering Empty Re: Sky Sword Shattering

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