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Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:50 pm
Hello, my name is Yoshiro (could an admin change my username please, sorry)

I'm an experienced role player. I love to write primarily, creating areas, developing magical techniques and demonstrating metaphysical laws in my writing is my hobby. I'm a young man, and I work a lot but this is my life. I enjoy few things so purely as I do writing, and I hope to write with you all soon.

I'm incredibly open to plot developments. So if anyone has a Hoshigakure character to develop a friendship with, I'm more than willing to be an active writing partner. 

My character is an Uchiha, and he practices a sacred religion that worships a Lunar Goddess that lives on the moon. This Goddess mysteriously speaks through chakra patterns that can be seen by Sharingan, and seems to benevolently desire for humans to harness the Amaterasu in a new way.

Her worship is inspired by western occultism, with a focus on the concept of illuminating the value of experience gained by trusting unknown forces. This storyline for Yoshiro will include his acquisition of the Sharingan and will eventually culminate in a great story where the Uchiha works with a a deity like being to open an interdimensional portal that houses the source of Amaterasu. 

I hope to write with you all, and look forward to our time together.
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