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Yamaguchi Kouma
Yamaguchi Kouma
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Life's New Path [P] Empty Life's New Path [P]

Tue Jun 29, 2021 5:46 am
It was mid day in the village of the stars, and Kouma was in a very advanced hospital in the village, lying down in a bed. He had been sitting there for a few days now, and he had been thinking about a lot of things since he became a shinobi. His mother was sleeping off to the side, exhausted from staying awake by his side for almost two days straight without rest, and Kouma gently placed his hand on his mother’s head as she slept in a chair next to him. He was happy that he had such a supportive and protective mother, because as soon as the news came back that he had broken his back in the chuunin exams, his mother wanted o know the name of the Hyuuga who had done so, and Kouma had to talk her out of finding him and sacrificing him to their god. His mother was reasonably upset, but Kouma did not mind this too much, as it had given him a valuable lesson, and made him rethink some of his life as a shinobi. He was definitely not going to quit, quite the contrary, he was going to attempt to strengthen himself with increased fervor. He had to wait quite a while for the transplant that he was waiting on, and until then, he simply had to sit in bed and think about things. This got him thinking about how he was going to continue on as a shinobi, and gave him a great opportunity to change his outlook on life. He was thinking that puppetry might not be the way to go with his particular style of life, and so he was thinking of heading away from puppets and towards a new direction. He was deeply fascinated with how things worked, and soon he realized that while puppets were an interesting hobby of his that fulfilled his need for figuring out how things worked, he was far more interested in the way chakra worked, and what he could potentially do with that. What he also noticed with the way he was fighting, was that space and time were a strange concept, and that chakra could influence them to a point where ninja could skip around and travel from place to place near instantly, and this fascinated Kouma to no end. This in addition to the fact that his clan had studied the art of space time so that they could connect to the realm of the dead that the Yamaguchi’s souls went to after death, and Kouma was thinking of heading in that direction fairly specifically. He wanted to try and learn a lot more about his clan, how they fought, and other various things that could make him stronger without relying on puppetry. He wanted to do something similar, but he knew that his clan could summon undead, he could even do that himself currently, so he knew their usefulness, and it was just perfect for what he wanted to do. As he was thinking about this, he was currently paralyzed from the neck down, so he had to get fed by the nurses, and could only really drink things through a straw, but that gave him plenty of time to just focus on his chakra network, and feel the changes in space and time, so that he could acclimate his thinking towards feeling the fabric of the world itself. Since he already had a technique that allowed him to rip open space and call forth his undead minions, he already had a solid foundation for being able to sense and manipulate space and time, but that was with the aid of chakra.

He wanted to become acclimated to this enough to where he was able to sense the fluctuations of space with just thinking about it and focusing his mind, and so he would be extremely proficient when the time came. As he sat there in the hospital with nothing else to do, he thought about it, and tried to feel space itself. After a while of not sensing anything normally, he knew that he would have to start off with sensing the space through chakra. Although he could not use any jutsu at the moment, there was something that he could do, which was simply leak his chakra out and feel around,. Changing it into chakra ready for the technique that allowed him to make portals. This would not do anything without the hand seals, as he was not proficient with the jutsu enough to do so without hand seals, and he was unsure if he was ever going to be that skilled in the technique. What this could do however, is essentially let him feel the forces that the chakra was affecting, seeing what the energy that was chakra pushed or pulled on, seeing if there were any rules or anything else he could pick up about this universal force in the world, which was space. He had never heard of a technique affecting time before, just sort of teleporting people between space instead of actually slowing down or speeding up time itself, so for now he would ignore time, as that seemed far too out of his reach, and so he simply concentrated on space. When he got the ability to form jutsu again, he would be sure to study his own jutsu Unburial Rite carefully, but for now he just wanted to see if he could sense anything within the chakra he was leaking out and molding. He could only control it in a small part near his body, so there was nothing really happening, but because he kept it condensed right next to his body, he could feel a lot more of the forces that presented himself in the chakra. He felt the force that was space, constricting and touching the chakra, as if it was some sort of cage keeping the chakra inside of some sort of cage, and that is when Kouma realized that the world was indeed a cage. A giant cage that captured everything within, and space time techniques were about breaching that cave and calling things from somewhere else, even if it was from simply a different part of the cage. This was a great revelation for Kouma, as he had always thought that the world was simply the world, and there were not a whole lot of greater mystery to it, but he was definitely wrong, and this proved it. Everything suddenly made sense to him, as if he had suddenly opened his eyes for the first time, and he had an entirely new way of thinking to explore. This was when he realized that his chakra was feeding somewhere, as if his body was some sort of whole that his space time chakra was leaking into, and he looked closer at it in his mind.

This was the dimension of the spirits that Kouma had access to because he was a Yamaguchi! This was startling, as he had always known that this existed, but he was always unsure if it was actually a real place or if it was more of a metaphysical realm, like the afterlife. A place that could not really be reached, but apparently the realm of the dead that belonged solely to the Yamaguchi was closer than he actually thought. As he was thinking about this, his mother seemed to stir, slowly waking up, and looking a lot better after her long nap. This snapped Kouma out of his thoughts and meditation, and he quickly lost his train of thought, asking if his mother was okay and if she was still tired, that she should go back to sleep. His mother scolded him, wondering why the hell he should be worrying about others, but gently hugged him and kissed his forehead, to which Kouma made a wide grin. At least he could still smile currently. After his mother had calmed down a bit, the atmosphere was somber, but much better, and Kouma started asking her about the clan and the abilities they had, as he wanted to focus more on exploring those. His mother was confused for a moment, as he had always showed a bit of interest in the history of the clan, but not their battle tactics or techniques, and so she was excited to start sharing the stories from her past, as this could also be said to be a part of venerating the ancestors, which the Yamaguchi valued quite heavily. It was long into the night before his mother finally stopped talking, and he had gotten quite a bit of new information, especially on techniques that the clan could do regarding their ability with medical techniques as well as with summoning, and apparently there was some sort of old summoning contract that they used to be a part of, but that had been lost in history. Kouma was happy that he got to spend another day with his mother, and before he knew it, she was going to leave and let Kouma have a good night’s rest, to which he fell fast asleep.

WC: 1526
Re-training Puppetry into Medical spec with max stat discount
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Ryo : 48450

Life's New Path [P] Empty Re: Life's New Path [P]

Tue Jun 29, 2021 9:27 am
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