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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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Training the Adavanced Elements - Page 2 Empty Re: Training the Adavanced Elements

Wed Jul 07, 2021 3:29 pm
In truth he didn't feel as if Taichi was a fellow village member just yet. It took more than Ayato saying welcome new Hoshi ninja to build a sense of camaraderie. The mines and the current training session did give the wanderer an idea that they were at a minimum allies from different nations. However, he wasn't sure at the present if the man could be relied on in a sticky situation. It was nothing to do with his personality or previous actions, rather a lack of knowledge surrounding the Uchiha. There was no mission list for the Terumi to look up. The only thing that came up when Taichi Uchiha was added to the archives was his name and village join date.

"You specifically wanted a Terumi organ? They don't have the greatest transplant success as they only allow a transplanted person to get lava or boil release. Usually, never both. If you are still interested then I have my own kidneys available. Had to take them out when I transplanted other organs. I can transplant one onto you, which kidney would you prefer?" Of course, this meant which kidney, if any, could he use without possibly removing his other transplants.

"I can give you the curse mark indeed. It comes with a chance of death, but I remove that risk. If you die, I resurrect you. Your blood is replaced with boiling water, but it functions like blood and causes no problems. Application of the curse knocks you unconscious however as nature energy courses through your body." That was all to say on the curse mark at present he didn't know Taichi possessed Jugo DNA, the base of the technique's transformative properties and thus didn't know the curse wouldn't take.

The Vulture would listen and pay attention as Taichi mentioned knowing more wood style techniques. He would watch the first of the two. Wood clones that sprouted from the body of the Uchiha, unusual compared to shadow clones that just appeared in the proximity. Then Taichi moved directly into the final technique he could teach and it did indeed require many seals. A giant construct erupted from the ground forcing the Terumi to move using his forest of trees to grab him and move him out of the way of the wooden human construct. Taichi would call down from the construct's head before ending his technique.

The Terumi would have the tree release him and slide down to ground level where Taichi was at present. He would perform the seals for wood human and the clones would fall from the trees light drops of heavy rain that formed into identical clones of himself. The man would then have the forest created previously sink into the earth to make room for the wood human technique. Performing the seals the wood human would emerge from the ground head first, leaving the Terumi unmoved until the shoulders erupted causing the man to rise along with the technique. "Well I am a big fan of this one." The man would say from his heightened position. The construct would bend down to a kneel and allow the man to slide down 5m before stopping completely. "I am connected the construct?" He would say a faint blue cord tethering him to the thing.

Akabayashi would undue the jutsu from a stable position which would allow the man to drop unharmed. "Thank you, for teaching me today. If you want to do the transplant and the curse mark my shop may be a more fitting location." The doc would say hoping the Uchiha would agree.

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Taichi Uchiha
Taichi Uchiha
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Training the Adavanced Elements - Page 2 Empty Re: Training the Adavanced Elements

Thu Jul 08, 2021 4:39 pm
The young Uchiha knew that there was not much between them in regards to camaraderie, because why would there be? But he still wanted to try and build that connection between them for there was little he wanted more than to have a good impression on the fellow shinobi of the village. The Nova corps member spoke on the organs that he was looking for, the fact that he was looking for a Terumi organ specifically. He spoke on the transplant success rate and how low they tended to be. 

He hadn't heard of a failed transplant, so that was something that he was not actually aware of. Was it due to the skill of the surgeon? He did have the great Kenshin perform all of his transplants, so maybe that was why the transplant rate was so low for this individual. He knew that he was not the most knowledgeable when it came to transplants, so maybe he was making a huge jump to a conclusion, so he simply shrugged off the idea of a failed transplant and figured that there was really nothing to worry about as he had never had one fail before, so he assumed that that would continue for him.

When the decision was offered to choose which side of his kidney that he would want, this was another question he didn't really think much about, as he had both of his original kidneys. He responded to the decision with a simple shrug, "I honestly have no preference, I have my original kidneys so either one would be fine with me." The conversation moved on to the topic of the Curse Mark. The idea of getting this curse mark seemed to be just the thing that he was going to need to take his own power to the next level, and he was surely going to try and obtain this curse mark, at least he was going to in the near future.

Once the training resumed, he watched as both of the techniques that he had shown Akabayashi would once again be completed flawlessly. He had expected no less from the man, knowing his background and knowing that there was a lot of experience in this man, even more than the young Uchiha had by quite a large amount. He didn't quite look up to this individual, but instead he looked to him as an ally, and hopefully he would looked to as the same, once he won over his trust and approval. 

He was hopeful that they would be placed on the same mission soon, so that way he could not only show Akabayashi his own abilities, but also so he could see just what it meant to be a member of the Nova Corps, as that did seem to be what was in the near future for the Uchiha. When he had finished showing both techniques, the Nova member walked up to the Uchiha and spoke of his shop and that being a more fitting location to perform both procedures. He agreed that it would be more fitting and responded, "I agree, I will go to your shop in the near future. You are more than welcome for the training, it is honestly the least I could do. I know I am new here, and my coming here is all a bit shrouded in mystery and cluttered with coincidences. But in truth, I am just here to have a home for my daughters, and finally surround myself with people that I don't think will stab me in the back the moment I let my guard down."

He then dispelled everything that he had created, reducing his chakra constructs to nothing but the ground that was there before. He held out his hand, wanting to shake the hand of his comrade and hopefully soon to be teammate. Should he have his gesture reciprocated, he would then gather up his girls by calling them telepathically and they would all begin to make the trek back home. There was a lot that he needed to explain to his daughters, not to mention there was a good amount of training that he was going to need to put his daughters through, so they could fend for themselves while he was away on the mission with the Hogokage.


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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
Ryo : 67000

Training the Adavanced Elements - Page 2 Empty Re: Training the Adavanced Elements

Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:05 pm
Excellent news either kidney could be replaced without effecting the Uchiha. Most people replaced the liver and kidneys, more than likely that meant the Senju DNA within him was located in the liver. A side benefit to outfitting Taichi with a new body part was getting to check the ninja's genetic makeup, hopefully he would choose to stop by BBB soon.

The vulture would listen to Taichi as the training came to an end. It truly seemed that for the moment his words were truthful, if they would change in the future was possible. Right now however the Uchiha was a ninja of Hoshi. Extending his hand forward the doctor would grasp it and shake firmly. "As long as you are one of us I will help keep knives from your back and your families."

Without a word the whole Taichi Uchiha family gathered and left. Not a telepathy seal. The doctor would note heading toward the gate of the training grounds. He had much to ponder and more insight on the mysterious eye. He would have to find a way to relay the limited information that he got to Kiri while ensuring the messenger didn't read the contents of it.

From current information the secret of the six ringed eye was rarer than eternal mangekyou. Though now that it is confirmed as an offshoot of the sharingan, the naturally drawn conclusion is that EMS plus EMS equals six ringed eyeball... eyeballs? Hell the doctor only saw twelve today and based on his words Taichi also possessed the eye making fourteen possible.

It was a thought for another time though on the method to send the knowledge.

At the moment the doctor wanted to do more studying on the jutsu he'd learned. There was likely more than met the eye when it came to difficult techniques like the ones displayed. He'd have to read up on the properties of wood release it was surely more than trees smacking people. Would a good place be the library? Maybe, he could talk to Zeref. No, no surely the Terumi knew more Senju techniques than his own student at the moment. The library it is.
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Using 2500 banked WC to double master Wood Human Technique S rank. 7783-2500=5283
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Training the Adavanced Elements - Page 2 Empty Re: Training the Adavanced Elements

Fri Jul 16, 2021 10:30 pm
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Training the Adavanced Elements - Page 2 Empty Re: Training the Adavanced Elements

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