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Rules Directory [Combat and On] Empty Rules Directory [Combat and On]

Sun Jun 06, 2021 10:11 pm
What are all these Jutsu and items for?
Combat & Death Guidelines - These are the basic guidelines on how to engage in combat and how to deal with the death of a character; the end explains what the Temple of Jashin is and how it functions. 
Village Warfare Rules - Its a turbulent shinobi world, nothing stays calm for long. Should a player or group of players wish to attack a village, they must make an open topic at the village gates declaring its purpose clearly in the title. Further guidelines on this can be found here.
Arena Rules - These are the rules for the Out Of Character [OOC] spars and combat topics that are allowed to be held here: Arena. These fights are for fun and hold no lasting effects to your In Character [IC] storyline or life in any way. 

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to sell things so you can buy MORE things?
Open your own Business.
Business Rules and Guidelines - These are the guidelines to help you open your very own place.
Business Creation Template - This is the template for when you are ready to app your new business.

Life gets the better of all of us, this is of course a hobby first and we understand that. However there are some instances where you will need to prove a certain level of activity via Activity Checks. These are posted in the site Discord and players are given ample time to respond before their character is listed as an Non Player Character [NPC]. 

You are coming back to the site after some time away and want your old Character back?
See if you can reclaim that character!
You are allowed to Reclaim a Character via this thread Character Re-Claim Thread with the template to follow on the first post.

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