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Rules Directory [Start to Character Creation] Empty Rules Directory [Start to Character Creation]

Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:04 pm
Rules Directory

You have a character in mind! Great, now where in the world do you want to start?
The NRPG Timeline is a great place to start - this will help you choose the best possible storyline to follow. Village Updates explains the culture of each village as well as active members.
Game Mechanic Rules
Game mechanics are the rules that govern and guide the player's actions, as well as the game's response to them. A game's mechanics thus effectively specifies how the game will work for the people who play it.

Starting Players:
Basic Rules - This is your first step in the process of beginning a character here on NRPG, these rules will help guide you out of character on how the site and community should behave and function.
Thread and RP Rules - This link is in the above ‘Basic Rules’ but it explains how a player can tag threads and gives some potentially helpful guides on roleplaying in a completely written realm like NRPG.

Creating a Character:
Character Rules & Template - This is the guide to help you create your character.

  • Clans: Approved Canon Clans and Approved Custom Clans are available to be chosen from as well as the creation of a new custom clan before creation of a character:

    • Creating a New Clan - *spoilers* Clan Creation Template, Bloodline Guidelines, Bloodline Template, Element Creation, and Element Creation Template.
    • Hidden Clans - Some clans do not have bloodlines, these are known as hidden clans. These unique clans possess secret techniques that are passed down through the clan, but are able to be learned by anyone. The only way for an outsider to learn these techniques is to be taught by someone that already knows them, they cannot simply discover how to perform these techniques on their own. Characters that are part of hiden clans are clanless characters in all respects, except they cannot discover they are clanned like clanless characters can

  • Clanless: If you choose to forgo a clan make sure you understand the perks associated with this choice Clan and Clanless Rules

Stat/Jutsu System - This is the in depth explanation on what each Stat does, Character Health, and how obtaining Jutsu on site works. [VIGOR, CHAKRA, SPEED, STRENGTH]
Specialty System - This is the in depth explanation on what each speciality is and what stats it functions off of to optimize your build. [NINJUTSU, TAIJUTSU, FUINJUTSU, IRYOJUTSU etc.]
Character Stat Page Rules & Template - This is the guide to help you create your character Stat Sheet AFTER your character has been approved.

Dual Rank System - This is your in depth explanation on how ranks function on site and what each rank allows - as well as differentiating what a POWER rank is versus a CHARACTER rank.

Now that your character is in the world, what do you do?

You can begin by doing Missions to begin your rank up process - found here at the Mission Boards.

*insert Mission directory*

What do you do with all the words you write?

You claim them at the end of each topic -
TWC 1439 [Total Word Count]
 Stat Claims 14: 10 to Vigor and 4 to Speed [Based on words written divided by 100 and rounded down]
[Now allocate the words to Jutsu you want to learn by linking them]
1439 words towards Blast Wave 1439/1500
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