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Tsuyoi Sunaarashi Daifu
Tsuyoi Sunaarashi Daifu
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Hello, a new Cokelombian fellow here :3 Empty Hello, a new Cokelombian fellow here :3

Wed Jun 02, 2021 3:31 pm
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Well, My internet nickname is Abzolbex, so you all can call me so, I'm Colombian or Coke for the friends, you already know who search for any astral travel or fun Wink... whatever, I'm here to practice my gramatic, I'm been 4 months reading English books and practicing in general, but when I'm going to listen, talk, or write, weeell, I suck, so, you all, have patience with me hahahaha. 

I believe that here I can practice and have fun, so if you saw I wrote something awfully do not doubt on mocking me or correct me any is useful... Anyways I want to get along at least with the most of you, so I hope we'll have a fun us 
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Things of me if you want to know something like that xD:

Fav Anime: Re:zero
Fav Manga: Gantz
Fav Light Novel: Moshuko Tensei
Fav Book: Vatidico's The Trilogy by Robin Hobb
Fav Game: Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Fav character: Natsuki Subaru

Hobbies: Read light novels, Watch anime, Study programming or English and play rogue-likes (I never had more than 1,3 ghz of CPU, so indies are my unique games)

About Naruto's world:

Fav Character: Konohamaru
Fav Arc: Chunnin Exams
Fav Combat: Rock Lee vs Garaa
Fav Battle Style: Tenten's style (really I believe she was wasted, but I like the weapon stuff)
Naruto or Sasuke?: Child Naruto
Fav ship: Shikatema
Fav Antagonist: Child Naruto's Orochimaru

Shippuden or Child Naruto?: Child Naruto

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Ryo : 6500

Hello, a new Cokelombian fellow here :3 Empty Re: Hello, a new Cokelombian fellow here :3

Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:37 am
Yo, yo! I'm new as well. I usually go by Rime online and it's good to meet you. I have to say, your writing in English seems very good. I recommend using Grammarly to learn where you make grammatical mistakes to not repeat them. In this short post you made, instead of "favourite combat", I'd put, "favourite battle" instead, and instead of battle style, I'd go with fighting style. Besides that? You've learned a lot in these 4 months. Good stuff.
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