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Kita Hajime
Kita Hajime
Ryo : 87855

Cool The Soup Down Jutsu Empty Cool The Soup Down Jutsu

Tue Apr 27, 2021 1:23 am
Name: Cool The Soup Down Jutsu
Element: Wind
Rank: C/B/A
Spec Type: Ninjutsu
Backstory: A relatively simple jutsu, a good number of creatures possess the Wind Release element. This jutsu is one of the many ways in which it could be weaponized.

Appearance: Large white gusts of wind emerge from the user's chosen orifice, flowing outwards in a straight line to the chosen destination, where it disperses into a harmless breeze.
Duration: Up to 3 Posts
Cooldown: Posts used +1
C-Rank = Up to 10 Meters
B-Rank = Up to 20 Meters
A-Rank = Up to 30 Meters
C-Rank = 20
B-Rank = 30
A-Rank = 50
C-Rank = 20
B-Rank = 30
A-Rank = 50
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: N/A
What it does: The user opens their mouth (or whatever orifice they choose to utilize to expel air) and expels a large quantity of chakra-infused air from their lungs, air bladder, or other closest equivalent.

This air takes the form of a powerful stream of air. The stream starts small, only 2 inches in width. However, as it travels away from the user's chosen orifice, it grows out in a slight cone shape until it reaches 2 meters in width. After reaching its maximum range, however, the technique will not disappear. Instead, the user may choose to alter the stream's path by shifting the orifice that the stream is emerging from side to side, directing the stream where they want it to go.

The stream travels at jutsu speed, and upon contact with the jutsu, a target is dealt damage equal to jutsu power. Should a target caught in the stream possess a lower strength score than the power of this jutsu, they will be blown away in the direction that the stream is heading at jutsu speed and impact force equal to jutsu power until they either correct their course or reach the technique's full range. Should this target be an enemy technique or jutsu, it will be blown back if it possesses a lower power/health than this jutsu and will travel until it runs out of range.

Familiar Specific: N/A
Wordcount to learn:
C-Rank = 1000
B-Rank = 1500
A-Rank = 2500
Action Cost:
C-Rank = 20 AP Activation (10 AP Upkeep)
B-Rank = 30 AP Activation (15 AP Upkeep)
A-Rank = 40 AP Activation (20 AP Upkeep)
Bonus Requirements: The user must possess some orifice for this jutsu to be expelled from
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Ryo : 48620

Cool The Soup Down Jutsu Empty Re: Cool The Soup Down Jutsu

Tue Apr 27, 2021 2:38 pm
Yeah sure, looks good to me!

Trial approved.
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

Cool The Soup Down Jutsu Empty Re: Cool The Soup Down Jutsu

Mon May 03, 2021 9:31 pm
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Cool The Soup Down Jutsu Empty Re: Cool The Soup Down Jutsu

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