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Kaibuku Uchiha
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Shop Sellage Empty Shop Sellage

Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:40 am
Sell the shop:
Mission Name: Photo OP Protege: Sell the Shop
Rank: D
Type: Labor
Character Requirements: Member of the team must have completed Photo OP Protege
Mission Location: Village (or neutral town if Missing Nin)
Word Count Requirements: 1000
Challenges: -
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? -
Reward: 1000 Ryo, 3 AP
Task: A local village shop owner wants to advertise some new improvements he made in an attempt to get more customers. He wants beautiful photos of the shop taken so he can make flyers that he can spread around town. 

You have been tasked with touring the shop and taking several photos of the exterior, interior, and whatever else you think would bring the customers in. Once finished, hand the photos over to the shop owner for your reward.

Kai awoke the next morning after he had completed his mission to catch the sneaky cat to a knock on his door, this was the first time someone had come to visit him since he had journeyed to the village of Suna. Kai rolled over and pushed himself upwards, it was early, he could tell as the light outside had barely begun to show itself. Kai rubbed his eyes as he sat on the edge of his bed, forgetting what he was doing in the instant between sitting up and then rubbing his eyes, suddenly another knock on the door snapped him into consciousness. The knocks were not urgent but he rushed over to the door anyway. Kai was a polite boy so answered the door and did not reprimand the person on the other side for the time. Surprisingly to him, as he opened the door he saw his client Louis from the other day standing there. Louis was a traveling photographer who had helped take some pictures of the village entrance for 2 days before.

"Morning" Kai said wearily as he once again moved his hand up to his face to wipe away some of the tiredness "I'm sorry to bother you so early Kaibuku, but I am in need of your services again. I have been hired by a local business to take pictures of his shop so that he can sell it, but at the same time I have a gig to take some pictures of the wildlife out in the desert, both are time-sensitive so I was wondering if you could take care of the shop sale for me. It's not a difficult job, you just need well-lit, pictures that show the qualities of each room and the shop front". Kai nodded "Of course I will help you, why so early though?" he said as he walked back into his apartment, forgetting to invite Louis in. "Well because of the nature of the wildlife shoot I have to go out early, I would have asked you to help me but I was already assigned a different security guard by the village, any way you have seen how I operate so I thought it would be easier for you to help with the solo project as opposes to just being my guide and guard again". Kai nodded several times to that notion, but his tiredness was keeping him from focusing, it was probably four hours earlier than he would have normally been awake, especially with the training regime he was currently on. "I have a portable camera for you to use, the shots don't need to be anything special so this should do" Louis brought out a much smaller camera from his satchel and handed it over to Kai "The client knows the specifics of the photo's he wants so all you need to do is follow his instruction". The man bowed deeply to Kai "You are saving my reputation here". Kai nodded again "No problem, I'll get myself ready then head over to the shop." Kai saw Louis out and bid him good luck on his wildlife excursion and then returned into the apartment to get ready, showered and clothed.

An hour later Kai exited his apartment dressed in a simple pair of black trousers and a t-shirt with his newly acquired windbreaker over the top. At his side was a sling bag that carried the camera and the accessories for it, as well as some snacks and a bottle of water. Today's mission was simple, but it came with a higher rank it just because of the urgency, for the first time since he was in this village Kai was embarking on a D-ranked mission, although it was strange, Louis was in such a rush that he brought the mission scroll with him. Kai made his way through the village and over to the shop, when he arrived there he realized it was a bigger project than he initially thought, Although it was a shop it sold building materials so was more like a warehouse, it even had multiple floors and was the size of a large park. Kai moved inside and greeted the owner, he showed him around the building and told him specifically which areas he wanted photographs of, Kai jotted down some notes on a borrowed notepad and when he had been showing around the entire shop he started his work. Due to the early nature of this mission, Kai was going to be able to get some shots before any of the customers were there. Kai quickly got shots of all the important areas and the front of the shop before anyone showed up and then did the same thing again while it was full of customers and employees so that the owner could pick between clean well-lit shots showing the space or shots showing how the business operated on a daily routine. Kai was not sure whether the business was being sold or the actual plot of land. The owner appeared happy with the work Kai had done and paid him at the end of the day. Kai then made his way back through the village and picked up some shopping for the old man he had now taken to looking after on a daily basis. Initially, he was assigned to shop for him as a mission, but now Kai did it as part of a friendship with the old man, after spending a few hours with him nightfall was upon the village. Kai made his way to the gates and awaited the return of LKopuis, he found a nice little spot to sit and look over the gates as he enjoyed a well-cooked meal and some good conversation with random strangers. After an hour Louis made his way back through the gate with his guard and Kai returned the camera to him, it appeared he would have further use for him in the coming days, Kai was taking quite a liking to the type of work and the artistic feel.

WC: 1011
Claiming 2100 ryo, +10 Ap, +10 Chakra, 845 words for 1000/1000 for Summoning Technique - previous wordcount, 166/1000 for Blistering Web C.
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Shop Sellage Empty Re: Shop Sellage

Wed Apr 07, 2021 10:04 am
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