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Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage Empty Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage

Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:05 am
Once again, the Uchiha would find himself standing in the Hokage’s chambers looking out the same window he had before he had sent Toru on the mission to inform the citizens of Konoha of the recent agreement between their village and their sandy neighbor. Only a few brave Genin stepped up to the plate to support the cause, but it was better than nothing. In fact, it showed great guts- far more than of those who fled their village or refused to oppose their oppressors. A few moments passed by and a black bird would swoop back into the room via the window, flying the perimeter of the room once before landing gracefully on the same windowsill that Ita stood at.
“All set your sire.” The bird would say in a shrewd tone.
“Thank you, Toru.” Ita would respond, his crimson eyes shifting from the sight of the sun setting over the village to the bird once more. The bird would now pick its feathers in a coy manner, the action causing his face to be hidden momentarily. “Toru, I have something to ask you.” Ita would say.
“Anything young master Ita, what is it?” Despite Toru’s sleek black feathers and cunning and wise personality, he was a very old bird with a lifespan far longer than that of any normal crow. He was a special crow, one that was home to Konoha’s Forest of Dreams. The crows in that sector of the Fire Nation had always been shrouded in mystery and it was not common for them to take liking to any humans, especially not in the way that Toru had taken to Ita.
“Why do you follow me?” the Uchiha would ask.
“I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.” Toru would tilt his head, fully aware of the meaning of the question, but wanting the Uchiha to elaborate on why he was asking after all this time.
Ita was quiet for a moment, not entirely sure how to respond. “You know- why are you and the other crows from the Forest of Dreams so keen on me? I’ve done nothing to deserve it.”
There was now a twinkle in the crow’s eyes, he never thought he would be the one to inform the boy.  “Because you are the chosen one of course!” The crow squawked in an excited manner.
“The Chosen one? Do not be foolish Toru! I’ve done nothing but idly watch as this village has been ruined. It’s my inaction that got us here..” Ita’s eyes had flickered from angry to self-loathing in almost an instant.
“You must not be so hard on yourself, those feelings will be your undoing. Okay… I will tell you, although I fear the Elder Crows will be upset with me.” The bird looked around the room nervously, as if he were expecting someone to jump out and catch them in the act. “The Forest of Dreams crows are no ordinary crows Ita, the forest that surrounds this village has been our home far before any Shinobi civilization was built on this land. We have seen the rise and fall of this village numerous times, many times before your existence- so to assume that the village is the way it is because of your ‘inactions’ is what is truly foolish.”
“Elder crows…” Ita would say, seemingly cutting the crow short. “You’re not making any sense.”
“Hush boy!” The crow would snap. “Let me finish. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the Forest of Dreams crows are no ordinary crows..”
Ita would interrupt again, “You already said that..”
The bird would now peck the boys hand that was on the windowsill next to him, drawing blood. Ita would retract his hand quickly in response. “Hey what was that for!”
“Hush!!” the bird hissed. “Okay.. okay..” the Uchiha complied under his breath.
“Us dream crows live within a dimension that is stuck in time which explains why we do not age as quickly as you humans, or normal crows for that matter. In this dimension, Gentjutsu and Space/Time chakra fuse together, becoming one, granting us great visions of both the past and future, although it can be very difficult to discern which of the two the vision actually is...” The bird was now rambling on and Ita was almost lost.
"So what does any of this have to do with me?” Ita would interject once more.
“I’m getting there!” The bird snapped once again. “You, Ita Uchiha, are prophesied to free the great village of Konoha and unite the great shinobi nations, bringing about a great period of peace that will last 100 years! The path ahead of you will not be easy and you will face many strong foes who will oppose this ideal, but as long as you stay true to your heart and make friends along the way, there is no question whether or not you will succeed!”
The two would sit in silence for a few minutes while Ita would attempt to grasp the information. “I still don’t understand… where would I even begin…” The boy would say aloud to himself and the bird, as though he was hoping for some sort of hint.  
“Sorry Ita but the prophecy does not come with a guide so I won’t be much help there but if you are looking for a place to start, that seat over there looks very empty, wouldn’t you say?” The black bird now fluttered over to the Hokage’s chair and perched on the back of it.
“Me? Hokage?” Ita had never thought about becoming or wanted to be Hokage. The idea seemed ludicrous. “You’re not serious, are you?”
“Very serious. Come sit.” The crow replied.
Ita hesitated for a moment, but did as he was told, walking over to the Hokage’s chair, and sitting down in it. The chair itself was comprised of a luxurious red velvet material and stitched with gold linen. The arms were made of solid oak and so was the desk. A strange feeling washed over the boy, but despite the unfamiliarity of it, it did not feel wrong.   
“But what about Wan Senju. He is the current Hokage. I doubt he will just give up the position without a fight.” Ita would say to Toru, continuing to challenge the vadlidity of the idea.
“You will find on your journey that words are the world’s greatest weapon, stronger than any ninjutsu or genjutsu. I bet you a conversation with young Wan may change your mind. You two may have more in common than you think.”
“But Toru.. I still don’t understa-.” Ita would be cut short.
“Sorry Ita, no more questions. I’m afraid I have said too much so it is time for me to go- I’m sure you have a lot to think about.” The bird would say, preparing to desummon itself.
“Just some final words of advice. You will need to choose your friends and foes carefully on this journey for peace if you are to be successful. Not every person you battle will be your enemy, and not every enemy you face will be incapable of having a change of heart. The Kazekage from your thoughts- she seems like a reasonable person, do your best not to let her down, okay?” With that- Toru would desummon himself in a puff of white smoke, leaving the Uchiha to be alone with his thoughts.

WC: 1236

[Claiming Hokage in Wan's Absence]

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Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
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Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage Empty Re: Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage

Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:12 pm
Approved. God speed.
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Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage Empty Re: Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage

Wed Apr 14, 2021 11:54 pm
The smoke from the unsummoning of Toru would soon dissipate, leaving the Uchiha alone within the Hokage chambers. Ita exhaled through his nostrils and leaned forward, placing both of his elbows on the solid oak desk. The sunlight penetrating  the window behind the desk was slowly beginning to fade away and the shadows being cast would slowly creep up the walls of the room until they consumed the room completely. On the desk was a single candle and nothing else. The candle itself was white and circular and sat upon a tarnished brass holder. Ita motioned his hand towards the candle and pinched the wick between his index finger and thumb, running fire chakra through his body and setting the wick ablaze. The candle had been worn down from the many Hokage that had sat in this chair before him and only had probably a few hours left. The Hokage would now lean back in his chair, his elbows no longer on the desk and he would sit in silence, contemplating his next course of action. A slight breeze would occasionally enter the room from the window behind him and cause the candle’s flame to flicker, casting dancing shadows around him. After another extended period, his motionless body would no longer be at rest and he would bring both hands together and form several hand seals. As he finished, he would place both hands on the ends of the oak chairs arm rests, gripping them lightly.
“It’s time.” The Hokage would say in a monotoned voice. The attitude he had in the presence of Toru was no longer the same. He now had a more serious and mysterious presence.
On the other side of the room where the candles light did not fully reach, a portal would manifest and out from it a shady figure would emerge slowly. The being breached the portal in a curious manner, as if it were someplace new for the first time. With no further words, Ita would blink, activating his Sharingan and a swirling animation would occur, distorting the space around him and pulling his body towards his eye which was the focal point of his teleportation technique.
Wc: 367
Twc: 1,603

[Ita Exit, Teleport to Sunagakure Gates using Kamui]

Creation of LC that looks exactly like Ita (We will call him Ita2 for now]- inheriting Uchiha Genetics as BL [+25 Chakra]
1K WC to finish learning (2) Space Time Clone Creation v7 ( [5K/5K, 4k Trained using WC Bank on Stat Page]

32 Bonus AP from max stats
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Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage Empty Re: Ita Uchiha, The Last Hokage

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