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Ryo : 19000

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Mon Mar 29, 2021 8:22 pm
The area chosen for the second round of the chuunin exams takes place in a 100 meter clearing in the forests surrounding Haven Country. The air is temperate, with a few picturesque clouds dotting the sky. The sun hangs high above, providing soothing light and comforting warmth to the genin, Souji Hyuuga and Ryuuzaki Nara, as they enter the clearing. What they see in front of them is surprising. The clearing is covered in a thin layer of water, which reflects the sky above. 6 large earthen pillars lay terraced, like steps, in the clearing in the forest. 

2, 15 meter tall, 5 meter wide cylindrical platforms stand in front of one 30 meter tall, 15 meter wide platform, with about 7 meters of distance between them. Water pools on the surface of this larger platform and falls off its sides, and, kneeling on the surface of this pillar, sits the proctor, Raleth Sarutobi. He's kneeling down with his hands positioned in the blooming lotus seal, lost in meditation. He wears his dune colored jounin flak jacket, his arms are exposed, he wears black pants and boots, and dulled-metal arm guards, with his headband wrapped around his neck. 

Behind him stands 2, 40 meter tall, 5 meter wide cylindrical platforms and behind these lay a massive, 50 meter tall, 25 meter wide platform with 7 meters of space between them. Like the 15 meter wide platform in front of it, water pools on its surface and falls off its sides. And, kneeling in a similar position to the one on the wider platform, sits another Raleth Sarutobi, dressed in a similar fashion. But, this Raleth wears a wide brimmed, straw hat, and a black and white Sarutobi Clan Kimono, that is untied and rests on his shoulders. Om his waist hangs 4 palm-sized, wooden gourds, each one stamped with the symbol of a cartoon Monkey. A wood-and-jade pipe sits in his lips, smoke wisps from its bowl as he breathes in his meditative trance. Behind him rests a large, earthen made, Monkey Idol. The hands of this idol lay open, as if giving praise to the sky above.

As the two participants walk into the clearing, the Kimono-clad Sarutobi looks up from his meditation, and a beaming smile spreads over his face. He stands and speaks, his booming, basso voice ripples the reflective water in the clearing.

"Greetings, future-chuunin! Welcome to the second round of your examination! I will be your proctor, Raleth Sarutobi! I hope the day has found you well!!"

The Raleth kneeling on the 30 meter tall pillar opens his eyes, looking up at the two participants. A stern expression is plastered on his stone face, that same expression washes over the kimono-clad Raleth. His voice drops into a serious and grim tone.

"I have been instructed to thin the amount of participants, and only the best of the best will be allowed into the third and final round. To proceed to this round, you must obtain this bell." The kimono-clad Raleth reveals a singular, sparkling, silver bell tied to a red ribbon. "As you can see, only one is available." 

The kimono-clad Raleth places the bell in the open palm of the Monkey Idol. He makes the sign of the Monkey, and the Idol, animated by the Chakra of the Sarutobi, brings the bell to its mouth. It's jaws open and it places the bell inside, it closes it mouth and uses it hands to cover it, like the Monkey that speaks no evil. The bare-armed Raleth on the 30 meter platform stands. He speaks.

"Only one of you will pass on to the next phase of the Exams. Who that is depends on you. The objective of this test is simple, grab the bell from the Monkey Idol and wrap the ribbon around your waist. I will do whatever it takes to prevent you from acomplishing this."

The bare-armed Raleth cracks his neck and rolls his shoulders, he adopts a wide stance, extending his left fist towards the participants, and opens up his right arm, cooking it back and facing his fist to the ground. He steps forward with his left foot, and keeps his knees active.

The kimono-clad Raleth crosses his arms.

"Understand one thing, genin; In the shinobi world, nothing is as it seems. It is up to us to see through falsehoods, and to achieve our objective in the most efficient way possible. In our lives, the missions comes before our own goals."

The two raleths breath in through their nose. A soft wind rustles the trees as they exhale; in unison, they speak.

"Show me why you deserve the rank of Chuunin. Begin!"



Current Stat Points: 300
Current Health: 300

Vigor: 100                 AP: 1175
Chakra: 50
Speed: 75
Strength: 75 

Specialties: TaijutsuNinjutsuMedical, 
Element(s): Doton, KatonSuitonKeiton


AP: 1175
         Shadow Clone Jutsu - 30
        Earth Release: Earth Style Wall - 30, Health of the Monkey Idol, 65
        Heavy Weight Boulder Technique - 40, 50 str check to pick up the bell

Kimono-Raleth: 538/1175
Bare-armed Raleth: 537/1175
Ryo : 0

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:18 am
Stats & Jutsu:

The sun was beating down through the trees as Ryu made his way to the location he was told to meet his proctor and another ninja for the second round of the exam. Ryu was wrapped in his usual gear, a plain black t-shirt with the Kumogakure logo on the back, a pair of knee-length, black shorts. The skin that would normally be shown by these items of clothing was covered in compression bandages. Around his waist, Ryu wore his katana that held from his right side, easily able to be drawn by his left hand. A pair of leather holsters crisis crossed his back and house a tanto in each one, their handles pointing down towards the ground and at an angle towards Ryu's hips. On the back of his right hip sat a weapon pouch that housed half of his kunai and shuriken, along with his wire and other equipment. The remainder of his kunai and shuriken sat on a weapon holster strapped around his left leg. Finally, his Kumogakure headband was proudly displayed on his forehead but also had an additional bit of fabric that hung over his face and covered his right eye.

Ryu pushed through a final section of the forest until a clearing appeared before him, the clearing had a thin cover of water and a giant section of rock reaching out of the water, he was not familiar with this country but it certainly did not seem like a natural formation. A voice called out from above and Ryu listened intently as he was instructed for the coming exam. Ryu turned to his right to look at the other genin after the proctor had finished his explanation "We should work together, at least until we are able to get the bell" Ryu would wait a few seconds for any response from his potential partner "We should probably try to overwhelm one of him at a time, I'll try and flush him into a corner" Ryu waited for any response from the ninja and would then begin to walk towards the first columns of rock if he was not informed otherwise.

Ryu waited until he was out of sight of the proctor who sat two platforms up and started to weave handselas, once the Tiger, Horse, and Ram seal were complete Ryu brought his hands together in the Clone seal. A shadow clone appeared directly next to him and pressed himself against the rock formation. Ryu's chakra swelled and his byakugan in his right eye awakened, he then activated the rock climbing technique and scaled the left column until he was at the top and looking up to the next column, where his opponent and proctor were now preparing for a fight. Ryu continued to form handseals as he strode across the current platform, his normal eye keeping the vision of the lip of the column in front of him. Once Ryu finished his current set of handseals he slammed his hand down to the ground as he neared the edge of the current platform, an earth style wall began to extrude from the edge of the column and begin to move its way diagonally between the current platform and the one his proctor occupied.

WC: 541

Ap, tings' & math:
AP = 1975
 -30 Shadow Clone
 AP /2 Original=923, Clone=922
 -10 Byakugan
 -30 Earth Style Wall B
  Power, Speed & Health 65 - 3m thick, 10m tall, 17m wide.

Original=883, Clone=922

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Ryo : 23350

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:25 pm

Current Stat Points: 250(300 Clan)/250
AP Count: 1,660
Vigor: 90
Chakra: 125 (100 + 25 Pureblood Hyuuga)
Speed: 75 (50+25 Hyuuga Body) 
Strength: 10

Chakra Control: 25% AP Reduction 
Reflex Speed: +15 to Speed when Dodging
Jumping Distance/Height: 21 Meters
Throwing Speed: 82
Throwing Distance: 41 Meters

Specialties: Ninjutsu , Taijutsu   
Element(s): Water, Fire

A Rank: [5 Max]
Heavenly Palms Rotation [Mastered: Specific]
Eight Trigrams: Mountain Crusher 
Vacuum Wall Palm 
Four Sky Palms
Great Vortex Technique V7

B Rank: [15 Max]
Cero V7
Eight Trigrams: Scattering Palm V7
Barrage of Gentle Fists V7
Vacuum Palm V7
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death V7
Gentle Step: Hyuuga Bolt
Suiton: Water Trumpet V7
Hidden Mist Technique V7  [M] 
Nukite The Spear Hand V7
Eight Trigrams: Storm Senbon V7
Eight Trigrams: Vacuum Burst V7
Shadow Clone V7
Shattering Thrust v7

Great Fireball v7
[V7] Split Second

C Rank: [15 Max]
Water Clone v7 
Suiton: Soap Bubble Ninjutsu V7
Water Clone V7
Tenketsu Burst V7
Vacuum Palm V7
Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms
Ninja Art: Spirit Gun 
Nukite The Spear Hand V7
Suiton: Mizu Senbon V7
Summoning Technique V7 [Mastery: Second Condition]
Great Fireball v7
Block v7
V7 Phoenix Flower
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique v7

D Rank: [Unlimited] 
Chakra Flare V7
Chakra Anesthetic v7
Fuinjutsu Lock v7
Fuinjutsu Breaking V7
Eight Trigrams: Vacuum Palm V7
Mist Servant
Body Flicker V7
Throat Chop V7
Nukite the Spear Hand
Temporary Paralysis V7
Water Replacement Jutsu V7
Mass Shift
Snatch Steal 
Storage Displacement V7 [Mastery: 30 Storage]
Scattershot Technique v7
Sticky Paper Adhesive Technique v7

E Rank: [Unlimited]
Fuinjutsu Lock v7
Fuinjutsu Breaking V7
Substitution Technique v7 [Free]
Clone Technique v7 [Free]
Transformation Technique v7 [Free]
Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique v7 [Free]
Basic Medical Ninjutsu V7
Genjutsu Release [M]
Generic Sealing Technique 
Fire Stream v7

Specialty: Ninjutsu
Skills: [5 allowed] 
Chakra Sensory v7 [Slotless]
One Handed Seals V7 
Genetic Progenitor: Clan Pureblood [Slotless]
Hyuuga Body [Slotless]
Gentle Fist [Slotless]

Along side the Nara stride the Hyuuga, Souji. His hands within his pockets - his attire subtly different. He removed his jacket, only seeing fit to wear the black turtleneck top, long sleeved, crimson pants and black shinobi boots. A white sash over his left leg with the sand village symbol woven in it. Weapon pouch to his back. His lilac eyes scanned over the area as they walked, while he passively sensed 5 meters all around - the Nara being a meter apart from him, made it easy for the boy to monitor him and their immediate surroundings. As they traverse the outside layout of the path that led them to their destination...Souji couldn’t help but glance over to his comrade in this half. “A Nara, huh? His clan originated within the walls of the leaf village, as did mine. My...biological mother drilled in my head each clan’s history in regards of the hidden leaf. The Nara are said to be the guardians of the forest - rather capable shinobi. Yet... Something about this guy... is making me weary. Hmph, not much point in concerning myself with it.” He thought. 

Now standing before their proctor, Souji gave a subtle wide eye - surprised. This was... “The old man is our opponent?” He word, listening and observing all that was before him and his comrade. Souji knew little about Raleth, but what he did know...better yet, what he did recall was this man was deceptively dangerous. Hearing the suggestion of the Nara, Souji glanced to his left at him. “Careful. The geezer is more dangerous than he looks. Even if one of them are a clone, that clone is enough to destroy half of this entire fields with a single strike if he so wished... Usually, I wouldn’t be sharing this intel with you, I’m more of a loner, but in this case, I know better than to presume that I can manage this alone... after all... he is my Sensei’s former master. ” He explained, shifting his eyes over to the mountain of a man. 

Hearing the strategy of the Nara, Souji simply nodded. “Keep in mind what he just said. “In the shinobi world, nothing is as it seems. It is up to us to see through falsehoods, and to achieve our objective in the most efficient way possible.” This smells like a test within a test. Teamwork is our only option in passing. Even if one of us obtain the bell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t fail us both. The geezer is loud and incredibly stubborn, but one thing I know for sure...he lives for two things.” He paused. Casually removing his hands from his pockets. Closing his lilac eyes. “One, if nothing, he’s all about teamwork. I noticed that much about him from when we went on that joint S rank mission a while back.” The temples of the Hyuuga bulge with chakra as the veins around the eyes swelled. Slowly the boy revealed glazed over eyes - Byakugan, expanding his vision to 100 meters at a 360 degree radius. His brows furrowed and his air/demeanor darken. “And two, he lives for a good fight. Which...together we will give him.” His eyes could see the flow of chakra all around them. Even within the monkey stature that was...peculiar to him to say the least. He couldn’t tell the difference between the two Raleths, which was making him cautious. Either one could be the real one, but as he stated before, it wouldn’t be wise to take either lightly. 

Souji stood in place as he watched both Raleths and the Nara. Noting the sudden burst of chakra that came from the Nara as a clone emerged and...something was awaken. Souji didn’t give away his curiosity about that, mostly because now was not the time for it. It seems that their immediate target was the Raleth on the 30 meter platform, an ideal choice, Souji was thinking the same, however he couldn’t help but feel uneasy with the other - the thought that filled his head was that it was going to guard that statue...or that was the role it was suppose to portray. As his comrade formed a bridge, Souji began to motion in the direction of the platform. While keeping a 10 meter distance between him and his comrade, staying to the lower level near the base of the platforms. 

[WC: 736]

Byakugan: AP 5

Remaining AP: 1,655

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Ryo : 19000

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Fri Apr 02, 2021 1:09 am
A genin from Kumo and a genin from Suna walk into the clearing prepared by Raleth, the Sarutobi recognizes the cocky smirk of Souji. A soft smile breaks the stone facade as he recognizes the Hyuuga he had met when him and a group of shinobi investigated a hidden Vault in the deserts of Wind Country. The hyuuga's self-assurdness thrusts the aged Sarutobi into a vibrant flashback, when he himself was but a chuunin, meeting his ward, student, and friend, Zaine. As if overlaying his memory with the present situation, Raleth sees the shadow of a young, cocky, eagle-haired Uchiha in the swagger of Souji, and for a moment, the aged shinobi forgets where he is. A sudden rush of adrenaline and aggresion floods his being, he can see the marks of his old student on the genin from Sunagakure.

Turning his head to the genin from Kumo, Raleth feels a familiarlity in the boy's look. His features remind him of an old family friend, a tactician who taught Raleth the strategic board game Koroshi. 

Perhaps he hails from that clan...

The two genin assess their situation and deem it best to work as a team, despite the possibility that only one of them will obtain the bell and pass the second round. Ryuuzaki walks toward the first and smallest column, out of sight from both the kimono-clad Raleth and the bare-armed Raleth. A sudden and familiar sensation brushes over Raleth as Souji activates his all-seeing Byakugan. Yet, something seems off, as if the sight that accompanied such a renowned doujutsu was more intense. This intensity would soon be revealed as Ryuuzaki climbed up the 15 meter tall platform. The same all-seeing, white pupil, the Byakugan, sat in his right eye, a sight that truly surprised the ashen-haired Sarutobi.


The dual-eyed Ryuuzaki strings together a familiar set of handseals, Raleth recognizes a jutsu in his arsenal. In response to the Kumo-genin forming handsigns, both Raleth's respond with handseals of their own.

The bare-armed Raleth, the jounin that stands in the center of the 30 meter tall, 15 meter wide platform, strings 6 handsigns. As Ryuuzaki places his hands on the 15 meter platform, the very Earth shunts forward, creating a 10 meter long Earth-Style wall to act as a bridge between the two pillars of Earth. As this wall is formed, Souji stays on the ground, running toward the 30 meter platform, keeping a 10 meter distance between him and his ally as he makes his way to the base of the 15 meter wide pillar.


Before the earth-made bridge is finished forming, the bare-armed Raleth completes his jutsu. The water and earth in front of him churn into a dark, 10 meter wide line of mud and Earth. This earth-made-river flows forward at a speed and power of 75, rushing toward the lip of the platform the ashen-haired Sarutobi stands on. This river crashes over the earth made bridge, partially covering it and the 15 meter pillars in a rolling wave of chakra-made mud. Yet, because of the width of the platform the bare-armed Raleth stands on, 2.5 meters of space would be untouched by the Earth Flow River on both sides, which meant that Ryuuzaki would not be able to cross the bridge to step onto the 15 meter wide platform, lest he chooses to get swept up in a churning-earthen-rapid. If he does, the power of the river, being higher than his strength, would force him off the platform and toward the tree line of the arena.

As the bare-armed Raleth strings his handseals for Earth Flow River, the Kimono-Clad Raleth forms 4 handseals as he travels toward the edge of the, 50 meter tall, 25 meter wide platform he stands from, traveling the 12.5 meters from the center to its edge, leaving the stone monkey idol in the center. As he arrives at its edge, he brings his hand up as he inhales, filling his lung and puffing out his chest. He exhales and spews out 8, meter wide balls of bright flame, that travel at a speed of 65 as the Earth Flow River rushes forward.

One Fireball is aimed at Ryuuzaki, who has his hands place down on the earthen pillar. Another would be aimed at his earthen made bridge, between the 15 meter pillar and the 30 meter pillar, towards the center of Ryuuzaki's Earth Style wall, at the space untouched by the Sarutobi's Earth Flow River. A third Fireball would be aimed toward the edge of the platform the bare-armed Raleth stands on, where the earthen wall and the pillar meet. A fourth Fireball would be aimed at the space between the edge of the 30 meter tall platform and Raleth, landing at a space more then 4.5 meters away from the Sarutobi. Each Fireball, upon landing, would burst into a 4 meter wide explosion, one after another, creating a 12 meter long trail of flame: starting with the Fireball aimed at Ryuuzaki, blocking the most obvious path toward the Sarutobi, and covering the space untouched by his Earth Flow River.

The other 4 fireballs would be aimed toward Souji, traveling forward and curving downwards. One would be aimed at the space in front of the suna-genin. The second one would be aimed at the base of the of the 30 meter tall pillar. The third one would be aimed at the edge of the 30 meter pillar. The fourth one would be aimed at the space between the edge of the pillar and the place where the bare-armed Sarutobi stands, landing at a space 4.5 meters away from the sarutobi. Like the other four, each Fireball would burst into a 4 meter wide explosion, starting with the one aimed at Souji and creating a 12 meter long trail of flame that burns at 65 power: covering the space untouched by the Earth Flow River.

The space in front of the bare-armed Raleth would be covered in flowing mud or bursting flame, if any of the genin would try to boost forward they would surely be caught in either the earth or fire style jutsu.


Kimono-Clad Raleth: 538/1175
                                       -30 Phoenix Flower Jutsu, 65 Power, 65 Speed.     

Bare-Armed Raleth: 537/1175
                                     -40 Earth Flow River, 75 Power, 75 Speed

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Ryo : 0

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Fri Apr 02, 2021 1:06 pm
Ryu's wall extended out from his current position, at the same time his examiner had started to make his move. Bare-armed Raleth completed a few handseals and performed an unknown earth jutsu to Ryu. As his bridge extended and met the upper platform the earth and mud on that particular platform started to shift and change, Ryu took a few steps backwards, not knowing the range of the jutsu. At the same time, his Byakugan picked up movement from the upper Raleth. An unknown fire jutsu was cast, he could see several projectiles flying at him. Ryu flung his hands into motion and likewise conducted a second jutsu. After a few handseals he slammed his foot down on the water in front of him and it began to coalesce in front of him and raise into a wall of water, it spanned the central 10m of the platform he occupied and raised 10m into the air. 

Due to the distance between bare-armed Raleth and the edge of his platform and the 16m length (Width) of the wall the earth flow river would not reach his platform, but still, be successful in its attempt to block off Ryu's path to the next platform. Meanwhile, the fireball aimed at Ryu's current position would be met with a water wall and block its path, the other fireballs aimed at him would explode in their intended places. The fireball that impacted the bridge being of equal power to the bridge's health would blast a hole in it 2ms thick, but not enough to cave it in completely due to its 3m thickness (If the fireball expands from point of impact). The fireball that would connect with the water wall would not be able to break through due to its elemental advantage. The water wall was long and tall, but both Raleth and Ryu would be able to see through it due to its translucent nature. Ryu would maintain the wall not knowing the next move of his opponent, however, he had successfully stopped his advance, buying more time, which Ryu suspected was his goal, not actually the destruction of Ryu himself.

The clone would hold position out of sight.

WC: 364
TWC: 905

-5 for surface walking (forgot to subtract in the first post)
-10 Byakugan
-30 for Water Wall
 - Power, Speed & Health 70, 10m wide and tall.

AP= 838 Clone=922

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Ryo : 23350

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Mon Apr 05, 2021 10:04 am
The all seeing eyes are the name in layman tern for the Byakugan - capable of seeing everything around the user, missing nothing. Souji took notice of the Bare-armed Sarutobi, the Kimono don Sarutobi, the Nara and his clone all as if observing them directly before him and/or widely from his peripherals. Upon the 30 meter tall platform stationed at the center of it - Raleth formed seals, his chakra was building and from that Souji gauged “He’s molding chakra, looks to be B-, no, A! Be on your guard!” He exclaimed, there was truly no real need to, but he felt that he should - unaware of how proficient the Nara was with his...gifted eye. There was this sludge like matter coming from the platform, Souji found it best to halt his advance as he watched it descend channeling chakra to his feet he would casually step to the side of the very pillar that Ryuzaki was stationed on, being kept at bay. “I’m not familiar with this jutsu, but I doubt the old man would use this as means to keep us away... he’s way too strong for something like that. Perhaps... there is more to this than meets the eye.” He gazed at the mud as it flowed, the chakra that was within it seemed to be bulging and torrential at the same time. His brows raised as if he came to a unique discovery. “Ryuzaki! Don’t touch this mud! I can’t be too sure, but it looks to be...a trap of some kind-” Words cut short. 

The kimono clad Raleth motioned closer to them roughly by 12 or so meters. From his mouth spewed a blaze that Souji was familiar with. “So he knows Fire style too? Interesting...” He watched as three balls of burning blaze escaped the Sarutobi and set for their marks. A smirk formed on the frame of the Hyuuga as he noticed this. He shifted his form and dart up the pillar to ascend to Ryuzaki’s side, his back towards the Nara. Souji spreading his feet and lowering his center of gravity, leaving no flaw in his posture as he extended his left hand outward toward the grouped balls of Phoenix flowers and his right tucked towards the side of his torso. “The geezer is underestimating me it would seem... I don’t recall giving that one permission to engage us!” His words carried a cockiness that could be backed. Chakra began to swell at his palms as he watched as the flower balls of the flame bird began to break off. “Watch, poser and behold the  true power of the Byakugan...” 

The Nara did well in his aim to counter and defend from the balls that were meant for him, he did so nicely. However there were four more that were now aimed for the Hyuuga that moved at the same speed and power, but somewhat delayed on their course. This was intriguing to the Hyuuga as he didn’t know that the tech could be used in such a way. But it did excite him to see that this old man was full of tricks. With a thrust of his right hand he noticed the overhead sphere of fire that curved and now aimed of him - Ryuzaki too as he was now next to him. His right hand aimed and swiped as a single ball manifested - invisible to those without chakra vision but seem to be a soft blur in space, but to those with chakra vision they will see it explode into 10, 10 centimeter by diameter spheres that took off towards each flame sphere 3 for the one overhead at the speed and power of 75 and from what Souji could see, exceeded the power of the flames. Upon contact it would pierce through and destroy it. 3 towards the one aimed at the base of the pillar, 3 towards the one aimed at the edge of the 30 meter pillar and 1 for the remaining that was aimed at the space between the pillars. Each would be met 6 meters before their intended collision with their target. Souji too felt that the Sarutobi was aiming to do more than what it seemed. Hopefully this would dwarf his efforts some for whatever it was that he was planning. 

Souji stood as he gave an eerie silent stare to the two monks... the veins around his eyes and temples furthering his gaze intensity. “That was rather disappointing... come now, you do know who I am, no? So act like it, Raleth Sarutobi!!” He smiled with great anticipation of what was to come next, this is something that he has been waiting for, for quite some time.... ever since he first laid eyes on this man, since discovering that he was his Sensei’s master...Souji wanted to fight him! Ryuzaki would be wise to be on his guard from this point on, because if what Souji knew from observation was correct...that display of his art and his provoking should excite the taijutsu veteran to push forward instead of hold defense. 

[WC: 849]
[Total WC: 1,585]


Byakugan: AP 5
Tree Climbing/Surface Walking Technique v7: AP 4

Eight Trigrams: Scattering Palm V7: Power/Speed: 75 | AP 22

AP Remaining: 1,624

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Ryo : 19000

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:03 pm
The earth mud river flows, blocking off the path to the central pillar, effectively detaining the kumo and suna genin, Ryuuzaki and Souji. As the kimono-clad Raleth spits out his fireballs, the bare-armed Raleth catches Ryuuzaki stringing together the handseals for another jutsu in the Sarutobi's arsenal, a water Style wall. And, throughout the ashen-haired jounin's use of ninjutsu, the ward of the Kazekage, Souji, with his all-seeing-eyes, deduces the power and nature of the jutsu used to detain both genin. And, instead of keeping this information for himself, the prodigy of Sungakure informs his teammate and comrade of the dangers of the flowing, earth-made river. 

Splendid! thinks the proctor, Raleth Sarutobi, as he witnesses a display of seamless teamwork and understanding, it seems they know what it means to fight an opponent whose strength and power exceeds theirs!

The fireballs collide with their target, throwing earthen shrapnel in all directions. Yet, the one aimed for the kumogakure genin fizzles as it makes contact with his water Style wall. At this time, Souji climbs up the pillar his teammate stands on, baiting the other fireballs to come to his direction. He takes a posed stance, one the Sarutobi has never seen, and in a quick and seamless motion, thrusts an open palm forward. The very air distorts and warps, this strange phenomenon barrels toward the incoming fireballs and makes contact. The fireballs explode in midair, the taijutsu utilized by the Hyuuga is perplexing, and interesting. And, in a show of bravado, Souji Hyuuga, the student of Zaine Uchiha, offers a challenge to the aged, Raleth Sarutobi.


The bare-armed Raleth turns to look at the Kimono-clad Raleth who stands behind him, this Raleth eyes the two genin with a stone-faced expression. His eyes alight with fire, a vicious smile breaks his mountain-like countenance. He speaks, his voice booms over the falling water and rushing mud-river.

"I have been told to proctor my exam in such a way as to test both of you on the major tenets of the Shinobi. The arena you see before you was crafted to test your tactile ability, as well as your resolve against an opponent whose strength you cannot hope to match..."

The bare-armed Raleth speaks, his voice overlaps with the Kimono-Clad Sarutobi for a moment, giving the effect of one mind speaking with two voices.

"However..." says the bare-armed Raleth as he widens his stance, places his right foot forward, and follows this orientation with his hands. He activates his knees, and gives the impression of someone gathering power. At the same time, the kimono-clad Raleth goes back to the idol in the center of the platform. The Monkey opens its mouth and displays the weighted bell. The sarutobi grabs this bell, and displays the meter long, red ribbon that's attached to it, he swings it around and gives it momentum as the bare-armed Raleth continues his speech, "my pride as a martial artist and practioner of taijutsu cannot ignore the challenge you have given me!" 

At this, Raleth Sarutobi tenses his being. A wave of pressure explodes, thrashing water all around, his own strength causes steam and energy to rise from his body, cloaking and flickering around his form like translucent fire. His muscle mass nearly doubles, his height increases, and his eyes are nearly white. A ferocious smile warps the stone-face of the Sarutobi, murderous intent is the only thing seen in his eyes. 

In the next breath, the kimono-clad Raleth flings the weighted bell at 115 speed and dissapears in a puff of white smoke, revealing himself to be the shadow Clone and leaving behind the straw hat, wood-and-jade pipe, and the bright-colored kimono. 

A moment after the bell is thrown, Raleth tenses his legs and leaps forward, at an enhanced speed of 125. With a maximum jumping height of 62.5 meters, clearing the distance from the central pillar to the one both genin stand on would be well within the Sarutobi's ability. And, as his chakra returns to him, the information that the shadow clone possessed, the speed and trajectory of the flung bell, is given to the leaping Raleth Sarutobi. Before the ashen-haired jounin lands, he sticks his right arm out as the weighted bell passes it, and catches the meter long, red ribbon. Raleth brings his arm down as he comes crashing toward the pillar, the bell wraps around his entire forearm, and the weighted bell lay in his palms.

As this happens, Raleth Sarutobi bursts through the water wall of Ryuuzaki Nara, his strength and speed being more than enough to over come the power of the defensive jutsu. And, as he clears this wall, he brings his fist down, and smashes it into the earthen pillar, slamming the weighted bell into the moulded rock with a tremendous Orra!! 

 A ripple of forces travels through the 5 meter wide, 15 meter tall pillar with a power and speed of 80, the earth-made platform begins to rise and fall. The tremors are focused on Ryuuzaki, if he decides to stay on the platform when Raleth launches his Earth Shaker, he will find his strength and speed reduced by 50, if the shaking force catches up to him. Because the power of the taijutsu maneveur exceeds their strength, both genin will be launched 11 meters in the air by the sudden rising and falling of the earthen pillar, should they decide to stay on the platform, in the area affected by the shaking Earth. And, with seamless flow, the assault from Raleth Sarutobi continues.

As Raleth slams his fist down to shake the earth pillar, before the ripple of forces can travel throughout the platform and affect both genin, Raleth let's loose a furious punch to the ground with his left hand, exclaiming Orra!!! at his full, 125 strength and speed. The impact makes a 5 meter crater that forms with a speed and power of 125. Because of the immense strength behind this punch plus the damage already done to it by Earth shaker, the platform that he, Souji, and Ryuuzaki stands on would crumble, Crack, and break violently, sending chunks of shaking Earth scattering in every direction, at 125 speed and 125 power. If the shadow clone of Ryuuzaki Nara would not move from his position, he would be poised to being struck by one of these stray chunks of flying rock. If hit, the shadow clone would most likely be destroyed, as the impact would crush its body and bones. And, if any of the chunks of shaking Earth were to strike souji or ryuuzaki, they would be launched 11 meters away in a random direction, and Ryuuzaki would suffer the -50 debuff to his strength and speed.

Raleth punches through the pillar, toward the ground, and stands amongst the rubble of his destruction, standing on the thin pool of water. He unravels the weighted bell that's wrapped around his forearm, and begins swinging it to his side, he keeps his stance wide as he brings his left arm in. He swings the bell around him, displaying a makeshift ball-and-chain/nunchaku like weapon, he keeps he senses heightend and is observant of any counterattack as he keeps a defensive stance.

"The real begins now, have at me!!"

Throughout his assault, from his initial leap to his landing and slamming into the pillar, Raleth Sarutobi watches for any change in the genin's movements. He doubts such an initial attack will prove effective, but he knows the genin will not expect such a ferocious beginning to his onslaught. With his taijutsu Cloak active, he's prepared to defend, and Tank, any counter attacks from his opponents.


No longer mainting Earth Flow River, the dangerous terrain is gone
Total AP: 1005/1175
                     -40 Taijutsu Cloak, +50 Str, +50 Spd
                        Strength: 125, Speed: 125, Barrier Health = 85
                     -40 Earth Shake (A), 80 Power, 80 Speed
                     -40 for Heavy Weight Boulder (forgot to add Upkeep in previous post), Bell has a strength of 50.
125 Strength Benchmark, able to form 5 meter craters with a speed and power equal to the user's impact force

Throwing Speed = [(str+spd)/2] + 40 = 115 (not enhanced)
Impact Force = (Str+Spd)/2 = 125
Jumping Distance = (Str+Spd)/2 = 62.5


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Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Thu Apr 08, 2021 12:29 pm
With the active Byakugan Ryu's vision allowed him to keep tabs on his partner as well as his opponent, it appeared that Souji was closing the gap between them, getting behind his water wall. Souji appeared next to him as the fireballs aimed around Ryu impacted on their desired targets, the water wall rippled as the fireball smashed into it and then was rendered useless. Souji started firing off some sort of tai that was unknown to Ryu to target the other fireballs, Was this the Hyuuga tai? Ryu questioned himself. 

Ryu took in the sight of chakra flooding over the bare-armed Raleth's body, "He's enhancing, but it's not the gates" he said to Souji next to him. Shortly afterward the proctor prepared to jump and his clone threw the bell, Ryu reacted quickly "INCOMING" he yelled out, trying to alert his clone below but not give it away. Raleth then leaped, Ryu began to move to his left crossing the 2.5 meters to the edge of the platform in plenty of time before Raleth crossed the distance between them. Simultaneously Ryu began to form handseals in one of his hands and held the jutsu for a few seconds, as he turned back to where he just stood and cocked his other fist back preparing to throw off an attack timed to intercept Raleth after he crashed through the water wall but before he was able to land, cutting off any evasive maneuvers he could take, however, he could of course still block the attack. Ryu fired his cocked fist forward and a translucent fist of chakra (Taijutsu Puncture) flew towards the point he had plotted to intercede with the flying Raleth.

Once his ranged tai was fired Ryu activated the stored jutsu in his other hand and began to meld with the water wall directly to his left just past the edge of the platform, he then began to travel along the water wall as Raleth crashed into the platform and blasted it into chunks. Those chunks began to fly in all directions and at an incredible speed, they impacted the water wall but Ryu was sufficiently spread out in it to avoid damage, then the water dropped to the floor as his upkeep of the jutsu ended. As the water fell to the ground Ryu reemerged from the water standing now in a puddle on the ground level of the arena. The knowledge of his clone merged with his consciousness, letting him know it had been destroyed.

Clone: The warning call came too late for the clone to react, he began to form handseals for some unknown jutsu, but did not complete it in time and was crushed by falling debris. 

WC: 454
TWC: 1359

Ap, tings' & math:
-10 Byakugan
-15 Water Wall upkeep, dropped this post
-30 Taijutsu Puncture 115 speed & power
-25 Hiding in water speed 60, not upkept
AP refunded from clone=922

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Ryo : 23350

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:54 pm
The Byakugan witnessed the sudden flushing of explosive chakra that was coming from Raleth. Souji, in a moment of surprise took a moment to gather himself seeing this much force coming from his proctor. His eyes widen as the chakra coated the Sarutobi in such a fashion that no doubt varies from practitioner to practitioner. Those very eyes immediately flared with intensity as he knew that this was about to get a hell of a lot more interesting. With the beast now in the air, the dispersal of his clone - “So that was the fake, huh? I see how he lasted this long as a shinobi.” He though - to his comrade moving and building chakra of his own. Souji shifted his head a bit to show Ryuzaki that he was on to what he was doing and agree with a nod. As the Nara moved to the edge of the platform, so to did the Hyuuga in opposite direction. 

Chakra effortlessly, smoothly homed itself around his palms as he got to the edge of the platform. Turning a before his comrade did - feet spreading as feet to shoulders length and lowering his center he then used his eyes to track and determine the Sarutobi’s path of trajectory. Finding him before he reached the water wall that was holding stronger, Souji thrust both his palms simultaneously towards the beast, the eye of the Nara would take note of this from its gifted peripheral vision - seeing a wave of compressed chakra launch from his position at a total of 12 meters in radius and 20 on length covering a great depth of space around the proctor as it did, but all that Raleth would see is another soft blurt of space, but he too would know what this was. This blast moved at a speed of 87 with a power of 112. With nowhere for the monk to move and within open air Souji was sure that his technique would land. 

Should it connect without fail the chakra cloak armor that was on the jounin would be broken as well as deal a hefty blow to him, should he not find a way out of the range. That being said, he would also feel that every internal organ from head to toe were also hit by this wave of chakra. The feeling of being attacked from the inside would be known to him. At this time the second blow would come from Ryuzaki’s taijutsu technique which moved a bit faster than Souji’s, but granted him gratitude in making the right call to launch his a bit sooner. He was unaware that his comrade had such a tech in his arsenal... it was intriguing. “This guy...” He thought as he noted the chakra that was behind it. He then turned and repelled himself from the edge of the platform. He would dart at a speed of 75 at an angle towards the lower level where he would come to a tuck and roll - a few times - eventually gaining his balance to his feet. At this time, the Sarutobi probably still had the strength to power through and destroy the pillar as he intended to do. In such Souji rushed away in aim to avoid the chunks of earth from hitting him. He would makes stops and change his course as he saw necessary to evade the debris. “Fucking maniac! How the hell did he achieve the rank of jounin?!” He spoke, as he rushed about, skidding to a stop and turning to avoid all that his eyes saw. He eventually came to a roll into the clearing, panting as he looked on toward the debris 35 meters away from him and seeing the monk at its center with the bell twirling about him like a makeshift nunchuck. His brow raised. 

Are you kidding me, did he even feel any of that which we thrown at him.” He spoke lowly, his eyes pinpointing Ryuzaki roughly the same distance, but to his left. Souji, finally catching his breath, beads of sweat running down his face, stood to his feet - shirt drenched. “Damn, there is nothing worst than a wet shirt...have no choice.” His fingers met at the center of his soaked shirt gripping the material, pulling towards opposite ends, thus ripping the fabric completely revealing a horrid sight for both his comrade and proctor. His body well built for his size, more muscular than one would at first presume him to have. But along it was puncture scares, burns lacerations, and a few other horrible identifications that once could heal from on his body. His left arm covered in a summoning tattoo from shoulder to his wrist. Even still, the scars could be seen there. His body bared the fruit of his labor from such a young age, his training and his punishments. On his left upper back was the branding for the Huuuga clan, a constant reminder him being the property of the Hyuuga by his father. 

Usually, the boy did not show his body for his shame, but he learned long since that he should not be ashamed of his scars, but instead embraced them for they made him who he was today. He closed his eyes as he thought about the people dear to him, his mother - Mizuki, her smile warmed him. Zaine Sensei, his constant head pats both boiled his blood but asleep comforted him. And Ogre, his best friend, the only person he will allow to criticize him without consequence. His head tilted to the left and then the right, cracking of his joints released any tension that housed there. Slowly he opened his eyes as he locked them on Raleth. Those invading eyes of his carried such a weight with them that he wasn’t even sure that the monk even understood. At this point, he was willing to go all out with him, this may be the only chance that he gets seeing that the two are most likely never going to get the chance if his mother had anything to say about it. He inhaled deeply, while bringing his left foot and leg before him, his right slightly behind him. His left arm and hand before him, palm facing his opponent and his right tucked to his side with the pal. Slightly angled towards the ground. A sudden ripple in the thin water emerged from his being as he completed his stance - Gentle Fist. He was now ready, all else did not matter, his concentration far exceeded the very exams at this point. He was too honed in on his opponent and all that was around him simultaneously. Those eyes observed his proctor waiting for him to make his move. “Come! Sarutobi Raleth!” He demanded. 

[WC: 1,136]
[Total WC: 2,721]


Byakugan: AP 5
Vacuum Wall Palm: Power: 112 Speed: 87 | AP 30

Remaining AP: 1,589
Ryo : 19000

Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

Fri Apr 09, 2021 6:10 pm
Earth Shaker was not activated, AP will reflect this.

The enhanced, aura cloaked Sarutobi leaps toward the pillar the two genin stand on, he sees both Ryuuzaki and Souji take on offensive stances. Raleth recognizes the taijutsu the young Nara prepares to use and notices the distortion of air that coalecses around the Hyuuga's palm. Seeing this gentle Fist Style Stance, the leaping Raleth,  after  grabing the thrown weighted bell that wraps around his arm, alters his assault: steadying his breath, crossing his arms, and bringing his legs in.

Chakra charges the air around the prince of Suna's palm, Raleth takes a defensive stance before he comes crashing through Ryuuzaki's water wall. Souji Hyuuga thrusts his open palm,  releasing a blast of pressurized air. The familiar distortion, the tell tale sign of the Gentle Fist, comes barreling toward the guarding Sarutobi as a barrier of pure Chakra bursts from his body. This barrier, with a power of of 83, absorbs the brunt of the Hyuuga prodigy's devastating taijutsu. The barrier breaks, forcing the Sarutobi out of his defensive stance. Yet, the translucent aura that flickers around Raleth absorbs the remainder of the Hyuuga's taijutsu and protects him from harm. As well, miraculously, because of the nature of the barrier style: Block, the Chakra system of the Sarutobi would be unharmed: a feat that would be shocking to the proud Souji Hyuuga.

Raleth crashes through Ryuuzaki's Water Wall, and prepares himself to demolish the platform both genin stand on. In this moment, the calculating Nara punches the air: releasing a Fist size ball of Chakra that crashes into the aura-coated Sarutobi. Though Raleth see's this coming, the two pronged attack from Souji and Ryuuzaki would be overwhelming: and would prevent his activation of his barrier style: Block. The flickering aura of his taijutsu Cloak would shatter when met with the fist-sized ball of Chakra, an intense blow would batter his body with 59 damage, and would stoke his immense rage and fury.The pain that courses through his being would have him bellow Ous!! as Raleth lands and slams both his fists onto the pillar the two genin stand on. The forces causes a crater to form, Raleth pummels it again, shattering it entirely and sending chunks of rock and earth flying in every direction.

The pillar crumbles and falls, Raleth is left in the center of the rubble, breathing heavily. His muscles are still pumped, the Cloak that once surrounded him is gone, he scans the area for his opponents. He sees souji dashing and dodging the chunks of pillar and spots Ryuuzaki emerge from a pool of water nearby. Once again, the proud voice of the Hyuuga rings out from the arena, the Sarutobi looks to see the boy tear his shirt from his body. The grotesque scars that lines his body would only accent the strength the young genin possessed, the viciousness that spreads a smile over the Sarutobi's stone face would brighten upon seeing this. And again, the protégé of Zaine Uchiha would offer a challenge as he took another Gentle Fist Style Stance.

The mountain-like-Sarutobi would clap his hands and respond to the Hyuuga's challenge with So be it!!: releasing a massive amount of Earth Chakra. The air around his body would be manipulated instantaneously, molecules would be rearranged as density is altered: and the all-affecting power of gravity would bow to the strength and Mastery of the now hovering Raleth Sarutobi. 

In the next breath, at an unbelievably enhanced speed of 195, Raleth dashes toward Ryuuzaki, who would be no more than 2.5 meters from the Sarutobi's current position, since the genin would have been at the edge of the 15 meter tall, 5 meter wide platform. Moving at a speed faster then he could react, Raleth extends and thrust his left elbow into Ryuuzaki's midsection, using only 25 strength, to force the air from his lungs. Though the Nara possessed the Byakugan, the sudden activation of the handsealess, Ultra-Lightweight Boulder technique would catch him off gaurd. And, the blinding speed at which Raleth would move, as well as the amount of distance between them, would make most, if not any counter-actions diffcult to perform. If the thrusting elbow would hit, Raleth, with seamless flow and perfect breath, would take the weighted bell in his right hand and slam it into the boy's core, the same spot he just struck. Since the bell would have a weight and hardness of 50, and would be moving at a speed of 195, the overall impact force behind this move would equal 125, more than the strength the boy possessed. But the flying, ashen-haired jounin would not use this force to maim or harm the kumogakure genin. Instead, the flying Sarutobi would use the force of this blow to once again wind Ryuuzaki and launch him some meters away, leaving him reeling and damaging him for 35.

In the next breath, Raleth twists his body around, and bursts forward, toward Souji at 195 speed: leaving a wake behind him as his feet barely touch the thin water that pools along the ground. 

As he approaches souji, both of the flying monk's hands lay hanging on his side, loose, ready to strike in any direction. If nothing changes, and Raleth is allowed to close the distance, the flying monk would unleash a devastating assault.

After being no more than 3 meters away from Souji, Raleth would thrust the weighted bell forward, releasing it from his palms and letting it unwrap itself, at 195 speed. The sudden motion would "extend" Raleth's thrusting attack by a surprising meter. If souji hyuuga expected to defend a close range assault, he would find the attack happening meters before he would expect it, and would find perceiving and defending the attack to be extremely diffcult. The bell would slam into his core, the weighted metal would force the air from his lungs, and cause Souji to crumple forward. But, like before, Raleth does not intend to maim the young genin, and souji would only take 35 damage if it connected. And, the ferocious assault would not be over.

As the meter long ribbon left his hands, when the bell comes into contact with Souji's core, Raleth would grab the end of the ribbon and pull it back, causing the weighted bell to swing downard. At the same time, as Raleth pulled the ribbon back, the Sarutobi would release a close-handed punch with his left arm at full speed, aiming for the chest of the the young Hyuuga. If the bell was able to successfully wind him, Souji would not be able to defend against this attack, and a blow with 25 strength would rattle his lithe, yet chakra-enforced frame. And, as Raleth releases his punch, he would move his right hand to force the downward swinging bell to whirl around in a 360 degree arc. With this movement, as soon as Raleth's fist connected, Souji would feel the weighted bell smash into the back of his head. Like before, the impact behind this blow would equal 125, which would force Souji's head forward. But, with the extreme care and precision of the taijutsu master, Souji would only take 25 damage. As soon as the bell strikes Souji's head, Raleth, with the seamless transitions of a taijutsu master, would fly upward and knee Souji in the face at 25 strength, breaking and crushing the royal features of the Prince of Sunagakure, and launching him some meters away. Raleth Sarutobi would float a distance of souji's height above the ground, and leer at both genin who would be recovering from his attacks.

As the flying Raleth Sarurobi begins his dashes toward both genin, he takes care to observe their movements. Because he is not attacking at his full strength, he knows he will be able to pull back any punch, and adjust his attacks as the situation demands it. As he looks to Ryuuzaki and Souji, a singular thought crosses his mind.

Know the consequences of fighting close quarters witb a taijutsu master!!



AP: 885/1175
         - 20 for Taijutsu Cloak, Upkeep, Barrier Health: 85
         - 20 for Heavy Weight Boulder Upkeep
         - 45 for Barrier Style: Block
                       Barrier Health: 83
         - 50 for Ultra-Light-Weight Rock Technique, Handsealess, Flight, -70 Str, +70 Speed
Current Stats:
Health: 241/300
Vigor: 100
Chakra: 50
Speed: 195 (125+70)
Strength: 55 (125-70)

Impact force= (Str+Spd)/2 = 125
Swing Speed (for the bell and ribbon) equals the user's movements speed, 195


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Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi Empty Re: Chunin Exams Round 2: The Trial of the Sarutobi

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