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Chuunin Exam Round Details Empty Chuunin Exam Round Details

Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:39 am
Message reputation : 100% (3 votes)
Chuunin Exam Round Details Ce_ban10

Round One: Written Exams

[The questions in full will be revealed at the start of exam March 14th]

This round consists of 3 questions:

Combat Situation of which you will have free range of your 
“brought” jutsu list for the CE to find a way out; 
Escape, Overpower, or Deceive. 
Simply find a way to survive.

Ethical Questionnaire of which you will answer the 3 ‘mini’ questions *IN* character.
There is no right or wrong answer to these, simply demonstrate
 how creative and "in tune" with your character you are.

‘Actual Question’ of which there is a single correct answer.
This is a riddle, encoded in a cipher, of which you will decode 
and determine the meaning of the riddle it hides.

Your answers will be graded on creativity and ability to personify your
character with the answers provided. All answers for the will be sent via 
Discord but are expected to be written as normal posts.
This is to ensure other members don’t steal answers
as well as ensuring an unbiased jury.

The scoring is based on a 1-10 scale with a correct 3rd answer being worth 20 points.
Making the entire first round worth 60 points
Those who score highest on this portion will have the privilege to skip
the requirement of a ‘bell’ in the 2nd task to pass.
[It is encouraged to obtain a bell regardless to knock out more competition.]

Scores will be posted with attached names before Round 2 commences

Round Two: Bell Exercise

Volunteer Jounin and NPC lead classic bell exercise drills.
The participants will be divided evenly [as best as able] into groups.
The goal is for each participant to take one of the bells
from their proctor in no more than 15 posts.

Your ability to obtain a bell in this round secures your
 inclusion in the 3rd round of the exams.

HOWEVER if you scored in the top percentile of Round 1
 and were unable to obtain a bell in Round 2 
you are automatically included in Round 3.

Round Three: 1 V 1 Fights

The most basic and raw arena to showcase your ability.
These match ups will be determined by a randomized spinner wheel,
all participants are subject to a max of 48 hour windows between posts.

***If you miss your window you are auto hit with whatever jutsu your opponent 

used against you and are subject to an automatic loss - NO EXCEPTIONS.***


The first two rounds lead to the ability to participate in the third and final round,
In this round the top 4 participants are awarded prizes befitting their efforts.

Best of luck to you all, and have fun.
- Staff Team

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