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Enishi Kurosawa
Enishi Kurosawa
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Lightning Rat Violent Quake [V7] Empty Lightning Rat Violent Quake [V7]

Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:52 pm
Name: Lightning Release: Lightning Rat Violent Quake
Element: Lightning
Rank: B/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Particular Jutsu Type: N/A

Appearance: Discs of electricity created by the user's home in on targets.

Lightning Rat Violent Quake [V7] OXf5Cm7hNmAYvFBkxwloxNPAmOzW4ZSlk9bN5SL4-6t4UUwmZY_iNjrsO9yrnM5NyRh4WrMp5iPLUdcfymBgVIin46aGOBeMc0a9Mt8nT-ebTdCg-99Y-Lay_1-KhSl-UwhKSijQ
B-Rank: Monkey → Ox → Boar → Tiger
A-Rank: Monkey → Ox → Boar → Ram → Tiger
Duration: Until Maximum Distance is Reached | Up to 2/3 Posts
Cooldown: Posts Used +2
Range: 20/30m
Power: 30/50
Speed: 30/50
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: N/A
What it does: Over the course of 2/3 (B/A) posts, the user creates up to 4/5 (B/A) lightning discs of chakra that can then launched towards targets of the user's choosing at jutsu speed. Whether it'd be spread across the 4 Post duration of the technique or all at once within a single post, the number of lightning discs formed in a single instance is at the user's discretion. The discs of electricity can either be created and launched from the user's hands or be spawned in the air within 5m of the user at jutsu speed. If the user chooses for the discs to be spawned in the air, they cannot be formed within 3m of another person. 

The lightning discs are fragile, about an inch thick, but they can be up to 2m/3m (B/A) in a circular radius. Upon creating the discs, the user can telepathically launch each lightning disc towards targeted areas or people at jutsu speed. The lightning discs will usually fire in a straight line towards the target(s) until reaching maximum distance or when the technique expires. The construct(s) will dissipate instantly. However, each disc has an inbuilt homing feature that allows each construct to change its direction within jutsu range to pursue a target in that area at jutsu speed. The lightning discs can only change direction up to a 90-degree angle, and they can only change their direction once per post; additionally, all projectiles currently active will follow the direction of the first one that changed its direction at the same speed. The user must also be within 10m of the disc(s) for the constructs to change direction. 

Upon coming in contact with anything, the lightning discs will revert into their natural state, being Lightning Release, as they will detonate in a radiating wave of Lightning chakra that expands from them at jutsu speed. The wave will expand at jutsu speed spherically from the disc until it reaches 2m/5m (B/A) in radius, which is the maximum distance. Once reaching maximum distance, the wave of electricity and the disc that facilitated the AOE will dissipate instantly. Whatever was caught in the AOE during that timeframe will be dealt Lightning damage at jutsu power and become paralyzed -unable to move- for 1/2 (B/A) posts should they have strength less than jutsu power. Strength equal or greater than jutsu power will resist the paralyzation effect. The user can also cause the disc(s) to detonate should they form the seal of confrontation. 

Character Specific: N/A
Wordcount to learn: 1500/2500
Action Cost:
B-Rank: 30 AP | 15 AP Upkeep
A-Rank: 40 AP | 20 AP Upkeep
Mastery: Y
Bonus Requirements: 2 C-rank or above techniques of Lightning Release
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Canon | Original App
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Ryo : 63283

Lightning Rat Violent Quake [V7] Empty Re: Lightning Rat Violent Quake [V7]

Mon Mar 01, 2021 2:15 pm
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