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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
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Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:26 pm
Messenger from Gate Guard Mischevious Creatures 2000WC: 4000 Ryo, 20 AP (C)

The message was sent asking for any assistance to the nearby star Shinobi. Sadly so many were so engrossed with the training for the chunin exams, no one would of answered in time. However... Zeo was more than willing to stop to help. The mission was rather unusual as he heard the request and head to the gates that led to the outskirts of the village. Supposidly, odd creatures were appearing on the outskirts of town, digging into the village and stealing food and other supplies. It was an inconvience. And also no one really saw these creatures, except they were small. Too small to be human.

Upon reaching the outskirts of the village, Zeo spoke to the guards. THey were surprised it was only him, but one knew Zeo from when he combatted the fire single handily before months ago. "The creatures normally come at night, but they are slippery things. We suspect they also burrow into the earth to escape, making them difficult to track." he explained.

"Thanks," Zeo said as he pondered the nature of the intruders. "i'll see what I can do. Please keep an eye out if any of them show up further," he said as he proceeded further into the outskirts.

He did notice the tracks that were around the vacinity. Small clawed like feet. They almost resembled the paw prints of rats or something, but way larger in size and weight. The more he tracked em, the sooner they disappeared. Still, the tracks went into the direction of the nearby mountain region. With that in mind, Zeo proceeded to explore

WC: 268
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