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Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:31 am
It was a clear day as he sat up in his bed. The last mission he was on. Pretty much ended up with him almost dying. But at last he was saved. As he was sitting in the bed. He would lay back down. As he was much too sleepy to even think right. An alert claim in today. Saying the next exams was coming up. Just his luck he needed to upgrade on his justu list. Or well he would be a sitting duck. Flow would smile as he was thinking this. Soon enough after about another hour in bed he would start his day. Trying to stay clear headed as he went about his day. Flow would hear up to head out. After getting fresh. Looking on he would start to walk around his town. There he would pass the park and see a bench. Lucky him he would think. 

As he sat down on it. Flow would then look up at the clouds and he started to smile. It was as if the heavens was smiling down on him. He would then activate his brain cells as he started to think. "These exams should I even go? I could use it no freaking doubt. But still it is such a big problem. I need to train and everything. My justu would get me no where. I truly need to start training more. Hopefully I make it there and back. As this will be a hard thing to do." He would be thinking this as he held his ninja star in his hand. He truly wanted to mame it there in one peace. But only the heavens would tell such a thing. Looking on he would lay down on the park bench he was sitting on. As he would say "Cloud Style huh?"

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