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Ishii Kamigawa
Ishii Kamigawa
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Ishii's Theoretical Techs and Apps Empty Ishii's Theoretical Techs and Apps

Sat Jan 30, 2021 6:15 am
Contract Race:  Mythical Summon: Kamigawa Spectral Moon Deer
Appearance: The deer represented in this summon contract can resemble any earthly species of deer that can be found. Typically the summoned creature will possess a set of antlers regardless of any other gendered characteristics that may be found on the summon, although this is not always the case. These creatures can range in size from as minuscule as 10 centimeters to as large as 100 meters at their tallest.  What sets this species apart however is the presence of a supernatural mark indicative of their otherworldly nature. What this mark may be differs from summon to summon, ranging from a pair of wings, to an ethereal glow, to a see through appearance. While this mark is unique to each summon, it is almost entirely aesthetic and does not change the inherent abilities of the creature, nor does it grant a significant advantage in combat without an additional jutsu (I.E. a pair of wings would not grant enhanced flight, a glow would not cast enough light to illuminate more than the immediate area, and a see through appearance would not render the creature invisible or cause attacks to pass through it).

Diné, progenitor of the Spectral Moon Deer-

Ishii's Theoretical Techs and Apps Winged10

Average abilities:

  • Each individual summon may have up to five skills.

  • Each summon may have up to three elements, one of which must be water.

  • Each summon may have up to three specialties. Typically this will be Space-Time Ninjutsu, Iryojutsu (Medical Ninjutsu), and Genjutsu. However, as with many things in both this world and the next, this is not set in stone, and different summons may specialize in different things, ranging from Fuinjutsu to Ninjutsu to Sensory. Usually however, these summons will tend to avoid hand to hand or close ranged combat, and will avoid specializations like Taijutsu and Bukitjutsu.

  • Typically summons will utilize moonlight to assist them in combat, whether it be to create powerful Genjutsu, weaponize it in offensive Ninjutsu, or whatever other manner that the summon sees fit (abilities dependent on specialty of summon).

  • These summons may also conjure spirits from another realm to assist them.

Passive Abilities:

  • Each summon is considered to be a spirit for the purposes of jutsu and/or summoning

  • Each summon gains the ability to fly at a speed equal to the average of their chakra and speed stat.

  • Each summon gains the ability to understand and communicate with human language.

  • Each summon gains an inherent telepathy that allows them to communicate with any creature within sight or sensing range.

  • These summons have the ability to conjure moonlight innately, typically by creating an artificial moon that levitates between their horns (For the purposes of techniques, the light given off by this artificial moon counts as real moonlight). This light varies in size with the rank of the summon, with each successive rank increasing the distance it illuminates by 10.

    E-Rank Summons: 10 Meter Illumination

    D-Rank Summons: 20 Meter Illumination

    C-Rank Summons: 30 Meter Illumination

    B-Rank Summons: 40 Meter Illumination

    A-Rank Summons: 50 Meter Illumination

    S-Rank Summons: 60 Meter Illumination

  • When summoned by a user that possesses an Uchūgan eye, and the summon is within 100 meters of the user, the summon will be granted access to the benefits of the Uchūgan. This benefit only applies if the user's Uchūgan is active, and the summon will only be granted access to the abilities of the stage that the user is utilizing. The summon must pay an equal amount of AP to the user to gain the benefits of their Uchūgan (Does not reduce with chakra stat discount).

Background: Long ago, after the passing of the Sage of Six Paths, many shinobi felt lost spiritually. Despite naming his son Asura as his successor, many people felt as though he could never lead as well as his father. Deciding that they needed a new form of spiritual guidance, they turned to the realm of spirits, in hopes that they could conjure wisdom from the great beyond. From these practices an ancient monastery was built, dedicated to the study and communication of the spirits that surrounded the world, and eventually gave rise to the practice of summoning entities from this other realm. Eventually, the people of the monastery summoned a powerful river spirit by the name of Kaiga in hopes that he would teach the people of the monastery, and grant them wisdom that would otherwise be lost. In time, he took human form and fathered many children with the head priestess of the monastery, giving birth to the first members of the Kamigawa clan.

The children of the Kamigawa clan, despite their strong connection and affinity to the spiritual world, struggled to develop and control their powers. They were the first of their kind, being the child of both man and spirit, not truly belonging to one world or the other. Unable to dedicate himself to both the monastery and his children at the same time, Kaiga conjured several of his most powerful servants from the spirit world, and instructed his children on the methods to summon these servants. Amongst those servants was Diné, a winged deer with ties to the moon that was particularly favored by those in the Kamigawa clan who had strong traits of kindness gentleness, and intuition, as well as those who preached the messages of the spirits.

It was from Diné that the Spectral Moon Deer originate. Diné and his offspring serve as one of the many spiritual guides of the Kamigawa clan, assisting them in connecting between the two worlds, and defending the clansmen when needed. While all but the most powerful of the spirits do not possess the ability to form a body of their own, these summons can enter into this world by using the Kamigawa's chakra as a vessel, using the vitality of the clansman to form a corporeal body for them to use temporarily.

Requirements: Must be born into the Kamigawa clan (transplants do NOT count)
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