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Youta Shinkou
Youta Shinkou
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Trafficking Empty Trafficking

Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:23 pm

Youta woke up early and got ready for his mission. He put on his black shirt and finished getting ready for the mission ahead. He was not sure what he was supposed to be doing today and could not wait to get started with another mission. He went downstairs where his adoptive mother was cooking him breakfast. She was cooking some eggs and bacon. It started to smell delicious in the house. So he sat down next to his parents and ate with them. He walked with his father to the blacksmith shop that he worked at and found out more about his mission. He was to help people around the city who might need some help find where they need to go. They need to be kind and courteous to everyone even those who view him as evil as a lot of the people of the temples and other religions. So he was talking to his father and his father wished him the best of luck on his way into the forge. They exchanged pleasant goodbyes and Youta went to start his mission. He would make his way to the gate and begin to look for anyone who might need some help around the village.

It was a pretty slow day at the gate. He would be asked a few questions here and there but nothing that would too much time. It was all simple things like, where certain stalls were at the market or certain temples. The day pretty much went without any trouble. It was a boring day and Youta started thinking about his powers. He became really tired as the sun started to go down. He started to leave his post at the end of the day when a man ran up to him. This man was obviously some sort of peasant farmer and from the outskirts of the village. He was also obviously out of breath like he had to hurry here. He ran up to me and asked me “Do you know if the blacksmiths are still open? I really need a new scythe for the harvest tomorrow otherwise will not be able to work tomorrow and I will lose money. I need it desperately” Youta looked at him sorrowfully and said to him “I do not think that they are open but my father is a blacksmith and might be able to help you. I know we have a few extra blades around his personal forge. I am sure that he would be happy to help I am heading to go pick him up from the forge now and walk home with him.” So they would start walking towards the forges and during their conversation Youta learned that this man was a wheat farmer from a farm on the outskirts of the village. This puzzled Youta Because it was all desert but he continued that his family-owned land by an oasis for generations that they farm. They eventually made it to the forge where Youta’s father helped the man with a new blade even though they were closed, Then the man went to an inn and would leave in the morning. Youta and his father would go home and eat and sleep for the missions the next day.



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473 for finishing dark pulse the rest are here Envracing the darkness

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Trafficking Empty Re: Trafficking

Tue Jan 26, 2021 8:14 pm
Approved, Thank you for your edits.
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