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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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pureblood - Clan Pureblood (v7) Empty Clan Pureblood (v7)

Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:06 am
Skill Name: Clan Pureblood
Appearance: N/A
Backstory: Many seek power by combining their own bloodlines with those of other clans, creating horrible hybrid mutants. Such practices - along with long periods of peace and breeding with those without the clan bloodline - have allowed the various families to dilute their own blood, weakening their KKG over generations. Those with this skill have tapped into the dormant power locked away in their own bloodline, awakening the abilities of their clan progenitors. 

Effect: Taking this skill allows a clan member to tap into more power from their bloodline. Once this skill is unlocked immediately, the clan shinobi can choose again on their clan list for bloodline options as if it were character creation. They then improve their bloodline bonus(es) by the selection(s) they have made. Should they pick the same bonus(es), they picked up these bonuses stack like they picked up a new bloodline with identical traits. The skill does not occupy a skill slot.

If the clan grants choices in two separate fields, you get to choose an additional time in both of those fields. If only a selection in one area is an option, you can select only one more trait from that same field. 

Should a clan not have options and is granted a specific buff (i.e., clans that have yet to be updated), this skill doubles the bonus(es) they receive as if they selected the same bonus(es) a second time. 

The downside to awakening this dormant power is that you can never receive a genetic transplant from another clan to gain bloodline abilities. You will forever remain a pureblood member of your line, for better or worse. 

Purebloods receive a slotless S-rank technique at B-rank, this technique being tied to their natural bloodline. This is an addition to those a clan character would receive at C-rank and A-rank. Giving them three [3] Slotless S-rank Bloodline techniques in total.

Wordcount Training: 2000 WC
Character Exclusive: -
Bonus Requirements:  
-Be a Clan Shinobi 
-Must not have any transplants from another clan (though transplants from the same line are okay; i.e., EMS for a pureblooded Uchiha) 
-This skill, just like other skills, can only be taken once. You cannot take this skill more than once in any way, and once the decision is made for the BL bonus, that is locked in as well, just like BL bonuses at creation. 

Credits to Max, the original creator of the skill
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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pureblood - Clan Pureblood (v7) Empty Re: Clan Pureblood (v7)

Tue Jan 19, 2021 7:31 am
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