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Naruto RPG Timeline  Empty Naruto RPG Timeline

Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:07 am
Naruto RPG Timeline  Timeli10

Ancient Timeline [V4/5]:

- Years passed after the super Volcano had erupted, there had been a Coup D'etat in Iwagakure, Mukoro Taito took over as the Tsuchikage. Meanwhile there were several kage's deaths in the other villages, leaving a selected shinobi in each village in charge. Kenal Uchiha had taken over as the Hokage in Konohagakure, Amane Uchiha had taken over as the Kazekage in Sunagakure, Zherneboh Yuki had taken over as Mizukage in Kirigakure, Mukoro Taito had taken over as the Tsuchikage in Iwagakure, and Kino Uchiha had taken over as the Raikage in Kumogakure.

- The Missing nin Psychosis had attacked Kirigakure shortly after the naming of the new Mizukage, he replaced Zherneboh as the Mizukage.

- The first Hokage, Kenal Uchiha, was killed by a member of the Senju clan. Evidence supporting the murderer's heredity is that a giant tree, which crushed the first Hokage, had replaced the position of the Hokage Building.

- Uchiha Nashua later replaced his relative, Kenal Uchih. Nashua Uchiha later declared war with Kumogakure, by attacking the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Both sides lost their kage. The Raikage, Kino, had killed Nashua Uchiha in the middle of the battle, however later died due to a betrayal later on within the battle. The killer of the Raikage was the Deputy Raikage. The reasoning behind this attack and the Raikage's murder is unknown.

The next Raikage was shortly chosen after the war had ended, and the damage that Kumogakure had sustained. The new Raikage was known as Kurisu Ametsuchi. A new Hokage had also been named, Xzelaxer.

- An attack upon Konohagakure soon ended the new Hokage's life. Xzelaxer had gone up against a group which consisted of missing nin, mostly high ranking. After the attack all of the missing nin who attacked were declared high ranking missing nin.

- Viper Uchiha, with the help of a few other Konohagakure shinobi, rebuilt Konohagakure as it had been nearly completely destroyed. Viper was later named the new Hokage.

- Amane Uchiha, and Mukoro Taito, both resigned their positions as Kage of their villages, leaving them Kageless Temporarily.

- Zachariah took over as the leader of the Skyscraper village.

- The Akatsuki from a different dimension had led a world wide event where a handful of shinobi had fought against Bijuu's from another dimension. There were a handful of prizes, though few of the more lucky winners who had managed to defeat the bijuu they faced received a bijuu from this dimension.

-Iwagakure is taken over by the Skyscraper village leader Zachariah, who was joined by Viper Uchiha, Kurisu, and a handful of others. Skyscraper village becomes a major village, Iwagakure becomes a minor village. Skyscraper village had become known as Tengakure, and forced Iwagakure to join the sky nation, adding another shinobi village.

- Zachariah and Imperfection attacked Kirigakure, leaving Imperfection as the new Mizukage, and Kirigakure under the control of Tengakure.

- Kurisu and Zachariah agree to Kumogakure being ruled over by Tengakure.

- Amane returns as Kazekage.

- Viper Uchiha and Amane agree that Sunagakure joins the Fire nation.

- Konohagakure takes over a handful of minor villages, adding them to the fire nation.

- Imperfection dies, Suzaku Shina is appointed by Zachariah to be the next Mizukage. Worst Mizukage recorded in history.

- Suzaku is killed by a member of the Akatsuki, and a missing nin.

- Kirigakure is attacked by members of the Volcano village and akatsuki members. The island itself is completely destroyed, making it impossible to rebuild the village in it's original position.

- Amane Uchiha resigns from her Kazekage spot, leaving her deputy kage to replace her, Azaiyo.

- An unknown Jinchuriki attacked the village of Sunagakure. Azaiyo, at the time, was an S ranked missing nin, being hunted by the Fire Nation. The battle was rather quick, and Azaiyo was, in the end, killed.

- Zachariah allows for the sky nation to join the Fire nation, leaving only the Fire nation.

- Azaiyo is replaced as the Kazekage. The one replacing him is Koroshi Uchiha.

- Viper Uchiha resigns from the Hokage spot, and puts the Nations back in order. He appoints a new Hokage to be Navi Yamaki. He appoints the next Kazekage to be Koroshi Uchiha.

- Kurisu retires as Raikage, assigning the position to his daughter, Misaki. Misaki had held the first two 'Chuunin Exams,' or tournaments in Kumogakure. The first being a simple one on one tournament, the second tournament being competitor's going against two higher ranked shinobi.

- Denkiteki, a survivor from the Kirigakure destruction, is made the Tenkage by Shinji Uzumaki, who had retired from the position. Shinji later returns, and the two co-kage the village, though Denkiteki with higher power than his former predecessor.

- The Hokage holds a national Chuunin Exams, though the majority of the members being full of drop outs, and those who had never shown up in the beginning. Due to this, Viper Uchiha had ordered each village to do their own individual exams.

Previous Era V6:

Scattered recordings of previous Era] The Akatsuki is formed, a notorious band of criminals who seem to have no clear purpose. The organization consists of members from minor villages and the ranks of missing ninja.

Takigakure is destroyed via unknown means and its leader is presumed dead.

Misaki Ametsuchi retires, naming her prized student Yaju Hayate as Yondaime Raikage

Yukigakure, Iwagakure and Amegakure soon follow, it quickly becomes clear that the Akatsuki is behind these village destruction.

Takeo Tadashi replaces Denkiteki as Yondaime Tengkage but later hands the reigns to Xyxer Gyojin who joins the Akatsuki in hopes of restoring Kirigakure to its former glory in a new land

The leader of Shimagakure forms an alliance with the Akatsuki in exchange for protection and status.

Amegakure's destruction goes unchallenged save by a single Genin, Li Dian. Li escapes only to appeal to the Daimyo to rebuild Amegakure.

The leaders of Tenga and Shima make a deal, to combine their people and resources in Shimagakure. Tenga is destroyed and the remaining population moved to Shima. The village that emerges as a result of this alliance is named "New Kirigakure" with Xyxer Gyojin as its Mizukage.

With all minor villages destroyed, the Akatsuki now turns its sights towards Kumogakure. Maku Jemuzu and Youka Tau launch an unprecedented attack on Kumo and kill its most prominent defender, Echo Uchiha.

Heartbroken and enraged by his brother's death, Koroshi Uchiha finds Maku and attempts to avenge Echo. In the end, he spares Maku's life but takes the Kyuubi that was released into the world upon Echo's death.

Spurred on by Echo's death, Navi Yameki, Godaime Hokage, faces Viper Uchiha in an enraged duel that ends in his death.

Brennar replaces Navi and acts as an interim Hokage until the elders can come to a decision regarding the leadership of the Leaf.

To keep the organization from doing even more damage to Kumogakure, Akihana Akari, a Kumo kunoichi, offers herself as a political hostage in exchange for the Akatsuki leaving Kumo alone. Her offer is taken up by only part of the group and she is taken prisoner.

Youka Tau, not held by the promise given to Akihana, attacks Kumo a second time. He succeeds in taking the village, killing the Raikage and all high ranking shinobi within the village. He then resolves to recreate Kumo in his own image.

Amegakure reconstruction begins with Li Dian as its new leader. The village is rebuilt with a new hope for a new tomorrow.

In captivity, Akihana Akari manages to befriend her captors to the extent where she agrees to help Denkiteki avenge the murder of an old friend in exchange for her freedom. Together, the search leads Denkiteki, Akihana and Maku to the country of Haven.

It quickly becomes obvious that Haven - a country with no Shinobi forces of its own - is ill equipped to defend itself. Wanting to make up for not being able to defend her own home village, Akihana decides to stay in Hoshi. Denkiteki aligns himself with the same goal and the two forge an alliance with the royalty and local police of the country. The ninja village of Hoshigakure was established shortly afterwards.

Jason Senju is elected as Rokudaime Hokage. His reign however is short lived. A curious desease takes hold of the young Kage and claims his life only a month into his reign, leaving Konoha bereft of a leader once more.

Amegakure is rebuilt and just as it looks like the people there will get a chance again, Youka Tau makes an appearance, claiming Amegakure as under Kumo's jurisdiction. He destroys the village once more, transporting those he sees fit to live out their remaining days in his own version of Kumogakure.

Kirigakura holds its first genin exam, a free for all death match among the village`s genin with the survivors being granted the status of Chunin. The event is dubbed “The Blood Games”.

Hoshigakure spreads quickly in wealth, military and influence, earning a major village status. Funkagakure however all but disappears from the map, rumors stating that it has been taken over by a missing ninja shrouded in mystery. No survivors are ever left to tell the tale of what goes on in Funkagakure.

Kurisu Ametsuchi returns to claim the title of Seventh Hokage. The village prospers under his rule. Enemies of the village are punished and shinobi forces stabilized. The new generation is given a chance to prove itself through the combined Konoha/Suna Jounin exams which take place in Suna.

Xyxer Gyojin steps down as Mizukage, leaving Haru Hyuuga to take over the role of Niidaime Mizukage.

With Hoshigakure in good hands, Akihana Akari looks once more towards her old home, now made infamous for its cruel leadership and poor living conditions. Unable to live with the fact that she has failed her people, the kunoichi makes her way to Kumo once again on a diplomatic mission to convince Youka to release Kumo from his iron grip.

Kirigakure hosts the second Blood Games in an attempt to progress its younger ninja by pitting them against a village ANBU.

Dignitaries and high ranking ninja begin to flood Sunagakure in preparation for the upcoming Jounin exams.

Funkagakure's volcanoes begin to grow even more violent and unpredictable in their eruptions, causing the whole country to be covered in a film of ominous smoke and soot. The atmosphere is intensified with by the stench of blood in the air.

In Kumogakure, Akihana Akari meets with the Raikage to propose a treaty of peace and freedom for Kumo's citizens. The Raikage, Mortarion, counter proposes. The duo is married in a lavish public ceremony on September 10th.

After months of wandering, Xyxer Gyojin returns to Kirigakure attempting to usurp Haru Hyuuga for the title of Mizukage. Haru Hyuuga - with the welfare of his people in mind - concedes the position, making Xyxer Mizukage once more.

Living conditions in Kumogakure improve drastically with Akihana Akari involved. All three districts are reorganized, prisoners rehabilitated, medical faculties strengthened in both supplies and manpower and the Kage is no longer seen as a fearsome figure in the eyes of the villagers.

The first round of fights for the Jounin exam begin in Suna to much anticipation and applause.

Upon his return to the office of Mizukage, one of Xyxer's first actions is to organize the third Blood Games. However this round appears to be particularly violent, calling into question if the tradition will continue from here on.

Akihana Akari returns to Hoshigakure amidst a leadership change. The reigning princess decides to abdicate the throne in favor of her cousin Kanzaki Senju, bestowing the title of Queen Regent on Akihana until Kanzaki comes of age. Akihana also takes on the role of Deputy Kage.

Kumogakure too goes under a leadership change with the missing Ninja Maku Jemuzu taking over the villages military. His pseudonym, General Slanesh, is known and feared throughout the land. Under his leadership, Kumo begins to expand its territory, taking minor villages such as Taki, Ame, Yuki and Tatsu. Not satisfied with these accomplishments though, Kumo turns its attention to Sunagakure.

Rumors report that the psychopathic Mizukage, Xyxer Gyojin, has found an even greater reserve of power than he previously commanded, however most are unsure of what this power could possibly be. Some say it has made the fearsome Mizukage… rap.

The Jounin exams in Sunagakure end to great celebration and cheer, however the good spirits are short lived as Maku shows up at the gates. The Kazekage, Koroshi Uchiha, is seen rushing from his offices towards the gate and then appears to vanish. Witnesses are unable to find him anywhere and forced to conclude that he is just gone.

What proceeds is a peaceful takeover of annexing Sunagakure into Kumogakure, with ninja being given a choice to either assimilate or leave. Sunagakure’s funds are seized by Maku and its status as an independent nation withdrawn. Maku and the Council of Suna hash out the terms of the takeover without any violence or resistance.

Naoki Gekou is appointed as Deputy Mizukage, however little is known about the man save that he was once the leader of Shimagakure and a member of the famed Akatsuki.

Sensing the urgency and fragility of the shinobi world in its current state, Konohagakure issues a recall of all its shinobi to home base, possibly preparing for a war. Anyone who does not return to Konoha is marked a fugitive and entered into the Bingo Book.

The Leaf’s fears appear well founded when shortly after, it is attacked by the Mizukage, Xyxer Gyojin, and his bloodthirsty forces. The will of fire puts up a commendable defense but are no match for Kiri’s monstrous strength. Notable deaths from the takeover include ANBU Anri Uchiha and Chunin Salzem Alahagara. The hostile takeover is confirmed with Kiri’s infamous Blood Games taking place in the Land of Fire.

Now redefined under Kirigakure’s rule, the Village Hidden in the Leaves acts as an annexed country, overseen by supervising Mist ninja and serving to aid the Land of Water and its military forces in any way, shape or form the Mizukage wishes.

Given the delicate nature of the shinobi world, a Kage Summit is agreed upon by the Daimyos of the lands and all currently reigning Kage are ordered to convene and discuss the future of their villages. It is the hope of the Summit Organizers to begin the process of peace negotiations between countries. Tensions rise even more when the Mizukage identifies a Hoshigakure Guard as a former Leaf Ninja.  The Yondaime Hogokage, Valen Akari, is forced to slay his own guard on the spot to appease the Summit and declare Hoshigakure as a land that does not harbor traitors.

The Summit achieves a tentative peace by suggesting an international Chunin exam. Konoha, now under Kiri’s leadership, offers to host the exam. Unsurprisingly, the top scoring chunin in the exam hail from the Mist.

Due to the power vacuum slowly developing since the departure of Kazekage Koroshi Uchiha, The Village Hidden in the Sand is overrun by Missing Ninja, becoming a haven for all those who have left their own villages or seek to lead the life of a lawless shinobi free of a Kage’s leadership. It is rumored that S-ranked Missing Ninja Kenshin Uzumaki is the Kage they do not have.

In Hoshigakure, Valen Akari, becomes the first Kage in Shinobi history to sack and attempt a destruction of his own village. Taking many of the Star’s forces as well as most of its material wealth with him, the former Hogokage departs for Suna to join his longtime friend. Hoshigakure’s forces are divided between those who wish to stay and protect Haven and those who choose to follow their former leader across the desert.

Meanwhile, Chunin Maximilian Yamaguchi returns to Kumogakure no Sato from a journey south, recently crippled by Kenshin Uzumaki and bearing grave news. Upon his return he tells of his encounter with the S-ranked Missing-Nin in Wind Country, and in a move that shocked all declared his intention to take the title of Raikage. 

Due to the Seventh Raikage having gone missing, his challenge was answered by the then Deputy Raikage, Kyson Hozuki. Kyson Hozuki is swiftly defeated and a new Kage is gifted to Lightning Country and the Village Hidden in the Clouds. Under Maximilian’s reign, Kumogakure begins to heal and rebuild from the atrocities of the past.

The leadership of Hoshigakure is passed on to Tanji Heiji who shortly after retires to the Shadowlands to connect with his Kekkei Genkai. The mantle of Star’s leader is taken up by Yasaki Uchiha who is now working towards bettering the conditions of Shinobi and civilians alike in Haven country. Konohagakure has also settled under the Mist’s dominion.

Dismayed by the Missing-Nin inhabiting Sunagakure the Mizukage Xyxer began gathering the forces of both Kiri and Konoha. Suna was assaulted from two sides by the bloodthirsty Mizukage, Konoha attacking from the front and Kiri from the rear. 

The attack was over before it truly began, with the attacking forces retreating before Kenshin Uzumaki could truly join the battle, but not before Takeo Tadashi was able to land a fatal blow on Valen Akari. 

With Valens death the Five Tails was released upon Sunagakure, but before it could truly begin its destructive rampage it was subdued and sealed by Valen's former lover, Hikari Namikaze. Once the beast was sealed Kenshin Uzumaki appeared and resurrected the deceased former Jinchuriki, one final gift to his one time friend. 

The newly restored Valen and departed from Sunagakure with Hikari, opting to return to Hoshigakure, the very village that he had attempted to sack, and successfully robbed of both ryo and shinobi. Hikari Namikaze met with Yasaki in the hopes of convincing the man to allow Valen to return, but her pleas fell on deaf ears, as the man refused to allow a traitor of Valen's calibre to return without punishment. 

Nobunaga Hiyu, former DUST operative of Sunagakure that had chosen to join with Kumogakure, returned from the international Chunin exams beneath the banner of Kirigakure, having been defeated by the Mizukage Xyxer Gyojin in single combat and swearing his allegiance to the man. 

Nobunaga challenged The Eighth Raikage, Maximillian Yamaguchi, for both his title and the village. The Kage was swiftly crushed by the invader, who demanded that the shinobi of the village bend the knee to his new master if they wished for the Raikage to keep his life. 

Kumogakure's forces began to comply with the tyrants will, but before the village was truly claimed Kutari Uchiha, a Missing-Nin allied with Kenshin in Suna, appeared at the gates. Kutari challenged Nobunaga for the title of Raikage, and swiftly proceeded to cut down both the Hiyu and all the gathered Kumogakure forces, releasing the Six Tails held by Nobunaga in the process.

The beast proved to be little challenge to the Missing-Nin, defeated by the might of the Uchiha and sealed away by the newly recovered form of Yaju Hayate, former Fourth Raikage. Kutari gathered the remaining forces of Kumogakure and proceeded to declare himself the Ninth Raikage. What his rule spelled for Kumogakure was unknown.

Unknown to all, Xyxer Gyojin, the feared Leviathan of New Kirigakure and first Mizukage took his own life above the sunken ruins of Old Kirigakure, his death heralding the return of the Eight Tails to the world. At around the same time old and well known shinobi began to reappear around the nations, most significantly weakened. 

The world remains in an uneasy state of peace, with only Kirigakure shinobi aware of the disappearance of their beloved tyrant, but even they remain unaware of his death. In an effort to keep the nation from falling apart due to infighting the higher ranked shinobi of New Kirigakure vote to form a council, a move opposed by some more loyal to Xyxer and the ideals of Kirigakure, but in the end was pushed through without any true opposition.

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Naruto RPG Timeline  Zkxuc310


During the attack of Old Suna Konoha proved their loyalty to their Kiri overlords, with the Hokage Kinzoku decimating a highly populated, civilian, area of the village. Shortly after however when the Kiri forces fled, so too did the Kono forces back to their respective villages; avoiding death that day. For months after the attack the lives of the Konoha shinobi remained unchanged, and blissfully unaware of the untimely death of the Mizukage Xyxer. 

During this time of ignorant peace, Jason Senju, former Hokage, reappeared in the village with intent to reclaim his position. This failed however, and the former Hokage was instead given the rank of Genin as a way to “earn the trust of the people” once more. Despite his rank of Genin, Jason Senju was barred from entering the Chuunin Exams; but even with a rank so low he retained the respect of certain high ranked shinobi of the leaf.

In an unexpected move, Kinzoku Nazar stepped down from his position as Hokage and passed it on to his Deputy Kage, Yensung Aburame. This move was met with joy with the villagers of Konoha, who expected Yensung to take a hardened stance against the oppression of Kiri, but it soon became apparent that nothing would change under his rule. He allowed the people of Konoha to do whatever they pleased so long as they understood the consequences were theirs alone; refusing to take any responsibility or leadership of the village hidden in the leaves. 

Tensions rose to the extreme and Chuunin Tadashi Namikaze had a meeting with Yensung, begging the man to do something about the taxation that Konoha was facing under Kiri. The Hokage waved his concerns away and simply told the boy that if he wanted freedom for Konoha he should go negotiate with the Mizukage himself; and that if he chose to that all consequences rested solely on his shoulders and his alone. 

Tadashi ventured to Kiri with the goal of negotiation, but when he was initially turned away for the lack of official documentation of any kind, the boy became desperate and attacked; ultimately losing his life in the process. With the death of Tadashi Konoha shinobi had lost their remaining hope for freedom and abandoned their former home in droves. Something that was completely unopposed by the ever absent Hokage Yensung. 

So many shinobi had abandoned the village that a Missing Nin by the name of Wan Senju, was able to freely walk into the village unimpeded. Wan, disgusted by the state of the once mighty village, made his way to the Kage tower to face off with Yensung. Upon entering the Kage tower Wan felt the chakra signature of Yensung and attacked; the timing and unexpectedness of the attack proved fatal to the ever absent minded Kage. 

Now in control of the decaying village the missing nin sought to right the wrongs implemented by the reign of Yensung; his first course of action being to seek a power great enough to face off against the oppression that is Kiri. Wan left his trusted friend Solomon and his two clones to care for the village in his absence, however Solomon met his end at the hand of an ambitious Missing Nin - unknown to the recently appointed Hokage.

Wan set out with one of the few remaining Konoha shinobi, Fu, to seek aid and power in Sunagakure. Upon arriving at Sunagakure Wan met with Kenshin and Mizuki - the first and second Kazekage respectively - gaining power from Kenshin and an ally in Mizuki. Wan was still residing in the village of Sunagakure when he received his invitation to attend the Summit which was being hosted in the very village. He attended alone, with no need for a guard as those in Suna were protection enough. 



What Kutari’s rule turned into was one of harsh militarization and high standards that regardless of rank or age, all were held to. The Ninth Raikage, after wresting the village to his control, receded into his Kage Tower and seemingly vanished entirely, handing the position to a man named ‘Gidyne’. The shinobi of Kumo, without a true leader to guide them, began to fracture and splinter under the pressure of freedom. This in turn led to in-fighting and small cells of rebellion; something that was almost endorsed by ‘Gidyne’ himself. Some wondered if that was his intention all along. 

If nothing else this shift in culture ensured at best that the strong dominated the weak and at worst that the weak ceased to exist. What Kumogakure lost in number they retained in quality, with the few that truly thrived they retained the strength of all that they lost. 

Those few who embraced their darker nature truly made a name for themselves among Kumogakure’s forces as the villages’ elite - Kiseragi Onomori, Zento Yuki, Noboru Kaito, and Ichigo Sato. Noboru Kaito, forced to kill one of his own students when they attempted to defect.

Zento Yuki, a former genin under the tutelage of Noboru Kaito, challenged and defeated his Jounin teacher, taking his rank and one of his eyes in the process. 

Months later Kumo then held a smaller version of a Chuunin Exams to test their Genin, their lives being the price for their failure to withstand the pressure. Noboru dominated in the event, shattering the leg of one of his opponents and the spine of the other; proving brute force could indeed overwhelm skill in the right hands and earning himself the rank of Chuunin in the process.

Shortly after the exams ‘Gidyne’ summoned Noboru to his office and promoted him to Jounin once more, promising that this would be the last time he earned this rank if he ever lost it again. 

Due to his paranoia ‘Gidyne’ decided on a false kage to take his place in the upcoming Summit that was being hosted in Sunagakure - this man being Kiseragi Onomori with his guard Noboru Kaito. 



After the traitor Valen was turned away Hoshi focused on flushing out any remnants of their traitorous forces. For a long time, Hoshi focused entirely inwards and had little to no contact with outside forces; Instead of focusing on rebuilding their strength and regaining their trust. While this was being done Yasaki, the Hogokage, authored some books in an attempt to brighten the spirits of those that remained - and it seemed to work for a time. 

A new generation of shinobi began to rise in Hoshigakure led by those few that remained after the actions of the treacherous Hogokage Valen and the mass exodus of their forces. This generation was different than those that came before, seeming to embody the spirit of Akihana more than any before. Leading to organized shinobi forces that held bonds that were feared to have been lost. 

Ultimately the distrust that hurt the growth of a shinobi nation began to dwindle. During a mission, one of Hoshi’s brightest up and coming shinobi Takeshi Hyuuga was killed facing off against bandits of the Jaws of Grima - an infamous band of rogues that opposed Hoshi from its inception. This loss was detrimental to reigniting the spirit in the village hidden in the stars, plunging the village into fighting against those who made their nation bleed.

As the shinobi influence in Haven began to spread, civil unrest began to spread as well. A new High Priest of the church took position despising the shinobi because of their chakra and their ‘demonic’ powers that it bestows upon them. Dark rumors would spread among the religious of a dark entity that had taken hold of the archives, a place of knowledge and learning being corrupted by the foul power of chakra. 

Months later with the unrest continuing to grow, Yasaki would take a step back from his leadership role; feeling as though he was too old to deal with this level of unrest with proper form. The position was given to Ayato Hyuuga, a shinobi of impeccable standing amongst Hoshi’s splintered forces and the student of the former third Hogokage; Kyosuke Snow. 

One of Ayato’s first acts as Hogokage was to attend the Summit that was being hosted in Sunagakure - accompanied by his guards Jak Dosser and Tsubaki Senju. 



The council that was formed failed to lead the village in any way, leading to a period of time where Kiri was left to stagnate. This stagnation brought about an era of unrest that was so foreign to the people of Kiri - having grown accustomed to life under the iron fist of the late Xyxer Gyojin, who always kept Kiri marching forward. 

After many months of stagnation, a former Konoha shinobi who had joined the ranks of Kiri by the name of Kizmaru Senju, took the mantle of Mizukage for himself - a move that was completely unopposed by anyone. Almost immediately Kizmaru, under the moniker ‘Aloide Terumi’, made reforms to the village economy, kickstarting Kiri’s growth and improving upon it. 

‘Aloide’ jumpstarted Kiri’s Research and Development department into high gear, something that was underutilized even under Xyxer’s rule. This led to vast improvements to the villages’ economy, infrastructure, and technology - something that made Kiri truly begin to thrive in a way that surpassed anything Xyxer had accomplished. 

As the village thrived, so too did the shinobi; Although the older and more ‘hardlined’ shinobi who still held loyalty to the previous Kage Xyxer despised the reforms. In contrast however, there was a surge of new strong willed shinobi eager to pledge themselves to ‘Aloide’ and the New Kirigakure that he had fostered. 

Months passed and the village continued to grow and was enjoying the easy lifestyle given to them by ‘Aloide’ and the taxes reaped from the Vassal that was Konoha. There had been tension growing between Kiri and their vassal for some time and a Konoha Chuunin by the name of Tadashi Namikaze arrived at their gates. Upon arriving however, Tadashi attacked one of the gate guards after refusing to identify himself and was killed as a result. In response to this attack ‘Aloide’ increased the taxes of Konoha from 50% to 90% aiming to punish them economically for their transgression. 

Shortly after this incident an unidentified shinobi from Kazangakure launched an attack on Kiri but was unprepared for the newly improved ‘Storm Wall’ that shielded the village. In their attempt to destroy the wall they fell into it and were killed - their corpse being recovered by ‘Aloide’ who then set his vengeful sights on Kazan. 

Before he was able to act he received an invitation to a Kage Summit that was being hosted in the village of Sunagakure. Donning his signature armor he called upon his most trusted shinobi, Keita Uzumaki, to accompany him as his guard - along with his trusted friend Ram. 



With the attack concluded Kenshin Uzumaki retreated back into the demolished walls of Sunagakure and began the arduous task of rebuilding. Something made much harder due to the dwindled forces that remained in the village; due to abandonment or death. 

The Uzumaki found himself overburdened by this task and left the decaying village, but before he was able to cross out of Wind Country bounders he ran into Kai Uchiha; a defector from Konoha who was ironically seeking him out. The meeting between the two sparked something dormant within the Uzumaki who then turned around - choosing to return to Suna with a new student in tow. 

In his redoubled efforts to rebuild the decaying village he found his former student, Amaterasu Meijin, buried within the rubble clinging to life. Amaterasu’s mentor, Toshizou, was not so fortunate. After taking her to receive medical treatment Amaterasu awoke from her coma, her body covered in large scars and missing one eye. In that moment she reaffirmed her desire for power and revenge, her sheer willpower impressing Kenshin to the point of granting her a Sharingan. 

The news of Sunagakure’s destruction and subsequent inhabitation of Missing Nin spread through the seedy rumor mill like wildfire - drawing the attention of more than a few missing nin around the world; one of which was Mizuki Ohta. Once granted access to the village she met with Kenshin Uzumaki and aligned herself with the man in exchange for the promise of tutelage. 

The coming months were uneventful save for the comings and goings of several missing nin and the slow rebuilding of the village Hidden in the Sand. After more time the repairs were finally complete and Kenshin would call a meeting with his three most trusted allies - Kai, Amaterasu, and Mizuki - and officially announced the goals for Sunagakure; these goals being so contradictory of the ‘old suna ways’ that he declared himself the first Kazekage of the New Sunagakure. [Suna become an official village on site again]

With the news of Suna’s muddy moral standing and the knowledge of it being headed by an infamous Missing Nin a variety of characters flocked to the village in the hopes of finding what they were looking for. The village grew in numbers and Mizuki quickly established herself as a reliable go-between for the new members and the notoriously occupied Kazekage - whom rather stay in his morgue than deal with the living. Months passed like this with continued growth in numbers and improvement of infrastructure - quietly amassing strength while staying neutral to the shinobi world at large. 

Some more notable figures made themselves known among the shinobi of Suna, these people establishing themselves regardless of rank as the most influential members in the village. Ibari, Sebastian Mikaelson, Guren Chinoike, Zaine Uchiha, Raleth Sarutobi, Musu Uzumaki and Souji Hyuuga. 

As time went on the First Kazekage took note of the growth of Mizuki and the respect that she had fostered over the year with the shinobi of Suna. To assess her growth he invited her to his private training ground at midnight under the guise of training - when in reality forcing her into an all out spar to test her abilities under pressure. The end result was an overwhelming victory in favor of Mizuki Ohta - who was promptly and unceremoniously crowned the Second Kazekage. 

In the days following she confided in the news to those closest to her - Zaine and her adopted son Souji - that she was the second Kazekage. Both of whom were refugees from the vassalized village of Konoha - thus creating a deeper concern for the village’s fate. In the time she had spent learning about those who resided in the walls of Suna she had become friends with the named Hokage and thus a plan was set in motion.

As her first official act as Kazekage, Mizuki Ohta drafted four letters addressed to the heads of each major shinobi village, inviting them all to Sunagakure for a Kage Summit; Wan Senju of Konoha, Kizmaru Terumi of Kirigakure, Ayato Hyuuga of Hoshigakure, and Kiseragi Onomori of Kumogakure - along with their guard.
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