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Hiding in a Summon v7 Empty Hiding in a Summon v7

Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:32 pm
Name: Hiding in a Summon
Element: --
Rank: C
Specialty: Space/Time
Special Jutsu Type: --
Backstory: --

Appearance: The user hides within a summon, distorting space and time.
Hiding in a Summon v7 Hiding_in_a_Toad_Technique
Handseals: Dog > Snake > Ox > Monkey
Duration: up to 4 posts
Cooldown: Posts used
Range: Touch
Power: 20
Speed: --
Health: --
Stat Boosts: --
What it does: This technique allows the user to hide within the body of one of their summons. After the handseals are formed and the user touches their summon, a pocket of distorted space-time is created within it, and the user is able to enter and exit the pocket at their speed (they have to physically climb in and out, don't look at it too hard, it's weird). For the purpose of judging how long it takes to enter or exit the pocket, its 'door' is considered to be in the summon's mouth. Other characters are not able to enter this pocket.

While inside the pocket, the user has access to their normal sensory awareness of their surroundings (including dojutsu, etc.). Their point of view for the purposes of vision is considered the same as the summon's.

If the summon is killed or desummons while the user is within the pocket, the user reappears in a puff of smoke at the summon's last location. They are unable to move for one post if they reappear this way. The user is considered immune to all outside effects while they are still within the pocket, and can only be harmed if they exit or are forced out.

While the pocket is active, it creates a sensory barrier that prevents any outside observation of the summoner while they are within it except by a sensory technique of greater power than this technique. The user is not visible within the summon's body by visual inspection, dojutsu, and so on.

Character Specific: --
Wordcount to learn: 1,000
Action Cost: 20AP, 10AP upkeep
Mastery: Y
Bonus Requirements: Space/Time specialty, summon contract signed, summon on field
Canon, Custom, Bloodline or Village Exclusive: Canon

revamp of this
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Hiding in a Summon v7 Empty Re: Hiding in a Summon v7

Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:34 pm
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