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Travin Rentei
Travin Rentei
Ryo : 87764

Summoning: Rashomon V7 Empty Summoning: Rashomon V7

Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:01 pm
Name: Summoning: Rashomon
Element: -
Rank: B/A/S
Specialty: S/T
Special Jutsu Type:

Appearance: massive gates 50 meters high, 25 meters wide, and 5 meters thick, and each showing a different ONI face mask. Each gate rises out of the ground where the user picks. When hit by an attack, the gate opens and does not fall over, even in the case of aoe attacks.
Summoning: Rashomon V7 5j0TmWTBqCkQ8pvbl_l8bO7yxPJGToj4AmCYThmABtmCmRs9qFU9A2jdTSKJlcvdZBGzeJQa9Uq0jk4AL6nJ-YO66jTSvsgInkejMPNLSMHuHMA4LXpBsFM9A8csyOTfJY_F1M9p

Handseals:  Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram, Place palm on ground / Seal of Confrontation
Duration: up to 2/3/4
Cooldown:  posts used +2
Range: 30/50/70 meters
Power: -
Speed: 30/50/chakra
Health: Explained Below
Stat Boosts: --
What it does: This jutsu allows the user to summon a massive gate that rises out of the ground at their chosen location within jutsu range. The gate rises out of the ground at jutsu speed and not within 1 meter of another character. The user designates where they rise upon activation of the jutsu. Each gate has health equal to 30/50/70 and reduces the power of jutsu that passes through them by the health of the jutsu. 

This jutsu only summons the first gate at B rank, but with increasing the rank of the jutsu and paying additional AP, the user can summon an additional gate. With each wall hit by the attack having its power was reduced by the health of the jutsu for its remaining duration. 

Only a single gate can be summoned at B rank, costing 30 AP with a 15 AP upkeep total. 
At A-rank, the user summons up to 2 gates for 40 AP per wall and 20 upkeep total.
At S rank, the user summons 3 or 4 gates for 50 AP per wall and 25 AP upkeep.

Due to the way this jutsu works, only the speed at which the gates are summoned benefits from scaling. Capping the maximum debuff to the power of opposing techniques at 30/50/70. This debuff pool is shared between the walls. Once expended, the jutsu goes on cooldown. 

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to learn: 1,500/2,500/5,000
Action Cost: Explained above
Mastery: Yes, Hand sign reduction only
Bonus Requirements: Summoning Tech
Ryo : 26900

Summoning: Rashomon V7 Empty Re: Summoning: Rashomon V7

Wed Jan 06, 2021 7:22 am
Looks good approved
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Ryo : 63283

Summoning: Rashomon V7 Empty Re: Summoning: Rashomon V7

Sat Mar 06, 2021 3:52 pm
pulled for edits
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Ryo : 63283

Summoning: Rashomon V7 Empty Re: Summoning: Rashomon V7

Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:08 pm
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Summoning: Rashomon V7 Empty Re: Summoning: Rashomon V7

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