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[V7] Wind Release: Wind Wall  Empty [V7] Wind Release: Wind Wall

Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:18 pm
Name: Wind Release: Wind Wall
Element: Wind
Rank: B/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Special Jutsu Type: --
Backstory: --

Jutsu Appearance:
[V7] Wind Release: Wind Wall  Gif10 
Handseals: Ox, Dog, Rat, Ram, Clap hands together/ Ox, Dog, Rat, Ram, Tiger, Clap hands together
Duration: Up to 3 posts
Cooldown: Posts used +1
Range: 5/10 Meters
Power: 45/55
Speed: 45/55
Health: --
Stat Boosts: --
What it does:  The user summons a sphere-shaped wall of wind around them that can be expanded up to 5/10 meters out from their person to defend others near them within range of the jutsu. This Wind Wall can repel any types of incoming attacks of lesser power, including both jutsu, thrown weapons, and puppets. It will deal damage to them equal to its power if it successfully repels them. If an enemy comes in contact with the jutsu, they will be damaged by cutting winds at jutsu power and be repelled 5/10 meters (depending on the rank of the jutsu). An enemy must have greater strength stat than the jutsu power to penetrate it physically and avoid being repelled. However, this does not mean they are simply immune to the damage done by the technique. If another technique breaks this technique, then the other technique will not suffer any negative effects. However, if broken by a puppet/weapon, it will deal damage equal to its power to the health of the puppet/weapon, and the same goes to the armor worn by characters.

Character Specific: No
Wordcount to learn: 1,500/2,500
Action Cost: 30 Activation, 15 Upkeep/ 40 Activation, 20 Upkeep
Mastery: Yes
Bonus Requirements: --
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Canon

Jutsu Being Revamped to [V7]
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

[V7] Wind Release: Wind Wall  Empty Re: [V7] Wind Release: Wind Wall

Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:43 pm
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