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Ninshū Empty Ninshū

Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:07 pm
Skill Name: Ninshū

Appearance: Those affected by this skill exchange brief sensory memories with one another when applicable, as described below. These do not distract from combat (unless somebody chooses to have them do so for the purposes of character development.)
Backstory: The Sage of Six Paths originally envisioned chakra as a way to connect the spiritual energies of different people so that they may better understand one another. Those who carry forward his teachings, knowingly or in spirit, reach out with their hearts to others when their chakra comes into contact.
Effect: When this skill is active, whenever the user and another person make physical contact (including through clothing or physical armor), each of them gains a glimpse into the other's heart through the exchange of spiritual energy. Please note that the term 'clash' and 'strike' are used to denote this contact for the remainder of the app and mean direct contact - it does not necessarily mean a violent meeting. This skill can be applied to benign touch (or benign techniques, such as medical ones, if one has the appropriate specialty).

Each player may offer a small glimpse of their character's history or life as a brief sensory experience in the opposite character's mind. It does not have to be significant, revealing, or useful, but it should be sincere.

Example wrote:When Naruto's fist meets Sasuke's blocking arms, the briefest glimpse of scattered bodies meets his eyes - and a teenage boy in an ANBU uniform, looking back at him with scarlet eyes.

If one player does not offer a description, the other can select one singular sentence from their character's history or their previous threads as their 'glimpse.' They do not have context for this information - that sentence is taken purely on its own. Any inane Holmesian deductions made from this information are subject to voiding if they are judged unreasonable.

The user of this skill always chooses whether to activate it on a case-by-case basis, but if they do, this exchange is always mutual. This skill can only come into effect once per post. Any clones that follow the guidelines of Shadow Clones count as their creator for the purposes of this skill. This skill has a range of one hundred meters - any more distance, and no information can be exchanged.

This skill has some additional effects depending on the user's primary specialty.

Sensory: Skill can be activated when the user detects another's a chakra.
Weaponry: Skill can be activated when the user clashes weapons with another, strikes them with a weapon, or is struck by a weapon in active use (e.g., not a trap or kunai lying around on the ground.)
Ninjutsu: Skill can be activated when the user clashes ninjutsu with another, strikes them with ninjutsu or is struck by ninjutsu.
Puppetry: Skill can be activated when the user clashes puppets or puppet mechanisms with another, strikes them with a puppet or puppet mechanism or is struck by a puppet or puppet mechanism.
Genjutsu: Skill can be activated when the user successfully entraps another person in a genjutsu.
Fuinjutsu: Skill can be used when the user touches, breaks or activates a seal (or has any of their seals interacted with in such a way), so long as the other party is within 100 meters.
Space-Time: Skill can be activated when the user clashes space-time techniques with another, strikes them with a space-time technique or is struck by a space-time technique.
Medical: Skill can be activated when the user clashes medical techniques with another, strikes them with a medical technique or is struck by a medical technique.
Taijutsu: Sorry. Nothing for you. The base skill stole your lunch.

Wordcount Training: 2,000
Character Exclusive: --
Bonus Requirements: --

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Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Ninshū Empty Re: Ninshū

Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:42 am
I personally think that this a very unique idea, but I am somewhat hesitant about approving it due to the amount of metagaming the skill could possibly entail in the future. However, the skill does say that the user cannot make extremely big assumptions without reason from the glimpses they see so that could counteract the metagaming. Ultimately, a full mod will have to see if that limitation is good enough for the skill to be balanced.

Trial Approved.

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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Ninshū Empty Re: Ninshū

Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:34 pm
Its a bit god mod for CD but in my opinion there isn't much someone can do with a glimpse of history that most players don't already explicitly internally monologue about so I will approve it and keep an eye on how its used.

Approved with watchful eyes

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Ninshū Empty Re: Ninshū

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