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nature - Nature Chakra Proficiency [V7] Empty Nature Chakra Proficiency [V7]

Tue Aug 25, 2020 8:56 am
Skill Name: Nature Chakra Proficiency

Appearance: -
Backstory: -
Effect: The user gains the ability to both senses and absorbs Natural Chakra, which they are then able to use to create unique types of techniques involving the manipulation of that unique form of the chakra (IE: Sage Mode)

To enter gather Nature Chakra, one must enter a meditative state (Sitting and completely still; jutsu cannot be used or maintained in this state). For every post the user meditates, they gain access to two stacks of Natural Chakra. Shadow Clones and other such variants can gather Natural Chakra for the user and are limited to only gathering and storing one charge of Natural Chakra. Only two clones may be undergoing the gathering/meditating process and can only transfer the Natural Chakra to the user by dispelling. Only one gathering method can be used at a time (if the user gains access to other gaining nature chakra). A given person can have up to 6 stacks at a time and no more. All stacks are at 0 upon starting a regular thread; the user cannot be summoned into the thread from meditation to retain stacks.

If Natural Chakra is absorbed by a player who does not have this skill through chakra absorbing techniques, whether from absorbing Natural Energy from a technique or directly from a character in Sage Mode, they will suffer a poisoning to their body, the power (or health, if power isn’t applicable, or AP if absorbed directly) of the absorbed technique will go against the targets Vigor. The absorber will be turned to complete stone if their vigor is lower than the numeral checked against. If the Vigor of the absorber is superior, they will be not be turned to stone. Still, the Natural Chakra will stay in their system for up to 3 posts after the initial jutsu / AP is absorbed. For any additional AP / jutsu absorbed in that time, the original amount will be added. 

Stone Transformation lasts until the end of a topic or until undone by someone with this skill, and if the statue is destroyed, then that character will be considered dead. 

Wordcount Training: 2000
Character Exclusive: -
Bonus Requirements:
Must be C-rank+ or have the Natural Berserker Bloodline
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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nature - Nature Chakra Proficiency [V7] Empty Re: Nature Chakra Proficiency [V7]

Tue Aug 25, 2020 9:06 am
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